Friday Update 10/20/00


Young and the Restless Friday, October 20, 2000--Canada, or Monday October 23,  2000--USA  

By Linda K.

AT Nick and Sharonís, Cassie is coloring pictures when she begins coughing.

She swallows some water but the coughing continues. Sharon is pacing around

the floor Ė I am trying to stay positive, really. I could never do this

without you and your family. Nick: Thatís what we Newmans are about. We

rally around each other in times like this. Sharon: I have to stop wondering

what is going to happen. Iíve got to stay busy. Nick: Thatís my girl.

Sharon picks up her mail and says softly, oh no!

Sharon opens an invitation to a Halloween party. Nick: What is the problem?

Cassie would love to show up with the costume? Sharon: It will be days

before we find out if Cassie has an active infection and Dr. Hudson will not

be able to give us the all-clear before Halloween. Which means - no party.

Nick: Should we even mention the invitation with her? Sharon: Iíd rather

not, but she speaks with her friends on the phone almost every night. Nick:

And she is bound to find out. Cassie comes bouncing down the stairs.

Cassie comes done for water. Nick teases her. What if I tickle you. Maybe

later, she answers. Sharon is appraising Cassie's drawing. I made it for

Noah. He wanted it to decorate his room for Halloween. Do you think it is

too scary? Nick laughs: No way, my son is tougher than that. It is

perfect. Sharon says carefully: Honey, you got an invitation for your

Halloween party. Cassie is eagerly. Sharon: Since we donít have all the

results from the tests back yetÖ. Cassie: I canít go. Sharon: I am sorry.

Cassie takes a quick sip of water and tries to hide her disappointment. She

asks if there should be other symptoms and what they are. Nick and Sharon

answer: One is weight loss, but you havenít lost a pound. The other is being

tired and you have enough energy for the both of us. And the other one is

coughing. After a moment, Cassie asks: What kind of coughing?

Sharon: What kind of coughing, why do you ask. Are you coughing at all?

Cassie says she was just wondering and goes back upstairs to finish her

drawing. Sharon looks drawn. Nick: I think we handled that OK. Sharon: I

hate this. She is feeling anxious though. Nick: Maybe we helped put her

fears to rest. Cassie alone in her room: Maybe I should have told them the

truth. Mom seems so worried. I couldnít tell her about my coughing.

Besides, I am sure that it will go away. She has another cough attack.

AT Jabot, Nikki accidentally runs into Brad at Jackís Office. Nikki: I

understand you some have important news. Is it true that you and Ashley are

engaged? Brad: Yeah, it is true. Weíve been discussing it for quite some

time. It didnít become official until last night. Nikki: Discussing it or

debating it? Brad: A little of both. Nikki: I imagine she needed some

really heavy convincing. Brad: What does that mean? Nikki: Because I have

a hunch that she is not quite ready to commit to you. Because she is not

over Victor, and she wonít ever be.

Brad: I appreciate your opinion. Are you trying to be helpful or stir up

trouble? Nikki: Iíve just come to make my point. That Ashley is still

carrying a torch for Victor. That is hardly an ideal atmosphere to begin a

marriage. Brad: Iíll make note to that, thanks. I am not worried about

that. Nikki: You should be. Brad: Just because you havenít gotten over

Victor doesnít mean Ashley wonít. Ashley: You are admitting there are

feelings on her part. Brad: Why wouldnít there be? That is no surprise.

They were awfully close at one time. Nikki: You are awfully casual about

this. Brad: We are not high school kids. Weíve been around the block a few

times. Weíve had our romantic problems. Weíve gotten over them and moved on.

