Wednesday Update 10/25/00


Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, October 25, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, October 26, 2000--USA   

By Linda K.   

At The Baby Store, Ashley tells Diane: You seem a little surprised? Diane: Iím stunned! When are you due? Ashley answers nonchalantly: About a month. I think this is the first time Iíve ever seen you speechless. Diane: I don ít know what to say. Ashley: Well, congratulations would be appropriate. Diane: Then you are happy about this? Ashley: Of course I am happy about this. I am pregnant with my first child. I am thrilled about this. Isnít that how you feel? Diane: Whose child are you carrying? Both ladies carry their conversation in a whisper, out of earshot of other shoppers. Ashley: This is none of your business. The father is not involved. Diane: You do know who he is? You obviously have been keeping this under wraps. Ashley: Not like some people I know. Diane: Actually, I want the world to know who fathered my child. Ashley: And now you are going to milk it for everything it is worth now that Ďthe worldí knows itís Victor, right? Diane hisses: Yeah. Victor owes me. We were married. We had a loving relationship. And then he tossed me aside like yesterdayís news. And he has been treating me like dirt ever since. Yeah, it is payback time. Ashley: Gee, Diane, what a beautiful way to bring a human being into this world. Diane: Hey, I am just as excited about my child as you are about yours. I know what it means to want a child you know you canít ever have. Ashley: Very touching. Ashley raises her hand. Diane is astonished at the sight of her engagement ring. Diane: Is that what I think it is? Whoís the lucky guy? Ashley: Brad. We are going to be married very soon. Diane: Is he the father? No, he couldnít be. He was involved with Nikki when this child was probably conceived. Ashley: Life is just full of surprises, isnít it, huh? Some good. Some not so good. I remember Victor telling me that when he found out you were pregnant. Diane: Still, I am carrying Victorís child. Doesnít that make you a wee bit jealous? Ashley: You got to be kidding me. I wouldnít want to be in your shoes for all the money in the world, Diane. Havenít you learned yet? The only thing you are ever going to get from Victor is his contempt. Ashley hurries out of the shop. 

AT Newman Enterprises, Ryan calls Tricia about his evening's meeting, which could turn into a marathon. Tricia asks whether Victoria will be there. Ryan: That is who I work for, Trish. Ryan does not want her to prepare a big dinner as he will not be home. Tricia asks herself why she even bothers trying to be a good wife. 

Meanwhile, Phyllis enters jubilantly for the meeting: Good, the troops are gathering. Wait till you here what I have planned for the website. Ryan: Hope you are prepared because you have a tough audience to convince. Phyllis: Are you alluding to Victor? Listen, I already went toe-to-toe with him and I held my own quite nicely. Ryan: You may have made it out alive, but I doubt the man gave his best shot. Phyllis: Gee, thanks for your encouragement, Ryan. Victoria enters. I hope whatever you have to pitch us today is good. Or else, you are out on your butt! Phyllis: Is that a threat? Victoria: No, that is a promise. I want my authority respected. Phyllis: Meaning what? I just walked into Victorís office to say hello. And now you are coming down on me. Victoria: It means you are on probation. Is that clear? Phyllis threatens to quit. After all, she has other offers. Ryan stops the bickering. Victor enters: All right. I have half an hour. Letís see what you got. Both Phyllis and Victoria exchange hard glances while being seated. Victoria: So, you say we could kick off Brash & Sassy on the internet by doing on-line makeovers? Victor: How would that work? Phyllis: All gals who log in would take a digital picture of themselves. Theyíd email it to us and our staff cosmeticians would do a virtual makeover. Theyíd post their pictures on a site and then the viewers would come back and see how they would look like, all done with Brash & Sassy products, of course. There will be a list of everything our experts used with a direct link to our on-line sales page. Victoria likes it, but the hitch is if by getting thousands of hits per day, that even with a fraction of those people emailing their pictures, how could they deal with all those makeovers? Victor: We would be overwhelmed. Phyllis: Oh, come on! This is Newman Enterprises. Weíll just staff up and handle it. It is no big deal. Victor: This is totally out of the question. It is a big deal. We cannot produce enough goods to cover the costs. However, it is, in itself, not a bad idea. We just got to find a way to make it work. Ryan: What if we did it by lottery - made it into a contest. Victoria is growing more excited: Thatís really good. We could have people register with our site. Phyllis: Yes, and a Top Ten lottery winners will get a free virtual makeover. (During this time, both Victor and Ryan squirm and twitch with suppressed excitement). Victoria: And then the rest of the people who log in can vote for their favorite Ďbefore and afterí . Phyllis: And the top vote getters will get a special free gift basket, or a free husband, or whatever. (Phyllis grows giddy). Victoria: All right then. Go ahead with it. You have my approval but before we - Phyllis interrupts: I understand, Victoria, I know who's boss. By the way, Victor, I ím going to need access to the mainframe and that PIN you gave me doesnít work. Victor: Because I have changed it. Phyllis: Well, Iím going to need a new code. Victor: Youíre going to have to manage without it. Phyllis: Listen, Victor, Iím trying to do a job here. Victor looks furious and points his finger up at her face. Ms. Summers! Nobody around here tells me to listen. I run this joint. You have this position because you wormed yourself into it, without my knowledge or approval. (Victoria looks sheepish) I will not give you carte blanche. Remember that! Phyllis: OK. Thanks for your in put (she calls out to Victor as he storms out of the office). 

