Friday Update 11/3/00



Young and the Restless Friday, November 3, 2000--Canada, or Monday November 4,  2000--USA  

By Linda K. 

Billy Abbott enters the Brash & Sassy offices and asks for Phyllis. Allison buzzes her office. Phyllis is surprised and asks to have him wait while she finishes up. Well, this is an interesting situation, she tells Brittany. Brittany: If Billy sees me here he will guess I came to see you. Phyllis: He wonít have to guess when I tell him the truth about what happened at the pool house, and you came here to cover your butt. You are on your own, sweetie. Brittany pleads for help. Phyllis: My hands are clean. I told you not to threaten me. Now I have to protect myself. Phyllis opens the door. Billy is standing at the entrance while Brittany stands behind the door just barely out of sight but within hearing distance. Rianna says that JT had told Billy that Brittany arranged to have Mac walk in on the two of them at the pool house.

Phyllis waits until Allison leaves before launching into a discussion with Billy. She jumps first. She has heard about what happened had between Billy and Brittany during the overnight and recalls having asked everyone to Ďkeep it clean.í Billy says that he is not trying to dodge his responsibilities for what happened that night, but needs to know exactly what took place. About a so-called setup? Phyllis asks. Billy: People got hurt. Mac walked in exactly at the wrong moment. Was it because Brittany arranged for this to happen? Phyllis: Why donít I ask you a question? How do you suspect that Brittany lured Mackenzie into the pool house. Want to see something hot? Come into the pool house at about a quarter to ten. Billy: Are you trying to be funny? Phyllis laughs: It is hard for me to take this bizarre question seriously. If you ask me, you are a victim of your own hanky panky. Mackenzie and I were watchig the two live feeds. Then the one at the pool house went dead. Why did it go dead? Billy asks.

Phyllis continues: Probably because you and Brittany had the good sense not to let America see what you two were doing? I thought it was some loose connection so I sent Mackenzie in to check it. Next thing I know, Mackenzie came back to the house feeling sick and wanting to go home. So I began watching Raul and Rianna. A few minutes later, I went back to the pool house camera and it was back on. For all I know, Mac could have fixed the loose connection. It also makes sense that Brittany would have turned off the camera considering what was going on. Phyllis accuses Billy for trying to find a plot where there was none. Eventually Billy accepts Phyllisís version of what might have happened. He is sorry that he bothered her, but he felt he had to ask. Billy finally leaves the office. An expression of relief spreads throughout Brittanyís face.

Brittany thanks Phyllis for the cover. Phyllis says that Billy seemed like a very confused boy. Brittany says that Billy didnít seem to want to blame her. Phyllis replies: Probably because he couldnít believe someone could do something so rotten. Brit: Well, at least he didnít suspect that we didnít really sleep together. He didnít even question whether we actually had sex. Phyllis: I hope he is worth it. Brittany: What do you mean? Phyllis: You just racked up a big IOU. Brittany: Owe you? How? Phyllis: I just saved your fanny. When I figure it out I will let you know. And believe me, I will collect.

At Ginaís, Nikki is seated alone when Victor walks in to join her table. Both are very excited to see each other. Nikki has good news to share with him. Their children and grandchildren may all be OK. Nikki gives Victor credit for making their crises bearable. And why did it take a crises for the family to be brought together? Victor asks. Both gaze at each other lovingly, Nikki trying to understand what is going on with his mind while he tells her she knows him better than anyone else. Nikki also tells him she is proud of him for his efforts to brighten Cassieís Halloween and his renewed relationship with their son, Nicholas. Victor asks why she avoided discussing their relationship. She is at a loss for words. Neither expected this to happened, although it was a pleasant surprise. Victor takes her hand. He finds she is still wearing his wedding ring. It is so pretty. I wear it every now and then. I donít want it to sit on the drawer, she tells him. Victor removes her ring, to her astonishment. The mark on your finger. You say you are wearing this only occasionally? I must say, it does look beautiful on you. Victor slips the ring back into her fingers and squeezes her hands.

At Jabot, Ashley walks up to Brad and attempts to find out what is on his mind. After loosening his lips from Ashley, Brad tells her he had the strangest conversation with Nikki. Ashley tells him she did, too! Sheís making her rounds, huh? First me, then you. What was this scintillating conversation Nikki had with you? Brad tells her Nikki changed her attitude and has become quite supportive of his wedding. Ashley feels that Nikki has an ulterior motives which involved her own interests in getting back to Victor now that he has returned to the ranch house. Ashley is clearly agitated and Brad wonders why she allows Nikki get to her this way. Had Nikki struck a nerve?

