Thursday Y&R Update 11/30/00



Young and the Restless Thursday, November 30, 2000--Canada; or Friday, December 01, 2000--USA 

By Stephanie

At Malcolm’s Studio Malcolm asks Phyllis out on a date. She turns him down saying she is out of “circulation”. Malcolm wonders if she is seeing someone? Phyllis admits she is. Malcolm asks who it is? Phyllis says Jack Abbott. Phyllis says Jack invited her to his sister’s wedding but she has not gone out with him since. Malcolm can’t believe she is seeing him, especially since she works for Newman Enterprises. Phyllis admits things are tenuous between the two companies but wants Jack to realize he can mix business and pleasure. Guess who arrives, Jack. Jack wonders what Phyllis is doing with Malcolm? Malcolm explains they are friends and are getting caught up. Jack asks Malcolm about doing some work for JABOT? Phyllis says she has already hired Malcolm to work for them but is sure they can work something about between them. Phyllis says she needs time to work out the dates she wants Malcolm to work but then Jack can use him on the other days, if he wants. Jack tells Malcolm to let him know when he is available. Jack leaves. Phyllis tells Malcolm she thought “that went well." Malcolm shakes his head in disbelief.

At Neil’s Office Alex wants to know if Neil thinks Victor will hire her? Neil tells her that she will know as soon as Victor makes a decision. Victor arrives and asks Alex if she would be comfortable working out of the Newman Enterprises office, if she was working for them? She says she would work there if it were necessary. She wonders whom she would work for? Victor says she would be working with Neil, but ultimately she would be working for him (Victor.) He wonders if she would have any trouble with that? She says no, none at all. Victor asks Neil how he would feel working with Alex? Neil says he will work with whomever Victor chooses to hire. Victor tells Alex he likes her passion and drive. He says there are times you have to be willing to negotiate and other times where you have to take a stand. Victor admits Neil believes she is too confrontational.  Alex says she can understand why Neil might think that. Victor says they would have to be able to work together. Neil and Alex both agree they could work together. Victor tells her the job is hers. She thanks him. Victor leaves. Alex is anxious to get started and wants to call her partner to make the transition as easy as possible. Neil thinks she does not need to move too quickly. Alex tells Neil that she knows he has reservations about her working on the case and thinks they need to get them straightened out now. She says that too many people are counting on the outcome of this case.

At Christine’s Office Christine is on the phone with Harry Curtis (from the Hawaiian seminar). He tells her that there are a lot of people up for the Hong Kong representation but he will put in a good word for her. She thanks him. When she hangs up, Michael comes in. She tells him she is getting things organized and she is waiting on Paul to give her the go ahead on the plans. Michael is sure she will do a wonderful job. He tells her that once she agrees to go, that will be it “no going back.” He wonders if she is sure, she wants to travel that far? Christine is certain that this is the best thing for her and for Paul. She says they can’t resolve the problems in their marriage with Mary interfering all the time. Christine thanks Michael for all of his support; a decision has to be made by this afternoon. Christine heads out, as she wants to know Paul’s decision.

At Paul’s Office Paul is thinking back on Christine suggesting the trip to Hong Kong. Lynn comes in and tells him everything is arranged if he does decide to go. Mary arrives and wonders what it is Paul is making a decision on? Lynn tells Paul she will be at her desk if he needs her. Paul says he has something to tell Mary and she may as well know now. He tells Mary about the job offer Christine has in Hong Kong. He says that Christine wants him to go with her. Mary feels they should concentrate on having a child and that would resolve everything. Paul says that having a child now is not the answer to their problems. He says it is not an option right now and to just forget the idea.  Mary advises Paul to make up his own mind about this and not to be pressured into it by anyone. Christine arrives and apologizes for interrupting. Mary tells Paul she will discuss their Christmas plans later. She advises Paul again to heed what she has told him. Mary leaves. Christine tells Paul she needs a decision from him, since the deadline is this afternoon. Paul tells her he needs more time to think about it and can’t give her an answer right now. Christine says she will take that to mean “no”. She asks him if he is refusing to go with her?

