Wednesday Update 10/18/00


Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, October 18, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, October 19, 2000--USA   

By Linda K.   

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine is pouring the potpourri into her expensive crystal and savors its sweet scent. Mac comes downstairs and is in a great mood. Kay tells her Raul had called earlier to check up on her. Mac is in a cloud about how wonderful Raul has been, even after everything she had put him though.  And her grandmother was very sweet too.  Kay assures that she and her father were so happy that she came to them about her problem.  She called Paul Williams to put her mind at ease.  They will be informed of any kind of move from her stepfather and mother.  Mac expresses her appreciation.  Mac mentions becoming eighteen in a year and a half.  I will finally be safe. My mom canít ever get to me again.  Kay says silently:  Dear God in heaven how I detest Jill Abbott.  (Aloud) Donít you realize she is forcing you to wish the years away?  It is so outrageous what that monster has done to you!  Jill Abbott makes her entrance and says graciously ďGood-morning.Ē   It is obviously I am interrupting here so I am going to take my coffee elsewhere.  Oh, before I go, do you think we could spring up the heat around here?  I am absolutely freezing.  Kay: Oh, I will turn up the heat all right. Mac is holding Kayís shoulders.

Jill:  Oh dear, I know that glare.  Obviously, Mackenzie has been sharing her version of events, huh?  She wouldnít know the truth if it bit her.  She has been living a lie all summer.  Kay: Only because you forced her into it.  Jill laughs out loud:  Give me a break!  She loved every minute of it.  To Mac:  Sneaking around would have been terribly exciting, didnít it?   Kay:  For you to attack Mackenzie when you lied to me about that detective.  Jill:  I did not!  I hired him to find her birth records.  Mac:  But even when you found out that I was who I said I really was, you told my dad and my grandmother that youíd leave me alone.  But you came after me that same day again.  Talk about being a liar, Jill!  Jill mocks her:  Aw, looking at you standing up for yourself.  Feeling all brave behind your grandma?   Kay warns Jill to think twice before carrying out her threats to her granddaughter.  Jill: You know what? Youíve made my coffee cold.  Iím going to get some more.  Kay tries to suppress her rage.  Mac: Grandma, what have we done?

Kay:  Please donít worry about Jill.  I know she wonít try anything but if she does, (Kay laughs) Oh my God, she will rue the day.  She hugs Mac.  Havenít you had your share of Jillís venom for one day?  Mac is growing concerned for her grandmother:  I am not going to leave you here with her.  Kay:  Oh, please, I have survived many a year in that womanís company.  All the things she has done to me.  I can handle her.  But to torment my only grand daughter.  I will not tolerate that.  Mac: You are still stressed out.  It is worrying me. Maybe you can come with me. Anywhere at least until sheís gone.  Kay laughs: On her broomstick?  Mac: How can you make jokes when sheís upset you so much.  Kay:  Everything is going to be fine.  We are all behind you.  I will see to it Ė personally!  They both strongly embrace until Mac leaves.

At the Abbottís, Billy is astounded:  Ashley and Brad are engaged?  Are you sure?  Jack says he walked in on them with Brad holding the ring. He is hoping against hope that Ashley turned him down.  Billy: How are you going to find out?  Jack: Going to the happy couple themselves is pointless.  The fact that you didnít know about it is a good sign. Perhaps she has come to her senses and told that clown to take his Cracker Jack prize and get the hell out of here.  Billy: Wow! Engaged, huh?  I didnít even know they were dating.  Is it possible that he is theÖ   Jack: No! That he is the father of the baby?  No way!  I happen to know he was in Venice with one of his other conquests when our sister got pregnant.  Oh, Lord.  If you are up there, please, please, donít let Ashley go through with this.  Donít let her make the biggest mistake of her life. 

Billy asks: This has got you really worried, huh?  Jack:  Carlton is nothing but trouble.  Enough doom and gloom.  What is going on with you?  Billy: Things are still really bad.  Jack:  Listen. You are going to hear about this sooner or later.  I might as well tell you.  I had Brittany stop by my office last week to see if her story was watertight.  Billy:  Funny you should say that.  That is incredible.  Mom talked to her too and couldnít get anything out of her.  How about you?   Jack:  I can see what you mean that she can be very convincing.  Still we canít go on that.  There is every possibility that she is lying about what happened in the pool house that night. Billy: Thanks Jack.  I know you are only trying to help.  Jack:  But you just as soon I not try anymore.  Is that it?  Billy: Obviously is.  I screwed up royally.  The only way this whole year wonít be down the toilet is if I can try to figure out a way to fix the damages I caused.  Even that is a long shot.  Jack: Arenít you being hard on yourself?  Billy: I am only being realistic, Jack.