Nikki: Sounds like you are doing an awful lot of rationalizing. Brad: I

just donít think there are any long-term implications for Ash and me as far

as Victor is concerned. Nikki: Be careful. That ego of yours could set you

up for a very big fall. Brad: It is not ego. It is common sense. And faith

in the woman I am going to marry. Nikki: Call it any way you want, but I

happen to know all the players involved in this little drama. Brad: As do

I. Nikki: But I have an advantage. I am a woman with a womanís insight and

that makes all the difference especially where Victor is concerned. You are

about to make a very big mistake. Brad: And you are out of line! Nikki

hisses with frustration: Oh, you are so full of yourself! Brad raises his

voice: Nikki, enough! Nikki: Look. I donít deny that you are a pretty

incredible guy. But you are no Victor Newman!

Brad: You are obviously trying to hurt me. I think you are jealous. Nikki

answers defiantly: Jealous!! That is ridiculous. I would never be jealous of

Ashley Abbott. Brad: Why all the unkind remarks. Ashley: I am saying these

things because they are true whether you want to face them or not. Brad:

You are saying those things because you are trying to make me question my

upcoming marriage. And it wonít work. Nikki: I am trying to stop you from

making that dreadful mistake. Brad: You are angry and upset because of the

way things turned out between us. My engagement to Ashley has upset you

more than you are willing to admit. Nikki gasps: There goes your ego again.

Brad: I think you need to take a look at your ego. You think a catastrophe

is going to happen. Nikki: Well, weíll see!

Brad: Listen to me. What we had together was wonderful and it is in the

past. You have to get over it. Although I do understand. If the shoe was on

the other foot - if you were the one enagaged to someone else, Iíd probably

feel exactly the same way. I am in love with Ash. But I do care very deeply

for you. If you are bound and determined to make me your enemy there is

nothing I can do about it. Nikki softens: No. It is not that. I am sorry.

It is just that, there are a lot of other things in my life which put me on

edge. I am just over reacting to everything. Brad: What is it? Nikki:

Cassie, my granddaughter might be very ill. Brad is very concerned. Is

there is anything I can do? Keep me informed. Nikki: I was wrong to take

all this out on you. But in spite of all my feelings for Ashley, and I doubt

that things will change, I still wish you well. Both hug and kiss briefly

before Nikki leaves the office. She stands out with tears streaming down

her face.

Ashley asks Victor: Are you here to congratulate me? You said you want to

discuss something with me. OK. I am listening. Victor: I understand you saw

my daughter at Ginaís. Did she offend you? Ashley: It has do with my plans.

I donít think you will find that interesting. Victoria's words rolled off my

back. Victor, I got the feeling there is more to this visit that you are

letting on. Want to talk?

AT Jabot, Victor tells Ashley: I understand that you saw my daughter at Gina

ís. Ashley: Oh, yeah, I definitely saw your daughter. Victor: The way you

said that, I hope she didnít offend you? Ashley: She doesnít like me very

much. You donít have to apologize for her. Victor: Do you mind telling me

what the topic of conversation was? Ashley: It was about my plans. I donít

think you would find that very interesting, frankly. Victor: I hope

whatever she said didnít upset you too much. Ashley: I learned a long time

ago to let Victoriaís barbs roll off my back. Victor: Well, that is all I

wanted to know. I should be going.

Ashley: Victor, I got the feeling that there was more to this visit than you

are letting on. Am I right about that? Victor: You think I am not being

straightforward with you? Ashley: Are you? Victor: Not entirely. I am a

bit confused. I keep on thinking about the last visit you paid me. You

seemed to have the same feeling now that I had then. There seemed to be more

to that visit. Some other reason why you came. Ashley: What gave you that

impression? Victor: There was a great warmth about you. Ashley: I was very

moved by the gift you sent. Victor: Is that all. I just canít get that

visit out of my mind, thatís all. You seemed so vulnerable then. Victor

steps up close to Ashley and stares into her eyes for a moment. Suddenly,

everything changed. As soon as I mentioned Diane, everything changed.

