Monday Update 11/6/00


Young and the Restless Monday, November 6th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, November 7th, 2000--USA

by  Glynnis

John, Jill and Jack are in the boardroom discussing Billy. Jill is shying away from talking about handling Billy, but Jack and John force the issue. Jack tells John that Jill has been pressuring Billy to stay away form Macenzie, by threatening Macenzie. John wants more information about what it was that Jill did to Billy and Macenzie. Jack gives John the cold hard truth. John is stunned by what Jack tells him. He gets angry when he realizes that Jill has been trying to control Billy’s first time with love. John thinks that Jill has been creating her own problems, and that the only reason that Jill doesn’t like Mac is because she is Katherine’s granddaughter. Jill storms out thinking that she is unable to explain herself to John and Jack.

Tricia is talking with Matt; she is questioning how she could behave the way that she has by sleeping with Matt. She insists on going home and telling Ryan, but Matt won’t let her leave. He tells her that he can’t let that happen. Tricia tells him that she will leave if she wants to. Matt tells her that if she really wants to go she should. She doesn’t. He tries to explain to her that if she tells him that she cheated, Ryan will be stuck on the picture of her cheating on him. She doesn’t think that she can lie to him. Matt brings up Victoria and Ryan’s feelings for Victoria. He convinces her that the less that Ryan knows the better for her. She doesn’t understand why it is that Matt is now trying to convince her that she should stay with her husband. He tells her that he understands how she feels like about her husband. He doesn’t want her to feel guilty. He tells her that he will be the one with the broken heart. She looks at him stunned…She has to go and promptly walks out.

Ryan stops by Victoria’s house to drop off some work. They get into a conversation about how he hasn’t been open with her about Tricia. She hates that he has been pulling away from her because of their differences with Tricia. She thought that they were getting so close and recent events have been breaking her heart. Ryan doesn’t want to talk about it. He is determined to help Tricia, but he is considering moving out. He doesn’t think that anything can be accomplished with the both of them under the same roof. He has to leave and will see Victoria in the morning. After he is gone, Victoria thinks to herself that she likes that development of Ryan moving out and she also wonders where he is going to live.

Brad and Ashley are at Gina’s checking on their plans for their wedding. Gina thinks that the both of them are pretty cool and collected considering they are soon going to be married. Victor and Nikki leave, and Gina escorts them out. Brad and Ashley are about to leave and Ashley begs out saying that she wants to go and see her dad and will take a cab, leaving Brad to go home by himself. Brad remarks that they are going to have a lifetime of being together. They passionately kiss and hug each other.

Raul and Rianna arrive at the Coffeehouse and Raul isn’t in a very good mood. She tries to make him feel better and touches his hand…he doesn’t realize that she is trying to get close to him and he moves his hand away from her. She tells him that he could be so much happier if he would only forget Mac. She moves to leave the Coffeehouse and he stops her. She sits down again and tells him that he should give someone else a chance. He looks at her and asks if she is volunteering. Rianna suggests that they go to the movies and see how things go. Raul thinks that is a good idea. Mac walks in and sees them holding hands together. She leaves the room.

Billy meets Mac at school and tells her that he doesn’t understand what is going on. He tells her that they were blown away at the dance together. He reminds her that his mother was behind everything that happened to them. Billy tells her that he thinks that Brittany arranged for Mac to walk in on them. Mac is unable to get over walking in on Brittany and Billy having sex together. Mac is not budging. He is just glad that they are talking and asks if they can try again to be friends. She doesn’t think that they could ever be friends and she walks away from him. John and Jack walk in and find Ashley and Brad at their house and Jack launches into his usual sarcasm. Ashley wants to get into some wedding details and Jack quickly jumps in to tell Ashley that she should shy away from inviting Tracey. John thinks that Ashley and Brad should decide what they want to do as far as Tracey is concerned.

Ashley tells the family that she will tell Tracey the news the following day. Brad thinks that inviting Nikki to the wedding would be a good idea. He has no problem with her being there. Ashley thinks that it would be good for Nikki to see them together, getting married. Next they decide to invite Jill. John doesn’t want any tension in the house. They decide not to invite her. Next on the list is Billy. They wonder if he has a date. John wonders how he will feel about the wedding the way that Billy’s love life has been going. Jack agrees to be the best man at the wedding…He leaves to get some fresh air.

Brad has to get back to the office. Ashley will stay at the Abbott household and make some calls. Brad tells Ashley that he knows what Ashley was doing when she made her statement to Victor and Nikki about the union that they are making. They kiss and Brad leaves to go back to the office. She watches him leave as she shivers and quickly closes the door. Billy is at his locker when he bumps into Brittany…she looks at him and walks by. He follows her and tells her that he saw Rianna earlier. He still has questions of JT’s accusing her of faking that they were together. Brittany asks Billy an important question…was he pretending all summer? She wants to know if he was pretending all summer. He tells her that she is beautiful and that she knows the answer to that. She tells him that she put herself out there and she questions if he really cared for her. She thinks that she is making a fool out of herself and walks away from Billy.

John phones Billy on his cell phone. On his own, he talks to his date about the wedding and whether or not he will have a date. He tells his father that he will talk to him later about the wedding. He looks over at Brittany who has her back to him.

Billy walks over to Brittany and tells her that his sister is getting married the following day and if she wants, she can go with him. She agrees. Billy tells her that he will call her later and give her the details. He leaves to go home and Brittany is left pondering what has just happened.

Nikki gets a phone call…It is Ashley inviting her to the wedding. Nikki thinks that this is very last minute and she is not sure if she can attend. Ashley makes a point of telling her not to bring a date. The wedding is supposed to be family and close friends. Ashley thinks that Nikki won’t show up because she made the gesture. Ashley hangs up. Nikki smiles to herself thinking that Ashley is sure that she will not attend the wedding. Just then Victor comes downstairs. They talk about Nikki being embarrassed at Victor finding her wearing her wedding ring that he gave her. Victor looks out the window and considers taking a ride with the horses. Victoria comes down and turns down Victor when he suggests that she come with a ride with him. He leaves and Victoria remains with her mother at the main house. Victoria asks about the new groom that will be moving in the new Tack Room. Nikki suspects that there is more to Victoria’s questions.

Tricia arrives home and Ryan is waiting for her. Tricia is acting funny and Ryan can tell right away. She is very concerned about what he has eaten. He mentions that she is acting very strange. He brings up their talk that morning and Tricia doesn’t want to talk…. She just wants to take a hot shower and relax. He wants to know where she has been and she doesn’t want to tell him. He notices right away that she is acting very agitated.