Wednesday Y&R Update 12/06/00



Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, December 06, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, December 07, 2000--USA

By Glynis

Phyllis and Victoria are reporting to Victor that they are doing very well in the market. They tell Victor that they would like to do a high fashion shoot with Malcolm. Victor thinks that they should use a good picture from Malcolm and run it in the women’s magazine. Phyllis has managed to get first refusal on Malcolm to do whatever work that they want over the holidays. Victor thinks that Malcolm is not the only photographer that they could use to do work for them. Phyllis wants to nail down a time when they can meet with Malcolm. Victor is suspicious about the importance of timing with Malcolm. Phyllis doesn’t tell him the real reason, she just agrees with what he wants and leaves.

Victoria changes the subject to Nikki and her investment. Victor refuses to talk about Nikki and her investment now and in the future. Victoria wants to know where Victor is going to spend his Christmas. She doesn’t want him to go back to where Diane is. She doesn’t want to visit him there. He assures him that he is not going to be at the ranch. His stay there is over. She wishes that he would reconsider. He pertly tells her that the discussion is over. He adores him, but this is painful. He tells her goodbye and leaves the office.

Jill approaches Jack in the office and tries to get him to see that they have a problem. He didn’t keep her up to speed about Nikki and Victor. He didn’t think that there was anything to worry about. He thinks that she is paranoid. Jill is sure that Victor is out to win and will use Nikki to do it. Jack is sure that things with them are over. If they come to that bridge, they will cross it. John walks in and asks about what they have come up with to counter Newman’s success lately….

Nikki is in her office and about to pick up the phone when she thinks to herself once again what Kay told her about Victor possibly having cooled off now. Kay thinks that she should go to Victor and try to get through to him. Nikki didn’t think that there is anything that she can do now. She thinks that maybe she will be humiliating herself once again. Nikki sits before the phone and wonders if Katherine is right or not. She decides that she is not going to phone Victor. Brad walks in at that moment and wonders what has her so upset. She shouts at him to “Just drop it.” He agrees to drop it, but he wants to talk to her anyway. Just then Ashley walks in and greets Brad announcing that they should get home to there little girl. Nikki interrupts them and tells her that there is something that Brad wanted to talk to her about. She orders Brad to tell her what it is. Ashley sits by and waits. Brad tells Ashley that he wants a meeting on product development on the cream that they are considering working on. He thinks that Nikki can work on this project by herself. She doesn’t mind working on this over the holidays. Brad tells her that she has to leave that night if she wants to work on the project. Nikki agrees to go on the trip. Ashley and Brad wish her luck. She leaves.

Ashley is glad that she is leaving town because she heard that Nikki was getting cozy with Victor again and this way they don’t have to worry about it. Brad and Ashley prepare to go home to their daughter.

Brittany has approached Rianna at the jukebox at the Coffeehouse and tells her about Jack’s brainstorm of bringing the Jabot group back together. Rianna says that she doesn’t see it happening. Brittany is clearly disappointed. She wanted to do it for Billy, but she understands. She starts walking away when Rianna stops her and asks if they will be getting paid. Brittany tells her that of course they would be getting paid, but it doesn’t matter now, does it?

Larry has arranged for a friend to help him and Matt out with the plan against Nick. Larry has concerns that his friend may get busted for his participation in the scheme. Matt assures him that all he has to do is make sure the guy is out of town when things go bad. They are getting a shipment of Ecstasy. Matt is talking to Larry on the pay phone at the Coffeehouse. Matt is assuring Larry that Tricia is going to come through on her end to help them, or else…. Sharon walks by while Matt is ending his conversation and overhears the tail end of his conversation. Matt hangs up and Sharon asks him about his call, hoping that she heard wrong. She thought that she overheard him trying to get some other jobs. He figures out what she was thinking and tells him that he shouldn’t be upset by Nick checking him out. She assures him that they really want him to stay with them. If he sticks with them, there could be a big pay off for him in the end. She tells him that Nick has called the numbers that he was given to check “Carter” out. “Carter” understands them checking him out. Especially with them experiencing problems in the past. Sharon tells him the story of Gary stalking Victoria and how he is in jail now. “Carter” asks Sharon about the guy in their past that was giving them grief in the past. He questions whether or not that guy is still in jail. “Carter” certainly hopes so. Sharon tells him that she has been trying to get over the guy that troubled them so long ago. He tells her that he wanted to know in case he bumps into the guy. She tells him that Matt is out of jail and hopefully far away from there. He thanks her for telling him that. He walks away from her and watches her thoughtfulness over what she has just told him. She is clearly disturbed. Matt thinks back to the time that he raped her… her screaming... her telling him that he is hurting her…

Ryan arrives home and finds Tricia there. He talks of dinner and she tells him that she already ate. She didn’t think that he would be arriving home that soon. She goes to get him a beer and as she is walking out she sees him set up his laptop computer. Ryan finishes with his computer and packs things up. He puts the computer down and tells her that he is going to take a shower and spend a little time alone, after he refuses her offer of a back rub. He walks off into another room. She quietly thanks him for nothing. She looks down and sees the computer.

