Monday Update 10/23/00


Young and the Restless Monday, October 16th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, October 17th, 2000--USA

by  Stephanie   

JABOT Ashley is thinking back to when she told Victor about her engagement to Brad. She told him they would be married before the baby is born. Victor wonders if that is a good idea? Ashley (Back to reality) says "this is the place I need to be" "but were you saying what I think you said?" John comes in and Ashley fills him in on her news "Brad and I are engaged." John is stunned saying, "I knew you and Bradley were getting closer, but I had no ideaÖ" Ashley wonders if he will be congratulating her on her news? She tells him that she is very happy. John congratulates her and then says that Bradís relationship with the Abbott family has been "tenuous at best." Ashley admits that is true but she is happy and it would be best if "some people in this family could accept that." John says that Jack just wants to protect her. Ashley thinks Jack needs a "woman in his life." John asks her about wedding plans? Ashley asks if the ceremony could take place at the house? John agrees and asks about the date? Ashley says November 10. John wonders if she will need a wedding coordinator since the date is so close? Ashley thinks that would be a terrific idea and says that Brad wants to get married as soon as possible so they will be married before the baby arrives. John thinks that is a good idea as well. 

Ginaís Restaurant Brad arrives at Ginaís and wants to pick up a catering menu to make some plans for the wedding. He tells Gina about his plans (with Phyllis listening in the background). Phyllis comes up and tells Brad she wonít tell any one his news. She wonders how Jack reacted to the wedding plans? Brad thinks Jack will get used to the idea but he does tend to treat Ashley like she is a child instead of an adult who can make her own choices. Phyllis congratulates him and then says she has places to go. 

JABOT Ashley fills Brad in that she told her dad about the wedding and he has agreed to have it at the house. Brad says that will work out well since Jack "wonít have an opportunity to burn down his own house." Brad knows that her father may have doubts about him. Ashley tells him that John is happy so long as she is happy. Ashley and Brad discuss Jack and his feelings? Brad says that Jack will never get used to them being together. Ashley says that he will have no choice in the matter "as I wonít let him ruin our happiness." Brad puts his arms around her, saying, "By Thanksgiving I will have a new wife and a new baby." And "we will be building a life together, I have a lot to be thankful for." Jackís Office Jack isnít happy when his secretary informs him that Brad has left a folder on his desk. Jack says Brad came "to gloat, not to drop off a folder." He is mumbling to himself about Brad when he enters his office, Jill is sitting on his sofa, waiting for him. Jack wants to know what she is doing there? Jill accuses Jack of keeping secrets from her about her own son. Jill says he should have told her about Billy and Mac. Jack tells her she would have made a difficult situation worse. He says if she had gotten off Macís back she would not have so many problems. Jill tells him that she is trying to protect her son "and what the hell do you know about raising children." (Looking slightly shaken) He tells her to get out of his office, he has work to do. Jill stomps off, slamming the door behind her. Jack (to himself) "Damn you Brad Carlton!" Jill (to herself outside) "I canít lose you Billy, there must be something I can do." Jack reads the file Brad left for him, Phyllis arrives. He tells her "I didn ít think my day could get any worse." Phyllis says she knows about it she thinks she can cheer him up. Jack warns her if she thinks she can charm her way back into his life, she can forget it. Phyllis says she has looked in on the JABOT site and it is doing well. She believes there is room for both companies. She believes competition is good for them as it "keeps us on our toes". Jack says he doesnít have time for games and would like her to leave. Phyllis tells him that she wonít give up on him and he needs to learn that business and a personal life donít have to be at odds with one another. She kisses him. Jack tells her not to "hold her breath." Phyllis leaves and Jack touches his lips, with Phyllis kiss lingering on them. 

Paulís Office Paul is telling Lynn about some business arrangements when Christine and Nina rush in. Nina explains that she has not been able to find Tomas and would like Paulís help? Paul thinks that Tomas has gone away for the weekend. He asks for some details. Nina fills him in about Tomas being depressed, he has been drinking, his car is gone and so is he. Paul surmises that Tomas would have used his credit card to go anywhere. Lynn offers to contact Kevin (contact at the credit card company) to check whether he has used his card or not? Nina says she did talk to Tomas on his cell phone. Paul asks for the number? Nina gives him the number. He says he can contact someone at the cell phone company. He asks Nina if she would like him to call the police? He says that it would not be an official missing persons report but they would keep an eye out for him? Nina thinks they donít need the police right now. Paul says that is fine but if she changes her mind to let him know. Nina thanks him for all of his help. Christine comforts Nina as she becomes upset. A little later, Paul is getting some information about Tomas. The contact at the cell phone company who informs him that Tomas picked up the call from Nina in New York City. Lynn comes in with a report from the credit card company; Tomas used his card to purchase a one-way ticket to New York. Nina becomes more upset wondering why Tomas would purchase a one-way ticket. She thinks it is possible since New York is so big that Tomas wants to lose himself in the city. Christine thinks he may have gone to see his editor. Nina says that Tomas is no longer on the list of publishing authors. Nina gives Paul the number for the publishing house. Paul calls but only reaches a voice mail. He says he will call back again. Nina thinks she will just go home. Christine offers to come but Nina says she can do this on her own. She asks Paul to call her if he hears anything? Paul says he will and Nina leaves. Paul and Christine exchange concerned glances 

