Friday Update 11/10/00



Young and the Restless Friday, November 10, 2000--Canada, or Monday November 13,  2000--USA   

By Stephanie  

At Brad Carlton’s House, Ashley apologizes for misreading Victor’s visit. He admits he just wants her to be happy; he gently caresses her cheek “Brad is a lucky man.” Victor heads out the door, when Ashley is suddenly in pain, she calls Victor’s name and he comes back inside. He asks what’s the trouble? She says that her water broke. He tells her he will get his car and driver to take her straight to the hospital. Victor helps Ashley into the car. A little later, Ashley is at Memorial Hospital in a wheelchair. A nurse tells her that Dr. Thompson will be with her shortly. Later on, Dr Thompson tells Victor that things are moving along quickly and they are taking Ashley up for delivery now. He commends Victor for getting Ashley to the hospital so quickly. Dr. Thompson heads out and Victor looks at Ashley hooked up to an IV, he asks how she is feeling? Ashley says she is feeling fine. The nurse comes in and says they are moving Ashley up to delivery now. Victor holds the door, as the attendants wheel Ashley out. Ashley hands Victor a piece of paper, she tells him it is Brad’s cell phone number and to please call him. Victor says he will take care of it, and not to worry. Later, a nurse comes to tell Victor that Ashley is fine. She asks if he called the number Ashley gave him? Victor says no I didn’t, it just slipped my mind. She offers to call? He says he will think about it.    

At the Abbott’s, Jack let’s Billy and Brittany in. Jack teases Brittany about being Billy’s date. Phyllis tells them it is nice to see them. The minister tells Jack that he would like to speak to the groom before the ceremony. Jack says he will go and get Brad, since he is the best man. Brittany tells Billy that Jack doesn’t like her. Billy tells her not to worry about it, just have fun today. When Jack gets to the pool house he finds Nikki. Jack asks if she saw Brad? She says she did but he left a while ago. Jack asks how things went when Nikki talked to Brad? Nikki says that Brad did not believe her when she told him that she supported his marriage to Ashley completely. Jack doesn’t really believe her either, unless you are entertaining ideas of Victor again? Nikki doesn’t admit to anything about Victor, but does say that Brad is a good man and good men are hard to find. Jack, shaken by the thought of Brad as a good man, tells Nikki she is wise to stay away from Victor. Nikki says that the wedding is the best thing for all of us. Meanwhile, Brad glances at his watch and asks Olivia and Neil about Ashley? Brad says that Olivia left Ashley alone at the house… Neil says there is a car and driver waiting for her, outside the door. Neil suggests he call her? Brad calls Ashley but there is no answer, he says she must be on her way. 

At Crimson Lights, Mac is clearing tables and is distracted. Sharon comes in and notices that things are slow. Mac is sure it will pick up later. Mac asks about Cassie? Sharon tells Mac that they don’t have Cassie’s final test results yet. Sharon asks Mac for a cup of decaf coffee. While she is filling the cup, it overflows. Visibly upset, Sharon asks her what’s going on? Mac says she is tired of discussing it, since she has told her Grandmother everything. Sharon wonders if it has to do with a boy? Mac admits it does. Sharon says she isn’t that much older than Mac, and she may be able to help. Mac fills Sharon in on what happened over the summer. Mac says that worst part was Billy and Brittany sleeping together. Mac says that Billy wants to be friends again but doesn’t think she can. Sharon thinks she should take time to think about things. Mac feels she is responsible and thinks she could have avoided the whole thing if she had slept with Billy to prevent him from looking at other girls. Sharon is concerned. 

At Paul’s office, Mary arrives. Lynn buzzes Paul on the intercom to tell him his mother is there. Paul comes out and tells her he is glad to see her, as they haven’t talked in awhile. Mary says she has been disturbed by Paul and Christine’s decision to wait on starting a family. She says she got busy with other things so she wouldn’t bother them. Paul suggests that she spend time with him and Christine during the holidays. They can have meals together; go out for the day, that sort of thing. Mary thinks that is a great idea. Mary says there is something special about a child born during December and there is no better time for Christine to change her mind, then during this special time of year. Mary says that women with careers get so wrapped up in them; they put off having a child until it is too late. She doesn’t want that to happen to him. 

