Tuesday Update 10/17/00


Young and the Restless Tuesday, October 17, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, October 18, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Paulís Office  

Christine suggests speaking to Mary so she will understand why she made the decision to delay having a family. Paul doesnít think that is a good idea "what could you say?" She says she wants Mary to understand that she (Christine) is the "bad guy in this." He tells her she had to know there "would be consequences for your decision." Since she was the one "that changed her mind." Christine suggests taking dinner home, but Paul tells her he has a lot of work to do. She offers to have dinner there with him? He asks Lynn to join them. A little later, Lynn, Paul and Christine sit down to Chinese take out. Lynn manages to keep the conversation going about the date she was on and what a disaster it was. After a while, Lynn makes her excuses and leaves. Christine asks Paul if he will be long with his work? Clearly on edge, Paul says a few hours. She suggests staying and working there at the office with him? He says that he would interrupt any work she was doing. He tells her he has calls to make. Christine wonders what is going on, he doesn ít want to eat with her and he doesnít want her around. She asks him to talk to her about things? She thought they had come to an agreement on things? Paul admits he doesnít know where they stand any more. He says he canít pretend everything is ok when it clearly isnít. Christine kisses Paul and tells him she will wait up for him. She leaves, Paul is left frustrated. 

Baldwin/Williams Office  

Mary accuses Michael of being the cause of Christine decision not to have a child. Michael defends himself saying that Christine makes her own decisions and he could not manipulate her. Mary insists that Christine sees more of him than she does of her husband. Mary tells him to convince Christine not to miss out on a very important part of her life, having a family. Michael says he told Christine that having a family now would not be a good idea but ultimately the decision was hers and hers alone! Mary does not believe him saying he is a liar and is deceitful man. Suddenly Phyllis is in the doorway saying "oh dear, this is a bad time?" Mary wonders what she is doing there? Phyllis says "nice to see you too, Mrs. Williams." Phyllis tells Mary that she and Michael are friends. Mary warns Michael "there will be justice, maybe not in this lifetime." Mary walks out, clearly disgusted. Phyllis asks Michael what is going on? Michael tells her to forget about it, as it is not important. Phyllis wonít let it go and guesses it has something to do with Christine and perhaps her decision about a child? Phyllis warns Michael that he has feelings for Christine and he should just admit it. Michael denies it saying he is happy if Christine is happy in her marriage. He says his relationship with Christine is strictly business and there relationship is an intellectual one. He wonders if she has ever had a relationship with someone like that? Phyllis sarcastically remarks "yeah, my dentist." Michael wonders if she is jealous? Phyllis says she might be a little and wishes he would own up to his feelings. Phyllis tells Michael she canít stay but reminds Michael that he has enjoyed what he has with Christine and it will "all just disappear before you know it." 

Newman Ranch  

Victor arrives; Nikki is surprised to see him. He tells her about Cassie and her illness (tuberculosis). He says even though her lungs were clear they still have to wait to know for sure whether she is ill or not. Nikki canít believe it after everything Cassie has been through and she is worried about Sharon since her family has been through a lot too. Victor is proud of Nick for taking charge and helping Sharon and Cassie through everything. Nikki says they have to show Sharon, Nick and Cassie that they are there for them. Victor agrees completely since family means everything. Nick and Sharonís Nick has just come in from work. He asks Sharon how things are? She says Cassie is doing her homework and Noah is asleep. While they are talking, Cassie comes in. She asks Nick and Sharon why if her x ray is clear, she can ít go to school? Nick tells her that the doctor wants to be sure she is healthy before she is allowed to go back to school. He tells her she will have to go through some more tests and will have to do them over the next 3 days. After that, they have to wait about 4 days before we have the all clear on Cassie returning to school. There is a knock at the door. Nikki and Victor have come to see them. Cassie tells Nikki not to come near her, since she may be sick. Nikki says she isnít concerned and gives Cassie a bear hug. Nikki asks Cassie about what book she is reading? She tells them all about the book report she has to do for school on horses. She says since she came to live there and learned to ride horses she has been interested in them. She says she will give the report in front of her whole class, if she can get back to school. Victor tells her not to worry she will be back in school before she knows it. Cassie tells them they donít have to pretend for her sake, she knows they are worried because she is sick. Sharon tells her they donít know that for sure and that is what the tests are for. Cassie says she understands and says she is tired. She goes to bed. Victor tells Nick that they can rely on him and the rest of the family for support. He tells Sharon not to worry and that everyone is praying for them. Nick and Sharon thank them and then go to tuck Cassie in. Nikki, in tears, says that itís not fair after everything that Cassie has been through. Victor holds Nikki as she cries. 

Ryanís Apartment  

Phillip and Ryan come in. Phillip thanks him for picking him up from soccer practice. Phillip wonders if Tricia is home? Ryan calls Triciaís name but there is no answer. Ryan says he was hoping Tricia would join them for the movie. Phillip says they can wait for a while. Ryan asks about school? Phillip says it is ok. Ryan glances at his watch, wondering where Tricia is? Phillip knows that Ryan is worried about Tricia. Ryan thinks he is being very grown up. Phillip says he wishes things were different but they canít be, now that Tomas is in Ninaís life. Phillip asks Ryan if things are better between him and Tricia now? Ryan admits Tricia was gone a long time with things she was dealing with. He says she is still dealing with them and they are taking things one day at a time. 

Mattís Apartment  

Matt offers Tricia a glass of wine. He asks her to talk to him about what ever is bothering her? Tricia tells him about Ryanís ex wives always interfering in his life. She complains that Ryan had to go and pick up his son. She says that Ryan is a good father, she admits to trying to give him a child. Matt says he is sorry she lost the baby but tells her if they were married, she would be his #1 priority. Tricia says Ryanís life is complicated. Suddenly Matt kisses Tricia. She wonders why he did that? Matt apologizes for overstepping but she is beautiful and desirable woman. He tells her he thought she wanted him to kiss her? She says she has to get going and flees from the apartment. Matt picks up his glass and hurls it across the room. Once outside, Tricia looks confused and quickly flees the building Ryanís Apartment Ryan apologizes to Phillip about the movie. Phillip tells him not to worry. The door opens, Tricia comes in. Ryan wonders where she has been? She says she was at the bookstore and didnít think they would be here. Ryan asks her to go to the movie? She says she is tired and hopes they have a nice time. Ryan and Phillip head out. Tricia comes out from the bedroom and stares at herself in the mirror, thinking about Matt kissing her. She appears close to a breakdown. 

Bradís House  

Ashley asks Brad if it bothers him that she is pregnant with another manís child? Brad says he loves her child and feels like a father already. He admits he already is a father because of Colleen but he missed so much of her life. He tells her he wonít miss a moment of this childís life and will do everything for her and for the child. He asks her to close her eyes? She agrees and wonders whatís going on. Brad takes out catalogues and shows them to Ashley. He wants her to pick out a crib, wall paper everything they need for a nursery. Brad tells her they can convert the office into a nursery. He leans on Ashley and talks directly to the baby saying "do you hear all those plans for you." Brad tells Ashley he loves her and asks her to pick a day. She says for what? He tells her to pick a day so they can get married. He tells her he wants to start their new life together as soon as possible. Ashley tells him she is very happy and that he is an incredible man. She kisses him.