Brittany goes back to her seat where Billy is sitting to tell him that Rianna wasn’t interested in reviving the Glow by Jabot kids.

Rianna goes back to her table where Raul and Mac are sitting and tells them what just happened with her conversation with Brittany. She tells them that there was an offer on the table for more Glow by Jabot work and that maybe she spoke too soon because they would be able to get some cash for doing it. Raul thinks that Rianna made the right decision by telling Brittany that they would not be interested in helping out again. Mac seems concerned at this point. She thanks them for trying to make her feel comfortable, but she thinks that they should consider doing the campaign. Mac wasn’t really involved in the last venture, so she doesn’t have to be involved in this one. She encourages them to go ahead and do the work. There is nowhere else that they can make that kind of money is so short a time. Billy is looking over from where he is sitting with Brittany.

Phyllis goes over to Malcolm’s studio to visit and talk with Malcolm. She offers him good news. It is official. Malcolm is going to be doing work for Brash and Sassy. This is going to put him in the public eye. She tells him that this may be the only thing that they are doing for a while. He questions what she is talking about. She tells him that Victor insists that Malcolm only works for Newman for the next month. Malcolm is shocked to hear that. He doesn’t want to really do that to Jack. Malcolm thinks that Phyllis has gotten herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. She is sure that she has things under control. She thinks that the situation with Jack isn’t really that bad. Jack has called her and asked her out. Jack called her to congratulate her on the contest. Phyllis really thinks that things are working out for her professionally and personally. He congratulates her, but finds it hard that she would fall that hard for Jack. She will hang out with the suits soon and then forget about him. She assures him that she wouldn’t ever do that.

Raul and Rianna come over to Billy and Brittany’s seats and tells them that they are reconsidering doing the work for Jabot. Raul wants details as to how much time they would have to spend doing the shoot. They discuss things in general and decide to do it. Rianna and Raul then walk off and Mac stands by the jukebox after witnessing the whole thing.

Tricia asks Ryan about his computer and how it works. She wants to know that password to his computer. Ryan wonders why she cares. He uses numbers, not names. He doesn’t have to remember the number because he has programmed the number into the computer. That way he doesn’t have to remember it. She questions whether he trusts her with the password and he assures her that he wasn’t worried about her knowing it. She sits down and watches as he logs on. She puts the computer in front of her on the coffee table and calls “Carter”...waiting for him to answer.

Rianna, Raul and Mac are discussing doing the job for Jabot. Raul still has reservations, and wonders if Mac will want to do the job with them. She tells them that she still has her work to do at the Coffeehouse and doesn’t need to be working with them on the project. Raul and Rianna say their good-byes and leave. Mac is clearly feeling left out, but hides it sufficiently.

Jack tells John and Jill of his idea of having a contest with the Glow by Jabot kids and really promoting it. Jill questions the idea working because of the things that happened over the summer. Jack says that they kids didn’t think that the idea would work because of Raul’s feelings for Billy. Just then Billy and Brittany walk in and announce that they have something to say. They let the group know that Raul and Rianna have agreed to do the campaign and that there are only some minor scheduling conflicts that might get in the way. Jill is happy to find out that Mac will not be a part of the project. John guarantees them that they will be getting the same amount of pay that they got last summer. John walks out. Jack wants to move on this right away. Jill tells Brittany that she did some good work. The kids walk out. Jill is impressed with Brittany’s self-confidence. Jill is concerned that the four kids may not work out together. Jack thinks that there is nothing that is going to get in the way of the project. He asks her to trust her. This is going to be a strong attack on the market.

Victor has come to the ranch to pick up his things and Nikki is there. He is not interested in discussing her stabbing him in the back. He didn’t know that she was there. He hopes that she enjoys her independence. He starts to walk out. She stops him because she has something to tell him, if he can bring himself to listen to what she has to say.