Thursday Update 10/12/00


Young and the Restless Thursday, October 12, 2000--Canada; or Friday, October 13, 2000--USA 

By  By Linda

At Jabot, Jack cries out:  Please tell me I am hallucinating, Ashley?
Ashley asks Jack to leave and threatens to leave with Brad if he didn't.
Get out of my way, Jack!  Move!  Jack asks Brad:  You are proposing to my
sister?  You are amazing!  You will stop at nothing.  What is this?
Surprise and conquer?  Catch her off guard?  Is that your strategy? You over
played your hand, sport.  This little surprise is going to fall flat on itís
face.  What were you thinking?  She is so vulnerable -  you would shock her
into it?  Slip one by her?  Ashley attempts to calm down her brother.  I
know you love me, Jack, but you donít have a clue. You are always pushing
the wrong buttons with me.   Just close your mouth.  The ring is a surprise.
However, the issue of marriage is on the table and I am seriously
considering it.

Brad asks whether Jack would like to stick around and wait for him to slip
the finger into Ashleyís fingers.  And if it is not the perfect fit, then he
could accompany them to the jewelers to get the perfect size.  Jack promises
not to make a scene.  If this is for real - and not about your attempt to
get back at meÖ  Ashley:  It is always about you. Thank you for your
confidence in my good judgment.  Jack rants:  I have lots of confidence in
your judgment.  That is why I believe you will listen to reason.  You are
about to have your first child.  This is a highly emotional state you are
in.  Please do not make any major decisions about your life until this baby
comes and things settle down.  All the pressure will be off and you will be
able to think and decide what it is that you want.  Ashley: I hear what you
are saying.  Are you finished?  What was that you were saying when I came in
earlier, about an offer you made that I couldnít refuse?  Jack mutters that
it was pointless in bringing it up now.  But Bradley tells Ashley:  Your big
brother has been doing a little house hunting on your behalf.  Another
attempt to keep you away from my clutches.  I tried to explain that you are
an adult and can make your own decisions.  Besides, I was hoping in a while
you wonít be needing that house.  Ashley smiles at Jack and laughs gently.
Is there anything you want to add to this, Jackie? Jack admits to seeing a
realtor about a house that just came into the market.  It would be perfect
for her.  Brad argues:  No Jack.  It would be good for you, as usual, and
not for your sister.

Watch it Bradley!  Donít push me!  Jack warns.  Ashley agrees that they
should cool it.   Jack:  As far as this house goes.  If I thought you would
seriously consider it...  Ashley asks him to tell her all about it and he
goes on quietly and softly.  It is brick - it is Tudor - it is beautiful.
It has a nursery right off the master.  It has a big back yard.  As it
falls, it is just round the corner from the old homestead.  We would be
neighbors.  Anyway, you should grab it.  Here is the brochure.

Ashley looks thoughtfully through the brochure.  It looks very interesting,
she says.  Brad:  In a controlling sort of way.  Jack: It would be a
wonderful home for you and your baby.  Ashley:  I appreciate the effort you
put into this Jack.  Brad:  You know Jack, if you are so taken with the
place, perhaps you should move out of daddyís and buy it for yourself.
Jack:  The realtor warned me this house will be grabbed up quickly and maybe
we can make an offer on it today.  Ashley:  I doubt that I could make that
kind of decision so quickly.  Not to make any rash decisions, Jack, wasnít
that your advice just a second ago?  Jack:  The realtorís name at the
bottom.  I will leave it in your hands.  Jack, with a heavy heart, walks out
of Ashleyís office.  Brad kicks the door shut after him.  Jack says to
himself:  I cannot believe it.  She is going to do it.  She is going to
marry that snake!

Brad tells Ashley:  Well done, you handled that beautifully.  Ash:  Well, he
meddles.  Thatís for sure.  He cares about me and is just looking out for
me.  Brad:  Look.  I know he is your brother and you love him.  He is
thinking about what he wants you to want.  Ashley admits that Jack is making
some good points.  Especially about the timing.  I thought it myself.  I
shouldnít be making some life-altering decisions right now.  It must also
have occurred to you that this is going to take some time.  I am not going
to sort this out in the near future, you know.

