Monday Y&R Update 12/04/00



Young and the Restless Monday, December 04th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, December 05th, 2000--USA

By  Glynnis

Ashley arrives at work and speaks with Jill about her little Abby. Jill tells her that they have problems and as President of the company, she should know about them. She thinks that they can see the end of the world from where they are. She tells Ashley that Newman is really working on their campaigns and everyone at Jabot is only interested in their personal lives. Ashley thinks that there really isn’t anything to worry about. Jill reveals the other nightmare. She asks if Ashley knows what is going on with Victor and Nikki lately. Ashley does seem disturbed by this announcement. Jill catches her discomfort and tells Ashley that she thought that would get her attention. Jill is worried that Nikki may have told Victor some of their secrets. Nikki and Victor are not together anymore, so Ashley doesn’t understand where the danger is. Jack thinks that there is nothing to be worried about. Jill thinks that Victor would use Nikki to make a point and hurt them. Ashley doesn’t think that Nikki is stupid and that she has her eyes open. Jill thinks that Nikki is still stuck right where Victor left her. That is the nature and history of their relationship. Ashley thinks that if Victor is probably mad about the money that has been invested. Jill wants something done about Nikki. She is sure that if nothing is done, they will be sure to regret it.

Chris asks the secretary to get over to the Courthouse to get some documents. Chris is obviously in a hurry. Michael comes scurrying in and tells Chris that the secretary won’t be able to run her errand because she has some work to do for him. Chris decides to do the errand herself and the secretary wonders out loud about Chris wanting to work on that special case badly.

Brittany and Billy are together heavily kissing. Brittany undoes his shirt and Billy undoes her top. They continue kissing. Brittany undoes Billy’s belt and he likes the attention. They move slowly over to the bed and she sits, then lays down with Billy getting on top of her on his bed. They suddenly hear Jack shouting for Billy. They stop kissing and listen. They hurry up and fix their clothes. Billy shouts that he will be there in a second. Billy leaves her to open the door. Brittany straightens up and walks over to the door, much to Jack’s surprise. Billy offers to come downstairs with Jack to talk. Brittany goes to use Billy’s bathroom.

Raul is at the Coffeehouse asking Mac if she would consider them all being friends again if Raul made up with Billy. Rianna comes over and Mac hurriedly leaves. Rianna remarks that she thinks that she was interrupting something. Raul answers with a sneeze. Mac returns with her jar of tips. She is looking forward to getting presents this year. Raul announces that he is short of dough as well. He has run out of his money from the Jabot campaign that summer. Rianna remarks that she really enjoyed working on the Jabot campaign and Mac gets visibly upset. Raul thinks that they should all leave the troubles from the summer behind and get over it.

Kay comes to visit Nikki at the office and tells her that she knows that Nikki is busy, but she would love to spend some time at Christmas with Nikki. Kay hasn’t thought of something for them to do together, but it is going to be great now that Nikki is with Victor. Nikki tells her that their reuniting was obviously not meant to be. Kay finds her to be stoic. She things that maybe Nikki is being more stoic than she appears to be. Nikki assures her that she is just tired of the way that Victor is and she just doesn’t give a damn anymore. She tells Kay that Victor found out that she was the one that saved Jabot. She is grateful that she found out how he really is before she got in any deeper. She wishes now that she had let Kay put up the money for Jabot. That way she would have had a job and Victor. Kay wants her to promise that she will never ever give up. Kay tries to find some way to convince Nikki that Victor probably feels differently now about things. Nikki is sure that Victor will never see things from her perspective. Kay thinks that Nikki should take the risk, Nikki owes it to herself. Nikki doesn’t think that she can. Kay begs her to. Nikki is crying, as they hug. Kay takes her leave and Nikki is left thinking of the idea that Kay had. Nikki walks slowly over to the phone pondering what Kay has told her.

Once downstairs, Jack lets it be known that he figured out what was going on upstairs. He does know something about hormones. He is giving this advice because he knows how easy it is to get messed up. He fears that Billy is rebounding too fast. He wants him to go slow and consider the consequences. Brittany comes downstairs and Jack tells them he wants to discuss something with the both of them. He tells them of the Brash and Sassy Website. They are running a sweepstakes for a make-over. Brittany and Billy thinks that is a great idea. The site is getting hits and Jack sees that people are reacting to the Sassy site and they need to come up with a strong counter. Jack hates following in their footsteps and wants to come up with another idea. He comes up with an idea. He wants to have a contest that they will market and sell with the ‘Glow by Jabot’ kids. This will draw in some new kids. The winner will get a real make-over as opposed to the virtual one that the Newman's are giving. Billy thinks that one of the kids could announce the winner. Jack thinks that they should include Rianna and Raul. Billy thinks that because of the summer happenings Raul wouldn’t be happy with spending more time with them than necessary. Jack thought that they were really into something. He doesn’t want to use just Billy and Brittany because the four of them would have a better impact. He leaves.