When they are alone Victoria asks Ryan why he was so quiet. He says he has to leave. Victoria: Well, Iíd say that Ms. Summers got the message from the both of us. Victor: That woman is not to be trusted. Victoria: Donít worry. I will be watching her. Victor is ready to head out to the ranch and asks whether she is ready to accompany him. Victoria tells him that she first wants to discuss his new lady friend. Look I know you think I am prying. I heard a womanís voice in your bedroom and that means you are getting involved with someone. Wouldnít staying at the ranch make things a bit difficult? Victor: My being at the ranch would not be an issue. Victoria: Your new lady would be not upset with you living with another one of your ex-wives? (Victor tries to suppress a smile). What about mother? I know there is nothing romantic between you two right now. I donít think it is fair of you to move in. Victor: You are overstepping the line right now. We are going to the ranch right now. Letís go. After you! He escorts her out the office. 

AT Nick and Sharonís, Cassie is quizzed in algebra. She finds it easy and compliments her parents, for being her teachers. Sharon has heard about home school. Nick says she may not have to consider it. Cassie could be going back to regular school in no time. Cassie says she really misses attending classes and everybody there. She appears quiet. Then she excuses herself to get ready for bed. Sharon tells Nick that Cassie is really trying to cover up her feelings. Nick praises her for her positive, upbeat disposition, which Sharon says leaves her no choice Ė for her daughterís sake. Nick says it must be very hard on a little girl who may be wondering if she has a disease she can barely pronounce or if she will ever have any fun again. Sharon says that at least the doctor didnít say no trick and treating. Nick warns her that he implied that he would much rather that she stayed in. Sharon cries out that it is so unfair. Nick has an idea. It is not the ideal solution, but could work if Cassie goes for it. When Cassie comes down, she asks if she can go trick and treating. Sharon says she will go later, when there arenít so many people out. Nick agrees. Theyíll go as a family. When they come to a house, you, mommy and Noah wonít go up to the door. I will run up and ring the bell, and people will see your costume. Cassie asks if they minded if she didnít go at all. Sharon is surprised. Donít you want to show off your beautiful costume? Casie: Youíll see it. So will Nick and Noah, and the kids who come up at the ranch will see it. I can stand near by the door while you give out candy. Will that be OK? Nick: Weíll do whatever you want. Cassie is in bed with her book. She has a cough and is anxious that Sharon may have heard. She picks up the phone and calls Millie Johnson. Millie is surprised and very glad, but she had a feeling that Cassie would call. Especially since her favorite holiday is coming up. Halloween. Got a good costume this year? I am Miss Moffet, Cassie says. Cassie, you are awfully quiet, Honey. Is there some other reason you are calling Millie? Cassie: Promise not to tell anyone? Millie: Not even mommy and dad? Cassie: Not even them. I have this cough. (She struggles). I donít want to tell mom and daddy. They worry so much. Millie: If it is a cold or something you have no need to worry them or yourself. But now you have to promise me something. If that cough gets any worse, you tell them. After a little more chitchat, they exchange affectionate good nights. Meanwhile, Sharon slumps down into her couch. Cassie is being so quiet and she wishes she would open up to them. Nick says she is only being strong. He asks whether she might be bottling a lot up inside. Sharon suspects there is something Cassie is not telling them. 

