Thursday Update 11/9/00



Young and the Restless Thursday, November 9, 2000--Canada; or Friday, November 10, 2000--USA 

By Linda C.

Jack and Phyllis arrive for the wedding, much to Brad and John's dismay. Gina throws her  snide remarks in, asking Phyllis what part of Jack she had to twist to get an invite. Phyllis admits she loves Jack. Nikki makes a big entrance dressed to kill. She lets them know that Ashley invited her. John welcomes her with open arms. They all wanted her there. Nikki is surprised to see Phyllis there. Phyllis acknowledges that she is with Jack and of all people, Nikki should know he has impeccable taste in women. Nikki asks where the bride and groom are. She finds out that Brad is at the pool house getting ready. She sneaks by for a visit. He is not happy to see her because of all the trouble she has caused Ashley and him. She says she is sorry; she was just jealous bur realizes that this marriage can be a beginning for all of them.

Nina stops by to pick up Phillip and see how all is going with Chris and Paul. Chris assures her they are on the right track. Nina knew their love would prevail. Nina tells her of the good news. There are people interested in making Tomas's novel into a movie. This is what he needed to boost his ego.

Harvey reads Nina's novel and is quite impressed, thinks she is going places and can't believe this is her first novel. When they come to Tomas's novel, Harvey puts Nina's in the envelope too.

Mac comes home from school. Kay and she discuss Billy, and Mac confesses that she misses him, although she can't forgive him for having sex with Brittany. She tells Kay that she really liked him. Kay hugs her.

Brittany comes to the coffee house looking for Billy. He is not there but J. T. is. She walks over to him and slaps him in the face. He asks what he did. She tells him he knows and better watch it when the ax falls. She tells him that Billy doesn't believe him anyway. Billy walks in and she goes over to him. They sit and have some coffee. She talks about Ashley's wedding and then tells Billy she is glad they are back together as JT watches in disbelief.

When Mac arrives to work, Brittany asks her for the check.  She throws it in Mac's face that she is attending Ashley's wedding with Billy. Once Brit and Billy leave, JT wanders over to Mac and says how Brit is playing them all for fools. Mac tells him that Billy doesn't believe him. JT thinks Brit would do anything to get back with Billy and tells her that good girls finish last. He offers to help her heat things up.

When Olivia and Neil arrive at the Abbott's house, John is worried about Ashley.   They assure him she is calm and doing fine, just wanted a bit of time to herself before the wedding. They spot Phyllis, whom they didn't expect to see her there. She throws in a dig that it is nice that they can work for Newman Enterprises and see each other at the Abbott's. Gina asks John to sit together. Phyllis throws another dig to Gina as to who is setting their sights high now. John looks at his watch. Everyone has arrived and still no Ashley. Neil tells Olivia that he thinks Victor was thinking of Ashley when he was in his office earlier.

Victor visits Ashley. She tells him she was just leaving but he detains her, telling her it won't take long and he doesn't want to upset her. She says she thought they said all they had to say. She points out that he was the one that ended their relationship and told her to move on, but now that she has, he is there and that is unfair. She asks him to leave. He says he just came to tell her that she was doing the right thing by marrying Brad. He understands that she needs a secure relationship for herself and her baby. He asks if Brad will commit to that? Ashley says he will. Victor wishes her well. He only wants the best for her. She apologizes for being so bold and realizes she should have known he would be for her best interests. Victor hugs her gently and goes to leave when Ashley goes into labor.

Another Update by Linda K.

At the Abbotts, Jack arrives with Phyllis. No one speaks. Jack is surprised, but Phyllis reminds Jack that no one expected him to bring a date. John Abbott is very frosty. He directs a very cold gaze at Phyllis and she slips away. Phyllis failed to ease the frostiness from Gina, but she is much too busy munching at the food and could hardly care less. Phyllis tells Gina that Jack insisted that she come. Gina wonders what part of his anatomy she had to twist to get in. John tells his son that it was highly inappropriate that Phyllis was brought to the wedding due to the way she manner in which she had left the company. Jack reminds him that Neil’s position at Newman Enterprise would also indicate his presence was also inappropriate, but no one was making a stink about that! John reminds Jack about honor and how he felt most betrayed by her defection from Jabot. But then, could there have been a way Phyllis made it possible for Jack to forget? John reminds Jack about Phyllis' questionable character and that she is working for the competition. Jack tells his father this is precisely why having Phyllis close to him is a great idea.