Ashley: Please, donít talk about Diane. Victor: Sorry. I regret mentioning

you and Diane Jenkins in the same breath. Ashley: And you feel so strongly

about what she has done. I understand that. Victor: And it has no bearing

on you. I feel that my attitude hurt you. Ashley: I was so moved by you

sending that gift. More than I could really express. Because you were

reaching out to me and my baby even after all that happened between us. That

was nice. Victor: Thatís all it was? Ashley: What else? Victor: And now

you are wearing the engagement ring. So, I guess it is official. Ashley:

But then you already knew that. At least thatís the impression Victoria

gave me? Victor: I was aware of the possibility. I guess now it has become

a reality. Ashley: And we are intending to be married - pretty soon.

Victor: You think that is a wise decision? Ashley: I think that is best for

me - and the baby if we have some stability. Victor answers softly:

Perhaps you are right. Good luck. Victor leaves. Ashley twists the ring

in her finger.

AT WGA, Billy sees Raul and walks over. I got hold of my mom, and it was

pretty intense. If I have any influence over my mother, sheíll stop trying

to hurt Mac. Raul: IF you have any influence. Thatís a big IF. Billy: You

werenít there. Iíve never been that steamed. Raul: Letís just hoped it

worked. Billy: I told her that if she even thinks about messing with Mac

again, she no longer has a son. Raul: Sounds like you really let her have

it. Billy: Iím just glad that you let me know what is going on. You,

looking out for Mac this way. Raul: Yeah, somebody needs to. Billy: Raul,

I donít need to be reminded about all the mistakes I made, OK. I am just

trying to say thanks. Raul: Save your breath. It was a one-time thing. Mac

and I are not back to where we were and we will probably never be. Doesnít

mean I want to see her hurt. Billy: I know how you feel about Mac. I could

also know she could use a friend about now. Raul: Donít give me any advise

about Mac. You caused this whole mess. You couldnít be satisfied with

Brittany so you had to go after Mackenzie, my girlfriend, or so I thought.

Did it ever occur what this would do to me? Did you even give a damn?

Billy: I told you before, it never was like that. Raul: To hell it wasnít!

Billy: If you would let me try to explain. Both turn to find Mac standing

by watching and listening.

Raul: I donít need an explanation. I know what happened. Billy: You are

talking like Mac was some sort of possession that I stole from you. Mac had

a part in this too, you know. We both had feelings for each other and it was

realized the night of the prom. Raul says with his mouth clenched: Youíd

better stop, man. I am warning you! Billy: We did everything we could to

fight this, I swear, because we didnít want to hurt you. Raul: Give me a

break, man. Like you care about me. Shut up! I canít deal with you right

now. I canít deal with any of this. Just get the hell out of my face. Billy

sadly leaves Raul to brood angrily.

Mac is standing next to Raul in the lockers. You and Billy were arguing

over there, werenít you? Raul: Yeah. So? Mac: I wish you wouldnít.

Raul: That back stabber is lucky I am even talking to him. You should

probably know. Billy talked to his mom. Trying his best to keep her off your

back. Mac: Knowing Jill, it is going in one ear and out the other. Raul:

Well, the way he tells it, he really let her have it. Mac: Man, I just

hate it what this is doing to everyone. It has destroyed so many

relationships. Raul: Well, maybe people should have thought about that

earlier. Mac is hurt. How did Billy know that Jill was threatening me

again? Raul: Because I told him. Mac: Why? Raul: Why do you think?

Because I thought he might be able to keep his mother under control.

Somebody has to. Mac: Actually, I am glad you told Billy. Jill is a loose

canon. Raul: No argument there. Mac: I appreciate it Raul, thanks. Raul:

It was nothing. Mac: I know that you are not in the mood to deal with Billy

and that you are still mad at me. And yet, you stuck your neck out to help

me. Raul: Forget about it. Mac: No, Raul. I am not going to forget about

it. Her eyes glisten with tears.

