Monday Y&R Update 11/20/00



Young and the Restless Monday, November 20th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, November 21th, 2000--USA

By  Glynnis

Neil refuses to keep quiet about Nikki giving money to Jabot. Victoria thinks that if she can find the person that gave Neil the information, she will persuade the person to change his information. It would involve a fabrication of paperwork. She is willing to bribe the person. Neil thinks that what she is saying is unethical and illegal. Neil refuses to do it. He has knocked himself out for the company and will not cross this line, even for her. He will give her another 24 hours and then he will go to her father. She thinks that the news will ruin her family. Neil calls her childish. Her mother was very bold and those types of actions have repercussions. Olivia knocks and enters with Nate. They say their hellos and Victoria leaves with a reminder of what she wants from Neil. She walks out.

Nikki answers the door and it is Katherine visiting with flowers. Niki tells her that they have received the news about Cassie and everything is going to be okay. While Kay is wondering what is going on with Victor, he walks down and greets both the ladies. He is in a really good mood. He kisses Katherine and Nikki goodbye, then leaves. Kay has figured it out. Old sparks have been ignited. Niki shares that she has been making progress with Victor. Katherine is thrilled to the bone. Niki thinks that this time, things are on her terms. Victor has been responding to the woman that she has become. Niki can’t believe that Victor has dealt with her becoming a part of Jabot. Katherine assures her that he loves her and he always will. Niki doesn’t think that her working for Jabot will bring a wedge between them. Victoria calls and tells her mother that she has to talk to her right away. Victoria doesn’t care that she is meeting with Katherine. She tells Niki to get to her office as soon as she can. She hangs up abruptly. Niki tells Katherine that she must go and meet her daughter right away. Kay doesn’t mind. She is just glad that things are going as they should in Niki’s life.

Matt is with Nick in Milwaukee, and they are in a hotel room together. They have completed their work. They are waiting for Trina to get in touch with them. Trina calls and tells them that everything is cleared up and that they can take off. Matt happens to be the one that takes the call and he lies to Nick and tells him that the front desk was calling and that they were being reminded that they have to be out soon. Nick decides to take a shower and leaves Matt alone in the room. Matt swings into action and goes outside to get Larry who enters the room, saying, "Maid Service." Matt gives him the bankcard and the PIN number and warns Larry not to take out more than $500. Larry takes off, shocked that he is being trusted.

Phyllis enters Gina’s and finds Michael reading the paper. He is a little irritated to see her. She tells him that it is almost Thanksgiving. She assumes that he doesn’t have any plans because he doesn’t have any family and he works all the time. She doesn’t have any family in town either, and figured that they could have dinner together. Michael thinks that he will have no trouble having Thanksgiving alone because he is used to it. She gets up to leave and he stops her. He would love to have holidays with her. They will be eating out. They make a good team. She wonders if Paul and Christine are going to be mad that he is not going to be spending Thanksgiving with them. Michael tells her that his intentions towards Chris have changed. She is getting back with her husband and they are going on a cruise. This is the first time that Michael has come close to admitting that he has feelings for Chris. She leaves.

Chris is telling Nina that she won’t be spending time on the cruise. It turns out Paul doesn’t want to go because he wants her to bend for him. Chris thought that she was being reasonable, but Paul wouldn’t budge. Mary has become a big factor in their relationship. Nina reveals that she had a conversation with Mary the night before. Mary was grilling Nina about Chris’s relationship. Mary wanted Nina to help change Chris’s mind about having a baby. Chris thinks that she should have a talk with Mary; Nina talks her out of it. The wedge between her and Paul would only get bigger. Chris thinks that there must be something that they can do. She gets an idea. She has to leave right away. Nina gets no explanation.

Sharon and Cassie are together talking about making pies for Thanksgiving. Cassie answers the door, and it is Victor coming to visit. Cassie tells him that Sharon is in charge of making pies for Thanksgiving. Victor is there to see Cassie. He wants to know how she is doing in school. She tells him that she is catching up on her work, she made a collage at school and she runs to get it to show him what it looks like. When he leaves, he tells Sharon that he wanted to get something special for Cassie and he didn’t get any clues talking to her just now. She has been through a lot and he wanted to get a clue. He figures that he will find out what she wants some other time. Sharon stops him leaving and wonders out loud what Victoria wanted to speak to Nikki about the other day. Victor doesn’t find that strange at all and brushes it off. As he is walking off, Cassie comes running down with her collage. Victor thinks that it is very beautiful and promises to put it somewhere very special. He leaves. Sharon gets that worried look and Cassie asks her what is wrong. She tells Cassie that she just mentioned something about her Aunt Victoria and now she wonders if that was very wise.

