Tuesday Update 11/7/00



Young and the Restless Tuesday, November 7th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, November 8th, 2000--USA

by Glynis

Matt is at work trying to get information on Victoria, but Cody doesn’t have time for that and walks away.

Nick is at work telling Victoria that there isn’t any news yet on Cassie’s illness.

Victoria inquires as to the status of the Tack House…Nick doesn’t have any information, but asks her why she is asking. Unknown to them, Victor is listening. Victor comes forward and talks with his son and daughter. Nick has to leave for work and exits. Victor lets Victoria know that he heard her asking about the Tack Room. He knows that the Tack Room holds a lot of memories for her. Victoria tells him that she was thinking about the Tack Room for Ryan.

Ryan is very curious as to why Tricia is acting the way that she is. She admits that she had a glass of wine. He tells her that he has been thinking all day and that something has to be done about their situation. He has been thinking about this for a while. Ryan tells Tricia that he thinks that they shouldn’t be living together for a while. She understands that he is not ready to live with her right now and she is okay with that. He wants to know what it was that changed her mind. Tricia thinks that maybe she has to accept that she can’t live with Ryan right now, so that they can make things better. She will not push the issue. She questions if Ryan has a commitment somewhere else. She swears that she will not push anything. They agree to give the separation a try. He goes to bed. Tricia has flashback to her sleeping with Matt. She asks herself what she has done.

Nick arrives home and Sharon is in a good mood. Cassie is there and tells him that she didn’t cough all day. He hugs her and Sharon watches on happily. Nick and Sharon have a talk with Cassie about her keeping her coughing a secret. She thinks that by thinking that she will be well, she will be. Nick assures her that they can get through anything. Sharon and Nick tell Cassie that Alice and Millie tested negative for Tuberculosis. Nick tells them that he contacted Grace because Cassie lived with Grace and Tony at one time. He gives them some statistics on the disease, but Cassie is sure that she is going to be okay. Cassie is looking forward to being with her friends and going back to school.

Ashley is talking to her father who thinks that the union of Brad and Ashley is very good. She wants to spend the night at home with her father…Nothing would make him happier. She thinks that this is a way of making sure that they have good luck. She hurries to phone Brad to let him know that she will not be home that night. Brad is fine with Ashley spending the night with her family. He mentions that the following day will be the start of them starting a good life together. She thinks that Brad is awesome and committed to her. They have been working out their issues.

Paul is spending some time with Phillip. He wants to know why Chris couldn’t join them for dinner. Paul tells her that Chris had to work. Phillip can tell right away that something may be up. Paul tries to blow it off. He thinks that Chris is really into her work and that it must mean the world to her.

Chris is having a drink with Michael and telling him that Paul still isn’t happy. Michael is trying to make her feel better. He can tell that she is hurting. He has to go back to the office. She offers to go with him, but he insists that she go home because she has a heavy day tomorrow.

Phyllis is with Jack talking about the wedding the following day. She tells him that if he wants to make a big statement…he should take her to the wedding. She loves weddings and wants to go. He tells her that the media will be all over it and she shouldn’t want to have her picture taken with him at that event. She tells him not to underestimate her courage. If anyone doesn’t like whom she dates, she thinks that they should shove it. At this time…Michael walks in and sees them all cozy together. Jack tells her that he has to leave and gets up. She tells him that she will see him tomorrow. Jack leaves and Phyllis turns around to see Michael watching her She smiles at him. He comes over and tells Phyllis that she is the kind of woman that a man would like to possess. He thinks that it is funny that Phyllis sees herself with Jack. He doesn’t think that she is the kind of woman that should be with Jack. She tells him that something special is happening the following day, but she doesn’t tell him what it is. She can tell that he had dinner with someone…Christine. She can tell that he has been breaking down the wall brick by brick with Chris. She thinks that it was a good idea that they put the brakes on their relationship seeing as how things have been going so well for the both of them. She kisses him and leaves.

Chris walks in and finds Paul spending time with Phillip. They were talking fishing and Paul offers to lend him one of his rods. Phillip thanks Paul for the time that they spent together and leaves. Paul tells her that he had a really good time with Phillip talking about fishing. He remembers talking with his dad as he was fishing. They really didn’t care if they caught anything or not…it was the time together that mattered. Chris is about to say something, then she tells him, "nevermind." This brings Paul to thinking about how much a family means to him. When he looks at Chris…he is not trying to make her suffer. She understands. He hates seeing her in pain, in spite of everything. They love each other. Chris hopes that they can hold on to that. She begs him to try. She kisses him and starts crying. He holds her and she begs him please.

Matt finds Cody for a later at the Coffeehouse. He is asking a lot of questions and Cody tells him that the next time that Victoria comes in he should ask Victoria the questions himself.

Jack walks in and finds his sister talking with his father and tells them that if he is interrupting, he can leave. John excuses himself. She tells him that she wanted to spend the night with her family. He thinks that was good of her to do. She thanks him for not causing a scene when he was with Brad earlier that night. He admits that he hasn’t been that supportive of her relationship, but he only wants her to be happy. She tells him that she is. He turns in, and shouts goodnight to his father who re-enters the room. He kisses Ashley goodnight and tells her to go to bed soon as she has a big day ahead of her.

Cody can tell that Matt is feeling good…it is the look on his face. Matt tells him that he can’t begin to understand how lucky Matt feels.

Victor is concerned that Victoria is jumping the gun about Ryan and that she shouldn’t be thinking of him in a romantic way because of the thinks that he is going through. Victoria changes the subject, she wants to talk about what is happening between her parents. Victor thinks that it is not appropriate for them to be talking about this subject. Victoria asks if it was her mother that she heard in the penthouse with Victor that day not long ago. She is very happy that her parents are getting closer…she has been worried about her father since Ashley has gotten engaged. She thought that maybe he would try to stop it. Victor doesn’t understand that she would think that he would get involved in stopping the wedding. He is pleased with what she has said. She goes to her room. Victor is left thinking to himself….he walks to the window and looks out….into the emptiness.

At the Jabot home, Ashley too is looking out the window at the emptiness……