Thursday Update 11/2/00



Young and the Restless Thursday, November 2, 2000--Canada; or Friday, November 3, 2000--USA 

By  Linda K.      

At Brad Carlton’s residence, Ashley tells Nikki that she should leave immediately. But Nikki says she is not stupid. Having known Ashley so well over the years, she cannot be fooled. Though Ashley is about to marry another man, she still has feelings for Victor and is using Cassie's illness to get more information about him. Ashley turns the tables around. While Ashley was only being sincere in her concerns for the health of a poor little girl, and for the family needing to band together during this time, Nikki was perceiving Ashley as a threat. Nikki has set her sights on Victor once again, and is taking full advantage of Cassie’s illness, of Victor’s compassion, and the family unity. Nikki mutters a threat and advances towards Ashley. The doorbell rings and Olivia calls out to Ashley. When she finds Nikki with Ashley she asks whether she is interrupting them. Not at all, Ashley reassures her. Nikki is just leaving. And she does. 

What happened, or do I want to know? She asks her friend after Nikki leaves. Ashley does not want to talk about Nikki. Olivia tells her she has not had a chance to throw her a proper shower, so she stages one on her own and presents her with many finely wrapped gifts. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Ashley tells Olivia is the best friend a woman could ever have. Olivia tells her she invited Neil, but they are only coming as friends after having just cleared the air concerning their relationship. This will be difficult, she admits, but she is happy to have him as a friend on any basis. Ashley tells Olivia that friends could turn out to be more than just friends. A fairy tale? Olivia asks. Is that how you really feel about your marriage to Brad? Ashley asks what she is implying. Olivia tells her that when she walked in Ashley was in a very tense situation with Nikki. Ashley tells her she asked Nikki about Victor living with her at the ranch, assuming this was about the family crises. And Nikki, still perceiving her as a threat, indicates she that still may have hopes where Victor is concerned. Nikki must be very insecure. Otherwise, she would not have attacked her for asking those questions. Olivia asks how the prospect of Victor and Nikki reuniting make her feel? Ashley answers: If it makes Victor happy, I don’t have a problem with it. We are both moving on with our lives. But Olivia warns her that the door to any possible relationship between them may now be closed once and for all. 

At Jabot, Nikki is on the phone talking to Sharon. Brad approaches her and learns that Cassie might have TB. He is horrified, but Nikki tells him the family is becoming more encouraged by the latest test results. Brad eventually tells Nikki that he was surprised to have heard Victor’s voice when he called her at the Ranch earlier that morning. Brad complains that he barely mentioned Nikki’s name when Victor hung on him. This was not very hospitable of her houseguest. Nikki reminds Brad that he is not exactly one of Victor’s favorite people. Brad tells Nikki to remind the 'old boy' that, from time to time, he will have to call her on business reasons at home. Nikki changes the topic of conversation by presenting Brad with the report for their anti-aging crème. She hopes he will be pleased. She certainly was. As Brad looks over the report in complete amazement, Nikki’s mind travels elsewhere until Brad brings her back. She tells him she was only wondering where he was taking Ashley on their honeymoon. Brad is surprised. Ashley is eight months pregnant! They are not going anywhere right now. Nikki asks what about after the baby is born? Just because a woman becomes a mother doesn’t mean she stops being a woman and they need to keep their romance alive. Brad asks her where she is going with this. Nikki is not exactly Ashley’s biggest fan and now she has this big concern about Ashley’s marriage being fulfilling. Nikki is miffed. First, Brad was upset when she was not enthusiastic about his marriage and now that she is trying to be supportive, he won’t accept it. Brad tells her that he knows her only too well. There is something else going on. Nikki is exasperated. She cares about Brad and has only his best interests at heart. But now, she will just stop trying. Nikki has a reminder for Brad before she makes her exit: The way a marriage begins has a great impact on what happens to that relationship in the future. 

Tricia and Ryan continue their passionate kissing and Tricia fervently heaps more fire to their passion in an attempt to divert Ryan from his protests. He weakens as Tricia’s mouth trails down to his belly. Finally Tricia stops when Ryan tells her this cannot happen and tucks in his pants. But he soon apologizes for holding out. Tricia despairs on the hopelessness of their situation. Tricia tells him she is humiliated now that she has just thrown herself at him, especially since he might harbor feelings for his former wife, Victoria. Ryan tells her that her fears are unfounded. Since she has come back, he has wanted to spend every day with her. Tears run down Tricia ’s cheeks. Ryan tells Tricia that he still finds her very attractive - he does care about her and honestly feels this is not the right time to make love. He is merely following his instincts and is trying to do the right thing. And it won’t mean this has to last forever. Tricia appears to have made a firm resolve as she wipes away her tears. 

