Friday Update 10/6/00


Young and the Restless Friday, October 6, 2000--Canada, or Monday October 9,  2000--USA

By Linda K.

At Jabot, Brad asks Ashley - Victor still gets to you, doesnít he?  He is
still trying to draw you back.  I can see, he is succeeding.  Ashley says
she was merely touched by the gift.  Ashley says they were finished.  Brad
doesnít believe her.  It is the mere fact that you are still talking to the
guy - allowing him to walk all over you. Brad is frustrated.  Both begin
shouting.  Ash claims he is overreacting about the little gift Victor sent
her.  Brad agrees, and he asks himself why should he feel this way.  He is
supposed to only be her friend, her Lamaze coach.  I say push when the baby
comes.  Ashley reassures him that he is the one person she can count on day
or night.  Nice words Ash.  What do they really mean?

Brad is admits he is jealous.  In spite of the playful banter between them -
he actually has feelings for her.  It was not until recently that he allowed
himself to acknowledge the deep feelings he has had for her.  Ashley is
flattered, but Brad believes that she is still in love with Victor has
difficulty believing Ashleyís denials.  Ashley says Brad is being this way
because he still despises Victor so much.  Brad launches into an angry
tirade.  Why is there a certain breed of man who can treat a woman like a
door mat, and instead of running away, she keeps coming back for more?   She
canít get enough of the abuse.  If you are referring to Victor, Ashley says,
that is ridiculous.  Your defense of him is exactly what I am talking about.
In all aspects of your life, Ashley you demand consideration and respect.
But you will go crawling back to Victor even after the most blatant displays
of neglect, inconsideration, and thoughtlessness.  Maybe I am no oneís idea
of a Knight in Shining Armour.   But I donít think kicking dirt on a woman
is the key to her heart.  So, that is how you see me as, Brad?  One of those
masochistic types?  You tell me? Brad asks.   Victor is good at picking the
women most vulnerable to his routine. 

Both raise their voices loudly.  Brad accuses Ashley how she could get all
misty eyed over one of Victorís empty gestures.  I am not one those women
who thrives on abuse, she shouts at Brad and he asks: Tell me who you are?
Ashley cries out defiantly.  I am a woman who wants a caring, attentive man
who wants to share his life with a family.  Just words, Brad accuses.
Ashley pleads:  Then you tell me?  What do I have to say to you that I
really mean it that I am completely over Victor.  Then you marry me, Brad
grabs Ashley and kisses her frantically.

Christine stares at Paulís photo and calls Lynne to inquire whether she has
heard from Paul.  Lynne says no.  She hangs up and looks up at Paul as he
stands with his arms folded, and frowning.  Lynne tells him that his wife is
starting to get worried.  Paul says he doesnít want her to know that he is
home.   He doesn't know what he will when they see each other.

Brittany enters Jackís office dressed as if for the evening.  She asks if
the meeting is about the Glow by Jabot project.  Jack says - As a matter of
fact, it is.  Thanks to you guys, it was just the shot in the arm the youth
line needed.  And the momentum continues.  Briitany says - Too bad our great
summer had to end.  And if they needed someone to represent Glow by Jabot
she is willing and available and she hopes that was the reason why he asked
her to come here.  Jack tells her he is interested in talking about that
night and what happened between her and Billy.  Brittany is upset. That is
kind of personal, she tells Jack and he replies - Believe me I wouldnít get
into this expect that Billy is very upset.  You discussed this with him?  I
canít believe he would talk to you about something so private, says
Brittany.  I am his big brother.  Billy told me that you confessed to lying
to Mackenzie about you and Billy sleeping together all summer.  Brittany -
You must know that Billy is the one who created this mess.  Jack - I think
he is paying a very heavy price.  Brittany - I am paying a heavy price, too.
Jack - You are hurting.  Britt - Damned right I am.  Jack - Because Billy
was seeing Mackenzie when he was supposed to be going out you.  Britt - I
was devastated.  I cared more about him than any guy I had ever known. I
thought he felt the same way about me.  Obviously the only one he really
cares about is himself. 

