Wednesday Update 10/11/00


Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, October 11, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, October 12, 2000--USA   

By Linda K.   

Rianna finds Raul at Crimson Lights, moping. She asks if it was true what J.T. was saying. There was a fight between him and Billy yesterday. Raul tells her that was no fight. He hit Billy and he deserved a hell of a lot more. Riana feels so badly about how Mac and Billy were playing around behind his back all summer. She implied, but Raul said it. He and Brittany must feel like an idiots for not seeing what was going on. Raul tells her Mac is not the bad person. Billy, on the other hand was a guy he never wanted anything to do with ever again! That guy stabbed him in the back over and over. What about Mac? Rianna asks. Didnít she stab you in the back too? Raul says both Billy and Mac were jerks, but Mac was a little more honest. She didnít string him along. Billy made up all the lies and Mac was just caught by in the whole thing and went along . Rianna says: Sometimes, Raul, your only problem is that you only try to see the good in other people. Billy didnít force Mackenzie to do anything. I canít understand how she could treat you like that! You have been so wonderful to Mac. 

At the Chancellor home, Jill calls Billy. He is irritated and anxious to ditch his mother's invitation to dinner. Jill is aware that Billy is giving her the cold shoulder, but is eager to smoothen their relationship. After Billy hangs up, Jill sees Mac about to leave the house. She calls out: Mackenzie, wait! You are not leaving just now. Jill tells her she does not want to fight with her. Though there was no love lost between the two of them, she is at the end of her rope! Her own son wonít speak to her. Does she have any idea what this is all about? 

Mac canít believe that Jill has asked her to talk to her son to find out why he is not talking to her. Jill tells her she would be doing Billy a favor. A young man his age needs a healthy relationship with his mother. You are asking me for insight into your precious son? Mac tells Jill that she is asking the wrong person for help. Jill says that this is only logical. Mac had been seeing him at school all the time. They spent the whole summer together. You claim to be his friend, Jill reminds Mac who then tells her that she is asking the wrong person. Donít use your animosity towards me as an excuse! Jill yells. Jill, I donít need any excuses! Meaning what? By refusing to help him? But then, you never think about anybody else but yourself, so why should you want to help my son? Mac asks, how could telling you anything help Billy? Because I am his mother, Jill hisses. Yeah, but he wants nothing to do with you, Mac hisses back. That says a lot about how he feels, doesnít it Jill. Which is why, if I wanted to help Billy, no way would I involve you. Jill says, You have not told me you donít know what the problem is - only that you donít want to tell me. Draw your own conclusions, Mac tells her. Jill rants: So, you do know what is troubling him? What I am hearing, is somebody so self-absorbed they would not lift a single finger to help a friend. Mac says, Billy and I are not friends. Do you hear me Jill? We are not friends! Jill looks hopelessly about. 

Jill: You and my son are not friends any longer? When did this happen? Mac: What difference does it make? It is true. Donít come to me for any help. Why donít you talk to Brittany. She is a lot closer to him. Jill is genuinely surprised. I had no idea the two of you were on bad terms. Mac: Well, it turns out that you were right all along about one thing. Billy and I were no good for each other. You warned us to stay away from each other from day one. You have no idea how much I wish I had. Jill: Why do I get the feeling that there is a lot more going on than you are telling me? Mac: Think what you want. You will anyways. Mac then leaves for school. 

Brittany walks up to Billy and asks how he is doing. Your lip looks better, she tells him. Billy says he is not doing well and that he deserved it. He would have done the same thing. It may clear the air until Raul hits him again, which he likely wonít. Neither would probably be friends again. Raul may never get over what Billy had done. Billy asks if she thought there was a chance for this friendship to heal. Brittany tells him that never is a long time. Although Billy messed up badly, he was, deep down, a really great guy. Billy apologizes again to Brittany for the way he hurt her. She appears to soften her attitude towards him. Rianna approaches Brittany and consoles her friend about the huge betrayal she and Raul endured under Billy - and by Mac. Rianna is upset. Raul appears to have a hard time giving up that girl. Raul is still brewing with anger when he spies on Billy Abbott at school. Billy sees Mac at her locker and walks up to her. Mac sees him standing nearby but refuses to acknowledge his presence. 

Brittany spies on the two and notices their lack of exchange. She tells Billy that he really has to pull himself together. Billy requests a favor, understanding this is a lot to ask of her. Billy tells her not to say anything about the mess to anyone, especially not to his mother. There is a very serious reason why Mac and I had to hide. So please, no matter how angry you are, donít take anything out on Mac. Brittany angrily tells Billy that he has no right to ask anything of her right now. When she is alone, she finds Jill bursting into the school hallway. Jill urgently asks Brittany whether she knows what is going on with her son. 