At Crimson Lights, Billy approaches Brittany’s table. He makes small talk and Riana asks him what is on his mind. He asks about Raul. Riana says that Raul is still very closed off from everyone - which shouldn’t be a surprise considering everything he has been through. Billy tells her he tried apoligizing and he realizes that saying ‘I’m sorry’ does not change what happened. Billy tells Rianna that although she owes him no favors, he needs to talk about everything that happened that last night. Rianna finds Brittany approach the entrance of the coffee house, watching them. She leaves Billy to speak with her. 

Brittany asks Rianna what she was talking about with Billy. Rianna said that Billy wanted to be filled in to what happened at the pool house during the last night for the Glow-by-Jabot web cast. She feels somewhat disloyal. Brittany assures her everything is OK. She didn’t mind. In fact, she is eager to find out what is going on in Billy’s mind. Billy is surprised that Rianna return to talk with him. He repeats his question to her. Rianna asks: Don’t you know what happened? You were at the pool house with her, not me. Billy tells her that he is actually more curious to know about Phyllis and Mac who were both at the main house when he was alone with Brittany. He saw neither of them once he was inside the pool house with Brittany. They both admit they did not know Mac came into the pool house. Rianna is offended. Are you calling me a liar? She asks. Billy tells her that if Mac entered the pool house, she must have passed by her and Raul. Rianna tells him: For your information, Raul and I were paying a lot of attention to each other. Rianna refuses to answer any further questions until he explains what is going on. Billy says that, according to J.T., Brittany set up the whole thing and planned for Mac to walk in on them. Did Rianna know anything about all this? Rianna becomes very angry at Billy. It seemed obvious that he and Brittany wanted to be alone that night. He cheated on Brittany and now he feels she should be more concerned for the feelings of his other ex-girlfriend! Rianna tells Billy he is a bigger dog than J.T. and storms out of the coffee house. Cody walks up to Billy and saying: Looks like you had a pretty rough day, Buddy. Rianna can make quite a dramatic exit. What’s going on? Billy tells Cody that he is trying to figure stuff out, but keeps running into dead ends. He gets an idea. There is someone who could help me, he says as he gets up also to leave. 

In New York City, Hugh Abernathy sits behind his desk. Tomas walks in unexpected, but Hugh greets him enthusiastically. Nina hangs back somewhat unsure of herself. Tomas launches right into his speech about Nina’s desire to make the spring list and they need to keep the momentum going. They want to get cracking on his revisions. There are not many there, Hugh tells Tomas as he hands them back to Nina. Only two pages, but this isn’t exactly the cleanest first draft he had ever seen. Tomas is anxiously to help with the revisions, and is full with confidence that Nina is able to do her revisions within 24 hours. She is on a roll! Another gentleman, a film producer, enthusiastically barges into Hugh’s office. He is taken aback by the presence of other company and is soon introduced to Tomas. They exchange their mutual admiration. Tomas then introduces him to ‘his newest discovery’ after he makes an inquiry about this 'enchanting lady’. Nina is flushed with happiness. He calls her a rising star. Nina tells him he is exaggerating and soon leaves Hugh’s office. Why did you insist on seeing me? The author asks Hugh when they are alone. Nina is greatly impressed with the producer. He makes good movies. Tomas tells her to forget about movies. Focus on your work. But Nina wants to get something out of her chest with Tomas. He promises to do so on the plane back. But for now, they are going to stay in New York to be close to Hugh. Nina is frustrated. All this feels a bit rushed. She has a son to think about. If Hugh likes the book today, he will like the book tomorrow. Tomas tells her that Christine and Paul would be only too pleased to look after Phillip. Tomas sarcastically tells her ‘when somebody gives you the green light, you don’t just sit in the intersection’. You get your butt in gear. We are wasting valuable time. Let’s go to a hotel room and get on with on those revisions! 

