Friday Update 10/13/00


Young and the Restless Friday, October 13, 2000--Canada, or Monday October 16,  2000--USA  

By Linda K.

At Jabot, Brad presents Ashley with an engagement ring. His basketball-injured knee is about to give out and Ash helps bail him out. Ashley tells him she cannot keep the ring on her finger until she is fully committed to becoming his wife. She is not saying no, but neither is she saying yes. The ring is beautiful, but I cannot marry you in good conscious, Ash tells him. He asks her if it is about Victor. He noticed her reaction over his baby gift. It was more than just about a woman moved by his thoughtfulness. Ashley admits that the gift brought up feelings she thought she had already dealt with. Ashley also admits that she had paid a visit to Victor earlier to thank him. Brad: I think I need to know the odds between you and Victor. Ash: You make it sound like some romantic interlude. I just wanted to thank him for the gift. It was a kind gesture. The one thing I got from my conversation with Victor is that there is no future for Victor and me. Brad: You said that before. Ash: And I think I mean it this time. Brad: Part of me wants me to say, if you have even a hint of feelings for that man, I will back off. I canít say that because it isnít true. Victor Newman casts a long shadow. But that is not one that Brad Carlton is going to walk into. We are destined to be together. So, with Victor or without Victor, you are going to have to choose. I know the strength of your connection with Victor, but I also know the strength of my feelings for you. I want you to be my wife. I want to be the father to your baby. I want a future with you. Victor could never say these things to you and mean them the way I do. Brad takes Ashleyís hands and gently slides the diamond ring on her finger. They share a long kiss.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor is in deep thoughts and barely hears Neilís knock on his door. They discuss business Ė rising costs, lack of HMO for employees. Victor resents the fact that HMOs make it difficult for employeesí to collect medical coverage. Neil observes Victorís distraction. Victor: I donít like to discuss personal things with my employees, but Ashley came by to thank me for the gift I sent her. But I got the distinct impression that she came to see me for another reason. I canít put my finger on it. I was about to say something when she suddenly stopped. Ashley was very moved. Very touched by the gift. Neil suggests that perhaps the gift was a way for Ashley to reach out - to open that door again. It sounds as if she might be rethinking your relationship. Victor: I thought I completely shut the door on her. Put her out of my mind for good. Victor eventually closes discussion on personal matters. 

At Crimson Lights, J.T. presents his version of the truth to Mrs. Abbott. She cannot seem to to trust him. She is prepared to accept Brittanyís story about the break up with her son. But, J.T. adds, she did not tell you Ďwhyí they broke up. That, I will get from my son, Jill tells him. J.T.: You are not going to get squat from Billy. He is not going to say a word, Mrs. Abbott, because he knows you will freak if you knew. Jill: How do I know you donít have some axe to grind? J.T.: So what if I do? Why would I lie to you? You and I never had any problems. Jill: Except for a 911 call that was never made on freezing night last winter! J.T.: You donít trust me? I can live with that. See you around. Jill gives J.T. another chance. J.T. tells her Billy had been two timing Brittany all summer with Mackenzie Browning. Jill is astounded. She does not believe him. J.T.: Why would I make something like this up? Jill: I know you are no friend of Billyís. J.T.: And you are no friend of Mackenzieís. Jill: So, you are making this up to make trouble for them? Listen, T.J.! If this were true, Brittany would have told me! J.T.: Not necessarily. Billy hurt her really bad. All she has left is her pride. Jill: See Mackenzie right under my nose? I doubt it. J.T.: Donít believe me, Mrs. Abbott? Look around. You will see that I am right. Jill tells herself: No! Mackenzie, you would not be this stupid! 