Alice returns home and greets her mother. She asks about the goofy little smile on her face. Millie: Cassie called. Alice: Really. Darn. I would have loved to say Ďhií. It is nice she thinks about us once in a while. Millie: She wanted to tell me all about her Halloween costume Ė Little Miss Moffat. I ask her to send pictures. Alice: What is it Ma? Come on. Something is bugging you. Millie: Listen Alice, promise you wonít go running to Nick and Sharon. Cassie told me something she doesnít want to get back to them. She made me promise I wouldnít say anything. So youíve got to promise me you wonít either. Alice: Look it sounds kinda serious. Is she OK? Millie: She has a cough and she is getting all worked up. Never wanting anyone to worry at home. Alice: Thatís Cassie. Remember when she was small? Never wanting to be a bother. Always wanting to protect you. Millie: I thought that was on account of times being so tough when she was living here. But now she is with Sharon and Nicholas. I just didnít think there was a need for her to act like that. Alice: It seems strange that Cassie would call long-distance to tell you about a cough. Millie: I donítí feel there is any real cause for alarm. Cassie loves Halloween. It is a real night for her. She is probably concerned. Sheíll miss all the fun if her cough gets worst. Alice seems deeply worried, but tries to assure her mother. Cassie is deep in prayer. When another bout of coughing arises, she grabs her pillow to muffle the sounds. 

At Jabot, Jack finds Nikki waiting for Jill. Nikki had an appointment with her. Nikki suspected Jack would not be in a good mood today. She has read the morning paper concerning Ashley and Bradís official engagement. Nikki: Donít pretend you donít care because I know better. Jack: If you know how I feel, why torture me with it? Nikki: I guess I am just wondering how you are handling it. Jack: Iíd like to handle Brad with both my fists. He is a predator, specializing on my two sisters. I canít stand that weasel. He has managed to parlay a job pulling weeds out of my familyís driveway into a multi-million dollar stake into my family business. Nikki: Now Jack, be careful, you are making Brad out to be a smart cookie. Jack: He is smart enough to be a smart manipulator. Job requirement number one to be a successful gigolo. Nikki: Hey hey hey! I take offense to that? Jack: Excuse me. Who brought up the subject. Nikki: Jack, I care about you and I hate to hear all this bitterness. Jack: So, donít get me started! Nikki: I know Brad very well and he is not the devil incarnate. In fact, judging from your sisterís condition, she could have done a lot worst. Jack is taken aback by her insinuations. Jack: If you are trying to push buttons. Nikki quickly backs of. He asks that she canít be too thrilled about seeing Brad walk down the aisle with another woman. Nikki admits that she was affected by the news at first, but hopes to be invited to the wedding where she could extend her best wishes to the couple for a very happy future. Jack is surprised how quickly Nikki has gotten over Brad. What is the secret? How did this happen? Nikki wonders whether to keep waiting for Jill. Jack: Forget it! Sheís probably flown the coop by now. Jack is complaining that Jillís work has taken a back seat to her latest family problems, a majority of which are her own creation. Nikki grows sullen. Well, isnít she lucky. Jack: What does that mean? What is it? Nikki tells him it is about Cassie and that it is breaking her heart to think that something might happen to her. Jack is appalled about the prospect of Cassie having TB and asks how the family is holding on. Nikki: Thatís the one positive thing about this whole nightmare. Jack: It brought the family closer together. These things either push people further apart or it brings them closer. Nikki: In spite of all our problems, we really are strong in a crisis. Jack: Kinda sounds like the Abbotts. Nikki: It amazes me. We had drifted apart so much and now would you believe Victor and Victoria are both staying at the ranch? For the first time in a very long time, we actually are all physically together. Jack: It must be awkward having him around. Nikki: Now, this is important for Cassie. Itís fine. It will work out. Jack: Work out? How? Nikki finds this an opportune time to leave and kisses Jack goodbye, leaving him to wonder about her last words. 