Raul slams his locker shut and asks: What is wrong? Mac: Itís you. You have

changed. Raul: So I am a little bitter. I will get over it. Mac: Will

you? Raul: It is not your problem. Mac: This whole thing has really done a

number on you, hasnít it? You used to be so open and happy all the time.

Now, you are always guarded and defensive. Raul: Well, I guess thatís what

happens when you grow up. I just wishÖ he moves his hands towards hers.

Mac: What? Raul: Nothing! He backs off. Mac looks back at him hopefully.

AT Crimson Lights, Brittany sits down and J.T. soon joins her. J.T.: Are

you ready? Britt: What for? J.T.: To thank me, of course. Because I did

what you wanted and couldnít because you didnít want to get your hands

dirty. Britt: What are you talking about? J.T.: I dropped the bomb on

Mrs. Abbott. I told her all about Billy and Macís sneaky little summer

romance (laughs). Britt: You did what?? J.T.: Hey, chill. You should be

thrilled. I stuck it at Billy for you. Britt: Why canít you just stay out

of it. Donít you have anything better to do than cause me grief? J.T.:

Save it Britt. I finally get it. No matter what you say, you still care

about those losers, most of all, Abbott. It ticks me off. Youíve been

stringing me along, letting me think we could be together after you get

through dealing with Billy. Thatís not gonna happen is it? Britt: J.T. I

never led you on. You only saw what you wanted to see. J.T.: Yeah? What

about that time back in July? Britt: Shut Up! J.T.: You donít want to

think about that?. Youíd rather think about that night when you manipulated

Billy into bed. You told me it was all part of a plan to burn the guy. You

know what Britt? Itís really getting old.

Brittany glowers as she sits alone at the coffee house. Her thoughts go back

to the conversation she had with Billy when he attempts to understand why he

couldnít remember making love to her. Her words - that she gave herself to

him and that he was loving every moment of it - her indignation and hurt

about the games he was playing trying to dump her - her feeling like a

tramp, just somebody you can have sex with. She is jolted back to the

present and sees Billy at the coffee house. Billy! she calls out. Were you

planning on ignoring me? Billy: I didnítí think you wanted to talk to me.

Brett: Iíve got some bad news. I talked to J.T. Billy: Yeah, he told my

mother. Britt: You OK? You donít look very good. Billy: I just had a huge

fight with my mother and it got pretty ugly. I told her off. She thinks she

can control my life. Iím not going to take it anymore. I wish I had never

come back here for New York. Itís been a disaster from day one. Still, I

wish none of this would ever have happened. Poor Mac. She doesnít deserve

the hassling from my mom. But thank you, Brittany, for keeping quiet like I

asked. Britt: When you heard our mother knew, did you think I was the one

who told her. You did, didnít you? You thought I blew the whistle.

Britt: By the look on your face is all the answer I need. It hurts me to

know that you didnít trust me. Billy: If it helps, I was relieved to know

that you werenít the one. I shouldnít have been surprised it was J.T.

Britt: You were worried I would try to pay you back, even though I promised

you I wouldnít. Billy: I guess! Britt: Didnít you know I wouldnít betray

you? Billy: I know that now. Britt: I guess one of the reasons why I didní

t tell your mom anything was because there is still a part of me that still

cares about you. I didnít want to cause you any more pain. Billy: I

appreciate that more than you will ever know. Britt: You seem so alone

these days. Billy: I feel that way. It is nice knowing there is still

someone out there still willing to give me another chance. God knows you

have every reason to be angry with me. With that, Billy gives Britt a pat

on her hand. Iíve burned a lot of bridges. Pretty much all of them.

Brittany caresses Billyís hands in sympathy. J.T. sees this: All right!

That does it!

AT Crimson Lights, Nina asks Cody, if he had seen Tomas. We had an

appointment. Cody suggests that she call him by cell phone, and she

promptly does so, even though she had already called ten times before. She

is surprised to finally reach him. Tomas? Hi, itís me. Tomas: Something

wrong? Nina: I am worried about you. Tomas: Donít be. You have nothing to

worry about, Nina. Youíve got the world on the string. Tomas hangs up.