At WGA, Mac and Brittany have a tense encounter at the locker. Mac attempts to apologize to her about her involvement with Billy during with the summer. Brittany is furious. She is very bitter and calls Mac a Ďconniving little bitchí. Mac: Well, youíre still bitter. Britt: Good guess! You had shown your true colors just as everyone suspected. When you were querying me about my relationship with Billy, you had the gall to say that I was lying! So I exaggerated a bit. I was wishful thinking. I wanted Billy to be with me all summer like he was with me that last night. You "Miss Honesty", "Miss Holier-than-Thou!" Youíre a hypocrite! What you did was ten times worse than what I did. Mac looks cornered and frightened. Mac: Well, I see that you are not in the mood to accept my apology. Maybe some other time. Britt: Wait. Donít you want to add something? I think you have an ulterior motive. Youíre scared that thereís going to be more fallout from what youíve done. Donít act dumb, Mackenzie. Youíre scared that Billyís mom will find out about you two. Mac: I am not going to discuss this with you. Britt: I would be scared too if I were you. Jill Abbott could drop a bomb on your whole little sordid affair - if she found out that is! Are you threatening me? Mac asks. Britt: Believe me if I were threatening you I would have every reason in the world to make good on that threat. It seems that Raul and me were the only ones suffering here. Why shouldnít you and Billy get burned? Brittany tells Mackenzie that she had spoken with Mrs. Abbott. That she had given her breakup with Billy as the cause for his being upset. She felt bad getting Mrs. Abbott in the middle of this. Mac tells Brittany she appreciates that she had not said anything about her involvement with Billy. Brittany tells her not to thank her yet. She is not convinced that she made the right decision. Mac turns around and nearly runs into Raul. He leans over the water fountain. Brittany walks up to Raul: So, we are companions in misery. Raul: Looks like. Britt: Mac just apologized. Not that it helps at this point. And Billy gave a lot of excuses. That there were reasons for him and Mac having to lie. Do you think that is true, that Mrs. Abbott is a big threat? You have no idea what this threat could be? You know something. You are not telling me. Raul slams his locker shut and tells her "later". 

Rianna finds Brittany at school. She still canít get over this whole thing and is beginning to feel guilty. All along you said Billy was up to something and I said you were just imagining things. I was wrong. Britt: Well, at least I enjoyed some of my summer. Fools paradise. Rianna: I thought you guys were so perfect for each other. I never expected Billy to have eyes for somebody else. You suspected it all along. If I listened to you then, I would have helped you figure it all out, before that last night when you guys were at the pool house together. I canít believe he would do that to you. Brittany: One thing I want to clear up. Billy said there were reasons why he and Mac had to sneak around. Some threat from his mom. It is something serious. I think Raul knows the whole story. Rianna, you are my best friend. Can you do me a favor? Talk to Raul. See if he can find out what this is all about. Rianna: Billy and Mac are about the two last people I want to talk to Raul about. If you were smart you would stay clear of them too. They messed with you big time. Why is this so important to you? Because you are still angry? Up until now you dealt with this really well. Donít get caught up in some revenge trip. Donít lower yourself down to their level. You have to let it go. Hang in there. Brittany to herself: There is no way I am letting this go. No way! 

At Ginaís restaurant, Jack is being coaxed into pasta or cappuccino Ė on the house Ė rather than turning to the bottle. Gina is relieved to find Nikki enter. Nikki tells Jack that she knows what is the cause of his despair. Jack: You do? Of course. Everyone knows before I know. Nikki: Itís Ashley, isnít it? She is back together with Victor. Jack: Where did you get that idea? I confess half of that is true. Nikki asks anxiously: Which half? Jack: The part is about Ashley. The other part isnít with Victor. Itís Brad! Jack picks up his cappuccino and grabs a table with Nikki following behind. He rants that Ashley and Brad are Ďthis closeí to being engaged. He is disappointed with his sister. He thought she was smarter Ė that she could have seen the fool for what he really was. They could be married by now - probably in Vegas. Nikki appears to be stunned by the news. Seeing Nikkiís reaction, Jack feels badly. It just occurred to him that not so long ago she and Bradley had been together. Nikki assures him it is OK. She and Brad were over a long time ago. Jack: listen. Earlier when I said this was about Ashley, you assumed it was also about Victor. You have reason to assume that this is a possibility? Nikki: With Victor, anything is possible. The other day I went over to see Victor and he sent Ashley a baby gift. Jack: And thatís all? Nikki: It seemed more than a gesture. It may have been a way of reaching out to her. Jack: In hopes in giving their relationship another try? Nikki: Obviously I was wrong. Jack: If you are trying to make me feel better it is not working. I donít know which could be worst. In some way, I wish it were between Victor and Ashley. Think what an interesting love triangle that would be! Mr. Macho pitted against Testosterone Boy. Maybe it would come to a duel where they would do away with each other. I should be so lucky. He suddenly gets up and walks away, leaving Nikki surprised. 

Victor arrives at Ginaís in a good mood. He requests a table - possibly for two. Victor is trying to reach Ashley by phone, but without success. Nikki walks up to him. I donít suppose youíve heard the news. Apparently, Ashley and Brad are about to become engaged. Victor: It is hard to believe, isnít it? Why are you looking at me like that? Nikki: You seem so unconcerned. Arenít you upset or disappointed? Victor: Why would I be? Ashley is a grown woman. Iím sure she knows what sheís doing. Nikki: Well, I guess you are being honest with me. You made it very clear earlier that the baby gift you gave Ashley had no significance. I doubted you at that time. I guess I was way off base. I guess if you were still interested in Ashley, this engagement would not be happening. She gets ready to leave. Victor calls out her name. Nikki stops and turns around. Nothing Ė Victor says. After a moment, he thinks to himself. Ashley Abbott engaged to Bradley Carlton. Thatís a joke. 