Larry returns to the hotel room with the money and the card. Matt tells him to stay on the floor and keep out of sight. Larry refuses to give him the cash. He offers to hold on to it. Nick comes out of the shower and tries to call Trina to ask her what is going on. Matt tells him to go ahead and he will take care of everything. Nick is glad that he can start back. Matt offers to take the bus home. Nick picks up his things and leaves telling Matt that he can order dinner if he wants. After he is gone, Matt lets Larry in the room and they start to put their plan into action.

Olivia is looking at the mail and talking to Nate. She sees a letter in the mail for Nate and gives it to him. He sees that it is from Malcolm. He hurriedly opens it and reads the card to himself. A sad look comes over his face and Olivia picks up the card and reads it, "Hey little man, …hope to see you before very long." Nate thinks that the card means that he won’t be home soon. Nate has been waiting and waiting. Olivia explains that Malcolm is very talented and has to take pictures. They decide to go out together. He leaves to get his jacket and Olivia gets a worried look on his face. The three of them get together and have something to drink. There are chocolate turkeys downstairs and Neil tells Nate that he should go down there and get one before they go away.

Olivia reveals that she got a card from Malcolm and all it said was that he would see them soon. Nate really wanted to see his father for Thanksgiving. She feels like she has been left with the bag. Neil tries to put a positive spin on things. Maybe Malcolm has some things to work out with Dru. Neil tells her that he will always be there. She kisses him and picks up her coat, then leaves. He looks after her. Matt has just returned to the hotel room where Larry is waiting. Matt made sure that Nick has left. Larry wishes that they got more money out. Larry did his work. He found a place that rents month to month, but he doesn’t know if the place will accept cash. Larry doesn’t know if there is a private entrance and that angers Matt that Larry didn’t do what he was supposed to do by making sure that things were done the way that he was told. Larry hands him the piece of paper with the name of the person renting the space. Matt calls the number and says that his name is Nick and he is inquiring about the space that is available. Larry looks on approvingly.

Michael’s phone rings as he is eating. It is Chris. She is at the office and needs to speak with him. He offers to be right over. She tells him that he should stay put, she will meet him at Gina’s.

Matt is putting the plan into action. He puts on some gloves. He gets some stationary and the money and writes on the envelope…He puts the money into the envelope. Larry gets it now. They are going to get Nick busted with drugs and then he will go to jail. The Newman’s will pay anything to get him out. Larry is going to be responsible for getting the drugs. Larry doesn’t have enough money to get the kind of drugs that they are going to need. Matt thinks that he can use Tricia for the money that he needs. Nick arrives at home and Sharon is pleased. He couldn’t be away from her for one more minute. He explains that Carter is waiting for Trina to wrap things up. She has been going through her recipe books to find recipes for pies. She mentions that Victor came over and had a visit with them. He wonders if it is possible that for once they are going to have a normal holiday. Sharon is on her way to the store. She asks for some cash and he doesn’t have any. She opens her purse to find his ATM card. She got it from Cody. She can’t find it, but Nick finds it in his pocket and hands it to her.

Victoria is waiting for her mother in her office when Victor walks in wondering if maybe he could help her with whatever it was that Victoria wanted to speak with her mother about. Victoria tells Victor that she only wanted to speak with Niki about Thanksgiving. She wants to know what will be happening at Thanksgiving with her mother and him. Victor explains that things have changed and that things are going well now. She hugs him and he senses that there might be something wrong. She tells him that she is just feeling a little emotional.

Niki walks in and finds Victoria with Victor and asks out loud what was so urgent that she had to come over right away.

Nate and Olivia return home laughing and joking with groceries. They are joking about things and Nate finds a football with a bow on it. Olivia is shocked that the present is there. Someone says, "Boo!"…They turn around and find Malcolm standing there. Nate runs to him and hugs him and Olivia just looks upset.

Chris arrives at Gina's and sits with Michael. She tells him that she isn’t going to go on the cruise. She has decided the she is willing to go on the venture for work overseas. Michael just stares at her.