Jack continues to grill Brittany about that night at the pool house.  He is
struggling to put the pieces together.  Brittany looses her cool.  She
accuses Jack of being unfair, and trying to protect his little brother and
calling her a liar.  She portrays herself as the victim.  She fell in love
with Billy, she gave herself to him, and he broke her heart.  Jack tries to
soothe her anger, but Brittany angrily leaves.  She feels very good about
herself after she leaves Jacks office.  Meanwhile, Jack asks himself:
Unless I was way off base questioning that girl or is one hell of a good
little actress.

Michael walks into Chrisí office.  Eavesdropping again, Michael?  Your
husband still away I gather?  Michael  has brought over some briefs for
their case.  When she is looking over this, he senses her heart is not in
this.  It might help to talk, Michael tells her.  Christine is upset about
Paul's absence.  I am not sure his secretary is being honest with me.  And I
know she would not withhold information on her own.  Christine grows on edge
when Baldwin continues to discuss her relationship with Paul and eventually
she begs him to stop.  Michael is not about to do so willingly.  Chris,
Michael asks, I sense you are trying to distance yourself from me and I can
understand that.  There has been a lot of history between us, but I hope you
believe I only have your best interest at heart.  Chris admits she is
surprised how supportive he has been.  Michael continues.  You and Paul have
something powerful.  You threw him a huge curve and I imagine he is still
reeling and is still trying to sort things out.  Is this the first time you
two are not on the same page?  He asks Christine.  I am sure that in his
mind, this ties into our partnership - that I twisted your thinking.  He has
a lot of thinking to do and needs time and distance.  I do believe you two
will work this out.  How can we work this out when he wouldnít even talk to
me? Chris asks.  That is something you are gong to have to ask your husband.
I wish I knew where he was.  Then it is time you start looking, Michael
says.  I donít know what to make of you sometimes, Chris says to Michael.
That is easy Christine.  I want what is best for you.  Christine gets up to
leave.  Iíll look on this later.  There is some place I have to go.  Good
luck! Michael calls out to her. 

Nina enters Paulís office.   I came as fast as I got your message.  What is
going on?  She asks Paul.   I just need to talk to somebody, Paul says
gloomily, but not with Chris.  She doesnít even know I am back in town.  Oh,
Paul! Nina groans.  Youíve put me in an awkward position here.  Paul says he
didnít mean to.  He just felt so betrayed.  Nina tells Paul that she did
know Chris changed her mind about raising a family.  I know it is tearing
her apart inside.  And that he was so angry that he walked out. 

Paul grows angrier and raises his voice.  You think I am wrong?  That I am
blindsided is an understatement!   Nina, she drops the bomb on me that she
is not disappointed.  She is relieved.  You canít even imagine how that made
me feel!  Nina also grows exasperated. Paul, she was caught in a bind.  She
was just about to tell you that she had changed her mind. Paul continues -
What I donít understand is why she let me go on in my poor deluded state!
Nina defends Chris - Because she thought that she could make it work.   All
right, so she lied to me on a colossal scale about such an intimate subject?
How could she treat me like that!  How could she treat me like such a damned
a fool!  Paul screams.

Nikki enters Victorís office.  Welcome home.   Heard you were back.  Victor
stares at her for a long time and finally says Ďhií.  I assume the children
informed you?  They continue with trivial chit chat.  Finally, Victor asks
why she has dropped by and Nikki finally admits she just wanted to say hello
in person.  Virginia steps in to tell Victor that a package had been
delivered to Ash-.  She breaks when she sees Nikki.  I guess I wasnít
supposed to know about the package, Nikki says.  Victor admits that package
contained a baby gift he gave to Ashley.  You sent Ashley a gift?  And why
is this so noteworthy? Vic asks.  Nikki says he should be more concerned
about matters at home than her baby. 

