Monday Update 10/9/00


Young and the Restless Monday, October 9th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, October 10th, 2000--USA

by Amanda 

Paulís Office

Paul and Chris are discussing the future of their marriage. Chris tells her husband that itís not the right time to have a child right now, she says that after they went to the fertility clinic, that she felt relieved that she wasnít pregnant. Thatís not how an expectant mother should feel she says. She says that she just isnít ready for a family, and Paul says that if they were to have a family there would never be a right time that it would always be put off so that her work will always be her 1st priority, and if they were to have a family that they would have to now or they would never get the chance. Fearing that this could jeopardize their marriage, Chris is crying, and she tells Paul that just because she feels this way Ė doesnít mean how she feels about him. She tells him at the end that she still loves him, and he loves her and the two hug.

Jabot Board Room

Ashley and Brad are in the boardroom discussing marriage. Brad had just proposed, just then Jill walks in wondering where Jack is. Ashley tells Jill to try his office, and Jill goes thinking that she walked in on something personal. Once Jill leaves, Ashley and Brad talk about how the possibility isnít so crazy, that it could just work, but if they did do it, they would have to do it soon, as the baby is due soon. Brad points out to Ashley wouldnít it be better if this child was born with two parents? Ashley tells Brad that this discussion is not over, that itís not a waste of time, and heís not crazy, she wants to think about his proposal.

Chrisís Office

Baldwin and Phyllis are talking about Christine, and the fact her marriage just maybe on the rocks. Baldwin says otherwise, but Phyllis has her own insights to Baldwin and Christine, she says that he wants the marriage on the rocks, and that has always been his goal. Baldwin doesnít agree, he just always wants what is best for Christine and the law firm. He wants her to be 100% every day, and doesnít want her distracted because of the firm. Phyllis says he was going to take her out to dinner, and Baldwin asks her to wait in the lobby, Phyllis tells him not to make her wait, because itís creepy down there at night. Having been looking at a photo of Chris and Paul, Baldwin puts the photo back in itís place, and leaves to take Phyllis out to dinner.
Victorís Penthouse

Victor is looking over Phyllis summerís contract with Newman enterprises, and wants to know what made Victoria sign this when she asks. Victoria tells her that she was the best, and her requests were not that demanding in fact quite reasonable. Then Victor tells her of Phyllisís visit to victor at his office, not impressed after telling her father that she especially told her not to go near her, that she will have another talk with Phyllis. Victor tells Vicki no to talk to Phyllis again, he has his own tricks that he wants to play on her. Vicki doesnít like it that she wonít be clued in, and they go into discussion about the requirements that Phyllis needs. Like: Office, assistant, and editing room. Vicki thinks itís easier because if sheís at headquarters, Vicki can have meetings with her, and to keep and eye on her. Victor tells her that with Phyllis near, she means with Phyllis watching them.

Jackís Office

Jill sees Jack about Phyllis, and the need to get someone to replace her. Having been established on the web, she says they need to keep it up or theyíll loose sales. She then snaps at Jack about it, and then later apologizes which Jack seems odd because you rarely get an apology from Jill. Jill then tells him she wants his help to find out what it is she did to turn Billy away from her. Jack is closer to her son that she is these days and he talks to him Ė Jack says has she tried going to him directly? Jill says how can she? She has tried calling but he wonít accept her calls, mamie wonít put her through. Jack says maybe heís not home, and Jill says she knew he was home heís avoiding her calls. Jack says heís not jeopardizing Billyís trust, and he leaves it at that leaving Jill to storm out of his office.

Crimson Lights

Sharon is at a table at CL signing paychecks, when Cody walks up and comments on it saying that is what he likes to see his boss signing paychecks. Sharon hands Cody his just as Nick and Cassie walk in and talk to Sharon about Cassieís Hockey practice. Cody and Cassie are talking Hockey, when the phone rings, and then Cody gets Sharon tells her itís for her, and that itís Dr. Hudson. Giving her the results over the phone. She tells Nick and Cassie that the results were nothing, nothing to worry about anymore. Till Sharon, Nick, and Cassie arrive home Cassie asks if she can show Noah some of her moves, and Sharon reminds her what was she going to do when she got home? Cassie says a shower. Nick and Sharon tell her to have a shower then she can go back at it and show Noah. Just as Cassie takes Noah upstairs, Sharon and Nick talk about how happy they are to have nothing to worry about. Just then a few minutes later, Cassie comes down with a red visible dot on her arm, and Nick takes a look, and then tells Cassie itís nothing to worry about that itís just a bug bite. Once gone to take a shower, Sharon says that wasnít a bug bite wasnít it? Nick doesnít think so. Sharon calls Dr. Hudsonís office, and heís gone for the day, and Sharon says that she has his emergency number, but Nick stops her from calling. He says theyíll take cassie to the doctor tomorrow and theyíll find out how to deal with whatever it is. They talk about Tuberculosis, and the possibility that Cassie might have it, and Nick asks if Cassie has any friends that have TB and Sharon says no, not that she knows of. He says theyíll find out their answers at the doctor tomorrow.

Tomasís Apartment

Nina arrives at the apartment and Tomasí doesnít answer his door so after several tries, Nina lets herself in with her key, and she finds Tomasí manuscript all over the apartment, having made a huge mess of it before. Nina finds Tomas out cold on the couch, having plastered himself the night before. Once awake, Tomas says some not so nice things towards Nina, like he doesnít have anything anyway, and the fact that she doesnít know him at all. Nina tells him that he just needs to move on. Heís so full of it that Nina walks on out on him, and tells him that she hopes itís the booz talking because maybe she doesnít know him at all.