Ashley tells Brad that Nikki was out of line with her. She told me I was inappropriately interested in Victor after I asked about him being at the ranch. Doesnít it bother you just a little bit? Brad replies: Why do you let her under your skin. Unless? Ashley asks him if he was questioning her commitment to him. Brad tells her he doesnít care what Nikki says. I want to believe it is over between you and Victor. I donít have to remind you that, not too long ago, Nikki and I were involved. But should you have any doubt - you are the love of my life. We would have been married years ago if it were not for Victor. It is not easy for me. I donít think I could bear to lose you again in the eleventh hour to Victor. If you have any doubts at all, you need to tell me. Brad grows passionate in speech. Ashley struggles to get up. It bothers me so much that it is because of Nikki you are asking these questions. I know that marriage is a huge commitment, Brad. I am making that commitment to you. Not to Victor. You are the one man I can count on to be there for me - and my baby. I love you. Ashley kisses Brad. I love you too, he says. Before they leave for Ginaís, Ashley wants to make a pact that Victor and Nikki will be part of their past. Both join hands in that pact.

Brad and Ashley walk into Ginaís and find Victor and Nikki seated together. Brad asks if they should leave, but Ashley reminds him of their deal. That both of them were now part of their past. Ashley and Brad walk up to the Newman table. She greets Victor and Nikki courteously. Since they know about her and Bradís wedding plans, Ashley hopes they can be happy for the two of them. It would mean a lot to them if they did. Nikki is silent and Victor is polite and curt.

AT WGA, Rianna finds Raul. After small talk, Rianna asks if JT talked with him lately. Raul answers: No, I try to stay clear from that punk. He asks her why she brought his name up. Why would JT want to talk with him? Rianna tries to drop the subject. She tells him it wasnít worth talking about. I canít believe I dated the guy. He is just a jerk and he is only getting worse. He is spreading rumors just to stir everybody up. He doesní t care who he hurts in the process. Raul tells her that even JT tells the truth sometimes. Come on, letís hear it. What are the rumors? He asks Rianna. Mac is standing off to the side, anxious to hear more.

Mac walks up to join their conversation. She tells them she had also heard the same story from JT. Rianna claims all this is just a stupid lie. JT hates Billy and is only messing with his head. Personally, I think Billy deserves what he gets. I just hate seeing JT hurt people who have nothing to do with this. Like Brittany and Raul, Rianna says, looking lovingly at Raul. Mac says: I know JT is a big troublemaker, but why would he make this up? Part of me canít help wondering whether there wasnít something to what he is saying. Rianna looks contemptuously at Mac. You got to be kidding me? Raul says it doesnít matter if Brittany set things up to hurt Mac. It doesnít change what Billy did that night.

Raul accuses Mac of  trying to find a good excuse to get Billy off the hook for what he did that night. Mac explains that she only wants to understand what actually happened that night. Raul tells her she is only attempting to find an explanation. One that would be easier to swallow. What she thought was real wasnít, and it was hard to take. Raul tells her he knows exactly how she feels. Rianna pushes Raul along. Iíll see you around, Raul he tells Mac. Mac sets off, and finds Billy walking along the hall.

Mac walks up to Billy and says that she was just taking to Raul and Riana. They were talking about what JT. had told them what he said to Billy about Brittany. Thatís JT! Billy sums up. A real low life! Sorry to have these things thrown in your face. Mac replies: Me too. So, you think JTís accusations are bogus, huh? Billy tells her he made some investigations and it turned up nothing. Not that it matters. It wouldnít make any difference. Or would it?

From their hotel room in New York City, Nina gets off the phone with Cricket and Paul who agreed to take care of Phyllis. Tomas is pushing her to continue with her work, but Nina is anxious to have her talk with Tomas. You have a deadline! Tomas reminds her. I forgot I left my book at Hughís office. I will pick up some food on my way back. You have your privacy. Tomas picks up his coat and walks out.

At Hughís office, the movie producer wants to know more about Tomasí protťgť. However, Hugh tells him he is the perfect person to turn one of Tomasí novels into a motion picture. Which one? Master of the Dust? Never read it, but I do like his other novels, Harvey tells him as he picks up this book from the table. You noticed his reaction when he met you? He likes you. Tomas was reluctant in the past to discuss films, but he might be willing to discuss it again. The producer accuses Hugh of trying to hustle him. He has heard that Tomasí upcoming book has been dropped from the Christmas list and this publishing house has dropped him. So, as Tomasí days are numbered, is he expected to throw some charity into this washed up writer? Hugh feels foolish for having been so blatantly caught in the act.