Brad:  What are you telling me?  Because you are pregnant, you canít think?
Well, I would expect the opposite.  If there was ever a time for you to
think about your future, you wonít make a mistake.  Not where the baby is
involved.  Ashley:  That is true. The welfare of my child has to be the
first thing I should think about.  But I am not just a mother.  I am a
woman.  It also has to be right for me.  Brad:  If you thinking that we
might not be right for each other?  Donít forget, we almost got married some
years back and that was before thoughts about getting pregnant.   Ashley:
But we didnít go through with it, did we?  And now, I am confused about a
lot of things.  Brad:  You know, we could look at this engagement as a first
step.  A sign that we are taking the marriage idea seriously.  If you are
looking for guarantees, life does not offer any.  I give you my guarantees.
I love you.  With everything going inside of you right now, I know you love
me.  We have gone through so many twists and turns to get here - to finally
be together.  Sometimes, you have to listen to your heart and go for it!
And that is what I am going to do.  Brad is down on one knee and holds the
ring out to Ashley.  He looks wistfully up at her as he slips it into her

Tricia remains standing at Crimson Lights, cursing Victoria.  Cody
cautiously approaches her.  Cody tells her:  Look, Tricia.  This may not be
the best place for you to be hanging out so much.  I am trying to give you
word to the wise.  Sharon will be back soon and it would be best for you not
be around when she is.  Sharon at that very moment enters the coffee house.
Too late, I tried to warn you, Cody tells Triica.  Tricia is defiant. I doní
t need any attitude from anyone.  Sharon walks towards them.  She appears
somewhat distracted and speaks to Cody and pretends to completely ignore
Tricia.  Tricia tells Cody that she will be coming and going as she pleases.
She does not need to be dictated by anyone.   She then angrily leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Brittany and Jill enter and sit down.  Jill expects
Brittany to understand her need to discuss Billyís behavior.  And she is
also counting on Brittany to tell her the truth to what is going on.
Brittany attempts to hear Jill out.  Jill complains that Billy wonít talk to
her and she has no idea what she had done to get him so upset.  Please!  I
am at my wits end, she pleads with Brittany.  Brittany says calmly:  I would
love to help you out Mrs. Abbott, but I donít feel comfortable getting in
the middle of this.  Who else have you talked to?  Jill:  Jack, which was
pointless.  Mac.  Brittany:  Mac!  You went to Mac about Billy?  Before you
went to talk to me?  Jill said not to make a big deal out of this.  They
live in the same house.  But Mac had used the opportunity to be nastier than
usual.   Jill believes Brittany would be more suitable to talk to her about
her son.  She was his girlfriend.

However, Brittany breaks it to Jill that she was no longer Billyís
girlfriend.  Jill is surprised.   She had no idea they were having problems.
God!  Could you please at least tell me who broke up with whom?  Brittany
said that she had broken it off with Billy.   Jill is somewhat relieved.
So, that is what has gotten him so upset. You two broke up?  Is that it?
Brittany is taken aback by Jillís apparent glibness with her plight, but
Jill quickly offers sympathy towards what Brittany may have endured.  Jill
doesnít understand what could have caused Brittany to have ended the
relationship, but offers encouragement:  I have a feeling that Billy would
love a second chance.  If you want it, it is there for you.  I am so sorry,
but thank you for letting me know what is going on.  Brittany gets up to go
to school.  Jill remains behind and whips off her coat.  She tells herself:
So.  He broke up with his girlfriend.  Thank God!  Heíll get over it soon.

