Tuesday Update 10/31/00


Young and the Restless Tuesday, October 31st, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, November 1st, 2000--USA

by  Stephanie      HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  

At Nick and Sharonís, Cassie is so excited about Halloween and still canít believe that just a short time ago she was high in the clouds with the stars. She asks Victor if she can call him her "Fairy Godfather?" He says she could but thinks "old Wizard" would be better. Cassie decides that is perfect. Nikki checks the time and says itís late and Cassie needs to go to bed. Cassie asks them to tuck her in? Victor says he will and wonders if she would like the Old Wizard to read her a story? Cassie heads upstairs with Nikki and Victor following.  

At Crimson Lights, Sharon is getting ready to leave for the ATM machine, when she overhears Nick speaking with Millie about a cough. Nick wants Millie to tell him the whole story. Millie apologizes saying she thought Cassie had a cold. She admits she should have realized it was more serious when Cassie was reluctant to tell Nick and Sharon about her cough. Nick tells Millie not to worry and advises her to have the TB test taken as soon as possible. He asks her to call him with the results? Millie assures him she will. After hanging up, Sharon asks whatís going on? Nick tells her about Cassieís cough. Sharon becomes distraught and wants to call Dr. Hudson immediately. Nick says he will contact Dr. Hudson right away. Sharon has forgotten all about going to the bank, when Cody reminds her, she asks if he would mind going instead? Cody agrees to go and Sharon gives him Nickís bankcard and the pin number (written on a sheet of paper). Sharon asks him to be careful with the information and Cody says he will be careful. Carter Mills/Matt Clark has observed the whole conversation between Nick, Sharon and Cody. He notices the notepad. Nick comes out of office and tells Sharon that Dr. Hudson is unavailable this evening. Nick thinks he and Sharon should go home. When he remembers about the money for Mr. Huntley, Sharon tells him that Cody has gone to get the money. Carter wishes Sharon and Nick all the best for Cassie as they leave. 

A little while later, Cody tells Carter that everything is taken care of and Huntleyís bill has been paid. Cody says he has some work to do in the office and Carter clears tables. Carter takes the notepad (with the imprint of the pin number on it) and after shading in the number imprint with a pencil says, "Newmanís trouble is just starting." 

Baldwin and Williamsí Attorneyís at Law. Phyllis arrives at Michaelís office. He is on the phone and she wants him to notice her. She grabs his attention by showing off her bra. Michael hurriedly ends the call and closes the door. Phyllis thinks Michaelís rather terse mood has to do with Christine. Michael tells her about his earlier conversation with Paul. Michael admits he is not sure that Christine has been honest with him about her life with Paul that things are not as rosy as she said they were. Phyllis canít believe Michael actually thought Christine would give him all the juicy details of her home life. Phyllis says that he can take heart from her situation. She says she thought what was hopeless has now improved greatly. Michael surmises she is referring to a man. Phyllis tells Michael that if things continue on she may not need to "avail" herself of him any more. Michael says he has enjoyed the time they had together and wishes her well. She thinks he should seize the opportunity with Christine, should it arise. She believes he has been pining away for Christine for far too long. She kisses Michael and leaves. Michael helps himself to a drink, all the while mulling over what Phyllis has told him 

At Ninaís Apartment: Nina and Christine are talking about Tomas. Christine advises Nina not to let worrying about Tomas take over her whole life. As Nina is about to talk about Paul, the phone rings. Tomas is calling and he tells Nina that there is something he needs to tell her and would like her and Christine and Paul to come over as soon as they can. Nina says she will come as soon as she can. After she hangs up, Nina tells Christine that Tomas would like her and Paul to come with Nina. Nina wonders what is going on? Christine asks if she thinks Tomas has been drinking? Nina says no, he just seemed excited. 

A little later, Nina and Christine arrive at Tomasís apartmentÖ Tomasís Apartment: Tomas lets Christine and Nina in and they wonder what is going on? (Paul arrives alone.) Tomas tells them that he heard from his editor Hugh Abernathy about Ninaís manuscript. Tomas says that Hugh loved it and will be handing it over to a publisher, after some editing. Tomas asks Nina if he can accompany her to New York, as he would like to see her novel completed and published. Everyone, especially Nina is thrilled by this news; Tomas brings out champagne to celebrate "to the new author." Nina thanks them and tells them she could not have done it without them. She admits the story was painful but is glad it is out in the open now. 

