Thursday Update 10/19/00


Young and the Restless Thursday, October 19, 2000--Canada; or Friday, October 20, 2000--USA 

By  Linda K.  

At Ginaís, Victoria stands near Ashley and Oliviaís table, gloating.  I should have put you through to my father.  He would have congratulated you as well.  Yup.  He seems to know about you and Bradley.  The good news is out.  Are you surprised?  Olivia:  What possible enjoyment could you possibly be deriving from all this?  Victoria: You wouldnít understand, Doc.  Olivia:  Maybe you should just leave.  Victoria:  Oh, I will, in a moment.  I was just really hoping to understand.  Were you expecting my father to ride in and rescue you and claim you as his own?  In fact, he hasnít even called you.  You are not disappointed about that are you? (laughs).  Ashley:  No, actually Iím not.  I am surprised that both of you know.  How did you find out?  Victoria:  My mother told us.  Victoria:  You know how good news travels fast especially when the bride-to-be is as pregnant as you are (looks disdainfully down at Ashleyís belly which Ashley pats affectionately).  You really kept the Genoa City grapevine buzzing.  Being pregnant by this strange man and Brad Carlton decided to marry you anyway.  It is perfect.  Ash:  It Ďisí perfect.  Are you done?  Victoria's voice is dripping with sarcasm and scorn:  Almost.  Actually I wanted to thank you for leaving my father alone.  I was getting a little worried that you would be weaseling your way back into his life (rolling her eyes and pursing her lips).  Thank God, that is not going to happen.  Have a nice breakfast.  She walks way with Olivia and Ashley shaking their heads in wonder.

Unbelievable, is what Olivia is describing Victoria's antics, all which seems to have rolled off Ashleyís back.  Olivia wonders if Ashley was disappointed to know that Victor had heard about her engagement and didnít do anything about it.  Ashley admits that she wonders what Victorís true reaction would be.  She is naturally curious, given their past history, but isnít attaching any significance to it.  As far as his lack of interest in her engagement goes, he seems to have moved on with his life, as has she, as it should be, and she is fine with it.  Olivia doubts her sincerity. 

At the Newman Ranch, Victor mentions that Victoria sounded distracted.  Maybe you caught her in the middle of something, Nikki said.  The couple wait in silence waiting for Victoria.  Nikki steals occasional glances at Victor who is quietly reading a book. Victor: Something on your mind?  Nikki: No, what do you mean?  Victor peers at Nikki and removes his glasses sheepishly:  Because you keep looking at me.  Something on your mind?  At that moment, Victoria enters the house and Victor tells her the news about Cassie.  Oh my God, she may have tuberculosis? Victoria asks with a note of disgust.  They need all the support they can get right now, Nikki tells her.  Victoria:  Maybe I should move back here for a while, what do you think?  Nikki:  Your father has decided to do the same thing. Iím glad you had the same instinct.  Victorís phone rings and he excuses himself to answer it in private.

Nikki:  Is everything OK with you?  Your father felt you were distracted earlier.  Victoria: I was standing right next to Ashley.  I congratulated her on her engagement.  Nikki:  So, it is official.  Victoria:  I donít remember seeing a ring on her finger, but she did not deny it.  I am thrilled that Ashley and Brad are getting married and that dad is over her once and for all! Nikki:  Iím not sure that your father is completely over Ashley.  Victoria:  If dad would want anything to do with her, he would have moved into action the moment he heard.  Nikki:  You didnít see his reaction when I gave him the news.  Maybe his plate was too full, with work - this situation with Cassie.  Victoria, sarcastically:  I canít imagine that he would want anything to do with her especially now that she is back with Brad.  Nikki:  Oh?  What does that mean, that once Brad is with a woman she is Ďdamaged goodsí?  Victoria:  I didnít mean it that way.  Oh, letís not get sidetracked, all right?  Nikki:  Where Ashley and your father are concerned, I learned the hard way, nothing is certain.  Victoria:  Arenít you the least bit curious?  Nikki: About what?  Victoria: Ashleyís reaction when I told her dad knew that she was engaged?

Victor walks down the stairs and stops to listen carefully, hearing Victoria say that Ashley tried hard to cover up her reaction, but she seemed to be disappointed; that she hopes Brad can distract Ashley enough to drive away any foolish fantasies she still may have for her dad.  Victoriaís attention has drifted off to her brotherís car approaching his driveway.  Victor sadly leans his head against the stair wall. 