Victoria sees Nina at Crimson Lights. Nina tries to dodge Victoriaís request to hear her out about Ryan. And that Tricia was back in town. Victoria takes offense toward Nina. Ryanís life is a mess and she wonít spare a few moments to find out what has happened to him. Nina: You know Victoria, I donít need you of all people to tell me how to be a friend to Ryan. Victoria: All right. Be a friend. God knows he needs one right now. Everything his wife is putting him through. Tricia is getting her hooks deep and deeper into him. Nina: Ryan has his eyes wide open. Victoria: I donít think Tricia can be trusted. Nina: I am not supportive of Tricia. She is unbalanced and she is certainly capable of playing games. But Ryan has set limits on this relationship. Victoria: What Limits? Nina: Talk to Ryan about this. Leave me out of it. Nina picks up her coat and leaves the coffee house, but Victoria runs after Nina. She asks what Ryan has told her about his living arrangements. Nina taunts her: Obviously more than he has told you. She accuses Victoria of taking this rather personally. You have plans of your own for Ryan donít you? You are thinking of Ryan in romantic terms and Triciaís return messes up those plans. Victoria says that both know what Tricia is capable of doing regardless of her alleged progress. Ryan has been fooled before. Nina mocks her. What do you want to do? Form the ex-wivesí rescue mission? Victoria is insulted. OK, be flip. You can ignore this situation, but whatever happens, itís on your head! Nina leaves the cafť in utter disgust and disbelief. 

Carter comforts Tricia at the dinette. He tires to reassure her that she should not worry about her husbandís interest in other woman. And she cannot keep her anxiety bottled. Tricia spills her guts out that she had unexpectedly entered her husbandís office. There, she witnessed Ryan with his co-worker, who also happened to be his ex-wife. Both were experiencing an Ďintimate momentí. Carter wonders how much meaning she should attach to this scene. Tricia tells him that when she was away, Vikki talked Ryan into letting her move in with him. Carter cannot believe tht her husband is attracted to other women. Even to a woman he was married to way back when. Tricia says that Ryan changed his plans after her return from London. He kept Victoria out of the apartment and let her stay. 

Carter asks why Ryan was keeping Tricia at armís length and not getting closer to her in every way. In spite of all Tricia's mistakes, Ryan should be able to forgive and move on. That is what a good marriage is about. Carter: I donít know this guy, but by the way it sounds, he is acting more like a parole officer than a husband. Trying to get you to prove yourself while he is messing around with his ex-wife. Tricia: Ryan is a very moral person and I donít know if he really is fooling around, although I donít know about his ex-wife. I might be over reacting. And I am not going to walk out on him. I love him. You know, Carter, you really are a good listener. It is such a relief to know that I can almost always find you at the coffee house whenever I need a friendly shoulder. Carter grows a little nervous and says: I think it would be better for you to not come to the coffee shop looking for me. Sharon is getting on my case about seeing you. I don't know what problem Sharon has with you, and I donít care, but I canít lose that job. Call me there anytime and just donít say who you are and we can meet here or wherever. 

Larry Warton enters the cafť. He keeps a close eye on Carter and Tricia. Carter gives Tricia his phone number and tells her that he is available for her day or night. She gives him a kiss on the cheek before leaving. Larry grows tense and shakes his head as he observes the two. He draws towards Carter who says, that was Tricia. Sheís a little babe, isnít she? Tricia, huh? Warton asks. I thought you had your eyes on Sharon! Carter reassures him. Sharon is a long-term project. In the meanwhile, I have to keep myself amused. Larry loses his cool. I got a problem about this. Oh, oh, am I losing my focus again? Carter cajoles Warton. Larry is not amused. I have been worried about your focus all along. You have been too busy screwing around with Miss Sharon and Miss Tricia to get any plan of yours off the ground. I am not in on this for the fun of it, frat boy, and I not to get chicks. I am on a schedule, you see. I want to move up in the world. I came into this plan of yours because you said there was money in this and I havenít seen one dime. So, apparently, you are happy with the way things are going. I never said that, Carter says. Larry says: So you tell me right here and right now. Why I shouldnít pulled the plug on this so-called partnership of ours and make it every man for himself? I donít like the sound of that, Carter warns Larry. You arenít supposed to like that, Larry says. So what is it going to be, hotshot? A bankroll or a roll in the hay? 

