Friday Y&R Update 12/01/00



Young and the Restless Friday, December 01, 2000--Canada, or Monday, December 04, 2000--USA   

By Stephanie

At JABOT (Jack’s Office): Nikki, glares at Jill, saying, “Don’t ever touch me again!” Jill retaliates saying Nikki hit her first. Jill reminds Nikki that she is a businesswoman. Nikki sarcastically comments that she has chipped a nail and wonders if Jill has a special rate for manicures?  Jill retorts that she is doing far better than an Ex-stripper! She says that Nikki is a joke since all she is, is Victor’s toy.  Jack comes in and wants to know what is going on?  Jill wastes no time in telling Jack that Victor and Nikki are back together. She wants to take this conflict of interest to the board. Nikki says she would never discuss business information with Victor. Jack informs Jill that Nikki and Victor are not together.  Jack wonders why Nikki didn’t say something to Jill? Nikki feels it is none of Jill’s business. Jack wants them to calm down and discuss things calmly. John arrives and asks what’s going on? Jack tells him he really doesn’t want to know. John says he has something he wants to talk to them about. John asks Jack if his computer is up and running? Jack says it is turned on. John shows them the Brash and Sassy home page. He informs them of the Makeover Contest. Jack wonders how it will go over? John says the research department has drawn up projections. They sit and watch the “hits” rack up on the website. Nikki comments that their site had more hits over the summer. John says the site has only been up for a while.  Jill comments that she told Jack their site was in trouble but he would not listen to her. John wonders what she is talking about? She says that their Webmaster is not pulling his weight, and now the momentum from the summer has been lost. Nikki feels they will have to do something about the situation. John agrees and wants to have a meeting with the Webmaster and decide where they will go from there.   John says he has a meeting to go to and leaves.  Nikki says she has the report ready for Jack.  Jill sarcastically comments that since Victor left you, “you have plenty of time to get some work done.” Jack says he will read over the report.  Nikki says goodbye to Jack and leaves.   Jack wonders if Jill  “ever gives up?”

At Victoria’s Office:  Victoria is looking for a file.  Ryan comes in and asks if this is what she is looking for? Victoria says it is and thanks him.  Ryan notices she looks upset and wonders if something is wrong? He wonders if it something to do with Victor and Nikki? Victoria says she does not want to talk about it, but needs to stay focussed.  She says she will concentrate on work for now.  Phyllis arrives and says she has an idea and thinks they will love it. She shows them the new Brash and Sassy website.  As they watch, the hits rack up. Phyllis is sure that Victoria will be pleased. Victoria says she will be happy with sales. Malcolm arrives and Phyllis tells Victoria and Ryan about her other new idea. She says it will be a contest where the winner will receive a complete head to toe make over.  The winner will also receive a photo shoot by Malcolm and all expenses paid.  Ryan and Victoria think it is a good idea.  Phyllis is anxious to get started.  Victoria needs to run the idea past her father.  Phyllis wonders if that is really necessary as she has Malcolm booked for the month.  Victoria says it is and she will make sure her father does not delay things.  Phyllis reluctantly agrees.  Ryan tells Victoria they have a meeting to go to. Victoria says she will let Malcolm know the days they need him to shoot.  Ryan tells Phyllis she is doing some good work for Brash and Sassy and to “keep it up” they will “give Jabot a run for its money” since “Jack will not know what hit him.” Ryan and Victoria leave. Malcolm asks Phyllis if she “heard that, Jack Abbott won’t know what hit him.”  Phyllis admits she hates being in the middle but it is business “as Jack said.” Malcolm says sure it is, but she is taking customers from Jabot. Phyllis wonders if Malcolm has any ideas? Malcolm says she is on her own. He tells her to call if she needs him.  He leaves

At Jabot: Jack looks at the Brash and Sassy site. He tells Jill   “you have to have more than one line open in any war.”  Jill has no idea what he is talking about. Jack says she will understand soon enough. Jack calls Phyllis on her cell and asks her to dinner? She agrees and wonders if he is angry with her? He says he would prefer it if she were working with him, but since she isn’t…  They agree to meet for dinner and after he hangs up, Jack smirks.