At WGA, J.T. follows Billy Abbott.  Who are you looking for, Abbott?   One
of your ex-girlfriends?  I have not seen the lovely Mackenzie lately.  As
for Brittany, I saw her leave just a few minutes ago with your mother.
Billy:  Thanks for the news flash, J.T.  Now, isnít there some place you
need to be?  J.T.:  Right about now your mother is finding out that you and
Mackenzie have been going out on the sly all summer.  She is not one of your
motherís favorite people, is she?   Billy:  You talked with her didnít you?
J.T.:  No.  But I might, one of these times.  Billy:  Donít!  J.T.:  Why
not?  That would be fun.  I like watching her harass you.   Billy:  How
would you like to watch her with no front teeth?  J.T.:  Are you going to
start something with me?  Well, bring it on, Slick!

Billy:  Donítí tempt me man.   J.T.:  Go ahead.  Take your best shot.  Weíll
see who comes out of this looking prettier.  The bell rings.  J.T. is still
at Billyís face:  Wuss.  Billy:  Why donít you say what you gotta say and
then leave me alone.  I got a lot of stuff to do!  J.T.:   Big city boy, all
full of himself.  Doesnít give a damn about who he dumps on.  Billy:  What
are you talking about?  J.T.:  Brittany.  Billy:  Why do you care?  J.T.:
You hurt a friend of mine.  I take that real personally.  Billy laughs:
Does Brittany know that sheís your friend?  J.T.:  What difference does that
make to you?  She is through with you for all time.  You burned that bridge
to the ground.  Loser.

At school, J.T. hustles up to Brittany.  Hey, Brit?  Whatís up with Mrs.
Abbott?  I just saw you two leave before.  And how does it feel?  Did you
lower the boom on Billy?  She tells him to mind his own business and finds
Billy down the hall.  J.T. told you I was with your mother.   She wanted to
know why you were upset.  Donít worry, I didnítí tell her anything about
Mac.  I told her you are upset because we broke up.  Billy expresses his
deep gratitude, but she replies:  Donít be too grateful.  I thought about
telling her everything.  I donít know why I didnít, she adds, coyly.  Billy:
It is because you are a good person.  You knew other people would get hurt
and you donít want that.  So, thanks again.

J.T., having observed the two, is wandering around the hallway in total
disbelief.  I canít believe you, Britt.  That was so wrong.  What does it
take for you to see through that jerk

Billy:  You did a great thing Brittany.  No lie.  If you spilled your guts
to my mom I would not be the only one in trouble.  Britt:  You are obviously
talking about Mac.  She is hardly an innocent bystander.  Billy:  Trust me.
What would happen to her would be way out of proportion to what she did.
Britt:  What would your mother do to her.  I know Jill doesnít like Mac but
she wouldnít hurt her.  Billy:  She made some serious threats about what
would happen if she got involved with me.  Brittany:  Oh please.  Donít be
so melodramatic.  She is a Chancellor.  How badly could your mother possibly
hurt her?  Billy:  I am not totally sure myself.  Brittany:  It is all very
mysterious.  But the bottom line is how concerned you are about Mackenzie.
Billy:  I know this ticks you off, which is why I am even more grateful that
you could get past that and do the right thing. Whatever mistakes Mac made
with me she doesnít deserve what would happen if my mom found out the truth.

Victoria is at work at Brash & Sassy when Ryan comes to her door.  He
requests something and Victoria, without making eye contact, tells him he
knows where the file cabinet is.  Ryan asks what is bugging her and guesses
correctly that it has to do with Tricia.  She tells him she had a run-in
with Tricia at the coffee house.   What!  Why canít you two stay away from
each other, Ryan shouts!  Victoria says, Look.  Your wife walked up to me
and got into my face.  If you donít think that is appropriate behavior, talk
to her!

Victoria and Ryan begin a shouting match.  You were gunning for Tricia!
Vikki:  No I did not.  It was a chance meeting!  Ryan:  What did you say to
her?  Damn it!!  She has been making such good progress and you set her
back!  Victoria:  How can you accuse me of that?  Forget it!  I am not
discussing this with you.  You obviously canít handle it.  The only
disturbing thing about our meeting was her attitude towards me.  Ryan:  Now
Tricia is threatening you?  Come on, Vic!  Victoria:  How can I be
discussing this with you if you are going to question me about everything I
am going to say?  You were right before.  We shouldnít talk about Tricia,
but since you dragged me into this conversation, I am going to tell you what
I think.  Your wife has big issues.  One of them is me.  She sees me as a
rival or something.  At this moment, Tricia enters Victoriaís office and she
asks:  Am I still off base for thinking that way, Victoria?

