Tuesday Y&R Update 11/28/00



Young and the Restless Tuesday, November 28th, 2000--Canada; Wednesday, November 29th, 2000--USA

By Glynis

Ashley and Brad are home with the baby and he has a surprise for her.  He takes her into the living room and it is filled with flowers, balloons and nice things to look at.  She feels very lucky to have him.  Brad gets Ashley to sit on the couch with him and they talk about the experiences that they have shared recently.  Brad mentions that he was moved watching her nurse the baby for the first time.  Ashley felt like they were one person when she was nursing.  The baby cries and Ashley immediately runs over to the child to assure her that mommy was there.  He remarks that she is pretty good at the mothering stuff.  When she was leaving the hospital, it finally hit her that she didn’t know anything about being a mother.  She thought that they were insane to let her leave with the baby.  They discuss finding a name for the baby.  Ashley thinks that it is a very important decision to find the right name.  Brad walks over to the child and suggests that they should call her baldy.  Ashley tells him that is not funny and thinks that they should sleep on it.  The baby goes back to sleep and Brad and Ashley watch her thinking that she is like an angel.  Ashley doesn’t want to take her upstairs, fearing that she will wake the baby.  Brad starts to leave and Ashley calls him back to kiss him and express her good feelings.

Jill sees that something is wrong with Billy but he doesn’t want to talk to her.  She tries to be comforting and tells him that he doesn’t have to talk, but she doesn’t leave him.  He tells her that he is just tired and that he wants to go upstairs to bed.  She tells him that she is just concerned.  He assures her that he is just fine.  She tells him that she saw Phillip earlier and  she found out that sometimes the run into each other in the halls at school.  Jill asks him is maybe sometime the three of them could get together.  He reminds her that it was her fault that their relationship got screwed up.  She tells him that things are better this way…without Mac.  He doesn’t’ agree with her, but things are done.  He is not ever going to be with Mac and nothing can change that so he just wants to drop it.  Billy has some reading to do before he goes to bed.  Jill gets her coat.  She tells him that more than anything, she wants things to be better between them.  She begs him to open his heart.  Billy tells her that he will spend time with her and Phillip over the holidays.  She tells him goodnight and leaves.

Once Jill is gone, Billy opens the box with the ring that Mac returned to him and he looks at the ring.

Victoria is pacing at Sharon and Nick’s house.  She is worried about what might be happening at the house.  She can’t stand it anymore, so she decides to go to the office and get some work done.  Sharon and Nick hope that things are going okay over at the main house.

Nikki is trying to explain to Victor what she was doing when she invested the money with Jabot.  She hopes that he will be able to understand what she did.  Victor can’t believe that Nikki is trying to justify giving the 35 million dollars to the man that Victor hates.  Nikki had nothing else in mind but to get the job that she wanted.  She  reminds him that he was going to back out on the loan, but he didn’t.  She doesn’t understand why he is upset with her.  He feels that she betrayed him and she thought that she could get away with it.  He shouts at her that she lied to him and that liars always get caught.  They always get caught.  Nikki denies that she ever lied to him.  He thinks that she had no business investing in Jabot.  She doesn’t look at things that way.  She doesn’t understand what she has done.  Things have not turned out that badly.  He thinks that she has changed into another person.  She hopes that one day he will be able to stand back and make peace with her job at Jabot.  He tells her that he has not forgotten for one moment where she works everyday.  He will never forget it.  He will never forget it.  Nikki thinks that bailing out Jabot makes her seem to have upstaged him.  He wanted to save Ashley’s company for her and Nikki ruined his planned.  He tells her that she has ruined everything between the both of them.  He hopes that her money has made having a job at Jabot worth it.

Ryan is explaining that he has to go back to work and Tricia is telling him that he should go.  She doesn’t want him to have to explain anything.  She tells him that she will read a book or watch television and then call it a night.  He says goodnight to her and leaves.  Tricia sees the phone and walks over to it to pick it up.