At Crimson Lights Sharon arrives with Cassie, Amy & Elizabeth for lunch. She tells Nick there was no way she could turn down this special request, since Cassie called. Nick orders milkshakes for everyone. Nick tells Sharon she will spoil Cassie. After Nick orders the Milkshakes, Sharon teases Nick about spoiling Cassie. Nick is checking out Carter’s application. Sharon asks why? Nick says that there are gaps and since Carter seems so dedicated to his job it seemed odd. Carter comes in and hands papers to Nick. Sharon wonders what’s going on? Carter explains Nick was checking out his application and he wanted to fill in the gaps on his employment record. Carter explains he found the pay stubs and stuff while he was looking for his wallet. He says that Nick can use it if he wishes. He tells Nick he has to get back to work.

Jill comes in and orders a cappuccino to go from Cody. Cassie is talking to her friends and Jill overhears Cassie mention that Nikki and Victor are back together and the whole family will be together for Christmas. Jill says hello to Cassie and tells her she is a friend of her grandfather’s. Jill asks if that is true that Victor is back at the ranch? Cassie is reluctant to answer but she eventually says that it is true. Sharon comes back from the storeroom and says hello to Jill.  Cody tells Jill her cappuccino is ready. Jill asks Sharon if it is true about Nikki and Victor being back together? Sharon says she would have to talk to them about that. Jill wishes them all a nice day as she leaves. Cassie asks Sharon who that was? She says she was not sure if she should have spoken to her or not? Sharon admits Jill is difficult to understand at times

Later, Sharon comes back from taking the girls to school. She sees Nick still reading over Carter’s file. Nick tells her it is odd that there are gaps in his resume. Sharon suggests he contact the numbers that Carter gave him. Nick thinks that is a good idea and goes into the office to call them. Sharon tells Carter not to worry about it; Nick just needs to be careful since he is a Newman. She says that since the Newman’s are a prominent family (his sister was the victim of a stalker, Nick had troubles with someone in school etc.) Sharon says she really doesn’t want to talk about it. Carter apologizes for upsetting her; he thanks her for her support.

Nick tries the different numbers but most are out of service. He finally reaches one (Larry Warton answers). Nick wonders if this is the Tool and Dye Company? Larry says it is. Nick wants to confirm employment. Larry passes him over to his “supervisor” and a friend answers the phone. The “supervisor” answers all of Nick’s questions about Carter. He tells Nick, what a wonderful employee Carter was. After he hangs up, Larry pays “the supervisor” for his time. When he is finished, Nick tells Sharon he was able to confirm Carter’s work history and is satisfied he “checks out ok.”

At Jack’s Office Nikki is working on a report. Jill comes in looking for Jack. Nikki says she doesn’t know where he is or when he will be back. Nikki wonders why she wants him “got a bone to pick with him?” Jill says they need to discuss their floundering web site. Nikki says she wants to be part of those discussions, since the website features all of the JABOT cosmetic line. Jill retorts that Nikki should exclude herself from all those discussions since she is “sleeping with the enemy.” Nikki says she is an investor (to the tune of $35 million) and that gives her certain rights. Jill says she has divided loyalties where Victor is concerned. Nikki sardonically replies that everyone knows Jill earned her way into JABOT “by sleeping your way to the top.” Jill reminds her that she cannot be making decisions that affect a company that her “partner” wishes to destroy. Nikki is furious and advises Jill it would be a good idea to keep her mouth shut. Nikki insists she can keep her personal and business life separate. She tells Jill it is none of her business! Jill says that Nikki has had some fun and does not need to worry about her investment. She tells Nikki she can go away now and they will repay the loan bit by bit. Jill says that Nikki can return to the safety and security of Victor Newman’s bed! Nikki slaps Jill across the face, Jill slaps Nikki. Nikki holds her hand to her bruised cheek and glares at Jill.