Friday Update 11/17/00



Young and the Restless Friday, November 17, 2000--Canada, or Monday November 20,  2000--USA   

By Stephanie  

Carter tells Tricia that the best way to get even is to be sure no one else knows their plans. There is a knock at the door. Carter says, “Hey, bud, I’m busy.” He opens the door, Nick is there. Carter is surprised to see him. Nick asks if he is ready to go? Carter says he thought they were meeting at the coffee house? Nick says he was finished at work and thought he would come by and get him. (Tricia slips into the bathroom unseen by Nick) Carter asks him to wait, and will meet him downstairs. Nick asks if he is hiding a dead body? Carter says the place is a mess. Nick pushes past Carter saying, it’s not that bad, reminds me of my bachelor days. Nick looks around and says don’t worry, I’ve seen worse. Nick notices the green scarf on the chair and picks it up, saying now I know why you didn’t want me here; you have a woman in here. Carter says that’s right, he does, she was having an argument with her boyfriend (he is a bit jealous) and wanted to talk. He says he is friends with her, she is someone he knows from the coffee house, she is a customer (sometimes). Nick gives him some advice, don’t date the customers and don’t get in the middle of a relationship. He tells Carter, since the business is his, those are the rules. Carter says he understands and asks if he can meet Nick at the car? Nick says sure and heads out. Matt looks in the bathroom, but Tricia is gone, the window is open. (Tricia escaped using the fire exit. Carter closes the window, grabs his stuff and heads out. As he leaves he says “very smart Tricia.”

A little while later, Tricia arrives home. Ryan is there and wonders if there is something wrong? She says she is feeling a little out of sorts. Ryan apologizes for embarrassing her in front of Victoria; he says he realizes it was wrong to discuss their personal life in front of her. This surprises Tricia. Ryan says he wants to help her get well and that he will be there for her, no matter what. Tricia says that Ryan is very sweet and that Ryan is a good person. Ryan says that he cares for her. Tricia starts to say something, about not thinking straight, when the phone rings. It’s Victoria, she asks Ryan to come to the office, as it is an emergency. They need to meet at Neil’s office. Ryan admits it sounds important and he will be there as soon as he can. After he hangs up, he tells Tricia he has to go and see Victoria, an emergency has come up. Tricia tells him to go ahead and take care of it; they can talk more when he comes home. Ryan leaves and once she is alone Tricia says, “Damn you Victoria Newman!”

At Neil’s Office Victoria is stunned by what Neil has told her, that Nikki put up the $35 million to save Jabot. Victoria asks if he is positive? Neil says he checked several times and the information is correct. Victoria says that Victor had worked for a very long time to take control of Jabot. She says she knew her mother wanted to be an independent woman but had no idea she would do something like this. Neil admits he is stunned as well, but has to tell Victor. Victoria asks him not to say anything just now, since Nikki and Victor are starting to be come close again, she doesn’t want to ruin that. Neil says that Victor has to be told the truth and he won’t ruin his career to save her parents relationship. He says that her mother should have thought of the consequences before she made her decision to save Jabot. Ryan arrives, and Victoria fills him in on her mother saving Jabot. She doesn’t want Victor to find out at all, but Neil feels he must tell Victor the truth. Ryan suggests a compromise that Victoria has 24 hours to talk to her mother and maybe even Victor. Neil is not convinced but reluctantly agrees to go along with it. Ryan tells Victoria that she only has 24 hours and after that Victor will have to be told. Victoria says that she knows that and will handle it. Victoria gets ready to leave. Ryan asks where she is going? She says she is heading home to take care of things. After Victoria leaves, Neil thanks him for not siding with Victoria on this matter. Ryan says that he knows how to handle Victoria but he wants to get home. He says that Victoria called at a terrible time.

At Ryan’s Apartment Ryan comes in and tells Tricia that everything is sorted out at the office. Ryan wants to discuss what Tricia meant by not thinking clearly? She says she doesn’t remember and it couldn’t have been that important. Ryan says that if she remembers or wants to talk he is there for her. He says he is tired and heads to bed. Tricia thinks back on her conversation with Carter, about being humiliated by Victoria Newman. Back to reality “You say you are here for me Ryan, but all she has to do is bend her little finger and you are at her beck and call.” “I wonder what Ryan would think if Miss Vicki was not so high and mighty any more?”

