Monday Update 10/16/00


Young and the Restless Monday, October 16th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, October 17th, 2000--USA

by  Stephanie  

Bradís House  

Brad and Ashley arrive home. Ashley teases Brad about telling everyone their "big news." Brad admits it isnít every day a guy gets engaged. A little later, Ashley and Brad sit down to a romantic dinner for two. Brad thanks the catering staff telling them to give his compliments to the chef. Ashley wonders if they will be doing this every evening as she "could get used to it." Brad suggests they talk about details like who is going to handle the 2 am feedings? Ashley laughingly suggests she thought he would take a miss on the early morning feedings. Brad insists it will be a team effort. After dinner, Brad suggests dessert but Ashley declines, saying she is "stuffed" and the "little one is acting up." Brad suggests dancing to wear off some of that wonderful meal? Ashley happily accepts saying she feels "like a woman in your arms." Brad kisses Ashley. After dancing, Brad massages Ashleyís feet. She tells him how happy she is, he definitely knows how to treat a woman. She curls up in his arms. He tells her he loves her and canít wait until they are husband and wife. He kisses Ashley on the cheek. She appears content in his arms. 

Victorís Office 

Nick comes in. Victor wonders where he has been all day? He tells him that his work at the coffee house should not interfere with his work at Newman Enterprises. Nick apologizes for not telling him where he has been all day. Nick admits he has been to see a doctor. Victor wonders whatís wrong with him? Nick says he is fine but Cassie isnít. Victor asks if it is serious? Nick says they donít know yet they have had tests but keep having to have more. Victor asks whatís wrong with Cassie? Nick admits the doctor believes she may have tuberculosis. Victor is stunned and wonders where Cassie could have been exposed to TB? Nick says they are concentrating on treating her rather than worrying about where she got it. Victor continues to pepper Nick with questions about his doctor, how is Sharon coping with this news and lastly has he said anything to Nikki? Nick says that the doctor (Doctor Hudson) is very good, Sharon is coping as well as can be expected and they have not said anything to Nikki, as they wanted to wait until they knew anything for sure. Victor says that Dr Hudson is one of the best but says he will do anything he can to help Cassie, the best doctorís, finest medical services etc. Nick thanks him but doesnít want to upset Cassie more by handing her over to a new doctor. Nick says he will contact North Western University to find out about any experts in this field who may be able to help Doctor Hudson, should he need it. Victor tells Nick he is a wonderful father, and how someone really doesnít know what worry is until you have children. He says that you never stop worrying about them. Nick says it is just so frustrating waiting. Victor tells Nick that everything will work out and gives Nick a fatherly hug. 

Crimson Lights 

Carter asks Doris if there is anything else he can do for her? Doris thanks him saying Sharon and Cassie will be in soon. Doris is sure she remembers Carter from somewhere. Carter says he has "one of those faces." Carter tells her his shift is almost over but Cody will look after her. Cassie and Sharon come in. Cassie gives Doris a hug. Doris wonders why she wanted to meet here? Cassie tells her there was a power failure at their place and here they have candles. Cassie excitedly asks about her surprise? Doris suggests they have hot chocolate and then she will tell her everything. Sharon goes to the counter to get the drinks. Carter asks her about Cassie? Sharon says they donít have any final results yet. Carter tells her he is sorry (gently touches her arm.) He offers to wait around if she needs him? Sharon assures him they are fine. Carter says thatís ok, since he has a date. She tells him to have a nice time and goes to the table with drinks. Cassie realizes it is almost Halloween and wonders if that is what the surprise is? Doris shows Cassie the costume she has made for her. Cassie is so excited she wants to try it on. Sharon says itís ok. Cassie goes into the office. Sharon tells Doris that the doctor has not given them a final decision on Cassieís illness. She says they have more tests to take. Doris tells her that she must stay calm and up beat for Cassie. Sharon says she is trying and now with Halloween coming on, they are not sure Cassie will be able to go out for it. Doris says everything is in Godís hands now. Cassie returns dressed as Little Miss Muffet. Cassie thanks Doris for the costume and hugs her. Cody teases her about needing a tuffet. Cassie asks what that is? Doris says they will have to find out. Cassie hugs Sharon saying, "This will be the best Halloween ever." (Carter is staring at Sharon, Sharon feels uncomfortable with him staring at her.) 

Paulís Office 

Paul and Mary are talking. Paul tells his mother that there wonít be a baby for a while. Mary is surprised since they went to the clinic and can have a child. She wonders what the delay is? Paul admits Christine is having second thoughts about having a child. Paul tells her that Christine was relieved to learn she wasnít pregnant. Paul says Christine wants to wait because of her partnership with Michael Baldwin. Mary is upset by this and wants to talk to Christine. Paul asks her not to get in the middle of this saying this is a decision they have to make together. Paul asks Mary to promise she wonít interfere. 