Jack tells Phyllis that she may to be voted as 'most popular guest'. As long as I am on your most popular list she says, taking a huge bite from his celery stick. The doorbell rings, and Nikki walks in, looking fabulous in her new outfit. Both Jack and John warmly greet her. Nikki is surprised that Phyllis is Jack’s date to which Phyllis replies: Jack has impeccable taste in women. You of all people should know that. Jack can’t believe that Nikki showed up. If it were up to him, he would be anywhere but! All he could do was 'bear and grin it'. 

Nikki decides to visit Brad at the pool house where he was getting ready for the wedding. Brad is surprised to find Nikki knocking at the pool house, and he is not exactly thrilled. She remarks that he looks very handsome. Brad asks why she was there. Nikki is suddenly put on guard as she notices how cold and suspicious his behavior is towards her. She tells him she thought she could just help with something. Brad doesn’t buy her gesture. Her friendly face reminds him how she tried to stir up the pot, when she told him how Ashley still has feelings for Victor, and vice versa. She tells him that she thought he should know. Brad tells Nikki: I find your little act extremely disingenuous. So much so, I don’t think you should be here at all. In fact, it might be best for everyone if you just left.  Nikki asks him if he is throwing her out. No, Brad tells her. Nikki admits that her past behavior was uncalled for her. After all, she was being jealous. Brad believes she is still carrying on an act. Nikki again asks whether he will accept her apology, because she is being sincere. Brad does not give in easily, but gradually comes around to forgive her, although he questions her motives. She tells him everything was borne out of jealousy, but it was misplaced. She is trying to put the past behind her and today will be the mark of a new start – for all of them.

Phyllis tries to warm up to John Abbott by praising his good looks and passing it on to his son. John gives her the cold shoulder by getting up off the sofa, telling her he had something else to do. Jack reassures her that eventually she will wear his father down, but not to expect it too soon. Olivia and Neil enter the Abbott household. John warms Neil graciously – in spite of his position at Newman Enterprises. The occasion was much too important to John, and he expresses his concerns for Ashley – whether she might have jitters about her wedding. Neil assures him that his fears were unfounded as he had just seen her earlier. Neil piles food onto his plate as if he has not eaten for ages and praises Gina in her efforts. 

When they are alone together, Neil tells Olivia that he suspected there was more to her answer to John’s inquiry about Ashley. Olivia tells him Ashley was not as calm and collected as she seemed. There was so much to worry about the wedding. And she is also pregnant. It was good that she was at Brad’s place collecting her thoughts before the big ceremony. Neil asks if this was about Victor, because having also seen Victor earlier, he seemed distracted about something. If he were to wager a bet, it would be because this was Ashley’s wedding day.

Phyllis is taken aback when she spots Neil Winters at the wedding. Jack asks her if she has a problem with people at Newman Enterprises not approving of her being at the party despite of her talking to the contrary. Phyllis grows defiant and enthusiastically greets Neil and Olivia who are equally taken aback by her presence. Phyllis is the premier diplomat – stating that despite their differences – rivals in business – they can all still get together to celebrate Ashley’s wedding.  Jack is pleased by her success in avoiding an awkward moment.  Phyllis overhears Gina talk with John Abbott about being emotional at weddings. Gina suggests that they stay close to each other to get through all this. That is a good idea, John tells her. When Gina is alone, Phyllis sneaks up and tells Gina: Talking about setting your sights too high! (Gina had commented as much about Phyllis’ ambitions for Jack).

Billy and Brittany arrive and are soon followed by the Reverend. John looks anxiously at the door for Ashley to arrive. At Brad Carlton’s residence, Ashley is shocked to find Victor at the door.  What are you doing here? She ask. Victor replies: You are taking a very big step today. There is something I need to say before you do. This won’t take long. Reluctantly, Ashley lets Victor in, but she is angry that he is trying to put doubts into her head. After all he was the one who ended their relationship - telling her it was over and she should move on, which she has. So why was he there? It was so unfair of him, and could he please just go. Victor tells her he could not until he tells he what he has to. Ashley hardly lets him finish. She accuses him of being insensitive – this was the day of her wedding and he has come to ‘talk about us’? Victor tells her this was not ‘about us’. He came to tell her she was doing the right thing by marrying Brad Carlton. Ashley cannot believe her ears as he tells her that he feels she needs a secure home and a father for her son or daughter. And, he wishes her well. Ashley feels foolish: That is kind of embarrassing. Sorry I was misinterpreting your reasons for coming over here. I only want the best for you, Victor tells her.