The door knocks.  Hey, Raul!!  Jack greets him enthusiastically:  Well, come in Raul!  How are things at school these days?  Jack leaves the two young men alone.  Billy gets up and offers Raul some breakfast.  Raul:  I am not here to socialize.  Iím here about Mac.  She is in trouble.  The worst kind. Your mom found out about everything.  That you and Mac were together all summer.  Billy: Did Brittany tell her?  Raul:  The story is getting around.  Everybody knows.  It was bound to get one of you sooner or later, especially since she was watching Macís every move.   Billy: Mac. Does she know?  Raul: Oh yeah.  Billy: Is she OK?  Raul:  She didnít run.  I called earlier and checked in with her grandmother.  She and Mr. Reynolds know everything.  Mac told them what was going on last night.  They are standing by her.  Billy: Iím going to keep mom away from her.  Raul: Too late Billy. Your mom has already got to Mac.  She caught up with Mac at the coffee house yesterday and gave her all kinds of hell.

At Bradís, he and Ashley relax.  Brad:  Speaking of shouting from the roof tops. Ashley: Is that what we were doing?  Brad suggests making an announcement in the paper.  Ashley recommends telling the news to her family first.  Brad wants to mention the date of their happy occasion, but Ashley is jittery (happily) about setting it.  Brad is pensive.  Ash asks what is up, and Brad answers that, although he doesnít mean to get her upset, he would like them to get in touch with the babyís father. And consider taking some legal action.

Legal action?  Ashley asks. Where are you going with this?  Brad:  Apparently Christian is fine with you raising his child.  And he wants nothing to do with the childís future?  Great.  Have him put it in writing.  Signed and witnessed before the baby is born. I would feel a lot better knowing that, somewhere down the line, should he change his mind, he canít come after our kid.  This happens all the time.  Biological parents come out from the woodwork claiming they have rights.  We should protect ourselves from this possibility.  Ashley: No Brad.  I donít want any document Ė legal or otherwise connecting this father with my child.   Brad:  Ash, I think you are making a big mistake.  Ashley: This is what I want.  The babyís father will not be an issue.  I promise you that.  Olivia then calls from Ginaís and invites Ashley to join her for breakfast.  She has exciting news to tell her.  Ashley tells Brad she wants to share her own good news with Olivia (she flashes her diamond ring) and Bradley is invited to come along.  He reluctantly agrees.

At Ginaís, Ashley shows her ring to Olivia, who is stunned with surprise and happiness.  When did this happen? She asks.  Brad: I've been begging her for days.  Finally wore her down.  Olivia is honored to be the first to hear the news.  Carlton decides to take off Ė not wishing to cramp their style while they share their sorority-sister news.  Ashley asks where he is going.  Brad: To the office. See you later.   Ashley says that she had been hogging the spotlight too long.  It was Oliviaís turn to share good news.  Olivia:  It pales in comparison.  Reese called me last night.  I got the all-clear medically and I got the green light to  go  back to work tomorrow.  Ashley: Oh My God.  What do you mean this pales in comparison!  Thatís huge!  Olivia:  I gotta admit.  I am thrilled.  Sitting at home I thought I was going to go out of my mind.  Ashley:  This time you get to go back to the hospital as a doctor and not as a patient.  Because you are 100% well.  This is exciting.  Olivia:  Well, exciting is your news.  Now tell me.  Have you two set the date?  Ash: No. Brad doesnít want a really long engagement.  Olivia:  Thatís surprises me.  You know you really want to marry the man, and you are as pregnant as you are.  I thought you two would want to tie the knot before that baby came along. UnlessÖ  Ash: You think I am still carrying a torch for Victor, donít you.  Guess what?  Iím not going to deny it. I do still have feelings for Victor.  They are not completely gone. Are you satisfied?  Olivia asks with her teeth clenching:  Ashley!  You are wearing Bradís ring and you are still having feelings for Victor?  Ashley:  You are not the only person questioning that.  Olivia:  Brad knows?  Ash: I am not going to lie to him.  He still wants to marry me.  Brad has been amazing.  He is a wonderful man and I love him, too, or else I wouldnít have accepted this ring.  I know I made the right decision.  I was not always sure, but now I am.  Please be happy for me!  Ashley pleads with Olivia.

At Sharon and Nickís home, Cassie seems to be down on the dumps.  Nick offers to make her his famous scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Sharon tells him he has to go to Miguel to get some.  They were out.  Sharon comforts Cassie who has told her she could not go back to sleep after waking up early.