Looking for me? Ryan asks his wife.  Trish:  Evidently, Victoria has been
giving you her version of our conversation.  Victoria is peeved and
announces she has a meeting to attend, leaving the McNeills alone.  So was I
right?  Is Victoria my rival?  This is not the time nor place, Trish.
Tricia:  You keep saying that I shouldnít be avoiding my problems.  That it
is going to make things worse.  You have given me a lot of reasons why you
donít want to make love to me.  I canít help wondering if Victoria is the
main reason.  Is there more going on between you two?  Ryan:  I told you the
truth from the beginning.  Are you accusing me about not being honest with
you?  Tricia:  I want to believe you.  When I walked in here earlier, I saw
your ex-wife standing here in your arms.  Ryan:  I am glad you came in.  It
is all a misunderstanding.  Victoria is very upset.  She is going through a
very rough time and I was just comforting her.  We are just friends.  It is
the truth.  I swear.  Tricia takes Ryan gently into her arms.  He asks her
if she feels better.

Tricia gets ready for her therapy session.  But she asks him to bear with
her for a minute and to explain something.  She has been picking up vibes
since she came back.  Is she completely wrong about Victoriaís feelings for
him?  The ones that go beyond friendship?  That he hadnít shared them with
Victoria?  That when she was going to move in, was it going to be strictly
platonic?  She did not want to press Ryan, but it goes both ways.  She
wanted to hear the truth even if it were going to hurt her.  Ryan:  Victoria
and I were not involved, but we worked on our relationship.  Trish:  You
were not sleeping together, but it was more than friendship.  I understand.
These things happen.  Ryan:  Victoria and I are very old friends.  Donít get
sidetracked.  You are doing so well.  Tricia bolts out of the office.  She
stops and tells herself:  You love her, Ryan.  I know you do.

Ryan is still at Victoria's office when she returns.  Vikki:  You and Tricia
had an enlightening talk?  Ryan: Look.  If you and Tricia have a problem, it
is not just her doing.  I told you to drop this.  And I mean it!  My wife is
fine.  Get it through your head.   Ryan shouts loudly at Vikki and stomps
out of her office.

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Cassie come to meet Sharon.  What is wrong with
Cassie? She asks her husband.  Nothing.  She fell asleep on her way back for
the woods, Nick reassures her.  We hiked for miles. I would have fallen
asleep, too, if I didnítí have to drive.  Sharon tries to maintain her
composure and to reinforce her strong positive feelings Ė for Cassieís sake.
Soon, it was time for them to attend to Cassieís doctorís appointment.

At the hospital, the Newmans try passing the time pleasantly while they wait
for the doctor.  He finally enters.  Cassie, you are here to get an X-ray.
You know that already, right?  We are going to the room next door to do
that.  Cassie:  What is it for anyway?  Dr. Hudson:  It is kind of like
being a detective.  We are looking for something.  The X-ray takes a picture
of inside your body and tells if there is a problem.  Ready?  Letís go.
Cassie hangs back and finally walks up to her parents.  She asks Dr. Hudson:
If you found something wrong in your X-ray, does that mean I am very sick?

Jack enters Ginaís place.  He orders a double drink and Gina walks up behind
him Ė surprised at his tall order.  Jack:  I know it is early. I know
drinking doesnít solve problems.  I know it complicates things.  You know,
make it a triple.  Your funeral, my friend, the bartender tells Jack as he
hands him his drink.  Is it that bad?  Gina asks.  Jack:  Oh, worse.  If I
thought talking would help even a bit, Gina, it wonít.  Gina:  Somebody hasn
ít died?  Jack:  No.  Someone very near and dear to me is about to make the
biggest mistake of her life and I come across as the bad guy for saying so.

