Monday Y&R Update 11/13/00


Young and the Restless Monday, November 13th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, November 14th, 2000--USA

by  Glynnis

Mack is telling Sharon that Billy never pushed her to do anything that she didn't want to do. She thinks that she was kidding herself. Sharon tries to explain to her that she did the right thing, even if it meant losing Billy. Mack doesn't think that she did the right thing. Sharon thinks that Billy would have done the same thing even if Mack slept with him or not. Mack thinks that Sharon knows what she is thinking about. Sharon tells her that she knows exactly what she is talking about...she lived it. She explains how she met a boy and she thought that if she didn't sleep with him, she would lose him. A week later, that boy wouldn't talk to her. He treated her like she wasn't alive. Mack didn't realize that Sharon knew exactly what she was talking about. Mack loved Billy and can't believe that it is over. Mack wonders if there was anything that she could have done something to save the relationship. Sharon thinks that rushing into that decision would be her worst mistake.

Brittany and Billy are having a great time. Gina gets their okay that everything is going okay. Brittany thinks that Brad has a hospital ceremony in mind. She feels good that they are talking and getting a little bit closer. She thinks that Billy invited her to get her off his back. He thought that it would be cool to have Brittany there and he thinks that he was right. Brittany reveals that the real reason that she was there wasn't the wedding. They toast to the future.

Nick comes to see Victoria, and she is not that pleased...She thought that it was Ryan. If she has her way they are going to spend some time together. She wants to move him into the Tack Room. She has a meeting and leaves.

Tricia is thinking about the time that she spent with Matt and regretting it. Matt calls and tells Tricia that he was thinking of her. Tricia tells him that Ryan is thinking of moving out. Matt wants her to come over and see him, but she gets out of it. They hang up and Cody guesses that Matt has a new girlfriend and Matt tells him that things are going to get much better.

Nick and Ryan are together when Nick gets a call thinking that it was his doctor telling him something about Cassie. It wasn't. Nick is more interested in what is going with Victoria and Ryan. Ryan tells Nick that Vicki is on the same page as he is. Nick is relieved about that. Nick has to go. There is something that he has to do. Ryan wants to know what the doctors tell Nick and Nick tells him that he will let him know. Nikki comes to see Victoria and she is really upset about Victor and the way that he always plays by his rules and he always will. Nikki tells Victoria that she was at the wedding and Ashley went into labor. Victor drove Ashley to the hospital. They both can't believe that Victor was there to drive Ashley to the wedding. Victoria thinks that Nikki is jumping to conclusions thinking that Victor and Ashley may have been heading to the airport when she had her baby.

Tricia gets a call from her father. She is sorry that she hasn't called. He was going to call, but he hasn't been able to call. He is going to go to Japan for a month, but he just wants her to call if she needs anything. She is crying but doesn't say anything more. She gets her purse and leaves the apartment. Victoria is holding her baby and Jack and Olivia are there. Brad wants to know if he can hold the rings. Brad gives him the rings. The minister asks them to get ready. He starts the ceremony.....Ashley says "I do".

Brad says, "I do". Jack produces the rings and Brad slips the ring on her finger. Brad says his part...."all that we will share and all that we will endure...I pledge myself to you". Ashley says her part, "I pledge myself to you..." Brad kisses her and all look on them...then all look at the child.

Phyllis wants to know what is going on with Ashley having her baby and Victor being there. Neil excuses himself. Brittany and Billy approach Phyllis and she is surprised to see them together. She remarks that everything can be solved with some good honest communication. The wedding is over and Brad thanks Jack for standing up for him. Jack thinks that he didn't have much thought. Jack wants to know what Victor was doing there when he was there. Brad tells him that he would like some time with his wife. Jack says his goodbyes and tells Brad that he didn't even lose he rings. Olivia tells Ashley that she better go. She takes the baby and puts her in his basinette. She leaves.

John gets word that everything is okay and tells the wedding party. He feels doubly blessed. The party wishes all the best. John leaves to be with his new granddaughter.

Sharon is taking care of the business and Cody gives her the ATM card and Matt is watching. Cody asks about Mack having to talk to Mack. Sharon catches Matt and asks him if something is wrong...Matt tells her no. She tells him that teenagers goes through very emotional things. He thinks that she knows what she is talking about. Nick shows up and the conversation between Sharon and Matt is over. Nick has a surprise for Cassie...they hope that Cassie will not have to stay home much longer. Nick gets a call from the doctor. He has Cassie's test results. Nick is ready to have the information.

Nikki arrives at Victor's office and he greets her. He is surprised to see her. She doesn't know why she is there. She tells him that she was at Ashley and Brad's wedding and she asks him what happened at the hospital. It was a quick delivery. His being there was a coincidence. She is not sure what she is supposed to make of Victor being alone with Ashley on the day of her wedding. She thinks that he has given her all the answers that she needs.

Ashley asks Brad to sit with her. He does. She is better than okay. She is terrific. She doesn't think that she looks that great. She is waiting for him to ask her questions about Victor being there at the hospital. She wants to know why Brad isn't asking her any questions.