At Paul’s office: Christine wonders if Paul is refusing to go? She is sure that his mother has influenced his decision.  He says he does not allow his mother to run his life and the decision will be his to make. He says that if he does go, she would be busy all the time and what would he do? She feels he can make new contacts while he is there, and she would not be working all the time. She believes that his associates can run his business.  Paul says he does not want to be pressured into making a decision.  She says she can feel him “slipping away” from her and doesn’t want to lose him.  She wants him to put their marriage first

At Christine’s office: Nina arrives looking for Christine. Michael says she is over at Paul’s office but she can wait if she wants.  Nina agrees and goes into Christine’s office.  Nina wonders what the travel plans were? Michael tells her about the Hong Kong trip. He says that Christine will go, if Paul agrees to go as well. Michael admits he is not sure that Christine going is a good idea. He thinks Nina should talk to Christine and see where her head is over this trip. Nina is curious as to why, because she thinks Michael only looks out for himself.  He says he does not want Christine to go for the wrong reason and he is not interested in building up clients while she is away. He says if he did that, then he would not be helping the firm at all.  Nina is not convinced.   Michael wants Nina to talk to Christine.

Meanwhile at Paul’s Office, Lynn asks about a letter that Paul was to sign? He says it is on her desk.  She asks what he decided about Hong Kong? He says if he never hears Hong Kong again it will be too soon.  Lynn says she can’t blame him for saying no, as it is a huge sacrifice. She is sure that Christine will understand in time,

At Christine’s Office:  Christine arrives and is surprised to see Nina. Michael says he will leave them alone to talk.  Christine asks him to wait. She wonders if Nina is aware of the trip to Hong Kong? Nina says that Michael told her about it. Christine says that Paul has agreed to go with her. Michael is pleased and offers his congratulations.  He says he has some work to do and leaves.  Christine asks Nina if she is happy for her? Nina says she is, as she gives Christine a hug. Christine says she is sure this is the right thing for them.

At Walnut Grove Academy: Rianna is worried about their government test. She is sure she failed.  Raul tries to show her the different levels of government and the Electoral College. Mac comes along and says she is on her way to the coffee house.  Rianna offers her a ride and Mac accepts.  Billy and Brittany notice the three together.  Brittany comments that they have moved on with new friends and will have more fun anyway. Brittany says she forgot her history book and has to go and get it.  Billy says he will wait. Raul wonders if Mac will go with them to the movie? She agrees to go. Rianna says she has to go to the library to return a book.  Raul goes with her.  Billy and Mac talk. Billy tells her he has something he needs to tell her. Mac wonders what it is? Billy wonders why Raul is willing to talk to Mac but he won’t talk to him? He says that they both strung Raul along all summer. Mac says she doesn’t know why Raul won’t talk to him. Billy says he can’t take it any more and storms off. Billy finds Brittany and wants to get going? Brittany agrees, saying they need some place to be alone.  Brittany suggests the coffee house but Billy suggests going to his place? She agrees and the two set off. Mac watches them leave together.

At Crimson Lights: Mac is clearing tables, while Raul helps Rianna with her Spanish homework.  She says she has trouble with the language.  Raul admits it is easy for him since his mother speaks Spanish at home. Raul has Rianna practice a sentence “The girl gave the boy an apple.” Rianna switches the word from “apple” to “kiss.” Rianna tries to kiss Raul, but he says he will make up for it, when he is over his cold. Rianna says she will check on the times for the movie and goes off to call.  Mac asks Raul about Billy? She wonders why he can’t forgive Billy as easily as he has forgiven her? He says that Mac hid the truth because she was afraid of her mother, but Billy didn’t have that reason.  Mac says that Billy was trying to protect her. She says she doesn’t want Raul to lose his best friend, because of her.  She says she has never had a best friend. Raul admits if Billy had told him the truth, he would not have run to Jill with the news, but he didn’t tell him and he can’t forgive him for that. Mac says they both hid the truth from him. Raul says that part of him wants to forgive Billy but the rest of him (the bigger part), doesn’t and right now, he can’t.  He wonders if Mac really wants him to forgive Billy? He says if he does, they would all be hanging out together “is that what you really want?”  Mac looks confused.

At the Abbott’s: Billy gets Brittany a glass of juice.  Brittany says she hates the fact that she has lost her best friend. Billy says she is not the only one who has lost their best friend. Brittany apologizes, since Billy is going through the same thing, with Raul. He wants to talk about something else and says he has a new cd he wants her to hear.  He offers to go and get it? She asks where it is? He says it is in his room and Brittany offers to come along.  He says it is a mess, but he allows her to come.

In Billy’s room:  Brittany comments that it isn’t too bad, she picks up a pair of red boxer shorts and wonders if he wears them often? He says they were a present from his mom and he only wears them when he runs out of clean underwear. Billy puts the CD on. Brittany says it is terrific.  The two share a kiss.  Brittany says the last time the two of them were alone…she still remembers…but he doesn’t.  Brittany wants to make “a new memory.” She kisses him.  Billy stops, locks the bedroom door and comes back to kiss Brittany, as the music plays in the background.