Dr. Hudson tells Cassie that the X-ray could show a problem, but not that she is necessarily very sick. Cassie asks him to tell her the truth. The Dr. continues. An infection could have been started by the bacterium which caused that red bump on her arm. Cassie says that she calls it a Ďcootieí. Dr. Hudson suppresses a smile. Actually, some of us doctors call it that, too, when no one is listening. Anyways, we have a treatment for that infection, but we have to find out if it is a big infection or a little infection. Do I have to take medicine? Cassie asks. Doc: Thatís right! Shall we? He leads Cassie to enter the X-ray room. Nick and Sharon reassure Cassie who says, I just wish I didnít need so much help. Sharon holds her little girl tightly. After the X-ray test, Cassie prepares for her book report which she will present at school. She is looking forward to this. Then the possibility of not being at school hits Cassie and she is dismayed. Soon the doctor returns with the X-ray test results. Cassieís lungs look clear. There were no typical signs of TB. He tells Cassie to accompany the nurse to the collection of toys and prizes for brave children. The doctor, however, warns Nick and Sharon that there may have been a misunderstanding. Cassie may not be ready to go back to school Ė there are steps to take to make sure there was no active infection. A sputum test would be needed for a culture sample. Cassie should be left out of school during an entire week. It would be wise to take the stance of protecting the other students at school. Sharon shows her frustration Ė arguing that every time they were summed to do tests for Cassie, there always seemed to be nothing wrong. Dr. Hudson says: To be certain, there should be steps beyond chest X-rays before declaring that Cassie does not have an active TB infection. They are also free to consult a second medical opinion if they wish. Nick accepts the doctor's recommendation. Dr. Hudson also suggests doing a skin test on Nick, Sharon and Noah, along with their babysitter just to be cautious. He adds: Be grateful we live in the era of antibiotics. Also, keep a positive mood. Cassie is very perceptive of your feelings. Sharon fights back her tears and Nick comforts her. 

Jill finds Mac racing through Crimson Lights. Jill rises quickly and calls out her name. Mac says, Please. Not here, scream at me at home. This is where I work. Jill pulls her towards the patio. Jill: There is something I just heard. I am trying hard to believe that you werenít so foolish that you would ignore my warning. Is it true? Have you been seeing Billy? Mac: I wonder how your son would feel about you nosing in on his life this way. Never mind. It is over between Billy and me. Jill is seething: You are admitting it is true. You have been sneaking around, seeing Billy behind my back. Lying to me and lying to everyone. Mac: Only because you were forcing me to. Jill: Look what you have done to him! That boy is crushed. He is torn apart. You have broken your promise to me. That is the issue. You have given me no alternative. You know what that means, donít you? We had a deal. You didnít keep your end of the bargain. Mac: Jill, please. Donít go to my mother. Jill: Oh, donít beg, Mackenzie. What ever happens you brought it on yourself. Raul walks in and Mac tells him Jill found out about her and Billy. Jill : Raul, this is none of your business. Would you please leave us? Raul: Mrs. Abbott. You are threatening Mac. Donít. Jill: Oh my God. You are part of the charade. Pretending to be her boyfriend while she snuck around seeing my son. Raul: Mrs. Abbott. It is over. Why stir things up? You saw how upset Billy was. What is done is done. Mac: What are you going to do Jill? Jill shakes her head and skulks away. Mac: I was afraid this was going to happen. Raul: Look Mac, it doesnít sound like she is going to do anything. Not right now, any way. Once she thinks things through, she will realize how much sheís got to lose. Billy is never going to talk to her again. Besides, your family is not going to let her hurt you. Your grandma and your father are going to protect you, right? Mac: Theyíll try. Jill will do what she wants. If she goes to my mother, I am so dead! 

The Newmans arrive at their motherís home. The electricity has been knocked out of their home and they find no improvement at the main house, which has been lit with candles. Cassie loves it. And Miguel has freshly baked apple pie ready Ė with a scoop of ice cream for her. Sharon admits that she needs to get a grip, but she continues to whine that nothing seems to be going right. I wish the doctor could have told us something. There is no Noah. They are out of electricity. She was counting on her mom to come in to show Cassieís Halloween costume. This was going to really help cheer up the kids. Nick has a solution. He calls her mom to ask her to meet Sharon and Cassie at the coffee house.