Nikki enters the living room finding Victor getting set to leave.  There was somebody he needed to see.  Not the business associate, but someone else.  Nikki:  By the way, you were right about Victoria being distracted earlier, because she had just run into Ashley.  Victor pauses for a moment, looking up at Nikki:  Why are you bringing that up now?  Nikki:  I just wanted you to know what was going on with your daughter.  Victor:  If there is any news about Cassie, kindly let me know.  Iíll see you later, he tells her gently.

At Crimson Lights, Cassie is amazed that Noah didnít cry at the doctor's office.  Sharon rewards him with a chocolate brownie.  Nick says to little Noah: Thatís because your sister was there to hold your hand.  It made it a lot less scarey, didnít it buddy?  Yeah, Noah answers.  Sharon asks if Cassie wants anything to eat.  She shakes her head.  Nick walks up to Cody.  He talks about making changes.  Carter is eavesdropping and peering around for clues to what may be going on.  Nick tells Cody he needs him to cover for him due to his family situation.

At the Chancellor Mansion, Kay leans over Jill Abbott who lies crumpled on the floor. Dear God in Heavens, Katherine, what have you done!  Kay gently shakes her. Jill?  Can you hear me?  It would be just like you to die in the middle of my living room.  A groan is comes out of Jill.  Thank God!  As happy as I would be to dance at your funeral.  I will.  Someday, I will.  Jill is coming to, but not without a great deal of pain and agony.  Kay pours a pitcher of water over her.  Jill is now fully conscious and very angry.  What the hell are you doing?  Kay:  More water?  Kay tells her that she fell and hit her head on something.  Jill:  You liar!  You did this.  You cracked me over the head with something.  You tried to kill me, you stupid old cow.  Jill is frightened and gasps with fear.  Kay leans over her still holding the empty water pitcher in her raised hand.

Jill:  I donít believe this!  You hit me with something.  You tried to murder me.  Kay puts down the pitcher:  Oh, trust me.  If I wanted to kill you, I would have.  Jill: I am calling the police!  Iím having you arrested.  Kay:  Donít try to threaten me, and donít threaten Mackenzie ever again.  Jill:  Donít make me gag.  You keep my granddaughter away from my son.  Kay:  You are so full of bitterness.  You are so out of touch with that young girl you once were.  Who was so much in love with my husband that you stole him from me.  Why canít you remember how it felt to be young and in love.  Jill: I remember everyday of my life.  I remember pain and heartache and you caused it and I wonít forgive you for it. 

The women begin shouting.  Kay:  Live is not just sunshine and roses!  Pain is a part of growing up.  Jill is suffering from an excruciating headache, but Kay keeps shouting.   Kay: Your son needs a mother who is going to listen to him and see what he is going through and not punish him for what he feels or for the girl he loves.  Jill:  What do either of those kids know about love?  Kay:  Probably a hell of a lot more than you or I do.  Jill:  You are pathetic and so is your granddaughter.  If she thinks she is going to get her hooks into my son.  That was the last straw.  The yelling escalates and Katherine charges at Jill shaking her fist! 

The front door slams.  Jill throws Kay down the couch.  Billy bursts through the room and separates the two angry women.  He shouts at them to stop.  Kay:  All right.  Take care of your mother.  I have had enough.  Of both of you!  Billy looks disgusted at his mother.  Her hair and clothing are frumpy and wet.  And she continues to rant and rave that Kay was dangerous.  She insulted her.  She hit her over the head with a cut vase.  Jill stares at her son:  What are you looking at me like that for?  Billy: I think you know.  Jill:  Oh, little Mackenzie probably came running to you for help.  Billy: I havenít talked to Mackenzie, but I hear you did.  Jill: I talked with J.T.  He told me you were lying and sneaking around with her all summer.   How could you do that to me?  I didnít raise you this way.  Lying to me.  I am your mother.  Billy: I didnít lie to you.  I just didnít tell you what was going on.  Why should I anyway?  This is none of your business.  Jill:  None of my business?  My teenage son is running around with some little tramp while he uses some lovely girl like Brittany.  That is wrong and I did not raise you that way.  Billy is fighting very hard to control his anger.