The subject turns to the lovely Diane and her baby.  Was she still at his
apartment?  Victor says he canít very well throw her out.  Not when she is
announcing to the world that it is your baby, Nikki adds.  Victor says - We
will see what the paternity test results show.  Nikki asks if he feels there
is some doubt.  Where that woman is concerned there is always doubt, Victor
says.  Very true, Nikki agrees.  Accept nothing at face value.  I am
curious.  Why do I get the distinct impression that you are on some fishing
expedition? Victor asks Nikki.  Why canít you accept the fact that I just
wanted to welcome you home?  Nikki answers.  I am curious.  When you left
home your life was so complicated.  It was probably what prompted your
sudden departure.  Victor tells her - The one good thing I thought which was
good about you getting a job is that you would not have time to dissect my
personal life.  Nikki throws her head up.  Well, Victor, for so many years,
you were my entire life and there is always going to be a part of me which
is going to care about you. Well, shoot me!  Victor looks at her lovingly
and smiles. 

I canít believe.  I actually got a little smile out of you.  Victor answers.
I still donít know why you came by.  There was a pause.  Our children are
doing well, Victor says.  Nikki suggests that they should try to maintain a
bond for the sake of the kids. For now, it feels good to put some of the
rifts behind them.  Victor agrees.  That is how I feel too.  I got to get
back to work.  Nikki prepares to leave.  One more thing.  I donít mean to be
talking out of line here, but does the fact that you gave Ashley a gift mean
that you still care about her?  Meaning what?  Victor asks.  Nikki - From
what I am seeing, I feel that Ashley is moving on. With Brad.  And for your
sake I hope you are over her.  If you think you are getting a rise out of me
it isnít working, Victor quickly says.  Nikki - I just thought you should
know.  After she leaves, Victor thinks for a moment.  Ashley and Brad
Carleton?  You must be kidding me!

Malcolm and Olivia discuss Drucilla. After his last conversation with her,
it seemed she made up her own mind to leave.  Olivia says that one of them
did not have the guts to say what he was really feeling.  You two are
obviously not speaking the same language.  Malcolm says - Dru was confused.
I did not want to stand in her way.  Did you tell her that you wanted her to
stay? Liv asks.   Did you tell her how you felt?  I thought she wanted to
continue modeling, Malcolm says.  Liv says - We all know she enjoys
modeling, but this is not forever.  Deep down she understands the value of
life and other people, meaningful relationships, shared experiences.  Maybe
she was willing to give up all that glamor for a life with you.  Malcolm
moans:  Oh my God. This is not happening.  How could I have missed that?  I
didnít want to stand in her way.  Liv: Did you tell her that you wanted her
to stay?  Did she tell you she wanted to stay?  If you had this conversation
this would not have happened.  You two were so desperate to accommodate each
other under mistaken assumptions, look where you ended up.  Alone. 

Malcolm is angry at Olivia.  Tell me something.  If everything seems so
damned clear to you why didn't you say something - to one of us at least?
Olivia is surprised and is trying to suppress a laugh.  You are saying this
is my fault?  Olivia grows defensive.  I thought you were adults and mature
enough that you could handle this all by yourselves. Excuse me Olivia, but I
am not a mind reader.  Damn it.  You could have told at least one of us.
Were you trying to punish me?  Are you trying to get even?  You are
obviously still angry.  Olivia is beside herself and canít tolerate this
nonsense anymore.  I am not trying to sabotage your wonderful relationship
with my sister.  On one occasion, I have spoken on your behalf.  Malcolm is
not swayed.  Are you sure you were not in the sidelines, enjoying all this?
Watching us like a couple of lab rats running around in circles?  Olivia
laughs in disbelief and asks Malcolm - How can you say that to me?  You
honestly believe I get my kicks watching the two of you mess up your lives?