At the main house, Nikki is pleased to see her son and is consoles him in his troubles.  Nick asks for some eggs.  Oh, we have plenty of eggs she cheerfully tells him and they both head for the kitchen when Victor climbs down the stairs.  Nick tries to hide his surprise.  Vic:  I stayed in the guest room last night.  I am here for you and your family.  Youíre not surprised by this, are you?  Nick:  Actually, no.  Not really.  Itís times like this our family really rallies around.  It is what makes it so strong.   Nikki renews her offer to look after Noah.  I know Sharon needs a break now and then.  Nick thanks the both of them for their encouragement.  Victor wishes him good luck.  Nikki:  He is so strong, isnít he?  Victor:  Yes, he has to be.

Miguel offers to make a more substantial breakfast for the Newmans, but Nikki tells him they are both too upset.  Miguel tells her he has been praying for Cassie that this wonít be too serious.  Nikki softly thanks him.  Victor gets off the phone with Nancy Samuels, the infectious disease specialist and pediatrician from Northwestern University.  He is sending her a jet to assist Dr. Hudson.  Victor:  I just wish I could do more.  I think our boy is holding up well?  He looks at Nikki and she says:  It just pains me to see him going through this. How in the world could Cassie have been exposed to tuberculosis?   Victor:  After Nicholas told me, I did some reading.  This is the kind of disease that could remain dormant for several years after an infection.  Nikki:  She could have picked this up when she was living in Madison?  She was living under very different circumstances there.  Victor:  This does not only happen to people living under less fortunate circumstances.  Nikki:  Should we call Millie?  Victor:  We should consult with the doctor.  I thought Iíd stay here until the crisis is over.  Both agree to tell Victoria personally.  Victor pauses for a moment then tells Nikki: Sometimes I wonder.  Why it take a crisis in our family to bring us together?

Nick is telling silly Halloween jokes to Cassie, but it seems he is the only one amused by them.  The breakfast table appears to be cheery and pleasant.  Noah is having a ball.  When Nick asks Noah what a bird gives out at Christmas, Noah answers: Tweets!  Cassie hears Sharon murmuring to Nick that Noah will have to be tested - just as she had, and she is alarmed.  Noah might be sick?  I might have given it to him? It is all my fault!  Noah also seems alarm.  You two have to take the test too Ė because of me?  Nick and Sharon try to calm Cassie.  This is no big deal and it is not her fault.  They then prepare to take Noah to the doctor.  Cassie leans over to Noah and talks to him about his doctorís visit.  She tells Noah that he will get a toy for being brave Ė and that is the good part.

Tricia studies her face on the living room mirror.  She recalls Mattís kiss earlier, and then experiences a flashback of her kissing Tony at the Colonnade Room.  Ryan enters and notices the weird expression on her face.  Tricia walks up to Ryan and furiously kisses him.  Whatís going on?  Something happened?  he asks.  Tricia answers angrily:  Yes!  I kissed my husband.  You have a problem with that?  Ryan:  I didnít say it was a problem.  That kiss. What was it really about?  Tricia:  Ryan we are married.  Except for a few hugs, where I felt like your sister, you havenít touched me since Iíve been back.  Oh great, now you think I am lying.  Ryan:  I think you need to take a moment.  Yes, I am your husband.  I know what itís like kissing you.  And that was not like the kind of kissÖ Tricia interrupts:  Maybe I am a little rusty.  Wouldnít you be?  In fact, shouldnít you be?  Ryan:  This isnít the issue!  Tricia shouts:  Maybe it should be an issue!  If you werenít avoiding meÖ 

The doorbell rings.  Tricia is stunned to here Victoriaís voice.  She asks for her test market layouts for an 8 a.m. meeting.  Ryan had taken them out of her office yesterday and when Ryan goes to her room to retrieve them, Tricia confronts Victoria:  Is that the only reason you are here?  Victoria:  Yes.  What kind of question is that?  Tricia:  It is a tiny bit obviously, wouldnít you think?  Ryan re-enters the room.  Victoria to Ryan: Here we go again.  Your wife thinks I have an agenda where you are concerned.  Tricia:  Which Victoria completely denies but we all know better, donít we?  Tricia! Ryan warns.  Victoria leers:  Youíd better be careful, Tricia.  Youíre sounding a little paranoid.  Tricia:  You donít think I have a reason to?  I trust Ryan to tell the truth.  He admitted that you two were more than friends before I came back. (Ryan attempts to break in but Tricia continues) I believe you have gotten over any romantic feelings you had for your ex-wife.  But Victoria, you just havenít been able to let go, have you?  Ryan: Look, this has gotten way out of hand.  Victoria you should leave.  Victoria sneers:  Sure, no problems.  But if you are having any doubts, I rest my case (she gestures towards Tricia). 