At the Penthouse, Victor asks Ashley about her future living arrangements. She has made no definite thoughts about it. Victor asks about the babyís father. Ashley says that in spite of her seeming to be cavalier about her babyís father, she finds herself thinking more and more about him, but she is trying to keep her options open. Thatís smart, Victor tells her, that you should be thinking about the father more and more. She is wise now to avoid making any major decisions. Things change once the baby is born. Ashley tells him the prospect of her babyís arrival is daunting. Victor tells her that he will be there for her anytime she needs him. Ashley playfully threatens to take him up on his offer some day. Victor sorrowfully tells her he is reminded her of another situation, another baby - although this was an entirely different story than Ashleyís. He says: I cannot begin to tell you how much I would like to get her out of my mind entirely. But for various reasons, I canít. Ashley sympathizes with Victor - how difficult it must be for him to have to live with Diane every day. That is putting it very mildly, Victor says, balefully. It gets worse with each passing day. When I think of the audacity of that woman taking my sperm and impregnating herself artificially without consulting me. But then, what could I expect from her? Somebody without any morals or conscious would do that. Ashley is struck into silence and Victor apologizes for the topic of discussion asking if anything is wrong. Ashley quickly shrugs off his concerns and gets up to leave. Victor struggles, but canít seem to find the appropriate words he longs to say to her. Good-bye and take care of your baby, is all he can say. 

At Jack Abbottís office, Brad looks at the ring box and puts it back into his pocket. Brad notices a sketch of a house and Jack catches him in the act. Brad was putting a report on Jack's desk but finds the house plan instead. Jack removes it abruptly from his hands. Brad taunts him. I am proud of you, old Buck-a-Rue. Finally old enough to find a place of your own? Jack tells him angrily that the house was for Ashley. Brad replies? So, you are not ready to leave the nest. I am trying to get her the hell away from you before it is too late! Jack yells. You are looking for a place for Ashley just to keep her away from little old me? Brad asks. Jack admits he played a part in her present living arrangement. That is why I am trying to remedy my mistake by giving her a better housing alternative. Brad laughs. What makes you think that a woman like Ash would let you pick a house for her? You are, as usually, trying to control her life. She is going to do what she wants to do, and I wish you could accept that. Jack asks, why do you care? Brad says that neither he and Jack liked each other and probably never will, but in the past were able to co-exist. And it could happen again. It would be healthier for everyoneís concern. Jack asks Brad if he is using another tactic - another plan? Awfully soft, Bradley. Do you think I could get through Ashley on this one? Both are interrupted by Mrs. Slater, who enters to talk houses. Jack tries to excuse Bradley who would prefer that they take some time to finish their conversation. Jack replies: There may never be the time. Capiche? 

Good news, Mr. Abbott! The most charming house just came on the market - perfect for your sister. One of the bedrooms is already a nursery. The house is practically on the same corner as your family house. And I knew you wanted to move quickly, she presses Jack. Jack says: This is the perfect place to welcome Ashley into motherhood. The realtor is touched by Jackís amazing gesture. Jack tries to reach his sister by phone. Failing to do that, he says that he will make an offer on the house himself. The realtor would hear from him again that morning. Sharon slowly approaches her house. She thinks about her daughterís probable danger with tuberculosis. People can die from this disease. When she enters the house, she is greeted by her mother and Miguel. When both are left alone, Doris expresses how happy she is to have been asked to make Cassieís Halloween costume. Sharon pretends to be happy. When Doris returns Cassieís old vest, Sharon bursts out in tears. Doris is alarmed and asks what in the world is wrong. Sharon attempts to tell her mother that her little girl may be very sick. The doctor will be giving her chest X-rays that afternoon. 

Sharon is overwhelmed. She tells her mother that after all the years Cassie had been lost to her, all she knew was that she had a child somewhere out there. Now she is back in her life. And it took so long to get things straightened out. Everything had been perfect lately. Who could have thought Cassie could haveÖ My girl has to be all right! Doris clasps Sharonís hands in an attempt to comfort her. 

At Crimson Lights, Tricia finds Victoria who is shaken by her sudden presence. Mind if I join you? she asks Victoria coldly. Victoria tries to leave, but Tricia pulls her back. I have a question for you! What is your agenda? Victoria tries to play dumb. Tricia says, Oh, so that is how you want to play it? You know what I am talking about! You are so confident that you are going to win. Victoria laughs and says: When I look at your life and my life, I feel Iíve already won. Tricia persists: You know what I am talking about, Victoria! Ryan, my husband. Well, we will see how it turns out, Victoria answers before leaving. 

At Jabot, Brad jubilantly walks in and embraces Ashley at her office. Brad grows more amorous by the minute. He asks if she had seen her brother. But he leaps from that question to another topic, a discussion they shared earlier that morning. He asks if she has any second thoughts about their crazy marriage idea. She might not be ready to commit just yet. Since the issue is still on the table, Brad thinks he should make it official. He pulls out the engagement ring and presents it to Ashley. A this very moment, Jack enters Ashley's office. He is shocked to see Brad holding the diamond ring. Whatís going on in here? Jack asks.