Friday Update 10/27/00


Young and the Restless Friday, October 20, 2000--Canada, or Monday October 23,  2000--USA  

By Linda K. 

Brad walks in on Ashley and Christianís conversation. He introduces himself. Christian quickly applies all the charm he can muster. So you are the lucky man who is taking Ashley off the market. After exchanging a very brief chat with Brad, he wraps it up. Nice meeting you! Christian promptly leaves to catch a plane back to Chicago. Brad asks Ashley: Anything you want to tell me? Tell me about Christian. Ashley falters. Well, you know his connection with my baby. He did promise not to interfere with the baby. Why donít we go somewhere private and talk about this, Brad tells her. 

Brad and Ashley arrive at Jabot. Brad tells her he overheard her conversation earlier that Christian is not the father of her child. I am so sorry you overheard, Ash tells him. Because I know your deception? He replies. And if he is not, who is? The real biological father is some other ship in the night? Ashley: From the first time I learned of my pregnancy, I knew I wasnít going to involve the biological father. I knew my brother wouldnít understand and that Jack would track him down and harass him, and that is why I had my good friend, Christian, to pretend he was the real father. Brad: And, here I am, the man you are marrying. Deceived. I think you owe me the truth. Who is that babyís natural father? I am going to be raising this child! Ashley: Why is this so important to you now? Brad: I am going to be your husband. I would like a marriage based on trust and honest. Ashley: I am being perfectly honest with you that nobody knows who the father is. Not even the man himself. Only I know and I am keeping it to myself. And I hope you can accept that. Brad: What if I canít? Ashley: Is this a deal breaker? Will you call off the marriage? If you are changing your mind, we need to deal with this right now. Brad: Why is this secrecy so important to you? Ashley: Let me tell you what is so important to me. I am deeply in love with a wonderful man who told me he wanted me, and my baby unconditionally. In my heart and mind, you are my babyís father. Isnít that enough? What else do you need to know? Brad embraces Ashley lovingly. 

At Ginaís, Jack is informed that he had just missed Brad and Ashley and she offers her congratulations. Jack tells her that if Brad is a regular customer, she will lose one other. Canít you take comfort with the fact that this is what your sister wants? The only comfort Jack needs is to hear that Brad has disappeared from the face of the earth. Phyllis walks in. May I join you? She asks. I think you already have, Jack answers. Phyllis laughs when she hears that Brad asked Jack to be his best man. Whose idea was it? Ashleyís, Jack answers. Phyllis has a suggestion: Put your heart in my hands. Iíll help you forget your problems. Jack somehow canít bring himself to believe that could work. He doesnít want to talk about himself any longer and diverts his attention to her. How is business? Your new job? Working for the great Victor Newman? What more could a girl ask for. Phyllis: I hit a bump in the road. Jack: If you want to cheer me up, it is working. Phyllis: Victor has restricted my access to his precious computer files. Jack: Oh, dear, he is not letting you into his mainframe. He is smarter than I thought. Phyllis acknowledges that Victor truly mistrusts her. Jack: And you are already doing all you can to reverse it arenít you. After youíve finished throwing yourself at me, you try throwing yourself at him. Loosen him up, charm him into his own hard drive. Pardon my expression. Phyllis: I am not amused. Besides, Victor is not my type. Jack: What do you mean? He is a 'guy' isnít he? Phyllis: Let me tell you something. If I am going after somebody, he will have to turn me on. Jack: Sure this isnít sour grapes? Or could it be that you realize you donít have chance with Victor. You never did and you never will. Phyllis tells him she never intended to break down the business barriers with Newman. Jack: Oh, what a shame. He will never experience the famous Summersí heat. I have a feeling that if you had the chance to get through to him, you would be attracted to Victor in a New York minute. Phyllis: That is not a very nice thing to say to me. I have feelings. It is too bad that you get so much pleasure in dumping on me. Phyllis gets up to leave. Jack holds her back. Could I trust you? He finally asks. Thatís encouraging, Phyllis answers. Not long ago you were convinced that you never could. I wouldd say that is progress, wouldnít you? 

