Wednesday Update 11/1/00



Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, November 1, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, November 2, 2000--USA   

By Linda K.   

At the MacNeill's apartment, early in the morning, Ryan enters the living room eager for some of Tricia's freshly brewed coffee. He asks what is with all the boxes? She tells him: Sorting through what’s yours and what’s mine. She says she is through fighting for their marriage. Why prolong the agony knowing things will never work out. Why not go ahead with the divorce? Ryan panicks. He clears his morning schedule to deal with her concerns. Tricia tells him to forget it. Tomorrow she is getting on that plane to London. She is ready to let go of their marriage - without any alimony or joint property. Ryan protests that he couldn’t let her ruin their marriage that way.

Tricia tells Ryan she is not ending things – he is. Ryan tells her he hates seeing her leaving right in the middle of her therapy. She thanks him for reminding her of her focus. But they keep hitting the same wall over and over. She wants him to love her like he used to when they were happy. It might help bring her head back together. But he can’t give her that love. It comes from the heart and it just isn’t there any more. Ryan tells her he didn’t say that it was all gone, but they have to put first things first. She has to get better. Tricia asks for at least a little bit of love between them – like husband and wife. She needs that connection. If she cannot have that, then Ryan must let her go. It is just too painful for her to be there when she can’t be a real wife to him. Tricia begs Ryan and then gently kisses him. She grows more passionate and places Ryan's hands around her body.

Ryan finally stops responding to Tricia’s heated kisses and puts down her hands. I think it is best, he says, panting. This is dangerous. Tricia tells him they both felt the same wonderful chemistry. It was a sign. To slow down and think this through, Ryan reminds her. Tricia tells him all this talking and thinking can go just so far. She wants to feel alive again like the way they felt together in Aspen when he touched her so passionately. She was young then and inexperienced. It took her a while to understand what making love meant. She asks him to remember when times were good between them - when time had stood still for them. She kisses her husband again, attempting to recreate those feelings. Tricia’s hands move under Ryan’s shirt.

At Brad's, he is nibbling breakfast - and Ashley’s fingers. Ashley plans to stay home for a while to take care of wedding details. Brad, about to leave for the office, remembers to call Nikki at the ranch to remind her of the report she needs to bring. When the phone is answered, Brad is very surprised to hear Victor’s voice. Victor slams down the telephone after telling Brad that Nikki had already left. Victor had spent the night at the ranch, Brad tells Ashley. Both attempt to figure out what is going on. Brad believes he moved back in. Ashley isn't pleased to hear this. Both conclude that, due to Cassie’s illness, the family has circled their wagons, banding together during the time of crises. Before Brad leaves, he notices Ashley gazing into the wedding ring. He asks if she has any second thoughts – he wants her to be honest with him. Ashley tells him the ring is beautiful. Perfect. Brad asks her to promise him that she wouldn’t stress out trying to get everything in place. Ashley insists that everything should be ready before her baby comes. Brad asks her not to worry. Everything is going to fall into place before the stork arrives. They share a soft tender moment kissing before Brad finally leaves for the office.

The doorbell rings and Ashley finds Nikki there. Nikki quickly enters into the house to bring Brad his report. Ashley tells Nikki that Brad had already left. Earlier, he called the ranch. He had also told Ashley that there was a concern in the family over Cassie's health. Nikki tells Ashley there is a possibility that Cassie might have tuberculosis. Ashley is quick to offer her prayers and good wishes – knowing how frightened she might be. Ashley also mentions that it must be a great consolation for Nikki to have all her family pulling together at this time. Nikki wonders why Ashley is bringing this up. Ashley tells her that Brad had spoken with Victor on the phone over at the ranch. That is why Victor is there, isn’t it?

Why are you looking at me like that? Ashley is startled. Nikki prods her: You are so interested in Victor - where he is, what he is doing. Ashley: I am concerned with your entire family and that includes Victor. Nikki: Boy, you are really convincing. But there is something in the tone in your voice when you started talking about Victor that gave you away. But you played it very well. You were very, very cool, but you just went a little too far when you were trying to confirm why Victor moved back to the ranch with me. And you and I both know exactly what you are trying to find. Ashley: What? Have you become the human polygraph machine? Nikki: Oh, I love good sarcasm. And I also know you very well. Right now you are sifting through this entire conversation, looking for clues. Has Victor returned to Nikki? Are they sharing a bed? Ashley’s jaw drops in anger. You are out of line. I am about to be married! Nikki: Yes! That is what is so stunning about this whole thing. You are still so interested in Victor, and yet you are committed to another man. I think this is highly inappropriate!