At Newman Enterprises, Ryan asks Neil if he has a moment. Neil has a meeting in 15 minutes but after seeing Ryan’s face, he drops everything to listen. Ryan tells him all that had happened with him and his wife earlier. He believes he totally screwed up by having rejected Tricia’s sexual advances. Neil tells Ryan it seems he still has feelings for Tricia and would never intentionally leave her. Ryan does not deny they had been very much in love once and could be again. Especially if she were to change and that is where Ryan can be a big help, Neil tells Ryan. But being intimate may not be ‘the’ answer. If the possibility of a reconciliation is all blown to hell now, and if it is, what the hell is Ryan going to do about it? Ryan is feeling major guilt about the way he treated Tricia. She is very upset with him and she has every reason to be. Neil asks where is he going from here? When I get home tonight? I don’t know, Ryan answers. 

At Brash & Sassy, Phyllis walks in and tells Allison, Victoria’s receptionist, that she is going to use Victoria’s computer connection since hers is on the fritz and she needs to go on line. She is going to take full responsibility for her actions and asks Allison to leave her alone. She has so much work to do, so will Allison please shut the door behind her. Allison is completely taken aback by this intrusion. When she is alone, Phyllis begins making computer entries. The door knocks. She yells: Go away, I don’t want to be disturbed! Brit rushes in demanding to talk with her immediately! Phyllis tells her this is a bad time. Brittany is adamant! Damn it, Phyllis, this is urgent. You can’t put me off. You’ve got to listen to me! Phyllis glares back at Brittany. She tells her she has no right to enter her place of business to issue orders. Brittany is beside herself with worry. Billy is asking all sorts of questions about what happened on the overnight. Phyllis asks if he found out about the sleeping pills. Brittany: He is on the verge of finding out. Excuse me, Brittany. But why do you care? Phyllis asks. The damage was done. Half of the fun with revenge is shafting the victim with letting him know you did it. Brittany admits she still has feelings for Billy. Phyllis understands. Brittany wants to have her cake and eat it too. Phyllis doesn ’t know where Brittany is going with this, but she is not going to go into this problem any further or deeper. She claims she has her own self-interest in repairing her relationship with the Abbotts after leaving Jabot to work for the Newmans. She has put her butt on the line too many times for Brittany and is not going to do it again. Brittany is in disbelief. Are you turning me down? Phyllis continues. If Billy Abbot should come to her holding any compelling evidence that she can not easily explain away, she will not put her head on the block for her. Brittany is on her own! Brittany threatens Phyllis. If you are going to throw me to the wolves, I am going to tell the Abbotts how you helped me plot to destroy their precious Billy. Phyllis draw up close to Brittany and tells her slowly: Is that a threat? Let’s get something straight right now. There is no smoking gun to connect me to you. I have already seen to that. I can sell you out and still keep my hands clean. You can try to claim that I was involved in your scheme, but no one is going to believe you. You are going to end up sounding like a bitter, desperate, vengeful, little girl. One more thing. It is not a good idea to threaten me. Ever! Phyllis squeezes Brittany’s cheeks. 

Allison is back at her desk when Billy Abbott enters Brash & Sassy. He asks for Phyllis Summer’s office and whether he could see her. 

Matt Carter has a flash back of the moment he had kissed Tricia. He is enraged that she teased him and led him on. Bitch! He viciously calls her. He picks up the little vial containing his drugs. What a waste, he says and tosses the bottle inside the kitchen drawer. Matt opens the door to leave and finds Tricia standing there. She wants to talk with him but he is rough and impatient with her. He tells her he is supposed to be at work and she asks him to call in sick. Why should I give up today’s pay for you? He asks. Tricia tells him that she is at the end of her rope. Soon Matt lets her enter into his apartment. He eyes the drawer where the drugs are kept. Why did you come to me, Tricia? Why are you so stressed out? He lustily eyes Tricia's body while she appears dazed and confused. She has never been so humiliated by her own husband by the way he rejected her. Matt tells her she is beautiful, smart. Obviously, this guy is a first-class jerk and she deserves to be treated like the classy lady she is. Matt rub her shoulders and starts to kiss her neck. Tricia feels uneasy and pulls away. She sits down next to the table. Matt tries to help put her at ease. He makes a suggestion. I know it is a little early in the day, but maybe you need something to relax you. A little wine? At first Tricia abhors the idea, but very soon Matt pours wine in a glass. Tricia is completely distracted – almost appearing to be carrying on a private conversation about Ryan and Victoria’s relationship. Matt hovers over the kitchen drawer and soon after, hands her the wine. Here’s to feeling better!