Wednesday Update 11/15/00



Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, November 15, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, November 16, 2000--USA   

By Glynis

Sharon brings Niki the news that Cassie is back at school...everything is fine and Niki is very relieved to find out that Cassie is doing fine.  They hug.  Sharon’s prayers were answered.  Niki is the first one to be told that Cassie is all right.  This is a wonderful thing to be finding out at Thanksgiving.  Sharon wonders if Victor and Niki are doing much better. Niki confirms this idea.  Niki is waiting things out to see how she gets on with Victor.  Niki and Sharon run to the phone to see if Victor knows yet that Cassie is doing fine.   She finds out that Nick came by to the apartment after Victor left.  Niki wants to be the one to tell Victor that Cassie is fine and Sharon has no problem with this.  Niki runs off.

Tricia shows up unannounced to see Ryan and finds him with Victoria.  Tricia remarks that they are always together.  Victoria makes a sarcastic remark about being his boss.  Tricia had overheard them talking and asks Ryan if it was true what she heard…that as soon as she gets better, will he be ready to let her go.    Victoria asks Tricia what she plans to do when she gets better.  Tricia tells her to stay out of it.  Ryan really believes that they will only be able to be friends.  Victoria watches and has a sly little smile on her face.  Tricia accepts Ryan’s feelings.  She rejects the idea of going to his office to talk…she doesn’t want to disturb his work.  She walks out.

Ryan asks Victoria if she is satisfied.  Victoria tells him that she is more worried than ever.  She feels that something else is going on with Tricia. Ryan thinks that Tricia deserves a break.  Victoria thinks that Tricia is pretending so that Ryan is going to move out and they will never be together again.  She thinks more than ever, Tricia wants him back.  He is sure that he has been very straightforward with Tricia and she is seeing things the way that they really are.

Matt phones Wharton and Wharton is in no mood to talk to him.  Matt tells Larry that there have been developments…He has the PIN code to Nick’s card and the card as well.  Nick and Matt will be going to Milwaukee that night. Larry is already there.   Larry hasn’t rented the room that Matt asked him to get.  Matt is frantic about not having the room.  It is part of his plan and he needs it once they get to Milwaukee.  Matt threatens Larry to get the room or else!  Larry gets very upset at Matt telling him what to do and he wants some information.   Matt tells him that there is going to be some illegal activity going on in the hotel room and Nick is going to be in trouble when it is over.  Larry hangs up the phone.

Kay is preparing the Thanksgiving menu and she wants Mac’s input.  Kay wants to splurge a little.  She wants an old fashioned dinner.  Ester is stunned, she wants a nutritious meal…Mac points out that there are a lot of good things that they could have for dinner.  They are shocked to find Jill lurking in the background listening.  Ester asks her if she is feeling left out.  Jill attacks Ester who then walks out.  Kay asks for privacy and Jill refuses to leave.  Kay wants to know what Jill is doing for Thanksgiving. Jill feels that she doesn’t have to tell her that information.  Kay wants to make sure that they are not in Jill’s way while she is having dinner and they want her to be out of their way when they are having their dinners. Jill announces that she has another invitation and will be dining elsewhere that night.   Kay and Mac are pleased.

Tomas and Nina are having hot chocolate together.  Tomas thinks that they should invite Chris, Paul and Mary over to their place.   He wants to invite Trish and Ryan.  Nina is surprised at that statement.  Tomas reminds her that it is Thanksgiving.  Ryan tells Tomas that she is not even sure if Ryan and Tricia are on speaking terms.  Jill drops by unannounced to see Phillip but he isn’t home.  Jill invites herself in and Tomas greets her.  Nina reveals that her book is going to be published and Tomas is having his book made into a movie.  Jill wants to talk about Thanksgiving.  She hasn’t spent time with Phillip.  She wants to spend Thanksgiving with Nina, Tomas and Phillip.  She doesn’t want to have Thanksgiving at her house, but at the Collanade Room.   It is a beautiful place even though it isn’t a home.  Nina tells Jill that Tomas had just offered to cook for Thanksgiving and Jill can come if she wants.   Jill is really pleased and thanks them both and leaves.

Tomas thinks that Jill will not act up on Thanksgiving.  They hug and kiss.

Ashley tells Jack that Victor wouldn’t let her hold her own baby.  She told Brad.  Jack thinks that Brad should have taken care of Victor.  Jack tells her that he is going to confront Victor…He can’t treat his sister that way. Ashley tells him to stop.  She thinks that this is not Brad’s battle.  She wants him to stay out of it.  Jack thinks that Victor will never learn and Victor will always bother Ashley.  He thinks that Ashley needs to make it clear that she will not put up with Victor’s crap anymore.  Ashley is sure that this is the last time that she will have to deal with Victor. She thinks that if Brad loves her, he will drop it and let it lie.  Jack agrees to leave things as it is.  She tells him that if Victor does anything else in the future they will deal with it.   Ashley assures him that this is the happiest that she has ever been.

Diane tells Victor that there is going to be an issue of space.  She has converted the room Victoria was staying in, into a nursery.   She has made the changes without Victor’s permission.  He ignored the messages that she sent him and that is why she went ahead with the changes.  They discuss the baby being born on January 5th.  Victor writes it down and walks upstairs as Diane continue to talk about how nice it would be to have a Newman baby over the holidays.

Diane thinks back to a conversation that she had with Victor earlier.  He is telling her that she is using the baby for all it is worth.  She couldn’t understand how he is going to turn his back on her.  She told him that she will have the baby anyway and she won’t be alone.   Victor was cold to her and told her to spare him the drivel.  He reminded her that she is bringing an innocent child into the world and she doesn’t understand anything about love. Someone comes to the door.  It is Niki.  She wants to see Victor. Diane doesn’t want to let her in, but Niki walks past her and calls out for Victor who comes running down the stairs.  She tells him that Cassie’s test was negative.  Diane asks if this is about Cassie.  Victor and Niki ignore her and hug each other as Diane watches.  She listens as they discuss the child and how she is feeling better.   Niki runs into the other room to make a call.

Diane tells Victor that she understands now why he was staying at the Ranch. She wants to know where he will be staying.  Niki is about to walk back into the room and waits to hear Victor’s answer.

Kay’s Thanksgiving menu and guest list is complete.  She doesn’t know who would want Jill around for Thanksgiving.  She doesn’t think that the Abbott’s would have her over that night.  John is upset with her right now.  Mac tells her that Jack and Brittany went to Ashley’s wedding together.  Kay doesn’t want to get into that.  She thinks that some of her friends should come over for dinner with them.   She thinks that Raul will want to spend time with his own parents.  Mac doesn’t mind spending time with her family alone.

Matt opens the door to frantic knocking.  Tricia is there and she is pissed. She wants that bitch Victoria to stay out of her life.  She tells Matt that she went to see her husband and he was with Victoria again.  Also, he only wants to be friends with her now.  She was embarrassed standing there and talking about her marriage problems in front of Victoria, who was so smug. At least she had the understanding to hide her real feelings.  She is going to move out before Ryan gets home.  She has to leave there.  She hates that Victoria and Ryan discuss her on a constant basis.  She is leaving that day. He thinks that Victoria will win if she moves out; he feels that before she moves out, she should get even.