AT Christineís office, Nina enters quietly. I was just over at Tomasí

apartment. He wasnít there. No note, nothing. I tried to reach him on the

cell phone. He was so cold and distant. Before I could find out what was

wrong, he cut me off Ė he hung up on me! Christine asks her to talk about

it. Nina: Remember I told you the other day that he was depressed.

Christine: You told me he was frustrated with his writing. Nina: What I

didnít tell you that he was passed out drunk. Things knocked over, papers

everywhere. He really trashed the place. Chris: Didnít you also tell me

that he apologized? Nina: Yeah, I accepted but I canít find him. Chris:

And you immediately assume the worst? Nina: That he is drinking? Of course!

Chris: Just because a man sounds preoccupied and distant on the phone,

doesnít mean he is drinking. Nina: I found an empty whiskey bottle at his

apartment just now. I think I am to blame.

Chris: Why on earth would you be to blame for Tomasí problems? Nina: I have

been so full of myself lately. Overconfident. Chris: And you deserve to be.

Finishing a book is a major accomplishment. Nina: It doesnít give me the

right to walk around like Iíve written the Great American Novel. Especially

since the man I am in love with is having such a hard time at it. Chris:

There is no way you could have known. Nina: I could have seen some warning

sign. I could have stopped it. Chris: You are so unfair to yourself. You

have developed confidence. You earned it and you are still the warm,

compassionate person youíve always been. And I refuse to let you take the

blame for Tomasí momentary weakness. He is lucky to have you. Someone who

cares so much about him. I hope he can realize that. You are not his mother.

He is a big boy. Heíll get through it. This is not your fault. Nina: Maybe

I am over reacting. It is just that the man I spoke with on the phone wasní

t the same Tomas that I know. Chris: Well, drinking does that to people.

Nina: In his state of mind, I would hate to say what I think might happen.

AT NYC, Hugh Abernathy finds Tomas in his office holding a drink in his

hand: I thought Iíd find myself here Ė the scene of my triumphs. Tomas

waves his arms about the room. Go easy on that stuff, Hugh warns him.

Tomas: I was looking for my muse at the bottom of the bottle, but what I did

find was the truth. And the anesthetic that makes the truth bearable. I see

myself in this situation and it is very clear. And I guess that is why I am

here. Iíve come to share what Iíve come to realize with you.

Tomas: After all youíve done for me over the years, Hugh, you deserve the

truth. The creative pump, as you call it, is not working, because Ė the

pump has run dry! Tomas is mockingly Hugh drunkenly. Hugh: The only

thing you have to fear, is fear itself. Tomas bursts out laughing out loud.

Can I use that? What Iíve come to realize, which is sad, but true, is the

light is out for good and to think any different would be to delude myself.

Hugh: How did you come to this realization? From the bottle? Tomas: Not

entirely. I read something earlier. Final chapters of a novel by someone

else and there they were good. And it grabbed you in the gut. Tomas shouts:

And I was jealous. Because I hadnít written it myself! Hugh: You are being

rather melodramatic here, arenít. If you sober up you might realize that the

answers found in the bottle are not necessarily the right ones. Tomas:

Nevertheless, I canít prolong this. Iíve been waiting a year. I cannot wait

another moment. Hugh: What are you are talking? This is nonsense. Tomas: I

mean it. No matter what it costs. I have to do this.

Victor is alone brooding in his penthouse and Nikki slowly creeps inside.

She calls out Victorís name. Victor: What are you doing here. How did you

get in? Nikki: You left the door ajar. Victor: I did? Any news about

Cassie? Why did you come by to see me? I donít really know I guess. It

must be about Cassie. I am just so worried about her. I am really feeling

down and I thought you would be too. I guess that is why I am here.