Thursday Update 10/26/00


Young and the Restless Thursday, October 26, 2000--Canada; or Friday, October 27, 2000--USA 

By  Linda K.    

AT the Newman Ranch house, Nikki feels that it is like old times again. Everybody around together at breakfast. Victor comes down and kisses both ladies on the cheek. Miguel is happy to see Victor’s presence at the house once again, and offers to fix him up something special. Victor is going off for a run. first. Victor behaves flirtatious towards Nikki – plucking a piece of fruit from her plate – and Nikki responding seductively. Victoria has not missed a single interaction. After Victor leaves, Victoria begins to interrogate her mother about her work hours. Even though there is a family crises, Nikki is leaving late, and planning to coming home early. Finally, after a little push from Nikki, the truth comes out. Vikki is afraid that her mother is setting herself up for a big fall. She might be reading too much into Victor’s actions and is becoming drawn into him again. Nikki laughs. Victoria continues: You are hoping something romantic might be happening. Nikki: For the sake of an argument, suppose that is true. Victoria tells her he might be involved with somebody else. She tells her about hearing voices in dad’s room when she was packing in her room nearby. She hates to have to burst her mother’s bubbles, but felt she had to be warned. Nikki turns her face away and hides a little smile as she thanks her daughter for telling her. When her daughter leaves, she smirks slyly. 

Victor returns from his run, feeling very invigorating. Nikki tells him she had an interesting conversation with their daughter. She overheard you with some woman in your bedroom. Victor: Funny thing, she congratulated me on my moving on with my life. I had no idea that our daughter would show up in the middle of the afternoon. Nikki: Close call. Very cute, she wanted to warn me that you might be involved with someone else. Victor: To protect you? Nikki: For which I am very grateful, but I don’t think I need any protecting. Victor: I certainly hope not. Nikki: What happened yesterday was wonderful. Victor: That is all I’ve thought about during my run. It was wonderful. Nikki: I have a confession. (She smiles and sighs) No – I have changed my mind. Victor: You can’t do that! That’s not fair. Tell me. Victor tells Nikki that confession is good for the soul. Nikki tells him it was nice lying in bed knowing he was across the hall and wondering if he would come to visit her. He also felt the same way, but was afraid they would get caught. Nikki tells him if he ever has those feelings again, he should come into her room. He might! At Jabot, in Ashley’s office, Brad tells Ashley that the closer the due date, the more beautiful she becomes. She asks Brad once again whether he gave further thought about asking Jack to be his best man. No, he answers. Assuming the improbable possibility that Jack accepts, he would not look forward being near a man with such negative presence during the most incredible day of his life. Ashley says this would mean a great deal to her. Brad fears that Jack might say or do something to mess everything up. Jack is too unpredictable. But for Ashley’s sake, he promises to think about it. When Brad leaves Ashley’s office, Ashley is completely taken by surprised when Christian walks in. After exchanging fond greetings, Christian expresses his happiness for her engagement. Ashley quickly locks the door. Christian assumes it was to keep Jack from knowing about his visit. Ashley quickly suggests she take him out for a late breakfast. 

John Abbott walks into Jack’s office. He notices his expression and asks if the stocks went south. Jack replies that Ashley had. Having read the engagement date published in the papers set him off. John upbraids Jack for his attitude and was, in fact, impressed that Brad pushed the wedding date earlier in order for the baby to have two parents before birth. Brad walks in and Jack lays it into him almost at once. You sold my sister on the idea that you’d want to be poppa to that baby from the time it is born. You cooked up that little piece of fiction to distance Ashley from any doubts she might have about you - to give her less chance to find you out for a two-bit phony that you are. Brad steps up to make his case for truly loving Ashley with all his heart, and sincerely wanting to be the father of her baby in every way. Jack warns Brad that he is onto him. Eventually, John pleads with Jack to end the fighting. After a moment, and with great reluctance, Brad makes a request from Jack. He asks flatly: Will you be my best man at the wedding? Jack’s face is blank with surprise. Jack figures this is some sort of sick joke. Brad admits that it was not his idea but Ashley’s, as a gesture of family unity. What is your answer, Jack? After a moment, Jack looks at him steadily and says: I’ll get back to you. As Brad leaves, he says: Make it quick! The wedding is just around the corner. Jack whirls around and asks his father: Can you believe that guy? John thinks Jack should accept, or at least to give it thought. John tells his son: If you don’t change your mind, in addition to giving the bride away, I will volunteer to be the best man. 