Mac arrives at the Coffeehouse.  She sits at a table by herself.  Raul and Rianna are already there and see her walk in.  Rianna is thinking that maybe they should go over there and try to cheer Mac up.  Raul is reluctant.  Rianna convinces him to go over there and they do.  Mac tells them that she would love some company so Raul and Rianna sit down.  They joke over Thanksgiving and how Ester tried to cook them health food for dinner, but Kay won.  Mac notices that it has been a long time since they have talked like that.  Rianna watches as both Raul and Rianna sit uncomfortably.  Rianna tells how her Thanksgiving went.  They are laughing together.  Raul sneezes and tells Mac that Rianna says that there is a tea that wards off colds.  Rianna trots off to get him the tea.  Raul mentions that Billy and Brittany are back together.  Mac tells him that she heard that too, and that she is okay.  Raul is glad that Mac is okay.  Mac thinks that he really believes that.  She is glad that he has someone that cares for him.  Just then Rianna comes back with the tea and tells him to drink while the tea is hot.  Raul still thinks that something is wrong with Mac, but she blows it off and leaves saying that she has to go.  Raul tries to get romantic with Rianna and when he goes to kiss her, he sneezes.

Matt has come over to see Tricia who tells him that Victoria and Ryan are probably at work alone together right that moment.  Tricia thinks that things are really bad.  Matt wishes that there were something that he could do to help her.  He thinks that he can help her.  Matt gives Tricia a back rub while she tells him that Ryan would rather be anywhere but with her.  She is sure that Ryan will bump into Victoria, who wants him.  His being married would never stand in her way to get him.  Matt can understand Tricia hating Victoria.  He reminds her that there is a way to make Victoria pay.  Victoria is really into her work.  He thinks that Tricia could make it look like Victoria is really screwing up her work.  All she needs is access to Victoria’s work to make that plan work.  Tricia is reluctant to do anything.  Matt thinks that she needs to fight back if she wants Ryan.  He thinks that Victoria is going to deserve exactly what she gets.  She wonders why Matt is pushing so hard.  He thought that getting back at Victoria was exactly what she wanted.  Tricia tells him that he should leave as she doesn’t know when Ryan is coming home.  Matt turns and walks out.  Outside the door, he turns to the door and whispers, “Stupid Bitch!”

Victoria arrives at her office and finds Ryan there.  Victoria explains that she is there because she couldn’t stand being at the ranch any longer.  She didn’t want to watch the bomb drop.  Her mother thinks that she can tell Victor what she did without him getting really upset.  Victoria wanted to be there to pick up the pieces.  Ryan thinks that if they need her help, they will call her.  He explains that he came to pick up a file that he had left there earlier.  He tries to leave.  Victoria tells him that she doesn’t want him to rush off.    Her parents were getting so close.  She is trying to think positively, but things are out of her hands.  She thinks that he knows her so well.  She reminds him that they used to be married and shared a bed.  He tells her that was a long time ago.  She asks about Tricia.  Ryan tells her that things are going okay.  Victoria has been thinking of the holidays, and wonders where they will be in a year.  Will they be spending the holidays together or apart.  She hopes together and kisses him to make her point.  They both agree that the kissing was nice.  The phone rings and Victoria hesitates to answer it.  Ryan offers to answer the phone.  It is Tricia who puts the phone down when Ryan answers.

Nick thinks that they should go to bed.  No news is good news.  Sharon wonders if everything is going to be okay.  Nick thinks that they should relax and fix things so that Victoria can come and stay over if they want to.  They discuss opening a new Coffeehouse.  Sharon thinks that they should branch out this time and pick another state to open the Coffeehouse.  Nick thinks that they should have a game plan for the next couple of months.  Trina has been doing a really good job, and Cody runs things really well in town.  Sharon suggests that Carter should be the next manager that they hire for the new Coffeehouse.  Nick is concerned about Carter’s experience.  Nick says that he will look at Carter’s resume again and she what he can make out of it.  If he has enough to do the job, they will consider it, if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.

Tricia calls Matt who doesn’t want to talk to her anymore about her problems.  Tricia tells him that she is ready to put a plan into action to get back at Victoria.  She will meet him first thing tomorrow.