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis walks straight towards Victoria. Her skimpy blouse is wide open exposing her bra. Phyllis asks why she was there? Victoria tells her she was planning a brain storming session with Ryan at the coffee house. Phyllis suggests that they plan further meetings at Crimson Lights. Victoria suggests the opposite would suit their purposes. Phyllis: Brrr! You feel that! I just got this big blast of Arctic Air. Phyllis is tired of Victoria’s attitude towards her. Victoria tells Phyllis that she is ready to fire her if she ever pulls off that same stunt again – walking in to talk to her father without her approval. Phyllis responds: How quickly they forget. Remember when you were wooing me away from Jabot Cosmetics? You couldn’t tell enough nice things about me and how great I was. I guess that was just the courtship phase, right? Victoria: Just do your job. Bring in extra sales. You will be amazed how pleasant I can be.

Victoria's cell phone rings. It is Ryan calling off their morning meeting. Something came up. Victoria is clearly exasperated. Who is Tricia? Phyllis asks. She groans in disappointment when Victoria tells her she was Ryan’s wife. Too bad, he is married. He is really cute. Didn’t I hear earlier that you two have history? Victoria answers that she wished they didn’t. Ryan can also be a real jerk sometimes. He is being so foolish about this. That chick is off her rocker. How can’t he see this thing is not going to work out! Phyllis asks, You don’t have much use for her, do you? Victoria gets up to go and Phyllis wants to follow, but Victoria tells her she is going elsewhere.

At Dr. Hudson’s office, the Newman family receive a clean bill of health. Cassie asks if this will be the last time she will be here. She feels bad for her nurse since this is such a gross test procedure – coughing up all this stuff. What a champ, the doc calls her. He asks Nick and Sharon why the tension. Sharon answers that they already know what the test results will be. The news isn’t good. The doc asks: This cough, you never heard it? He doubts Cassie actually has a tubercular cough – it would be impossible for her to hide it. It appears that Cassie had no other symptoms. No loss of appetite. But, then, they would not do the sputum test if they did not feel there was a possibility of an active infection. They needed to confirm or rule it out completely before deciding what to do next. Why the coughing? Sharon asks. She has no cold. Dr. Hudson suggests her problem is likely psychosomatic. Her anxiety could be inducing her coughing symptoms. Her state of mind is a concern. The doctor encourages Sharon that soon all this worrying will all be behind them.

At Nick and Sharon’s, the family plan to celebrate with blueberry pancakes – no more visits from the doctor. First Sharon wants to talk to Cassie. It was about Millie. Nick had called her the night before to tell her that she and Alice needed to get TB tests. Cassie is anxious. She is afraid that they would be mad at her for not telling them about her cough – that she had confided only with Millie. Nick and Sharon soothe her guilt and anxiety. They understood. Dr. Hudson told them that her mind is playing tricks on her. Her coughing was only happening because she was worried about being sick. If you told us earlier about this, we would have talked to the doctor about this. And you would not have to worry about this the whole time. Cassie promises next time she will tell them whatever is on her mind. She hugs both Nick and Sharon and dashes out of the living room. Nick thinks he and Sharon handled that OK - they had a really good day. Everyone else in the family is very safe and healthy. Cassie’s coughs are probably not dangerous. They are going to get through this one day at a time. Soon, all their problems will be behind them.

At Tomas’ apartment early in the morning, Nina attempts to tell Tomas that she has something to discuss with him. He tells her he has a plane booked for their visit to New York to see his former/her future editor. Nina is confused. So soon! They were not expected to see him and they can’t just show up, she protests. Hugh is a busy man. Tomas suggests striking while the iron is hot – especially if she wants her book on the spring list. This is the way it is being done. She trusted him so far, and so she should trust him now. Hugh is full of enthusiasm, and that is why they get along so well. He has a lot of energy and enjoys other people to bring it with them. No time to waste. Call up your mother to look after Phillip. This is all moving so fast, my head is spinning, Nina exclaims. In a good way? Tomas asks. He sits down on the sofa, looks at his blank laptop screen and angrily slams in shut.

At Larry Warton’s residence, the phone rings and it is Matt Carter. Larry tells Matt, Go to go to hell, bro! Carter finally gets through to Larry and tells him he is making progress. Finally scored with that chick again? Larry asks. Carter says that he has Newman’s PIN code to his ATM card. Finally, you got some good news bro, Warton says. Matt warns him that they can’t get that much money out without sending a big red flag. So what good is this? Larry asks. Matt tells him to scout out a little storage place, a little office in Milwaukee with private entrance, cash for rent, no questions asked.