Ninaís Apartment: Nina arrives home and enters the dark apartment. She notices Tomas sitting in the chair and gives him a hug saying, "Where have you been?" "Do you have any idea what you have put me through?" 

Crimson Lights: Billy thanks Brittany for her support. (Brittany gently touches Billyís hand). JT observes the two together. Brittanyís cell phone rings, Jill asks Brittany not to say her name out loud and wonders if Billy is with her? Brittany says he is. Jill demands that Brittany come her to her office, immediately. Brittany hangs up and tells Billy she has to go and see someone. Billy offers to come but Brittany turns him down, saying she can handle this on her own. Brittany leaves. Billy notices JT staring at him, Billy wonders what he wants? JT admits he told Jill the truth about him and Mac. JT thinks Billy should be glad the truth is finally out. He says that all the time Billy was "playing Raul and Brittany for a fool, Brittany was playing you for a fool." He tells Billy that he and Brittany made out in the pool house at the same time Brittany was becoming suspicious of Mac and Billy. JT proceeds to tell Billy about that last night of the Glow by JABOT web site, Brittany, you and her making out, and Mac walking in on it, it was a set up! JT says that Billy broke Macís heart and Billy was left "holding the bag." JT walks out, Billy is stunned. 

JABOT Brittany arrives. Jill asks her to come in and close the door. Brittany enters and Jill wants to know by Brittany didnít tell her about Mac and Billy? Jill wonders why Brittany lied to her? Brittany says she didnít lie. Jill "oh yes, you just held back information." Brittany insists she did it because Billy asked her to. Jill wonders if Brittany "would jump off a bridge if Billy asked her to?" Jill warns Brittany that she made her the centre of the Glow campaign and expects Brittany to do as she asks in return? Brittany wonders what she wants? Jill tells Brittany to "not get on my bad side if you want to be with my son." Brittany says it is over between her and Billy. Jill knows Brittany still has feelings for Billy. Brittany thinks Jill should talk to Billy herself to get this straightened out. Jill says that Billy wonít talk to her and wants Brittany to do something to help. Brittany says if she tries to influence Billy, then Billy will turn on her. Brittany asks if there is anything else? Jill says no, thatís all for now and Brittany leaves. Jill thinks back on her conversation with Billy in which he told her that Mac was a wonderful girl and she was only going after Mac because she is Kay ís granddaughter. Jill told him that Mac is using him. Billy insisted that wasnít true and warned Jill that if she hurt Mac she would not have a son, as he would never speak to her again! John arrives and wants to give Jill the holiday sales projections. Jill isnít interested in discussing the figures. John wonders whatís wrong? Jill says "whatís the use, you wontí help me anyway." John asks her again to talk to him. Jill "you raise your children and try to prevent them from making mistakes, but tell me, what does it get you?" 

Crimson Lights Billy is thinking about what JT said, wondering if it could be true, when Brittany returns. She confesses that "it was your mother on the phone" and "when she is in one of her moods, she is scary." Brittany tells Billy that Jill laid into her for not telling her about Billy and Mac. Billy wonders what Brittany told her? Brittany says she told Jill to talk to him. Billy asks, "Is that all you have to tell me?" Brittany asks what he is talking about? Instead of answering, Billy walks out, leaving a confused Brittany behind. 

Victorís Apartment Nikki arrives; Victor is surprised to see her. Nikki admits she wanted to see how he was doing and admits to feeling a little down. Victor empathizes with her. They talk about Cassie and her illness, Ashleyís engagement to Brad "how it leaves us both out in the cold." They also discuss Nikki working for JABOT and how it devastated both Victoria and Victor. Victor wonders if Brad is the father of Ashleyís child but then remembers that Nikki was in Venice with Brad at the time. Nikki wonders if Victor will ever forgive her for that? Victor says he will never understand how she could have ended up with Brad? Nikki admits she was feeling rejected by Victor at the time, since he didnít want to have another child with her. Victor asks if she is blaming him? Nikki says no, but he has always played an important role in her life and suddenly she was alone and at a loss. Brad was there for her "there when I needed someone." Victor looks into Nikkiís eyes, takes her in his arms and kisses her. He gently picks her up and carries her upstairsÖ