After a while, Ryan avoids looking and speaking to Tricia.  Tricia:  Maybe I told more than I should have to Victoria?  Ryan:  Maybe?  Tricia:  How many times have you told me I should say what I feel?  Ryan:  There are limits.  Tricia:  Tell Victoria that.  I know you say that I shouldnít worry about our marriage, but that woman is a threat.  Ryan:  Remember what your focus is.  Tricia:  Myself and sorting out my problems. That is why I said what I did to her when she barged in and I feel a lot better after it got out.  Do you understand?  Tricia then puts on her coat and leaves for the store.  Ryan is agitated.  After a moment he calls Dr. Cooperís office.  He wants to talk about his wife and her therapy.

Victoria enters Gina's restaurant in a surly mood.  She spies Ashley and Olivia sitting in the corner.  She tells Gina that she has found something to cheer her up and saunters over to their table.  Ashley slides her ring finger below the table top.  Victoria: You know, Ashley, a little bird told me that you might be getting engaged with Brad. I want to be the first to congratulate you two, of course.  I canít think of any two people who deserve each other more.  Ashley acts nonchalant.  Victoria then receives a call on her cell.  It is from her father.  Victor asks her to come back to the ranch as soon as she is able. Victoria says loudly:  You are at mom's?  After hanging up she says:  Shoot!  I didnít know what I was thinking.  I should have put you on to my father.  I am sure he would have wanted to congratulate you as well.

At Jabot, Brad is interrupted on the phone with his attorney when Jack enters, hearing Brad speak of his 'fiancť'.  Jack:  Please tell me I heard wrong!  Brad:  You didnít.  Ashley accepted.  Jack:  Hormones have finally taken over her brain, huh?  Brad:  You can snort or paw the ground all you want, but this is a done deal.  I donít want you as a brother-in-law any more than you want me.  Jack sneers out loud:  Do me a favor!  Donít use the word Ďbrother-in-law' around me anymore.  Iím not too crazy about you being part of my family again.  Brad: Live with it! This is out of your hands.  And donít even think about making life miserable for your sister when she is a month away from giving birth.  Jack:  Donít tell me how to treat my sister!  Brad:  I will tell you what I damned well please. The time for fighting this is over.  Ashley and I are going to be married and I am going to be that babyís father.  Now all your sister wants is to be happy and peaceful.  I am going to make sure she is just that.  Which means I will not put up with your whining and provoking every step of the way.  If you canít be supportive, keep your mouth shut.  Jack: I will always be supportive of my sister, but as for you. Brad:  What?  Say it!  Come on Jack, say it!  Jack:  I am only going to say this once.  Do not, I repeat, do not mess with Ashley like you did with Tracey.  Youíd better come through for her, be the husband and father she needs, or you will have me to answer to.  Keep it clear.  I wonít be offering my congratulations.   I may be dropping by my sister to offer condolenses.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Jill returns when Kay is alone.  Jill:  I see little Mackenzie has trotted off to school.  Kay is sitting upright staring at Jill, twitching her fingers on her chair.  Jill notices Kayís demeanor.  You are not fazing me Katherine.  My case has been proved. Your precious granddaughter is untrustworthy.  She is totally unsuitable for my son.  She is a young girl on the make.  He is a boy from a good family.  Do I have to paint you a picture?  Kay: You must be thinking back to your own experience.  I know the kind of woman you are describing is certainly not Mac.  It is you!  Jill:  Look.  I am determined to protect my son.  You can criticize me all you want, but I have to know that if the tables were turned, you would be doing exactly the same thing.  Kay:  Oh, but the tables were turned and I did not harass Billy.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt for Mackenzieís sake. I showed incredible restraint because if anybody proved untrustworthy it was your son!  Look at his history.  He is the problem!  Jill looks horrified:  You are wrong.  Please open your eyes, old woman.  I donít know how she was brought up or how she was born, but Mackenzie is a bad seed!  Kay:  I will not tolerate that kind of talk in my home!  Jill:  This is my home too!  Now, get out of my face!  With that, Jill shoves Kay aside.  Kay picks up the large crystal vase and cracks it on the back of Jillís head.  After an expression of stark surprise, Jill weaves to the floor.  Kayís mouth falls wide open in shock.