Warton wants more details if he is going to help screw over the Newmans. He is frustrated with Matt. He has no solid ideas in his head. As usual, he is just winging it. If he spent half the energy to plan his capers instead of chasing that Tricia chick around. Matt tells him that Tricia has gone. She was crazy - leading him on. She was at his place and was confused over what she really wanted. Warton tells him, I’ll bet that really ticked you off because you really knew what you wanted. Matt looks at a little bottle. I picked up the stuff to make sure I got it, but she slipped off before I could slip it into her drink. Warton asks: Was it roofies? That is how you like 'em, huh? All doped up and drugged out so that they don’t remember anything? I like them to look me right in the eye so they remember everything. Matt gets angry and asks him not to give him any more advice. When was the last time Larry got a girl who had all her teeth? Matt admits that he missed his chance with Tricia. But there will be others. Larry wants to gets back to the details for bringing down the Newmans. Matt tells him to get that storage room. Those stuck-up bastards are going down sooner than he thinks.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor greets Neil who has been summoned to a meeting with Granville Drake, the company's HMO CEO. After a cordial welcome, they sit down to discuss the employee health claims. Granville is surprised that Newman is micromanaging his employees’ health care. Newman tells Granville that one of his employees is very upset because he cannot receive coverage from his medical claims. Having looked at it, Victor sees the tip of an iceburg and needs Mr. Drake to set him straight if he is wrong.

Granville looks over the complaint and promises to do his best. Neil presents Granville with the background of the diabetic case. Granville protests. He doesn’t get involved with the day-by-day, patient-by-patient workings of the company. He does not understand the medical particulars. But he does understand the claims processed in general – a visit by a doctor, diagnosis, recommendations for tests. Whatever is needed. Victor says: And that is the crux of the matter. Wht is needed. And who pays for it. Drake responds: We are essentially an insurance company. There are deductibles - and reasonable limits to what we will cover. Victor says that is where their problem begins. Drake: Look, we just don’t pull these guidelines for payments out of the hat. If patients go to the company's preferred provider, a network doctor, they pay very little. But if they choose to go outside the system, they pay more and we pay a percentage of the costs. Neil clarifies this. Payment for treatment outside the preferred provider system is made based on the usual customary rate schedule created by your claims department. Correct! Drake says: We polled doctors all over the country to establish a fair and equitable basis to calculate for the share of our claimant’s expenses. Victor tells him that he doesn’t care who Drake had polled. His main concern is that his employee is upset about the billing for thousands of dollars for having a medical diagnosis from an expensive, outside doctor.

Neil interjects: I looked into Lawson’s usual and customary rate numbers for tests and treatments that Mr. Crampton received. I made some calls and couldn’t find a doctor within a single state who found those numbers even close to what is reasonable. Drake: With all due respect, I have two entire floors of people whose job is to calculate those usual and customary rates. Victor: Those people who sit in those two floors have one responsibility. That is to make sure that your company makes a lot profit. Neil: Lawson Medical posted a record profit last year. Drake: So did Newman Enterprises, if I am not mistaken. Victor: You are not mistaken. The difference is the way we accomplish that without reneging on our contractual obligation with one single costumer. Granville is ready to address Victor’s accusations. Victor tells him that his usual and customary rates are only based to make his company a handsome profit. Granville tells him he is a brilliant businessman, but he is no expertise in dealing with the medical field. Victor reminds Granville that he knows damned well that he understand how insurance companies are run. Granville is clearly testy and confrontational. He indicates that there were several instances where his company paid out far more than they should have. No system is perfect. But he offered to have three or four cases reassessed as a personal favor. But medical procedures and tests are expensive! He cannot sell a product for less than it costs to produce. Victor accuses Granville of attempting to placate him. That it is unfair his hard working employees are presently under the assumption that their insurance will protect them. That they are being cut from their medical services because their medical insurance provider is only interested in making money. Granville retaliates. I am sorry to disappoint you, Victor. If I were in the position to solve this the way you would like it solved, I would do that. But the principles of good business prevent me from doing so. I have responsibilities to my shareholders - my employees. Victor asks if this was Granville’s final answer. If so, the meeting was over. Granville angrily grabs his briefcase and leaves.

Victor suggests that Neil find a law firm that handles HMO cases. Neil: To get out of our contract with Lawson Medical? Victor: That would only be passing the problem to someone else. Granville Drake, as a CEO, knows exactly what his company is doing. In this case, I will make sure that his company honors its contract with my employees. Neil eventually tells him that he plans to go to Ashley and Brad’s wedding since Olivia is the maid of honor. He did not want to be there without first letting Victor know. Victor appreciates this gesture.