At Paul’s Office Paul and Christine argue over how to spend the holidays. Christine wants to leave after
Christmas and can still spend time with Mary before Christmas. Paul argues they have ordered a tree and have plans for New Years Eve as well. He feels they need to spend time together as a family and try to repair the damage in their relationship. Christine says they need time alone and Mary will have plenty to do over the holidays without them. Paul feels his mother has been neglected and wants to make things right with her. Paul becomes fed up and says it is obvious they want two different things and a cruise won’t fix it! Christine believes Paul blames her for the problems in their marriage and resents having to bend over backwards to suit his mother. Paul says she is not the only one to blame for their problems and this whole argument is about family. Paul says that if she were willing to put the cruise idea on hold then she would be doing something for “them and not just for you.” Christine agrees to cancel the cruise because she wants him to be happy. She asks about their thanksgiving invitation? She wonders if she should call Mary? Paul says he will look after it and is sure since the invitation came from Tomas, that he can persuade her to go. Christine asks what his plans are for dinner? He says he has a lot of work to do and will eat at the office. Christine says she will get her own dinner and she leaves looking troubled. Lynn tells Paul she couldn’t help but overhear the argument and hopes he won’t let it get out of control because of all people they belong together. Paul assures her things are ok for now, but only time will tell. Lynn admits he doesn’t sound convinced.

At Nina’s Apartment Mary comes to invite Nina for Thanksgiving? Nina asks Mary to come to dinner with her and Tomas. Tomas would like to repay her hospitality from July the 4th. Mary accepts the invitation and then asks Nina about Christine? She wonders if Christine has changed her mind about having a baby? Nina says that a decision to have a child should really remain between Paul and Christine. Mary isn’t convinced that Christine made this decision on her own. Mary believes that Michael Baldwin changed Christine’s mind about having a child, and to put her career ahead of having a child. Mary feels that she must do something to convince Christine that now is a perfect time to have a child, and undo the damage that Michael Baldwin has done. Nina wonders if she has something in mind?

At Gina’s restaurant  Gina congratulates Brad on the birth of his child and on his marriage to Ashley. Gina
wonders if he is here for something to eat? He says he wants to get something to go, since Ashley does not
like the food at the hospital. Gina asks him to take a seat while she prepares something wonderful. Diane notices Brad and calls him over to her table. Brad says hello and Diane congratulates him on the baby and the wedding. Brad thanks her. Diane is pleased that Brad managed to marry Ashley. Brad wonders what she means by “managed?” Diane says that Victor is very possessive… Brad tells her to mind her own business. Diane wonders if she said something wrong? Brad tells her that Victor is no longer part of Ashley’s life. Diane apologizes and offers to buy Brad a drink? Brad takes a seat and asks how things are between her and Victor? Diane says that things are still undecided since Victor is now living at the ranch. She says she is not sure Victor will return to the penthouse. Brad asks when the baby is due? She tells him January 5th. He recommends to Diane that she leave the penthouse now and not wait until after the baby is born. He says that way she can avoid Victor’s anger. Diane says she is not going anywhere, the child is Victor’s and he will have to learn to live with that fact. Brad wonders what she would do if she could do it all over again? Diane admits she would make changes, but the truth is she can’t change anything. This child is Victor’s and nothing will change that!

At the Ranch Nikki and Victor are on the sofa, talking about how well things are going. Nikki is looking forward to having a family Thanksgiving and doesn’t believe things can get much better for them. Victor disagrees, saying there is one way… Nikki wonders if he is referring to their evening rendezvous? She wonders if they could start earlier? Victor thinks that is a very good idea, as he kisses her. The front door opens, and Cassie and Sharon come in. Cassie is carrying her doll. Cassie wonders what’s going on? Victor says they were talking about taxes. Nikki tells Victor that Cassie has returned to school. Cassie says she went to the Thanksgiving play today and it was wonderful. She says that afterwards she went to her friend Susie’s and it was fun. Victor thinks a toast is in order now that Cassie is well again. He suggests milkshakes and that he will do the honor of making them. Cassie is surprised he knows how to make milkshakes. Victor offers to show her and the two head off to the kitchen. Sharon apologizes for interrupting their romantic evening. Nikki tells her not to worry as the evening is just getting started. Sharon wonders how things are going between Victor and Nikki? Nikki is not sure about long term plans but for now, things are perfect. She believes this will be the best Thanksgiving ever for the Newman Family. Victor and Cassie return with milkshakes. Victor toasts Cassie and her health and happiness and they clink glasses for a toast. Cassie has a drink and says it is wonderful; she thanks Victor and kisses him on the cheek. Sharon glances at her watch and says they have to get going, as it is Noah’s bedtime. Sharon and Cassie leave (Cassie’s doll is left behind on the sofa.)

Victor and Nikki talk over coffee and she notices the date Jan 5 on note pad. She asks Victor about it? He says that is Diane’s due date but doesn’t want to discuss Diane or her baby. He wants to get back to their romantic evening. Nikki says that nothing will keep them apart again. Victor kisses Nikki as they head upstairs.

Later Sharon returns for Cassie’s doll and finds Victoria. Victoria needs to talk to Nikki but Sharon tells her that Nikki and Victor are sharing a very romantic evening. She says that she and Cassie came by earlier and interrupted their plans. Victoria says that Nikki and Victor are getting closer “at least for the moment.” Sharon wonders what she means by “for the moment?” Victoria is reluctant to discuss it further and Sharon heads home. Victoria (to herself) says “Enjoy it while you can Mother, when Dad finds out, all hell will break loose.”