Billy:  Donít you ever call Mac a tramp.  She is a good decent person!  Jill:  Trust me.  She doesnít know the meaning of the word.  Billy points his fingers at Jillís face:  I mean it.  Back off!  You have no right coming down on Mac or me after what youíve done.  You arenít going to deny that you havenít threatened her.  Jill: When somebody has done something wrong, particularly when it affects with your adolescent son you show them that there are consequences.  Billy:  Is that what you call it?  Threatening to tell Macís mom where she is?  I know that is what you did.  Which is the most disgusting thing I can think of.  My own mom stooping that low!  Jill:  Donít you ever talk to me that way ever again.  As far as me letting Macís mother know where she is, I would hope Ė expect that any adult would let me know if my child ran away.  Billy:  You honestly think Macís mom is all broken up about where her daughter is?  Come on, that is not your reason. You are trying to frighten Mac away.  Jill: You think you know so much!  You donít know everything.  And you certainly donít know the kind of girl Mac is. 

Billy yells:  What Kind?  Will you listen to yourself?  Jill:  She is just using you.  Why canít you see it?  Billy screams:  Stop this!  I am not listening to this!  You donít know Mac or me.  Since the day I found out what you were doing, I have not been able to be trust myself around you.  I knew you were out of control, but I was hoping you were not capable of doing such horrible, vindictive things!  But you are! Jill beseeches her son:  I am trying to protect you!  Billy screams:  I donít need your protection, mom!  No thank you!  All I want to date a beautiful, sweet girl who wouldnít hurt a fly.  Maybe it is because you hate her grandmother.  But if you care anything about me.  Jill:  You are my son. I love you!  Billy:  Is that why you are so determined to ruin my life?  By ruining Macís life?  Because that is what you are doing by being manipulative and dishonest.  Jill laughs:  Obviously spending all this time with her has affected you or you wouldnít be talking this way.  My case is proved.  Mac has turned you against me.  Billy: You are so wrong.  If you do anything to hurt Mac, I will never speak to you again.  I wonít have a mother anymore and you wonít have a son.  Billy walks out of the house leaving Jill heartbroken with tears falling down her face. 

Nina is visiting Christine at the firm.  She is rejoicing that she has finished her book.  She wrapped up the last chapters but it is not ready to go to the publishers.  She dropped off the pages with Tomas last night and he should be reading it as they speak.  Christine: You are going to get a response today?  And why wouldnít it be positive?  You are pleased with it arenít you?  Nina:  Yeah, the words and emotions came out of me so fast and furiously.  It was like I wasnít even writing it.  It was really amazing getting to this point, especially after everything I went through to get to this book.   Chris is delighted to see the change over Nina and how confident she looks.

Meanwhile, at Tomasí apartment, Tomas is in mental anguish pouring through manuscript.   My God, look at what youíve done.  What youíve created!  He peers at the bottle of whisky in front of him, but picks up the cup of coffee instead.  He resumes his reading.  Tomasí nerves seem to be crawling.  Finally he pours himself a drink and downs it in one rapid swallow, his mood progressing into darkness and torment.  He sits down again, and pours another glassful. 

Ninaís cell rings.  Tomas: I read your pages.  Nina:  You think they are good?  Tomas:  No. They are wonderful.  Nina:  Thank you so much.  They would not have existed if it hadnít been for that last session.  Nina is beaming with joy.  Tomas: This went beyond that.  The emotions just grabbed you in the gut.  This is just first rate.  Nina: I am sure there is still room for the notes. If I come there in an hour will you still be there? 

Tomas says to himself:  Such wonderful work!  He slams down the pages on the table and pours yet another drink and toasts to his career.  He will never, ever be able to write something this great again.  Tomas grimaces with pain as he swallows another glass of whiskey.

Christine: I take his response is positive?  Is something wrong?   Nina tells her how rough Tomas had once been because his writing wasnít going well.  He lashed out at her and said some awful things, but of course she forgave him after he apologized profusely.  I have never seen it before or seen it since.  I am so excited to get my hands on those notes and send it off to the publishers and start on my next project.  Which is? Christine asks.  Nina: Tomas. I am going to concentrate all my time and energy on getting him back on the right track.  As wonderful as it has been writing this book, the best part of this year is getting close to Tomas.  I am so grateful to have him as part of my life. Chris:  I am sure he feels the same way about you.  Nina leaves Christineís office to visit Tomas.