Nina arrives at Christine Williams’ home with good news to cheer her up.  Not that Chris needed cheering up as her relationship with Paul had improved. Nina is excited when she tells Chris how Tomas’s editor complimented her work and it is now on it’s way to the publisher. Nina tells Christine about Tomas' manic behavior on the trip to and in New York. She then breaks out the great news – she met Harvey Saflin at the editor’s office. Chris is amazed! Harvey was there because Hugh was pitching Tomas’ novel for a motion picture and Tomas has now become a new man. This movie thing is like a lifeline for him – in more ways than one. She could not help praying to Tomas' guardian angel to help him through this difficult time. And thank God for Harvey Safin! she tells Christine.

At the Chancellor residence, Catherine notices that Mac isn’t her usual self. She unexpectedly came home to kill a half hour. Normally, she would be at the coffee house. Mac needs to talk and tells Kay she is uncomfortable hanging out at Crimson Lights. She has no one to hang out with these days, not that it is anyone else’s fault. Kay quickly reminds her that Jill and her son were the cause of her alienation. They forced her to be dishonest. Mac tells her grandmother she wishes to never see or hear from Jill again. Kay asks about Billy, if he is still the big man on campus. She notices the lack of anger in Mac. Mac says that Jill turned something which was so beautiful between Billy and her to something ugly and dishonest. Billy was not to blame. Kay wonders if Mac has found a way to forgive him. Mac tells her that she could never get past what he had done with Brittany, but this was Jill’s fault. Billy was forced into having sex with Brittany. Kay does not want her to become drawn back into this situation again. Mac emotionally tells Kay that, since she started to speak with Billy again, she is reminded how much she misses him, and how much she had really cared for him.

At Crimson Lights patio, Brittany arrives, looking very ravishing, to meet Billy. She peers through the window inside the coffee house and marches inside. She walks up to JT’s table and slaps his face, startling and angering him. JT reminds Brittany that she had it coming to her.  Brittany issues him a threat – the axe will fall when he least expects it.  JT is unfazed: You talk a good game but you never follow through.  Besides, you’d have a hard time topping what I did to you. Brittany: you gave it your best shot, but it didn’t work. Billy didn’t believe a word you said. JT: Like hell he didn’t!  Billy and Brittany kill a few more moments before leaving for the wedding by sitting down and ordering coffee. Both agree to forget about the jerk, JT, and to put all this behind them. JT shakes his head in disbelief when he watches the young couple holding hands. Billy and Brittany are about to leave when she remembers she forgot her lipstick at her car. She then notices that Mac has arrived for work and Billy’s eyes begin to follow her. Brittany decides not to go to her car after all. She asks Mac to bring the check to her and tells her that she and Billy are about to leave for Ashley’s wedding. When Mac presents the check to Billy she can not bear to raise her eyes to his. Britt urges Billy out the door.  JT walks up to Mac. I rest my case. I tell Billy that Brittany has been playing you guys for fools and he only brushes it off. Mac tells JT that all this was a big lie, but JT tells her it was the truth and even if Billy doesn’t believe it, she believes him - deep down. Brittany has gotten Billy back because she knows how to give a guy what he wants. And nice girls finish last. Mac has had enough. She walks away, but JT follows her. He tells her that he does not want to hurt her feelings, but she should get over Abbott. And if she ever wants to fight fire with fire, she needs only to give him a call. He can teach her how to turn up the heat.

In Hollywood, Harvey is absorbed in Nina’s manuscript while Master of the Dust is set aside. He finishes the manuscript and bursts out laughing.  First novel! Well, Nina Webster. You are an incredibly insightful writer. I predict great things for you! He places a cigar into his mouth.  The intercom buzzes and Harvey’s secretary informs him that a messenger  has arrived to deliver Tomas’ book to the Peter Conley. Safin picks up Nina’s manuscript, studies it closely, and places it in the same delivery package to Conley.