Thursday Update 11/16/00



Young and the Restless Thursday, November 16, 2000--Canada; or Friday, November 17, 2000--USA 

By Stephanie

At the Newman apartment: Nikki interrupts Diane and Victor’s conversation by saying she was unable to reach Miguel. Victor says it doesn’t matter as they can tell him the news in person. Nikki wants to get going, and Victor agrees to accompany her. He has forgotten something and hurries upstairs to retrieve it. Diane is glaring at Nikki, Nikki says she can watch all she wants but it won’t change a thing and advises Diane to be careful about what she wishes for. Diane retorts that Nikki is so smug, so sure she has won Victor for good, She admits the whole thing is fascinating. Nikki sarcastically replies that she finds Diane boring and says Diane brought this whole mess on herself and as a result, she will never have Victor. Diane says that once Victor sees his child his whole attitude will change, besides the child will be well taken care of since it is a Newman. Nikki has had enough, and says she feels sorry for that child, since it will have her (Diane) for a mother and the only thing she is interested in is using that child as a bargaining tool. Diane believes Nikki is just spiteful, since she wanted a child with Victor for so long and was unable to have one.  Diane knows all about Victor’s relationship with his children, the bond they share.  Victor comes downstairs and asks Nikki if she is ready to go? He says things seem tense between Nikki and Diane. Nikki says it is nothing that a little air won’t fix. As Nikki and Victor leave, together, Diane is furious. A little while later Michael Baldwin stops by to see her. He senses that something is wrong and wonders what’s going on? Diane tells him that Victor is living at the ranch; Nikki has her claws into Victor again. She says she would not be surprised if they were sleeping together. She admits one positive thing came out of today. Michael asks what that was? Diane says that Victor asked about the baby and when it was due. She says he even wrote down the date. She wonders if Victor could have feelings for his child? Michael admits that it is possible and wonders how Victor has been treating her? He asks if there have been any threats or verbal accusations?  Diane says that Victor has been kind and very calm, almost too calm. She says this whole thing is turning into a complete disaster. Michael asks how so? Diane says that Nikki was right about never having Victor. She says she is all alone and despised by almost every one. Michael says she battled with Nikki and came out a winner. He says her trump card is Victor’s child. He wonders if she regrets having the baby? Diane says that the baby is the one good thing out of this entire situation. She says that the baby is protecting her right now, instead of the other way around. Michael holds her as she cries.

At the Newman ranch, Victor asks what Nikki and Diane were discussing? He says that things were very tense between them and wonders what’s going on? Nikki says that Diane is using her baby as a way into his heart; she says that Diane wants to worm her way back into his life.  Victor says that won’t happen, he won’t allow it to happen. He says he knows when the baby is due and will have a paternity test done as soon as it is born. Nikki wonders if he believes the child is not his or is it just wishful thinking? Victor says he does not know for sure, the one thing he does know is that Cassie is healthy and things are better for their family. Nikki wants to remember the good times they have shared as a family. They share a kiss.

At Nina’s Apartment, Christine stops by for a visit. Nina fills her in on her new about her book being published. Christine is very happy for her. She wonders where Tomas is? Nina says that he is at home getting everything organized for Thanksgiving. She says that Tomas will be doing the cooking. Nina says she would like Christine, Paul Lynn and Mary to join her and Tomas for Thanksgiving. Nina asks her to extend the invitation to every one. Christine says that she will and wonders who else is coming? Nina says that Phillip will be there, and Ryan, Tricia and last but certainly not least “Jill Abbott.” Christine can’t believe that Jill is coming. Nina admits that Tomas invited her, since Jill would have been alone otherwise over the holiday. Christine says that this will be a very special holiday for all of them, and is glad to come, as she was not looking forward to having dinner with Paul and Mary alone. She says that things with Paul are getting better but they are still not where they were before this “baby situation”. Nina wonders if Mary is still pushing for them to have a child? Christine says she wonders if Mary is even aware of what she is doing by pressuring them into having a child. Christine thinks that she and Paul need time alone together and has an idea of a Christmas cruise. She wonders what Nina thinks of the idea? Nina says it sounds like a wonderful time and thinks they should go ahead with it. Christine says she feels that this is a good idea also and wants to talk to Paul as soon as she can. She tells Nina she will confirm with her about dinner and hurries out

At Paul’s office, Paul shows Lynn the brochure for the St Geneva Inn; he tells her they have some interesting things for the holidays, a spa and terrific food.  Lynn says it sounds very romantic. Paul thinks it will be the perfect place for him, Christine and Mary to spend some time together and be a family. He says that this will be his #1 priority until New Year’s. Christine arrives and fills Paul in on Nina’s book being published. She also says that Nina would like them to come for Thanksgiving dinner, Lynn included. Paul thinks that would be a great idea. Lynn is unable to attend but says she will call Nina and thank her for the invitation. Paul says he has something exciting to tell her. Christine says she has news for him too.  Christine asks if she can tell her news first? Paul agrees and she tells him all about the wonderful romantic cruise she has tentatively booked for after Christmas. She says they would return after New Year’s but they would spend time with Mary before they left and go to mass on Christmas day. Paul says that he has other ideas for them for the holidays. He says he wants to spend time with her and his mother as a family. He tells her that the cruise idea won’t work and to cancel it.

