Wednesday Y&R Update 11/29/00



Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, November 29, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, November 30, 2000--USA 

By Linda C

Ashley comes downstairs with baby monitor in hand, says baby will never be out of sight or sound as far as she is concerned. Brad thinks Ashley and the baby are both adorable. She tells him he is scoring big points with her. He tells her what she sees is what she gets. They flatter each other, wonderful mother, great father. They get a little passionate when the doorbell rings. It is Olivia with invitations in hand for a holiday party the week before Christmas. Ashley graciously accepts but will have to find someone to watch little Abby. The baby is heard on the monitor and they all go up to check on her. Olivia loves the name they chose, Abby. Ashley tells her she is the first to know. Ashley and Olivia go downstairs without Brad. Ashley tells her that with each passing day, she is sure she did the right thing by marrying Brad. Olivia tells her about Malcolm showing up for Thanksgiving and how she needs to make a decision about him and Nate. She is lucky to have Neil around. Brad comes down with the baby and Olivia leaves. Ashley calls the hospital and gives them the baby's name, Abby Carlton. Brad leaves for work already can't wait to get home to his two favorite ladies.

Phyllis comes into Malcolm's studio finding him upset about Dru. She can't believe he was back in town without telling her. She asks him to join her in working on the Brash and Sassy website. She fills him in about the details of the sweepstakes where someone can win a virtual makeover. She wants a noted photographer to do the glamour photographs for the prize winner and post them on the site. He smiles, him, the noted photographer? He thinks it is a great idea and he has the whole month free. He will take the job, now will she join him tonight for some dinner and dancing?

Over at the Jabot office, Jack and Jill talk about their website. Harry doesn't have what Phyllis did to run the site. Jack reminds her that she and Ashley are the ones that wanted Phyllis out of there. Jill says that is probably true, but Newman Enterprises offered her more money and she would have probably left them anyway. Jack thinks Phyllis has an ace in the hole she will probably spring on them for the holiday. Jill wants to know what they are going to do about it.

Carter tells Nick that he moved around a lot so that is why he didn't bother with all the other employers on his application. He says if that blows his chance at the promotion, so be it. He is happy with what he is dong now. Nick is understanding and says he wishes he could have moved around, but he had a family so he was tied down early. Carter realizes he left his wallet home and asks if Nick minds him going home to get it. Nick orders him out, he came in early anyway. When he gets home, the phone rings. It is Shark and he found someone out of Chicago to do business on their terms. Carter tells him about Nick and his questioning him about his application and the four years. He says the only problem is, Carter Mills life didn't start until four years ago. He wants to know if Shark can get his hands on some Milwaukee yellow pages from back seven years? He can. (We don't see what they talk about here) Carter grins after hanging up.

Cody and Nick talk about the missing information on Carter's application. Nick says Carter told him that he moved around a lot. Cody thinks Carter does a great job and it shouldn't matter.

Neil tells Alex Perez that she had better remove the chip on her shoulder. She asks who he is? He says he is Neil Winters. She asks why he didn't tell her that at the coffee house? Victor walks in apologizing for being late. Alex introduces herself and is happy to meet him. Victor says he doesn't want her to think he is sexist, but he was expecting a man. She tells him she is sure she can do the job. Neil doesn't think she is the right person for the job but Victor wants to hear her out. She thinks they have a landmark case and could possibly win the case. She says she is from a small firm and could give this case top priority. Victor asks her to wait in Neil's office. He will be making his decision on who he hires today. She tells Victor that he is not as ruthless as people say. She shakes his hand and Connie leads her out. While Neil tries again to get Victor to listen about Alex, the other attorney, Roger, comes in. They talk and Victor says he will get back to him. Neil says he thinks Roger would be better for the job but Victor likes the fact that Alex comes from a small firm and would give more attention to their case. He thanks Neil for his input but will let him know what he decides.

In Neil's office, Alex grabs an apple puts her feet up on his desk and starts working away on her laptop. Olivia comes in looking for Neil. Alex says she doesn't know where Neil is or when he will be back. She tells Olivia she is there for a job and is waiting to see if she got hired. She knows one of them doesn't want her. Neil comes in. Wants to know what Alex is doing. She asks if he thought she was going to just waste her time sitting there. Olivia tells Neil she will talk to him later about Christmas invitation. Out the door she goes. Alex wants to know if she got the job or was this just a waste of her time coming out there.