AT Nick and Sharon’s, Nick is really amazed that Cassie turned down his offer for a triple chocolate brownie with walnuts at the Coffee House as per their usual ritual after seeing the doctor. Cassie is unusually subdued. Sharon feels that Cassie was holding out on them and to Dr. Hudson. Victoria pops in for a visit. She asks Cassie to put on her new costume for her, in case for any reason, she may not see her at Halloween. When Cassie is gone, Sharon cautions Victoria that Cassie is not into Halloween anymore since she can’t go out trick and treating. Sharon breaks into tears – all this is just so unfair! After a while, Cassie comes downstairs with her costume and Victoria is amazed. Nick jokes that he sewed it all by himself. Both Cassie and Nick giggle like silly and Nick bounces Cassie on his knees on the couch. Victoria feels so bad about Cassie’s situation. Before Victoria goes to the office, she feels compelled to tell her brother about the feelings she has been picking up about her mother. Victoria expresses her concerns that with the entire family being together, and the tensions amongst them being over, their Mother might be drawn to their father and be in over her head. 

At Gina’s, Ashley and Christian dine near a blazing fireplace. Christian asks about her fiancé, whether he had been married before, and if he has children. Ashley replies in the affirmative and quickly tells him that Brad is not the baby’s father. Christian feels that he should not have come over. This situation is more complicated than he expected and since their cover story is still in place, his presence could blow everything apart. Ashley tells him no harm done. Christian is surprised – he had not heard of Brad before. Ashley tells him about their history – they had been romantically involved at one time and planned to got married, but never did. And now, feelings sort of re-emerged and everything has worked out beautifully. And Brad wants to be the baby’s father. Christian says this is all the more reason he should not be seen around in these parts - giving Brad ideas that the baby’s biological father is imposing. Ashley commends Christian for his sensitivity. Both agree that Christian will not make any more unexpected visits to Genoa City. He is happy for her because she is a very special person and deserves the very best. And he is also very discrete. Brad enters and walks behind Ashley’s table. He overhears Christian’s words: Your secret is safe with me, Ashley. No one is going to know the truth that I am not the father of your child. 

At the McNeil’s, Tricia remembers her words to Ryan – her hope that by his loving her, she can be well again. Tricia looks fondly at a picture of their ski trip together when they had first made love. It was the happiest time of her life and Ryan was the man of her dreams. But Ryan’s feelings for her have changed. They seem so far apart. Ryan feels put off by her conversation - her pleadings to be with him again. He shirks off her touch. She realizes that she cannot make him love her now, but asks if he ever really loved her back then. Ryan assures her that he truly had. Instead of taking solace from this, Tricia feels this makes it harder to realize that she had thrown it all away. Ryan tells her this is not helpful and she should concentrate on the future. He leaves soon after for work. 

Tricia’s doorbell rings several times before she answers to find Nina. Nina has come to give Ryan her son’s school progress report. Tricia asks Nina to come in. Nina feels genuinely pleased to see her back again. Tricia rejoices with Nina about the completion of her new book. The subject turns to Tricia’s therapy. Nina tells her Ryan is pleased with her progress. Tricia admits that she is not getting anywhere with her husband. Nina suggests that she adopt a more relaxed attitude about relationships and not expect that things be back to where they were. Tricia asks Nina that, with everything she knows about Ryan, is he someone who would honor his commitment. Nina tells her Ryan is no saint, but he is a very good man, especially with people he cares about. If he gives you his word he will stick to it. Tricia: Are you worried that if you get on an even keel again, Ryan might not want to stick around? Tricia: I can’t help worrying. Nina: As long as you make an effort, Ryan will stick by you. Tricia grows upset: Out of a sense of obligation? This seems like a poor basis for a marriage. Nina encourages her to concentrate on her progress and just take one day at a time. When she leaves, Tricia arranges from the next fly out to London. 

Ryan and Victoria meet at Brash & Sassy to go over a report. He seems distracted and Victoria gathers it is about Tricia. Victoria: Please tell me you see through the futility of that situation! Ryan: I do see it. The way things are now, there is no hope for Tricia. Victoria: Well, Hallelujah. Thank God you finally realize that. Ryan feels that Victoria doesn’t understand: To look at Tricia, and see what she is going though, I feel I haven’t done enough. She deserves more from me. Victoria cannot believe him. Ryan, you have done too much. What exactly do you mean by more? You wouldn’t do ‘that’ just to make her feel wanted. Would you?