Nina knocks on Tomasí door.  No answer.  She calls out his name.  No reply.  She fumbles through her purse for keys to his door. She enters his apartment and looks for him.  His apartment is silent.  She walks inside and finds her manuscript and sits down on the couch.  She then sees an empty bottle of whisky on the floor.  A horrible feeling has come over her. She picks it up and gasps!  Oh Tomas, no!

Victoria visits her brother at his home.  She is so sorry to hear the news about Cassie and tells him that she is moving back to the main house.  They are all there for him.  Nick tells her this was not necessary.   When Cassie comes down, Victoria immediately embraces her as if she were a long-lost niece. Cassie tells her about her book report.  They walk hand-in-hand to Cassieís room.  Nick and Sharon smile.  Wow.  That was really nice of your sister.  Nick tells her she did more than that.  She has moved back into the main house just like dad, so the family can be together.  Sharon tells him she hopes this will not be necessary for long.

Sharon is looking at the book to learn more about tuberculosis.  Nick tries to take the book away from Sharon.  He is afraid she might become obsessed over the disease.  Dr. Hudson says Cassie will probably be in good shape if she doesnít cough, show weight loss or lethargy.  I just want to look out for any other symptoms we should be looking for, she tries to explain to him.  Cassie comes down and stays hidden on the stairs, listens to her parents discussing her possible illness.  Nick tells Sharon that Cassie is scared.  We all are.  We havenít heard any coughing whatsoever.   Cassie tenses up as she listens.  Sharon agrees.  Cassie hasnít shown any symptoms.  Letís hope it stays that way.

Victoria tells her brother that Cassieís report is masterful and she is a perfectionist.  Thatís our daughter, Nick  proudly tells her.  Victoria tells him he should call her if he needs anything, but she has to go back to the office.  Sharon thanks her for her support and embraces her.  Victoria leaves and when they are alone, Sharon tells Nick that his family is so supportive.  Well, we love Cassie a lot.  Both parents are worried.  Cassie happily writes at her desk.  She suppresses a cough.  In a moment she is stricken with coughs and grows fearful.

Ashley sits silently in her chair, daydreaming.  Brad walks in quietly and sneaks a kiss on her cheek.  Ashley wished he had stayed with them at Ginaís.  She tells him about her experience with Victoria, that she can be a very cruel person sometimes.  Did she pour coffee over your head? Brad asks.  Ashley:  Pretty darn close.  Ashley is disturbed and Brad seems helpless for the moment.  Brad:  Iím sorry I wasnít there with you when you had to deal with Victoria.  Speaking of happy reactions, your brother knows we are official.  Donít worry, no blood was shed.  Just a few tears.  You know how your brother is when he doesnít get his way.  Ashley:  I should have told him.  It would have gone better.  Brad:  I didnít exactly tell him.  I was on the phone when he heard me refer to my 'fiancť' and he was off to the races. 

Ashley:  Who were you talking to?  The attorney who is not on our staff?  Brad: I know you are going to be upset with me, but I felt I should get legal advice concerning our earlier conversation.  Ashley:  You are still on this kick about the natural father signing off some document so he wonít be involved with my childís life?  Brad:  I know you donít want to address it and ultimately it is your decision.  Ashley:  It IS my decision and I wish you would drop it, frankly.  Brad:  I had to follow through my own instincts.  My attorney thought we should protect ourselves in this situation.  Ash: That is his opinion and I have my opinion and mine in the only one which matters here.  I donít want to pursue this Brad.  Brad:  I thought that would be your reacion, but I just thought we should get a legal opinion.  Ashley grows emphatic:  This isnít a legal issue with me.  It is a very, very personal one and I really donítí want to talk about it anymore, OK?

Brad:  Ash before you hand me my head, please hear me out.  After my conversation with my attorney, another thought came to me.  One which makes me feel a lot better.  Ashley grows angry:  Iím glad something makes you feel better, Brad.  Brad:  Just listen to me!  Give me a second here.  If we are married, before the baby is born, there is a strong presumption that the child will be mine.  We are a family.  Any problems which may occur in the future, we will deal with them together.  Thatís what I want.  From the moment the child is born, I want to be there.  You are a month away from giving birth.  Letís get married before then.

Ashley stands by the window, looking out.  When she  turns around, she find Victor standing at the door.  Hi.  What are you doing here?  Victor:  I want to see you.  Ash:  Why?  Victor:  There is something I want to discuss with you.  Ash:  Yeah? What is it.  He looks at her finger and draws in a deep breath.  Are you in here to congratulate me?  Victorís expression is pain.