Christineís Office

Michael tells Christine that she saved their client a lot of money in court today. He says she deserves to win one. Christine asks if he is talking about their conversation the other day? Michael apologizes if it seems like he is interfering. Christine says that she leaned on him and he is entitled to an update. She tells him things are better between them and they will work things out. She says she doesnít want to give him all the details about her personal life and that the discussion is now closed. Michael tells her he is happy for her. This surprises Christine, as he wasnít happy to learn of their decision to have a child. Michael says if she is happy in her marriage then she will also be happy at work. He says that is all that he is interested in "the success of the firm." He shows her the contract with all the changes she had suggested. Christine is surprised he has the contract ready so soon (for the client) She asks if she can take it with her? Michael agrees. Christine says she will surprise her husband with dinner at his office. Michael wishes her a pleasant evening and she leaves. Paulís Office Mary is about to answer Paulís question regarding her promise, when Christine comes in. After some polite chat about church business, Mary leaves. Christine asks Paul if he said anything to Mary? Paul says he told Mary it was a mutual decision and that he asked her not to interfere. Christine says thatís good because the last thing they need is Mary sticking her nose in. 

Newman Ranch

 Nikki arrives home and wonders why it is so cold? Victoria is there and Nikki is surprised to see her. Victoria tells her about the power failure and it will be awhile before the furnace warms things up. Nikki asks why she came over? Victoria tells her she came to get a few things. She tells Nikki that she will be staying at the apartment until Diane leaves. Victoria says that Victor has the situation under control but wants to be there to help if she can. She says she will leave when Diane does. She thinks Victor is ready to move on with his life. Nikki wonders if she means romantically? Victoria says not necessarily but just move on in general. Nikki says she told Victor the news about Brad and Ashley possibly being engaged. Victoria snidely remarks that those two can have each other. Nikki says she doesnít think Victor took it too well. Victoria wonders why her father would care, since he is over Ashley. Victoria accuses Nikki of only wanting the worst for Victor. Nikki says that isnít true she only has Victorís best interest at heart. Victoria apologizes. Nikki wonders why Victoria is so upset? She wonders if it has to do with Ryan? Victoria admits Tricia is still around. Nikki feels it was better that Tricia returned before Victoria had moved in. Victoria is sure that Ryan would not have asked her to leave. Nikki wonders how she can be so sure, with the state she is in? Victoria angrily replies that even though Nikki feels she (Victoria) is only thinking of herself, thatís not true. Victoria says she only wants what is best for Ryan and Tricia isnít it. She says she canít just sit back, watch Tricia work her way back into Ryanís life. She feels Tricia is a danger to herself and everyone around her. 

Mattís Apartment 

Matt arrives home carrying a bottle in a paper bag. He takes out two glasses and cleans them. He looks around and starts to clean up the clothes from the floor, makes the bed. He sets the bottle and two glasses on the table. He changes his clothes and then sits down and waits saying "Tricia, where are you?" 

Ginaís Restaurant 

Tricia is alone. Gina comes along and asks how her dinner went the other evening? Tricia says not very well as Ryan was home late from work. Gina tells her not to give up. Tricia, alone again, thinks back on her conversation with Matt, asking her to come over. Her cell phone rings. Ryan tells her his meeting wrapped early and suggests going out for dinner? Tricia says she is at Ginaís but hasnít ordered yet. Ryan says he will be right over. A little later, Ryan joins her and the two talk about her therapy, how well things are going for her. Ryan offers to come to another of her therapy sessions. His cell phone rings. Itís Nina calling to say she is finishing up her book and wonders if Ryan could spend some time with Phillip? Ryan agrees to take him out. After hanging up, Ryan suggests Tricia come with him on his evening out with Phillip? Tricia says no, they need some time alone together. Ryan heads out. Gina comes over and asks if things are ok? Tricia says that "ex-wife #2 called". Gina says that she is "the one he comes home to every night and shares his bed" "and that counts for a hell of a lot in my book." Gina wishes her luck and walks away. Tricia says "I am his wife but for how long." Tricia leaves suddenly 

Mattís Apartment 

Matt takes the bottle, opens it and takes a drink from it. He says "Tricia, I thought I had youÖI know you need me." He says he must be "losing his touch." He wonders if it is "the new look?" There is a knock at the door. Matt says, "Well, Tricia, I knew you would come." Matt picks up the glass and the bottle and opens the door. He asks her if she is ok? Tricia says she isnít sure. Matt invites her in, asking if she would like a drink? Tricia enters; Matt closes the door on Apartment # 4. 

Baldwin and Williamsí Attorney at Law 

Michael is getting ready to leave. Mary comes in and tells him she wants to talk to him. Michael says he is just leaving and wonders if it can wait? Mary says "Mr Baldwin, you have a lot to answer for." Michael stares at Mary, questioningly.