Thursday Y&R Update 12/07/00



Young and the Restless Thursday, December 07, 2000--Canada; or Friday, December 08, 2000--USA

By Linda K

Ashley asks Brad why he sees a problem after he has viewed Abby’s hospital birth certificate. Brad feels uncomfortable not being his daughter’s biological father. Abby’s real father was somewhere out there and may one day show up to lay claim to his daughter. He wants to adopt Abby, but Ashley asks why they need to jump through legal hoops to get what they already know. Brad admits this will not change his feelings about Abby. But this will give me a second chance, Brad tells her. Ashley understands this is about Colleen and that he had missed out on his child’s life. However, Ashley seems troubled about Brad’s adoption proposal.  Her hesitation worries him. He asks to talk about it and soon, tension develops between them. Brad assumes that at some level, Ashley still has feelings for Abby’s biological father.

Ryan circles the living room with Trisha looking for his laptop. After finding it on the side of the couch instead of the tabletop where he last saw it, he asks Trisha if she had moved it. Trisha wonders why he asks. Is he suggesting she is playing games? He mentions her curiosity about it earlier and she replies she was only taking an interest in his work. Ryan justifies his questions from his being tired. Trisha once again sets out to leave the apartment ‘for the store’ and Ryan calls out to her. Again, she appears to have left her wallet behind. Ryan is curious about her oddly cold behavior.

Carter fantasizes confronting his true self with Sharon as he gazes directly into her eyes, drawing terror and fear within her. He kisses her savagely as she fights back, helplessly pinned against the terrace wall. He is abruptly brought back to the present when a customer asks for more coffee. “Soon, Sharon, as soon as I get Nick out of the way.” Carter tells himself. Sharon notices Carter staring at her and asks whether something is wrong. Carter tells her that his mind was wandering. That's all. He asks if Nick and Victoria had taken off. She tells him they were brainstorming at his back office. And she needed to get back to her kids at the ranch. She had come in with Nick and hated to impose on him for a ride home. Carter offers her a lift, much to Sharon’s gratitude. Nick finds the two of them about to leave and asks where they were going. Sharon tells him Carter is driving her home. Victoria tells Sharon just to take Nick’s car and she would drive Nick back home later. Nick asks Sharon to check in on his mom, as she appeared to be upset earlier about what happened with their dad. Sharon tells them their mom was an independent woman now, and they had no need to worry, but agreed to do so.

At Malcolm’s studio, Olivia asks him what he meant about his mind being messed with. Malcolm is not about to give her any details, which causes Olivia a lot of anger and resentment. She questions his integrity for rushing off to Europe after some woman and waltzing back to his son's life unexpectedly when his ‘fling’ is over, leaving her to deal with her son's emotions all by herself. As for as his being Nate’s father, a lot was left to be desired.

Malcolm tells her he wasn’t after Dru merely for a fling. He sought a serious relationship, but Dru broken up with him instead. She was happy to see him in Paris because at last they could be real with each other once again. She admitted that once she got over her initial confusion, she understood that she hung around Genoa City only to see if he would ask her to stay with him. They were happy together in Paris, but when she received another modeling gig, she dropped his offer to settle down. She preferred remaining unattached - living from day to day.

Olivia is unmoved by Malcolm's story. There seemed to be no personal satisfaction that Malcolm ran after her sister only to get burned. Olivia tells him she wants only to focus on Nate and for Malcolm not to pull any more sudden 'abandonment' on her son. Malcolm explodes that this was her idea to explore his potential relationship with Drucilla. And he never ‘abandoned’ Nate. He always kept contact with their son. Malcolm drills Olivia about what this all was really about. He demands an answer but an emergency beep from Olivia’s pager gives her escape.

At Neil Winter’s apartment, the doorbell rings and Alex Perez marches in quickly to appraise him on the furthering of the HMO case. Neil argues that she may have called him first as he values his privacy at home after hours. Soon the argument drifts to their personality differences. Alex asks him what the problem is with him about her. Neil angrily suggests that they avoid arguing over personal matters and get on with work - which is why she appeared to have barged into his home in the first place.

Neil admires the approach Alex has taken in handing their legal case. Ms. Perez is grateful that he appreciates her work especially as he had initially seemed to dislike her personal style. Something about her rubs him the wrong way, but she was very good at her career. Neil reminds her that a very high profile company with a certain kind of reputation employs her. Stuffy? Alex bursts out laughing and the both seem to ease up for a minute. She tells him not to get his boxers in a bundle. She is highly concerned about her legal case and does not care whose toes she has to step on to win the case.