At Baldwin and Williams Attorney’s at Law, Christine says she needs to speak to Michael in her office, Michael heads into Christine’s office. Christine says she needs to discuss a case with him. Michael looks it over and says that she has really painted them into a corner. Christine says she has, and supplying the brush while she’s at it. Michael notices that Christine seems happier. He wonders if it has something to do with her and Paul? Christine admits it does, as things are much better between them. Christine can’t believe she is getting advice about her marriage from Michael. Over a cup of coffee, Michael tells her about a potential new client, but there is a catch, if they take it then it would mean someone living in Hong Kong for a few months. Christine thinks a trip might be just the thing for her and Paul, it would get them away for a while and far away from Paul’s mother. She feels if they are away, then Mary would not be able to interfere in their marriage and their decision about starting a family. 

At the Abbott’s. John and Billy are talking; John explains why Jill didn’t receive an invitation to wedding, because of all the tension. He also tells Billy that if he has any problems from the summer to come and talk to him. He says he knows all about Billy and Mac and would like more information. Billy says it did happen, and it was difficult but it is over now. Billy admits he is confused about it all. John says they can talk about all of it later. Billy thanks him for his help. Brittany comes along and tells Billy she wants to forget about the whole summer and wonders if they can start fresh? She wonders if he cares for her? She kisses him. Phyllis finds Jack in pool house with Nikki. She tells Nikki that she and Victoria work well together at Newman Enterprises. She snidely remarks that Nikki works for the competition but is pleased they can put aside their differences for a special occasion. Nikki sarcastically comments that Jack called Phyllis a lot of names when she went to work for Newman Enterprises but says a beautiful woman easily distracts him. Nikki walks out. Jack reminds Phyllis that Nikki is his ex-wife. Phyllis remarks that there are enough exes in Abbott and Newman families to play tic tac toe. She asks Jack where she stands with him? She wonders if there is more to her coming to the wedding then just to upset Brad? Jack says there is a whole lot more and kisses her. Phyllis suggests staying at the pool house for a while. Jack says they have all day. Jack and Phyllis go back to the house and the waiter is serving food. Gina tells Billy and Brittany to help themselves. She encourages John to eat as well. John says if he ate all that good food he would gain 50 pounds. Phyllis thinks it is interesting that Gina is double dating with John and Jack and her. Jack checks with Brad. Brad says he has already spoken to the minister. Brad wonders where Ashley could be, he admits he is worried.

 The doorbell rings, Brad says he will get it. He opens the door, and the limo driver is there. The driver tells Brad & Jack someone, a tall dark man with moustache picked up Ashley and drove off with her. He says he came by to tell them what is going on and wonders what else to do? Nikki is listening in on this exchange. Brad’s cell phone rings, it is a nurse from Memorial. She tells Brad that Ashley is there. Brad says he is on his way to the hospital and wants Olivia to come with him along with the minister. Jack and John check with hospital and tell the group that the baby has arrived and mother and child are both doing well. They report that the child is a girl. They ask that the group keep the party going but the wedding will be postponed for the moment. Jack convinces his Dad he should stay with guests and Jack will keep in touch by phone. Nikki catches Jack on his way out. She asks him if he is relieved? Jack says “yeah, that all Victor was doing was taking her to the hospital, instead of running away with her” Nikki wonders why Victor was with Ashley in the first place? 

At Genoa City Memorial, Ashley is in her room and feeling tired and cold. The nurse gives her extra blanket to warm her up. Victor is there and the nurse comes in with baby wrapped in a pink blanket. She hands the baby to Victor saying she thought he would want to hold his daughter. Victor is thrilled saying, “she thought I was your daddy” and “aren’t you the sweetest thing.” Ashley becomes agitated and wants Victor to give her the baby. She tells him to give her the baby, she has moved on with her life. Victor does not understand why she is so upset he says he was just holding her for a while. He keeps looking at the baby. Ashley asks him again to give her the baby. Brad comes in saying, “what’s going on here?”