Hugh tells Harvey that he is overstating things. True, Tomas hit a dry spell, but he is a brilliant man, an illustrious writer. Who needs him! asks Harvey. Hugh tells him: You doní spend millions to boost somebodyís self esteem. What is key is that Tomas was at his peak when he wrote Master of the Dust. It is a great book and would make a terrific film. I would not insult your intelligence by asking. Tomas enters the room and is surprised to see Harvey Saflin still there. He asks if he is interrupting.

Tomas sees that Harvey is holding his book. Harvey tells him that this book was highly recommended by Hugh as a possibility for a movie. Although he had not read it, he plans to do so on the plane back to LA. And if he likes it, he will ship it over to Peter Conley. Tomas mutters in awe: That is a wonderful director. Harvey tells him: Expensive! He is the best. Tomas tells him he was not expecting this. I will be in touch with you, Harvey assures him. Outside the door, Tomas is overwhelmed with joy.

Nina is busy making revisions to her book. Tomas enters the room and looks over her shoulders. Chapter nine already? Nina studies his face. He seems different. Tomas teases her: I am not bouncing off the walls? Something else? Happy? Excited? Hopeful? Tomas says he found a dime on the street. It was a sign of good luck. The most unexpected thing happened in Hughís office But first, back to work. Timeís a wasting.

Hugh shakes Harveyís hand as he prepares to leave, holding a copy of Tomasí book. Thanks for coming through, Harvey. Master of the Dust. Has a successful ring, doesnít it? This could work out for us both, Harvey says. And it could work out well for Tomas. That you made his novel into a film? Yes, I would say so! Hugh laughs. And his protťgť? Harvey asks: Do you have a copy of the manuscript? Hugh tells Harvey he has no control over that yet. They never signed anything. He canít just pass it around. Harvey asks: What do you think I am going to do, leak it to the press? Leave it on the bus bench? It is a long ride to LA on a fast dream. If Tomas has taken her under his wing, she must be good. Hugh eventually gives him his only copy as he is expecting another one. Changes? Harvey asks as he stashes her book into his sachet. Not too many. Small. Now promise you will get back to me on Tomas, Hugh asks Harvey as he leaves.

At Matt Carterís apartment, Matt mixes the drugs with the wine. He hands the glass to Tricia. Tricia nearly finishes her drink. The wine was good, wasnít it? Just what you needed. When you were first here, you could hardly breathe. Just relax and forget all your troubles. Tricia stands up and moves out of Mattís reach. He pushes her to finish her drink and she complies. Matt caresses her face as her pupils dilate.

Matt watches Tricia as she sleeps. When she finally comes around, still feeling dizzy, she realizes that she is naked with Matt. What was incredible? She asks him. You have to ask? He replies. Triciaís eyes focus on the empty wine glass on the table and cries out, My God! What has happened? We couldnít have! Matt enlightens her. She came into his apartment feeling very upset because her husband had rejected her for the upteenth time. She had wine, and started feeling weird. Guess you arenít used to drinking much, huh? You got all amorous. It just happened. You are not sorry are you? You sure didnít act that way whenÖ Tricia, feeling horrified, gets up and stumbles to the bathroom.

She washes her face and tries to grapple with what just happened. Matt whistles cheerfully in the kitchen. Matt grabs her as she appears to be ready to faint. She slumps down on the chair and sips coffee. Matt tells her how she had behaved with him in bed and how much it flattered him. She made it really clear what she wanted. Tricia does not want to talk about this. She is so embarrassed. Matt asks her not to be ashamed. Never before had a chick looked at him that way. Like she wanted to swallow him whole. Once she let her hair down, she really let go. Not feeling guilty are you? Matt asks. Of course! Yeah. I am a married woman. You donít think your husband broke any wedding vows when he rejected you over and over again? Tricia: What I did was wrong. I broke my wedding vows. I have to tell him.

What do you think is going to happen to your marriage if you confess? He asks. It is hanging by a thread anyways, Tricia answers. Matt: You should finish it. Isnít that what you want? Tricia answers: I donít think I have a choice. Matt again renews his offer for her to stay with him. What? Oh my God. Why did this happen? If Ryan were only a little more understanding, and didnít keep pushing me away. And if that stupid Victoria wasnít always interfering in my life. Victoria? Matt asks. Victoria Newman! It is all her fault! Newman? As inÖ Victor Newmanís daughter, Tricia tells him. Matt says under his breath: Nicholasí sister. Tricia continues: Sheís my husbandís ex and she still wants him. She is such a bitch. Matt doesnít want to let Tricia go home like this. And most importantly, she must not tell her husband.