Ryan enters his apartment and greets Tricia. She announces that dinner is made, and she will warm him a plate. Trisha: I know you saw my therapist this afternoon, which is fine. You should feel free to check in any time. I have nothing to hide. Ryan: I have a feeling you are not happy with it, though. Trisha: I just wish you would have mentioned your plans this morning. Ryan: It was at the spur of the moment. Trisha: You donít have to defend yourself and apologize. I just want to know why you went. What made you decide to call Dr. Cooper today? Ryan: I was anxious to see how you are doing. I am glad I went. The doctor said that you are making some progress. Trisha: Except in certain areas. Ryan: She has some concerns. Trisha: Because I donít want to open up about Tony. The kiss I gave him or the night he died. I didnít intend to kill him. I donít understand why I have to go over and over it. I understand it. It was an accident. I believe that with all my heart, and if you tell me to dig deeper, in case I am deluding myself, whatís the point? It is not going to bring him back. Ryan: It might help you to come to terms with what happened. The therapist says you could. Trisha: The therapist may be good. But she canít read my mind. She canít look into my heart. Ryan: What is your point? Trisha: I donít know. But there is one thing I do know and you donít want to hear it, but I have to say it. I wish you could love me again. If you could do that I believe I can finally get well. Tricia kisses Ryan gently and leaves the room. Ryan exhales deeply and pauses. 

AT Ginaís, Ashley seems to be starving. She tells Brad that she found this great baby boutique and had a run in with Diane. Talk about killing the mood. They had words in spite of her efforts to avoid Diane. Brad offers her reassurance that if she gave her attitude, it was just out of envy. Ashley: Spite was more like it. Brad: While both of you are pregnant, that is all you have in common. Ashley, you are surrounded by people who love you, and Diane has no one. Ashley: It is kind of sad, isnít it? Brad: The way she got herself pregnant, she is getting her just deserts. Something wrong? Ashley shakes her head. Gina walks in and receives their catering menu. Both are happy that the catering is dealt with. And her father has taken care of the decorating. Brad grows excited about the prospect of a wedding coming up real soon. He pulls Ashley up off her seat and she sits on Bradís lap. They exchange kisses. While they eat, Ashley discusses the question of who will be standing up for them at their wedding. Good point, Brad tells her. Olivia will be Ashleyís maid of honor. Has Brad thought of who will be his best man? He has a couple of people in mind. Ash: Would you mind if I threw in a third person into the mix? Brad: What makes you sure it isnít somebody Iíve already thought of? Ash: I am pretty confident you have not considered this person. Brad: No. Not Jack! Anyone but Jack! Ashley: I figured that would be your reaction. Brad: You canít be serious. If you think it would bridge the gap between us, it is totally, completely, inconceivable. You can fit a galaxy in the chasm between your brother and me. The only thing we agree on is how much we canít stand each other. Is this getting through to you at all? Asking Jack to be my best friend would not help anything, trust this. Ash: It would be a gesture for me. Brad: Please, I would give you anything in the world. Just not this! Ash: Want to think about it? Brad: No promises. Ash: I want to make sure you think about it very seriously. Ashley gets up and walks behind his chair. She hugs him tenderly. Brad lets down his guard and tells her he will think about it, but asks, how easy do you think I am? 

Diane enters the penthouse in a tired and quiet mood. Marissa tells her she has good news and some bad news. Diane: Lets start with the bad news. I think I would really like to end this on a high note today. Marissa: I made arrangements to have the rest of Victoriaís luggage picked up. She is moving back to ranch. Maybe Victor is going with her. Diane: Well, things are looking very encouraging. Whatís the good news? Marissa: I found something when I was straightening up earlier. It is a receipt from a jewelry store. Victor bought a silver baby rattle. Marisa hands the receipt to Diane who gushes with delight until she reads the receipt. Oh, damned. Shoot! Marissa: What is the matter? Diane: You might have at least read the receipt before showing it to me. It was from a delivery service. It was delivered to Ashley Abbott. Marissa: Why would Victor send Ashley a baby rattle? Diane: I just ran into her at the Baby Store. She is pregnant. Marissa: I am really confused. Diane: I have a theory. Victor is playing mind games with me. Wants to throw me off balance. That is why he left the receipt around here, to be sure that I would see it. Marissa: Is he that sadistic? Diane: I guess I underestimated him. He is not going to get to me. Victor and his brat daughter can vacate the premises - so be it. I am going to make the best of it. I am going to take advantage this time. I am going to convert that bedroom of Victoriaís and the storeroom next to it and make it the grandest nursery you have ever laid eyes on. Every bell and whistle his money can buy. Starting tomorrow, Marissa, The walls are coming down.