Tuesday Y&R Update 11/21/00



Young and the Restless Tuesday, November 21th, 2000--Canada; Wednesday, November 22th, 2000--USA

By Glynis

Chris is with Michael at Gina's and he is cautioning her about going there and ruining her marriage. She enlightens him to the fact that she will only go if Paul will go with her. Michael is concerned that he will have to give up this business opportunity. He wants them to be chosen as Lead Counsel for this little venture. He is not sure that Paul is not going to be happy at waiting for Chris to do her job while he is twiddling his thumbs. He is not sure that she can pull it off. Chris is sure that she wants to go. She is more convinced than ever. Chris is not sure if Paul can get the time off to go with her on her trip. She is a bit shaky, but she will not give up. She will fight for her marriage. She knows that she should stay positive. She wants Michael to tell her that they can go for the case if she can convince Paul to go on the trip with her. She gets up to leave for Nina's. She kisses Chris and wishes him Happy Thanksgiving. She leaves and he is left with a good feeling and touching his cheek.

Miguel has prepared things for Thanksgiving and Nick's family are the first to show up. Miguel takes the Cassie into the kitchen to get some treats. People start to arrive.

Sharon tells Nick that there might be some romance with Nikki and Victor. There are good signs because Victor is still at the Ranch. She tells him about meeting Victoria the night before when Victor and Nikki were together upstairs. Victoria seemed upset about something but Sharon can't put her finger on it. Sharon thinks that she might have said something to Victor that might cause something to go bad. Nick is sure that this day is going to be an awesome one.

Victor and Nikki have shown up at Victoria's office and Victoria tries to lie about what she so urgently wanted Nikki there about. Victor is sure that Victoria is hiding something. Victoria tells him that she was trying to come up with a surprise for Victor and Nikki was in on it. They ask Victor to leave so that they can talk. He doesn't buy it, but leaves thinking that he will find out soon enough what they are hiding.

After he leaves, Nikki insists on finding out what is going on. Victoria tells her that the worse possible thing has happened. They discuss the money being paid to Jabot. Nikki is shocked at Victoria finding out about her writing the check. It was the cost of her getting her foot in Jabot. Victoria still can't get over her mother helping their biggest competitor. Victoria reminds her that Victor is going to be furious when he finds out, but that Nikki thinks that she had to do this for herself. She thinks that Victoria is going to have to accept things. Victoria thinks that this is going to be a disaster. Victoria tells her that Neil has been working on who the other investor was for Jabot. She got herself 24 hours to soften the blow of the news. Nikki thinks that it has been too long for Victor to care about the investment. She will find a way to soften the blow. The family is closer and they all have bonded. She promises that she will take care of the problem.

Malcolm greets Olivia and Nate who is more than happy to see him. Nate leaves the room and Malcolm is faced with dealing with Olivia who is less than happy. Olivia is upset that Malcolm just shows up without warning. She tells him that he doesn't know what Nate has been through. He feels abandoned by Malcolm. She thinks that Malcolm is a selfish jerk. Malcolm couldn't tell Nate why he was away, not the full story. She doesn't want to hear him apologize. She wants him to leave, but she can't ask him to because Nate wants him there. She walks out to wash up for dinner.

Mac arrives at the Coffeehouse looking around. She tells Cody that she forgot something and she is going to look around for it.

Billy is with Brittany. She has brought him a gift…a candle. They are sitting in the Jabot living room talking together. She is giving him the candle so that he will be thinking about her. They kiss a little bit and Jack arrives unknown to the two and watches them kissing. Jack makes himself known and Brittany wishes him happy Thanksgiving. Jack makes himself a drink and sits down. Billy checks to see if they are getting together to watch a movie later. They arrange a time and Billy walks Brittany to the door. She tells him that she will miss him and he reciprocates.

Once back inside the house, Jack wonders out loud how much of what he just witnessed was for real. Billy can't prove that Brittany was manipulating him so he is giving her the benefit of the doubt. Brittany wants to be with him and not holding what he did with Mac over him. Jack isn't buying it. Billy is just glad to be with a girl that doesn't have any drama or big problems. Jack understands that and will be happy for Billy anyway. Billy takes off to check on the food.

CJ is setting the table with Tomas at Tomas' house, and they are discussing how Tricia and Ryan are not coming to Thanksgiving. Nina comes out in time to answer the door. Mary, Jill and Paul arrive with wine and presents. Jill brings Nina some flowers. The group met in the elevator and came up together. Paul is not happy that Chris is not there yet. Jill is walking around the living room looking at Tomas' book and Tomas and Mary are making a toast together. CJ comes out with a drink for his grandmother. Jill is glad to get it and thinks that he was thoughtful. He tells her that school is fine and that his soccer team is doing very good. Paul meets with Nina and tells her that Chris, his mother and himself have not been getting along well. He finds out that Nina already knows about the personal problems that they have been having. He wonders if Chris is off pouting somewhere. He insisted on staying home and not go on the cruise so that they could mend fences.

Jill tells him that she has been following his progress with soccer and their team is really up there in the standings. Tomas and Nina comment on how Jill is really making an effort with Phillip. They wonder why she wasn't invited to the Abbots.

Victor comes to see Neil and asks for some business information. He asks Neil about Victoria as he notices that she has been acting rather strange lately. Neil tells him that Victoria doesn't confide in him. Victoria can be very difficult to read sometimes. Victor is sure that something is bothering Victoria and he wants to know what it is. Victor leaves and Neil is beside himself after lying to Victor.

Mac is joking with Cody and ready to leave when she turns around and find Brittany behind her. Brittany wants to talk, she convinces Mac to stay. They walk over to a table and sit. Brittany needs to know if Mac still has any feelings for Billy. Mac is shocked to find out that Billy and Brittany will be dating. Mac tells her that she is really thrilled for the both of them. Brittany still wants to know if Mac is still hung up on Billy. Brittany knows how these things work. You are with someone and suddenly it is over. Mac just thinks that Brittany is insecure. Brittany thinks that she should have a chance if Billy and Mac are not going to work out. Is Mac going to come around if things start getting better between her and Billy? She really wants Mac to stay away from Billy. She walks out.

Neil shows up at Olivia's and finds Malcolm there. They greet and Neil finds out that Malcolm and Olivia have not been getting along at all. Olivia and Nate come out of the back room and Malcolm takes Nate off for some father and son time. Olivia tells Neil that she wonders if she has made a mistake asking Malcolm to stay there with them. Neil tells her that Malcolm being there will make Thanksgiving better. She thanks him for being there for her. Nate come out with his tie and announces that he is going to be in a magazine like his Aunt Dru.

Victoria and Nikki arrive at the Ranch and remark on the lovely decorations. Nick asks Victoria how things are going. Nikki tells him that Victoria has some concerns and that they will be taken care of after the celebration. Victor arrives and Cassie runs to greet him.

Mary comes over to Jill and remarks that things must be painful being away from her son. Jill agrees. Mary comes up with an idea so that she can spend time with her son…build a bridge. Chris arrives and Nina comes to kiss her. Paul asks her where she has been. He doesn't like her flippant answer and remarks that she is always a little involved. Chris tells Nina in private that she has a new plan and that she is feeling a little hopeful. They cross their fingers.

Mac calls Billy. She wants to talk to him in person after dinner. She wants to meet him privately at 'their' place. They agree to meet and hang up.

Victor is holding the Thanksgiving prayers. They all hold hands, but Victoria is visibly upset. All sit at the table and Miguel comes in with the turkey. Victor takes his place at the head of the table and starts cutting pieces of the turkey.