Later, Christine and Paul leave and Nina thanks Tomas for all that he has done for her. He tells her that he does not need her thanks, he is just glad her work is being published. He holds her but Nina does not look convinced. 

At Paulís Apartment: Christine and Paul discuss Tomas and Nina and their relationship. Christine admits that Tomas has not been very stable lately and Nina is worried about him. Christine asks Paul where he was when she called him? He tells her that he was on his way from her office. He says that he and Michael had a disagreement. Paul says he resents the way Michael has inserted himself into their lives. Christine admits she doesnít like it either. Paul advises her not to discuss anything with Michael at all so he could not interfere in their lives any longer. Christine doesnít think that is a very fair suggestion and wonders why it is whenever they discuss their marriage or Michael that things deteriorate but they can discuss everything else calmly and rationally? Christine wants them to get back to where they were, when they were close. She wonders if Paul wants that too? Paul says he really wishes he could and walks away. Christine is left alone looking distraught. 

At Bradís House, Ashley arrives home and Brad warmly welcomes her saying thereís my girl. He helps her with her purse and coat and says that he has ordered dinner. He tells her he has good news, Jack has agreed to be his best man. Ashley is thrilled and wonders how that came about? Brad says that with a little help from Phyllis Summers acting as mediator. Ashley asks Brad about the wedding rings? She says they need to look after that as soon as they can. Brad pulls a box from his pocket and shows her the wedding bands. He tells her he knew how busy she was and he went and picked them up. He says that if she does not like them, they can be returned. Ashley looks at the ring, of diamonds and Bradís gold band and says they are just stunning. Brad tells her she is stunning as he kisses her. Ashley says she has some news as well, Olivia has agreed to be maid of honor and that Neil will accompany her, hopefully. Brad wonders if something is troubling Ashley? Ashley says that Olivia and Neil have not been especially close lately. She explains that Olivia has feelings for Neil but Neil does not reciprocate those feelings. She says she hopes she has not made an error in judgment by suggesting that Olivia bring Neil. 

At Neilís apartment, Olivia thinks back on Neil telling her they should explore their relationship once she was well again. Olivia rings the doorbell, and after exchanging pleasantries with Neil, she fills him in on Ashley and Bradís wedding. She says that Ashley has asked her to be maid of honor and that she would like him to accompany her to the wedding. Neil isní t sure he would be welcomed since he works for Victor. Olivia tells him not to worry since there will be a variety of alliances and tension at the wedding, especially with Jack and Brad. Neil says he would be happy to do it but will accompany her as a friend, nothing more. Olivia is disappointed but tells Neil she understands completely as she hugs him 

At Nick and Sharonís Nikki tells Victor that Cassie fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Nikki thinks Cassie was tired out by all the excitement. She thinks it was wonderful of Victor to bring a smile to Cassie ís face. She admits that not many people get to see the gentle side of Victor Newman. She teases Victor about going into battle and bringing back the enemyís head. Victor admits he likes her description of him as a warrior out doing battle. He wonders if she is up to the challenge of battling him? Nikki smiles and softly says that he is too ruthless for her just yet. Victor says he loves to see her smile. Nikki tells him he got two smiles for the price of one and wonders if Victor will be paying her a visit tonight? Victor kisses her and says maybeÖ. 

A little later, Nick and Sharon arrive home. Sharon is very upset and Nikki wonders whatís wrong? Nick tells her that he spoke with Millie and apparently Cassie had a cough. Sharon is so upset she wants to check on Cassie now to see if she is ok? Victor tells her that they canít do anything more until they have the test results to decide whether Cassie has TB or not. He doesnít want her to worry until they hear from the doctor. Nick says they will try not to worry and should know for sure in a few days. Nikki says that Sharon will worry no matter what, until they know for sure and there is nothing they can do that will change that. In Cassieís room, Sharon sits by Cassieís bedside, watching Cassie sleep. Cassie wakes up. Sharon apologizes for waking her. Cassie says "Mommy, thank you for todayÖ." As Cassie begins to cough, she looks at Sharon worriedly. She covers her mouth and coughs again. Sharon is deeply concerned.