At Neil’s office, Neil and Ryan are finishing some business. Neil asks how Tricia is doing? He says that Ryan was very upset the other day and hopes things are better? Ryan admits they were able to avoid a major crisis the other day and he has decided not to move out. Since Tricia is working on getting better and put their marriage and relationship on hold until then. Neil is surprised that Tricia would agree to that. Ryan says she is making progress and that it is a step in the right direction. Neil says that Tricia is being cooperative because she wants to remain Mrs. Ryan McNeil. He wonders if Tricia can really pull this off? Ryan says she can, she has agreed to it and he promised to be there for her, no matter what. He says that when she is well again, they will move forward from there “and go our separate ways.” He admits he has had feelings for Victoria again but won’t act on them until everything with Tricia is settled. Neil thinks he is kidding himself, if he thinks he can put aside his feelings for Victoria, temporarily. He also doubts that Tricia will get better, knowing she will lose Ryan as a result. Ryan angrily tells him that if he can’t support him and his decision, then he should stay out of it. Ryan walks out.

At Victoria’s office, Sharon is waiting for Nick. Nick arrives and asks how Cassie is? Sharon says she is fine and is over at a friend's right now. She says she told Cassie not to get too tired. Victoria is happy to hear Cassie is doing well now. She wonders if Victor and Nikki know? Sharon says that Nikki is going to give Victor the good news in person. Victoria says that Nikki was upset earlier because Victor interfered in Ashley and Brad’s wedding. Nick wonders what happened? Victoria fills him in on Ashley’s wedding. She says that Nikki told her there were a few roadblocks in her relationship with Victor but things were getting better. She thinks since Nikki went to see him in person, then they are sorting things out. Nick tells Sharon about his call from Trina, and some problems in Milwaukee. Trina has asked Nick to come and help them sort them out and Nick has agreed to go. Sharon is concerned about Nick being tired and driving all that way. Nick says that Carter will be coming and they will stay over.  Sharon says his family will be waiting for him when he comes home. Nick calls Cody to get Carter’s address? Cody gives it to him and Nick tells Sharon he will pick Carter up at home to save time. He says goodbye to Sharon and hurries out. 

Later Victoria drops by Neil’s office and the two talk about her family. She says that he knows more about the Newman’s then she does. While they are talking, Neil takes a call. Neil receives news that leaves him stunned. After he hangs up, Victoria wonders what’s going on? He says it is something he needs to discuss with Victor Victoria says he may as well tell her since she will find out eventually. Neil says he knows she is aware that they were trying to discover who helped save Jabot along with Brad. Victoria says she knows that there was someone else putting up the financing besides Brad. Neil says that’s true, and now he knows who it was. He says he needs Victoria to promise that he will be able to tell Victor, before she does? She agrees and wonders who it was? Neil says the “person who put up the financing that saved Jabot…was your mother.” “Nikki put up the money that saved Jabot.”  Victoria is stunned into silence.

At Carter Mills apartment, Tricia wonders what Carter means by “get even”? He says that if Victoria Newman had humiliated him the way she did Tricia, he’d be so angry. He says she can’t let “rich people walk all over you, or you lose your self respect.” As he becomes angrier, Tricia asks him to calm down. Carter apologizes but says he would not be handing Ryan to her on a platter.   But he would fighting back. Tricia says she has no idea what to do to get even. Carter says he will help her but they need to take their time in planning it out. He leaves the apartment for a few minutes and comes back to tell Tricia he was helping a neighbour move some furniture. He tells Tricia that whatever they decide to do, to get even, would have to remain a secret forever. Tricia wonders why he wants to help her? He says he is doing it because he likes her and he hopes that once everything is said and done, she will realize that Ryan is not the man for her, he is. He says he will be there for her, no matter what.

Suddenly, there is another knock at the door. Carter says “geez, didn’t I do enough for you already”. He opens the door “Nick, what are you doing here?” Tricia looks around the apartment for a way out….