The doorbell rings. Alex wonders if Neil was expecting 'someone'. Malcolm comes through the apartment. Neil introduces him to Ms. Perez and both inspect one another intently. Malcolm asks Neil to call him when he is free. He does not want to interrupt their rhythm. Alex senses that Malcolm has problems he needs to discuss with Neil. Both resume talk about business. Eventually, things wrap up and Alex leaves Neil to his relaxing and unwinding.

At Gina’s restaurant, Marissa and Diane dine together, the latter seeming irritable and unhappy. Her eyes are red from crying and her mood is not up to making plans for Christmas. She had wished to be with Victor, making plans for their new baby. Now, it was all over. Michael Baldwin hurriedly enters the restaurant to pick up his take out when he sees Diane. He resists the urge to ignore her and greets the ladies. Marissa invites him to sit with Diane, as she is about to leave. Diane tells him she is already aware that she looks horrible. What is it Diane? Michael asks. Wondering where Victor had been keeping himself? No, Diane answers. Victor he is back now with that bitch, Nikki.

Baldwin tells Diane about the large Hong Kong case. She is happy that his life is moving forward productively. He should feel grateful. He asks whether she is certain that Victor is really back with Nikki. Where else would Victor be? Diane tells how Nikki took advantage of the recent family emergency to dig her claws into Victor. Meanwhile she had pathetically grasped at straws hopefully when Victor inquired about her baby’s due date. Michael tells her she is not assessing her situation objectively. Her depression was due to her pregnancy, the bundle of hormones in her system, and the oncoming holidays. Diane clarifies her feelings. She made a horrible error in judgment about her decision to have Victor’s baby and her belief that Victor would change his mind about her once he knew she was carrying his baby, when in fact, he couldn’t give a damn. She is about to break down and asks Michael to leave. Michael feels helpless in his attempts to comfort her, but leaves as she asks.

At the Newman ranch, Sharon enters the main house looking for Nikki. She finds Victor alone, opening a bottle of wine. Victor tells her that Nikki will be back sometime before Christmas. She had left somewhat suddenly which is why Sharon had heard nothing about it. Sharon tries to find out if there were problems between the couple. Was this tied in with Nikki’s trip? Victor suggests that she ask her mother-in-law for details. Sharon is about to leave when Victor invites her to join him in some wine. Both reminisce over the events of the past year - their happiness and concerns - especially in family matters. They speak of Victor’s regrets and his wish to have done things differently if he could. Sadly, Victor tells her, things now could not be changed, as he’d like them to be. Sharon gently urges him to talk with Nikki when she comes back. Victor takes Sharon by surprise. He had not been referring to Nikki at all in their conversation. He does not want to discuss this very personal issue with her. They change the subject to Christmas and the children’s gifts.

Sharon asks when Victor was going to move out of the main house. Victor tells her he will not staying for long and doesn’t know where he will go. He is not anxious to move back in with Diane at the penthouse. Sharon tells him she heard about his intention to take the baby’s paternity test. Sharon wonders that if Diane knew Victor was not the baby’s father, she would have come clean by now. Victor explains that Diane’s mind is so complicated, that it is impossible to figure her out. Victor really wants to get Diane out of his life permanently, but if he is the baby’s father, he and Diane will have a connection for a long, long time.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria suggests calling Ryan. Nick opposes this idea. It was late now and he was likely in bed, as he seemed dead in his feet earlier. Nick understands that she wants to send Trisha through the roof by calling her husband and urges her to back away. Victoria tells him that she cares about Ryan, and that is not going to change, Trisha or no Trisha. Victoria asks why her brother hesitated before answering her inquiry about promoting Carter as manager in Milwaukee. She said that Carter was too pushy. There was nothing wrong with enthusiasm, Nick reminds her. Victoria is irritated by Carter’s volunteering for all kinds of things. Nick admires Carter’s drive to succeed, as he did not have the life they enjoyed. Nick tells her he did some checking into Carter’s background and Victoria is surprised to learn Carter was a former ‘slacker’. When Carter pours more coffee into her cup, Victoria invites him to sit down and chat with her. Meanwhile, Trisha is bouncing outside the coffee shop, peering through the window eager to get Carter’s attention. Damn it, Victoria. What are you talking to Carter about? She asks herself.

Victoria probes Carter about his motivation to settle down and get ahead considering how he had wandered aimlessly through his life for so long. Carter tells her he feels that he is being interviewed. He charms and coaxes Victoria into a smile and the ice between them seems to be broken when Carter finds that Victoria’s attention has been diverted. To his surprise, he finds Trisha standing nearby casting a cold glare towards Victoria.