Brittany’s head is spinning with the talk about Jabot and what almost happened upstairs. She questions what happened when Billy was with Jack alone. He tells her that Jack was warning him to be careful. They decide that another time would be more appropriate. Billy gets Brittany’s coat and puts it on her and she smiles to herself, sure that she is going to get everything that she wants. They decide to go out instead of staying in.

Nina and Tomas are enjoying Chinese take-out at his house. He is very grateful. He is in a really good mood. He is glad that she is going to be a novelist and that his book is going to become a movie. Tomas senses a little cloud. She assures him that it isn’t with him. She tells him that the problems with Chris and Paul are not solved and that Chris is going to do something drastic to save her marriage. She explains how Chris thinks that she needs Paul to come with her on her business trip. Chris doesn’t seem as sure of this plan as she should. Nina can’t stop worrying. She knows that they are doing the right thing for their relationship. They shouldn’t be fighting for their relationship. Nina is going to miss her when she goes for the 3 months. Tomas has a little surprise for her and tells her that he has a little surprise for her. It is an itinerary for a trip. Even Phillip will be there to enjoy. Nina is overjoyed. They kiss and hug.

Mary arrives at Chris’s office, but finds out that Chris is not there. She is told that she can wait in Chris’s office. Mary announces that she is not going to be silent anymore. Michael overhears Mary’s words and follows her into the office. He tells her that she is too late and that Chris and her husband are going on their trip. Michael tells her that Chris told him that she had made her decision. Mary blames Michael for the decision. She doesn’t believe that Michael had nothing to do with the decision. He tells her that he was not in agreement with Chris’s decision. He has been vocal, but Chris is not someone that can be bossed around. Mary thinks that he could persuade Chris, since he has used his persuasiveness with her before. She really feels that this trip is not in Chris’s best interest. She knows that she may alienate Chris’s relationship with her, but maybe they could work together. She thinks that if Michael feels as he says, he will find a way to get through to Chris. With that, she takes up her coat and leaves the office.

Chris returns to her office apologizing to the secretary for piling work on her. The secretary doesn’t mind the work and leaves. Michael comes in and tells Chris that instead of leaving on the trip, she can take a couple of weeks off in January to be with Paul. Chris is mystified at Michael’s suggestion. He realizes that she needs time away with her husband and she wouldn’t have her job to worry about. She questions his change in his feeling. She tells him that he is wasting his breathe. She wonders what motivated him to get into this subject again. She walks over to the chair and picks up Mary’s scarf. She figures out what happened and why Michael is changing his tune. Michael points out that if two people like Mary and himself agree on her not going on this trip, she should think about what he said some more. He walks to the doorway and asks her to think about what he said. She walks over to the door and tells him goodbye. She slams the door in his face.

Raul, Mac and Rianna discuss ways of getting money at Christmas. Rianna suggests that they forget about going to the movies that night to save money. Rianna leaves to put money in the jukebox. Raul asks her again if she is would be able to handle things better if he were to start spending time with Billy again. Mac assures him that she thinks that things are just fine just the way that it is. She really doesn’t want to spend time with Billy and Brittany. Just then, unseen by Raul and Mac, Billy and Brittany walk into the Coffeehouse. Billy and Brittany see Raul and Mac talking and stop in their tracks.

Billy and Brittany sit at the bar away from Raul and Mac. Brittany wonders if they should ask Raul and Rianna about the web site. Billy doesn’t think that would work with them. Brittany goes over to Rianna at the juke box to talk. Brittany tells her that she has a proposition for her.

Chris looks at the fax. She walks over to it and picks up a piece of paper. She thinks back to her telling Paul that the trip is the answer to their problems. Paul was worried that maybe the trip is not the answer to their problems. She asked him to put their marriage first. She feels him slipping away from her. She doesn’t want to be without him. That scares her. Chris dials numbers on the fax machine and sends her fax to confirm her trip.