At the dinette, Warton complains to Carter:  I am through wasting my time
with you, man.   Your mind is on chicks instead of where it is supposed to
be.  Aside from trying to get yourself some, what have you been doing?  You
told me you had a plan.  Carter argues that there is a plan.  You have to
have these things worked out.  You have to have certain ducks on certain
rows.  Larry:  Is one of those ducks by chance named Sharon?  I have not
seen some or a little, but no progress.  Carter:  Yeah, well something did
happen today.  I was going to call you on it.  Larry:  So, what is this Ďbig
newsí?  Carter:  Something is going on with Sharonís kid.  She is sick or
something.  Sharon is really distracted lately.  It is definitely a break.
If Sharon is distracted, Nick is too.  They are going to make mistakes.
Warton loses patience and tells Carter to take his little plan and stick it
up where the sun donít shine.

Carter tells Larry that he is always busy complaining, but isnít going
anywhere.  Warton tells him not for long.  His boss is opening a new
warehouse in Milwaukee and wants Larry to be part of the crew.  Carter:
What about your parole?  Larry:  It will still be in the state.  No problems
there.  Besides it is a better job and better money - $50 more per week.
Carter makes a joke of this.  Larry gets angry.  It is $50 more than sitting
here lookiní at you.  Carter:  Stick around and you will be tipping guys $50
for parking your car.  Larry:  Well now that you have mentioned having money
to burn, I was thinkiní Ďbout ways on gettiní my hands on some extra before
I get out of town.  Carter sneers:  Oh yeah?  Odd jobs.  You could try
babysitting.  Larry:  Actually, I have been doing some digging around.
Making a few phone calls.  There is this warrant out for this one Ė Matt
Clark and the authorities are offering a reward for any information about
him or his whereabouts.  It is quite a substantial reward.  Carterís
expression grows dark and he sits up straight in his chair.

Carter:  I am going to take this as a joke.  You are not serious about going
to the police?   Larry:  Part of me is really tempted.  Carter:  How are you
going to collect your reward?  Have you thought about this?  Are you going
to walk into the police station and tell them all about me?  No.  They are
going to have a lot of questions for you.  You have been consorting with a
known felon, a fugitive.  That violates your parole.  You are going to be
back in the joint in two seconds flat.  Larry:  Maybe.  What I do know is
that Iíll bet the Newmans would really appreciate me turning you in.
Carter:  You are dreaming.   It would kill two birds with one stone.  They
would take me down, and you would go down right with me.  Larry:  Which is
why I need a clean break.  Shed the stink of this town along with you!
Carter:  That is a really good choice.  So, I assume the name of the
warehouse in Milwaukee is the same as here and I will keep in touch.  Warton
leaves.  Carterís mood grows very dark.  Damn!  He says with teeth clenched.

Outside, Tricia places a call to Carter at Crimson Lights.  She is not OK.
Carter:  I just got back here and I canít take a break for a while, but I
can see you later.  You sound really upset.  Letís meet at my place.   He
gives Tricia his address which she hurriedly jots down.  Should I expect
you? Call me.  Or just come by.  I will be there.  Trisha:  Maybe.  I gotta
go.  Tricia hangs up and leans her head against the phone.  Carter smirks:
Oh, you will be there Tricia, I know you will.

Mrs. Abbott is about to leave Crimson Lights when J.T. walks in.  Hey, Mrs.
Abbott, I am J.T.  Remember me?  Jill: Yup.  I remember.  J.T.:  I heard you
were talking with Brittany earlier.  I figured you were wondering what was
going on with Billy.  Jill:  I already have that information.  J.T.:  Think
so?  Because I have the feeling that you didnít get the real scoop from
Brittany.   But, if you hear me out, I will set you straight.  J.T. has
caught Jillís interest.  She puts down her coat and is about to listen.