Malcolm apologies. He is confused.  What do I do?  Maybe it is too late.
Olivia says, I know, that standing here talking to me isnít going to help.
We both know one thing from personal experience.  The failure to communicate
can destroy a relationship - a marriage.  People should talk.  They should
try to understand what is going on in their heads and their hearts.  Without
that - there is nothing.  Olivia walks away.   Malcolm says when he is
alone, - In our hearts, eh?  You are right, Livia.  He picks up the phone
and books a seat on the next plane to Paris.

At Walnut Grove Academy, Billy is startled to see Raul appearing highly
agitated.  Raul tells him he already knows the truth.  Mac told him
everything about what happened at the prom.  Billy quickly attempts to
explain to Raul.  He tells Raul that he is sorry.  Things between him and
Mac "just happened.Ē  Raul screams.  This just happened?  And this is
supposed to justify everything?  You and I were best friends and all you can
say is that you are sorry and that it just happened?  You are pathetic!  I
just want to throw up!  All those months and the talks we had, the stuff we
shared and the things I told you about Mac.  And all this time you guys were
lying, leading me on. You never really gave a damn about me, did you!  There
were hundreds of girls at this school, Billy.  Why Mackenzie.  Was it the
challenge?  She was the one girl who was off limits?   Raul sneers.  Billy
yells back - It was torture!  Mac and I were dying having to lie to you.  We
couldnít risk it.  My mother was making threats.  If she found out Mac was
involved with me, she would contact her Mackenzieís mom.  And you know how
afraid Mac is of her mom!  We couldnít tell anyone.  I was stuck between a
rock and a hard place. 

Raul continues to yell.  I understand.  You had a choice between trusting me
and lying to me, and you chose to lie.  Ok, Mac was freaked out about her
mom!  She didnít want to say anything.  But at least Mac had the decency to
break things off.  What was your excuse?  You were my best friend.  You
should have known that I would have kept my mouth shut, but no, you played
me like a fool.  Billy attempts to defend himself saying - you got to
believe me, I did what I did!   Raul continues.  I guess I was wrong for
believing in you.  I am seeing you real clear now, man.  Brittany, Mac and
I.  We were just pawns - people you could mess with - so you can have your
fun.  When I think back to all the times I talked to you about Mac.  When
she broke up with me I kept asking myself what I could do to make it up.  I
poured out my guts to you, but you said nothing.  Billy pleads that he is
really sorry.  Raul slugs Billy and he falls to the floor.  Tell somebody
who cares, Raul says as he rushes off.  J.T. is nearby and has seen
everything.  Billy gets up off the floor and touches his bleeding mouth. 

J.T tells Billy - Looks like you are having a bad day.  I heard through the
grapevine that you have been cheating on Brittany.  And I see Raul pop you
and I assume the other girl is Mackenzie.  Whatís the deal man?   Did you
end up losing both of them?  Back off!  Billy answers surily, nursing his
busted lip.  J.T. continues.  There is one thing that confuses me? Why
couldnít you be satisfied with Brittany?  She is everything a guy could
want.  Or am I wrong?  Is something missing?  What the hell are you talking
about J.T.?   J.T. continues.  Maybe being with her is not as memorable as
people would think.  Is that it Billy?  Are you trying to tell me something

Brittany walks in and is horrified.  She asks J.T. if he did this.  And she
asks him to go away.  When J.T. is alone with Brittany, he tells her he is
having too much fun watching things go down.  And her secret is safe with
him, for now.  Brittany approaches Billy asking - What happened?  Billy
answers - Raul found out.  About everything.  Brittany hands him a tissue to
wipe the blood from his lip.  I am sorry Brittany.  I made a mess of
everything.  For everyone.  Yeah Billy.  You did.  Brittany walks sadly away
leaving Billy to nurse his swollen mouth.

Chris enters Paulís office as he sits by the window moping.  She says, I
realize you donít want to see me.  How did you know I was back? Paul asks.
I think weíve played games long enough.  I am not leaving here until weíve
come to some understanding.