Monday Update 10/30/00


Young and the Restless Monday, October 30th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, October 31st, 2000--USA

by  Stephanie     

The Newman jet is completely decorated for Halloween and Cassie is thrilled with what she sees. She tells Victor she loves it and thanks him. Sharon says she doesn’t know what to say? Victor tells her she doesn’t have to say anything, since Cassie could not go out for Halloween…. Nick adds that Halloween came to Cassie. Nikki asks if Cassie has been on a plane before? Cassie tells her she has never been on a plane before. Cassie & Sharon look out at lights of the city and Cassie wonders if her friends can see the plane? Victor tells her they can since the plane has lights too. He tells her this isn’t really a plane it is a magic broomstick we are on. Cassie giggles at that. After being served Halloween treats by a witch, Victor asks Wally and Chuck come out of the cockpit so Cassie can see how the plane flies. Victor shows her the controls and talks to the control tower. Cassie is now co pilot and loving every minute of it. She asks Victor a ton of questions and thinks she would like a plane of her own some day. She says she would love to celebrate Halloween by riding a magic broomstick with her friends. She thanks Victor for this magical evening. 

At Crimson Lights Carter and Cody are talking about Tomas. Carter watches Tomas put a dash from a flask in his coffee. Carter wants to kick him out but Cody says no, not unless he causes trouble. Cody goes over to Tomas and asks Tomas if he needs anything? Tomas says he is fine thanks. Tomas calls Hugh Abernathy and wonders if he has finished reading Nina’s manuscript? Hugh says he knows that Tomas has a lot at stake since Nina is his girlfriend but he assures him he will call Tomas when he has it finished. 

At Baldwin & William’s Attorney’s At Law Christine gives Michael contract she has reviewed. She tells him everything appears to be ok and no changes are necessary. Michael says that he will hand it over to Chantal to process tomorrow. Michael wonders how things are going between Chris and Paul? Christine wonders if he is on a fishing expedition? Michael assures her he just wants to be sure she is ok. Chantal comes in and tells Christine that there is a call for her. Christine takes the call, it’s Nina and she wonders if Chris could come over? Christine says she will be over as soon as she can. Michael asks if she is leaving? Christine tells him to be careful what he wishes for and leaves. A little later, Paul comes looking for Christine. Chantal tells him that Nina called and Christine went to see her. Paul says he will go over there, as he is about to leave, Michael asks to speak with him? Rather reluctantly, Paul goes into Michael’s office. Paul wonders what he wants? Michael tells him that Mary came to see him and believes that Michael is responsible for Christine’s desire to put a family on hold while building her career. Michael reminds Paul that Christine always does as she wants and is happy that Christine’s personal and professional life are going well. Paul tells him to stay out of their affairs, as it is none of his business, even if Christine is starting to trust Michael again, "I never will!" Paul walks out as Michael smiles to himself "so, Christine trusts me again…" 

At Nina’s, Christine arrives and wonders how things are going? Nina says she has been spending a lot of time with Phillip, things to keep her mind occupied. Christine knows she is concerned about Tomas. Nina admits she loves him but is concerted about his drinking. She knows that both Phillip’ s father & grandfather both died because of alcohol. She does not want Tomas doing the same thing but is at a loss as to what to do? She says that he has done a lot for her and now his editor is reading her book. Christine says that a lot of Tomas’s problems are nothing to do with Nina and he will have to work them out on his own. Nina agrees with her but still wants to help. Nina asks Christine how things are going for her and Paul? Christine says that while they both did work together to find Tomas, now they are back to where they were and little has changed. Christine admits that Michael seems to want things to work more than Paul does. Nina tells her to be careful, as nothing Michael says can be taken at face value. Christine says she knows that and promises to be careful. 

At Tomas’s apartment, Tomas takes a call from Hugh. Hugh tells him that he knows Tomas is anxious to hear what he thinks of Nina’s novel. Tomas asks him what he thought of it? At Crimson Lights, a man arrives, looking for payment on his invoice. Cody offers to cut him a check but the man wants cash. Cody calls Nick and asks him to come to Crimson Lights as soon as he can. Nick tells Sharon what has happened and they leave Victor and Nikki to take Cassie and Noah home. Carter asks Cody if he reached Nick? Cody says he did and they will be here soon. 