At the diner, Matt tells the attractive waitress that she has beautiful eyes. A man could drown himself in them. The waitress asks about the blonde lady she has seen him with lately. He tells her that this little blonde is a tease. I wonder who is teasing whom? she asks. I am going to dump the little chick as soon as I teach her a lesson. It isnít nice to mess with a guyís head. The waitress leans forward and tells Matt that class is about to begin. Matt finds Tricia at the doorway. Tricia joins Matt at this table. She apologizes about her over reacting to his kiss at his apartment. Matt puts her at ease Ė misunderstandings happen. Matt assumes she has further problems with her husband. Tricia tells him she is also saying goodbye Ė she made plans to join her father in London. Matt agrees it would be a good idea to distance herself from Ryan, but offers her another solution - moving in with him. Tricia is surprised, and tells him that perhaps it is inappropriate. Matt grows somewhat angry at her mistrust. My place is not fancy enough for you? I lied about the other night. You are in therapy to understand yourself, right? So let me help you understand this. You put it out there. That is why I kissed you. Someday, you may get yourself in a situation you can't get out of. The next guy may not stop like I did. Matt is quite angry and leaves Tricia, wishing her a nice life. 

At Newman Enterprises, Neil tells Victor about the companyís HMO in which Stanley Cramptonís expenses were not being covered. Neil continues talking about one other case concerning a manís child who was suffering with a previously undiagnosed, long-term illness, which could have created a terrible situation. Nick eavesdrops outside the door. He breaks in, asking whom they were talking about? Neil fills him in about NEís problems with their HMO, Lawson Medical. Victor is outraged that his employees are not provided with sufficient coverage. Neil asks Nick about his own family crises. Being a father, he can imagine what he is going through. Neil promises to look into the Lawson deal right away. Nick is also outraged about the plight of all those other people less fortunate than he and his family. Victor reminds him that the entire family is also covered by Lawson Medical. Nick says that at least they have the means to provide themselves with enough protection should their HMO fail to do so. Victor asks his son about Cassie and is surprised at the measures Nick and Sharon are taking in handling her illness. Nick tells his father that if he were in other parentsí shoes, heíd want him doing the very same thing. Cassie missing Halloween is sad, but there will be other Halloweens. Victor is concerned that they help keep up with the little girls spirits. Nick tells his father he is trying. And if he can come up with any ideas, please, let him know. 

Ryan is angry that Victoria has proposed that he move away from Trisha. He tells her it was an obvious mistake consulting his marital problems with her because she cannot remain objective. Victoria agrees. She tells him she cares much too deeply for him. Victoria warns Ryan was he is walking into a dangerous situation. Rayan tells her: This is my problem. I will figure it out. Victoria: Please donít sacrifice your own happiness for this woman. If you do for long, I have a feeling that you will be the next one needing therapy. Tricia will get better - with the help of her therapist. Get some distance. If things are uncomfortable between you two, then move out. 

Tricia knocks on Victoriaís office asking for Ryan. Victoria attempts to ignore her confrontational mood. Tricia accuses her of trying to do anything to get back with Ryan. Victoria brushes her comments aside. You are trying to playing games with my head, Tricia accuses. Victoria suggests that if she were in Triciaís place, she would see the hopelessness of her situation and bow out gracefully. It would be best for Ryan but especially for Tricia. Her marriage was a mistake. She was so young wehn they married. But Tricia argues that Victoria was also very young when she married Ryan. Victoria says things had changed in her marriage - there was now a huge gap between Tricia and Ryan and she ought to consider leaving while she still had some pride left Ė and a few good memories. Tricia: I was thinking of leaving, but why should I give you the satisfaction. Wait a minute, Victoria asks. You were coming here now to tell Ryan that you were leaving to back to your father? Victoria agrees. It is time she left. Tricia saying that there is no need to rush. Victoria tells her staying would be idiotic. Tricia: That is what I am in your eyes. A messed up, neurotic idiot. So letís just chock it up for being true to character. And thank you for giving me something to think about. At Nick and Sharonís, Miguel and Nikki try to lift Cassieís spirits. They have brought large pumpkins for her to carve. Sharon tells them Cassie is not up to celebrating and to please not put pressure on her. Time to get into your costume, Sharon says to Cassie. Why, I am not going anywhere. Cassie runs upstairs to bed, instead. Nick has come home early to help with the holiday spirit, but things appear to have fallen flat at his home. Victor calls. He invites the whole family, including Nikki, to get ready to get into a limo which he has sent. He has a special surprise secretly planned. 

The Newmans arrive at the airport. Cassie looks ravishing in her Halloween costume. Victor is heartily pleased to see everyone. He tells them the answer to the mystery lies there, beyond that door. Victor places a blindfold around Cassieís eyes as part of the adventure. Better not peek! He teases her. When they enter through the door, Victor removes her blind fold. Cassieís mouth gapes with surprise as she views the magnificent Halloween decorations.