At Gina’s Restaurant Phyllis and Jack are talking. Phyllis is sure they can make a good team and all he has to do is learn to trust her. Phyllis wants Jack to tell her all about her inner beauty. Jack says he can tell her all about her outer beauty, that he is alluring and seductive like a coral snake. She admits she does have a bite but no one has died yet. Jack notices Brad come in and sarcastically comments that a snake has slithered in. Jack hopes Brad doesn’t notice them. Phyllis stands up and shouts "Brad, over here." Brad comes over to their table and Phyllis teases him about asking Jack to be his best man. Brad wonders if Phyllis advised Jack on his decision? Phyllis says she told him to act in love. Brad comments that Jack has really hit the bottom of the barrel this time. Brad presses Jack for an answer "are you in or out?" Brad tells Jack that being his best man would make Ashley very happy. Jack says even though it will seem as though he is leading Ashley to the guillotine, he will do it. Brad thanks him and says that he will let him know details about a bachelor party. Jack is not pleased. Brad leaves. Phyllis says that what he has done will make Ashley happy. Phyllis thinks the perfect way to get back at Brad, is to have Jack invite her to the wedding. Jack says there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell he would take her to the wedding! 

At Genoa City Memorial, Ashley stops in to see Olivia. Ashley wonders how things are going between her and Neil? Olivia says it is a dead issue and doesn’t want to discuss it. Olivia wonders if the announcement in the paper was true? Ashley says it was and wonders if Olivia would agree to be her maid of honor? Olivia is thrilled and agrees to do it. She wonders about Tracey? Ashley says she did not feel right about asking Tracey since she is Brad’s ex wife. Ashley asks again about Neil? Olivia says she tried a while ago but now she has a lot going on with work and her son. Ashley thinks Olivia should ask Neil to the wedding. Ashley leaves saying "say hi to Neil for me." 

At Victoria’s Office, Neil comes by with a report for Victoria. Victoria is in a terrible mood and he thinks it has something do with Ryan and Tricia. Victoria does not want to discuss it. She asks about Malcolm since she tried to reach him but got a machine saying he didn’t know when he would return. Neil says he has gone to Paris to be with Dru. Neil admits he is thinking about Lily and with Halloween wonders how she is doing? Victoria thinks he should go and see her? Neil says no, he does not want to interfere or confuse his daughter. Victoria asks how things are going with Olivia? Neil says that relationship is over. Victoria tells him not to give up and to be sure things are really and truly over. Neil’s cell phone rings, its Olivia. He is surprised to hear from her. She asks if he can meet her as she has something she wants to ask him? He agrees to meet her at her apartment. 

At the Ranch Nikki tucks Noah and Cassie in, when she is finished, she tells Victor that Cassie needed that party as much as Nick and Sharon did. Victor agrees saying having an ill child really hard on parents. Nikki says the change in Cassie from a withdrawn child to how she is now, has been remarkable. She is sure that everything will turn out all right. Victor hopes she is right. When Sharon & Nick arrive at coffeehouse, Cody notices they are in a good mood. Sharon says Cassie had a wonderful Halloween after all on Victor’s jet. Carter comments that his dad sounds like a great guy. Nick says that he has his moments and wonders what the trouble is? Cody tells him there is a guy who wants to be paid $500. He tells them it is for the syrups and he has not been paid. Cody says that he wants the money in cash and they cannot pay it out of the till. Nick checks his wallet to see if he can pay it but he doesn’t have enough money and says he will use the ATM to pay it. Nick asks Cody to tell the man to wait. Sharon offers to go and Nick says he will call Millie to tell them to get a TB test. Nick calls and Millie is thrilled to hear from him. She wonders how Halloween was? Nick says Cassie had a wonderful Halloween. Millie asks about her picture that Cassie promised of her in her little miss muffet outfit. Nick is sure that Cassie will send it. Nick says that the reason he was calling was to tell her that Cassie may have TB and she and Alice should be tested. Nick wonders how she knew about Cassie’s costume? She says that Cassie called and promised her a picture of herself in the outfit. Millie wonders how Cassie’s cough is? Nick asks what cough? Sharon listens to this last exchange between Nick and Millie, with interest.