Wednesday Update 10/4/00


Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, October 4, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, October 5, 2000--USA   

By Linda K. 

At Walnut Grove Academy, Raul and Rianna discuss the possible dynamics between Billy and Mac. Raul keeps saying to himself "No! That can’t be." Soon, Billy walks by and soon he stops to ask Raul a question. Raul is behaving very tense and angry. Billy asks him what is wrong? Raul asks Rianna to leave them alone and he informs Billy that Mac was about to leave town, but he had managed to stop her - at least for the time being. Billy plays dumb and mutters that Raul was ‘a real friend’. Raul also tells him Mac must have been really upset - implying that Billy may have been the cause. Billy tells Raul he is acting weird - answering a question with a question. Raul becomes very angry and urgently asks what the hell is going on between them two. There was a connection between Billy and Mac’s decision to leave. Billy decides to leave. Raul wrestles with his questions. He repeats: "Oh God, tell me I am wrong. Please tell me I am wrong!" 

At Crimson Lights, Mac enters and Sharon approaches her. Mac asked for her old job back, and Sharon quickly agrees. Sharon asks about her summer: the web project, being with all her friends. It must be a drag getting back into the grind of things. Brittany then walks into the coffee house with J.T. Brittany walks up to Mac and tells her "We are all glad to see you back. We were very worried about you." Sharon is left wondering as she heads off to the office with Mac in tow. Sharon asks Mac about Brittany’s comments. She senses tension between the two of them. Mac is being evasive, but Sharon can tell she really does not like Brittany. Mac tells Sharon her summer was awful. And it is not all behind her now, Sharon surmises. There is some fallout from the summer and Mac does not feel that she has the courage to deal with it. Sharon encourages Mac - of all the kids coming around the coffee house, she appeared as the most stable. Mac says that there was something she needed to do since the prom night. Something needed to be set right. But it never was right. It was all wrong. She got hurt and is not the only one. A lot of people got hurt or going to get hurt - one person especially. 

J.T. says: I take it things are out in the open for a change. Brittany says Mac and Billy had broken up - which was a joke since they never really got together. J.T. says judging from Mac’s expression she got her revenge but she doesn’t look so happy. Brittany complains about being put into this position in the first place. He says this opens her eyes about Abbott - he is a loser and she should be happy to get rid of him. Brittany tells him to shut up and walks out onto the terrace with J.T. following hotly behind her demanding to know if she was still hung up on Abbott. J.T. thought they had a future together. Then J.T. tells her he should do the right thing - doing Brittany a favor - by telling Billy she never slept with him after all. Billy would be so relieved! He’d be back with Mac and the two ‘losers’ could ride off to the sunset together and Brittany would be free to check out other possibilities. Brittany tells J.T. that she really went to bed with Billy that night. J.T said she didn’t go all the way - she only set it up to seem that way. Brittany tells him that he was only assuming this. J.T. becomes angry and threatens to tell everyone that Brittany set up a scheme - that had played Billy for a fool. Brittany warns J.T. that he does not want to get into her bad side. J.T. tells her she should come to her senses and realize that she will be better off with him. But it looks like this isn’t going to happen. J.T. warns: "When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose." At Ryan’s apartment, Ryan comes home to a wonderful smell of a full dinner cooking. He had come home just to get papers before heading back to the office. Tricia asks if he’d have a glass of wine. Ryan laughs - Do you realize what time it is? Tricia feels foolish. Ryan peeks into Tricia's shopping bag. What in the world is all this? He asks. Massage oil, candles, music. Tricia awkwardly says that they have not had a chance to be together since her return. Tricia says that as part of her therapy, nothing would help her more than getting really close to him again. Ryan says this is a good idea, but being close might pose a ‘complication’. Tricia can hardly believe this. Please don’t put words in my mouth Ryan warns her. Sex could be misleading. It could confuse things. Whatever is going to happen, we have to take things a step at a time. Let us not get ahead of ourselves. Tricia decides to agree. Ryan plants loving kiss on her forehead. He leaves for the office, promising to be back for dinner. 

At Brash & Sassy, Neil asks Victoria how she is handling Phyllis. Victoria is defensive and tries to convince Neil that she has Phyllis under control, having outlined the ‘ground rules’ at Brash & Sassy. Neil says: Tell me you told her one of those rules was to stay out of your father’s paths? Victoria says Phyllis got this loud and clear. They then discuss Victor’s reaction. He seemed on guard, Neil says. He did not flip out, did he? Victoria probes. He is not questioning his daughter’s decision to hire her? Neil asks if Victor had seen Phyllis’ contract. Until then, the jury is ‘out’ in regards to Victor’s true reaction. Neil then begins discussion about Victoria’s intense relationship with Ryan and her attitude towards Tricia. This attitude is alienating you away from Ryan, he warns her. Victoria is really concerned about Ryan’s welfare - his safety! And if Neil was a true friend of his, he should also be worried for Ryan. At first, Victoria says rapidly, I didn’t think she’d be any danger since I thought Ryan would send her packing, but now Tricia is living with him. She could really do harm to him. Neil attempts to laugh off her concerns. Victoria warns that she is not overreacting: Look at what she did to Tony when he got in her way? Nick also warned me not to get between Tricia and Ryan - what Tricia might do to me. Look at what she did - running over Tony! Tricia can be a very dangerous person when she does get her way. She has proven it in the past and she will prove it again, if Ryan does not get her out of his life. At Victor Newman’s office, Victor says to Phyllis: So, we meet again. I thought you would stay away from me as far as possible. Phyllis: I was given this advice, but this is not my style. I prefer facing things head on. I intend to do a first-class job for Brash & Sassy. Victor asks: The way you did last summer for Jabot? Phyllis is encouraged - he had checked out her work. Phyllis is confused by his reaction towards her - Victor allowed her into the company even though they had not parted in the best of terms. She was concerned about their meeting again, considering how he had tossed her out a few years ago. 

Phyllis digs for assurance from Victor. You will allow bygones be bygones, right? She asks. Victor answers only with a glaring silence. Phyllis assumes that his silence is a 'yes'. They could make a fresh start. For the good of the company? Asks Victor. Phyllis tries to assure him that she is not the same person he knew her to be in the past and they should now move on. Victor clearly tells Phyllis that he does not intend to forget what she was in the past - nor overlook it - which could mean several things as far as her employment at Newman Enterprises is concerned. Phyllis is concerned. Their meeting seems to have gotten off on a wrong footing - that Victor is still angry with her. Victor tells Phyllis he is amazed how she parlayed her success with Jabot into a very fat contract with Newman Enterprises. Phyllis adamantly objects and emphasizes that his daughter found her and sought her out. Victor does not have issue with the money. She worked for the enemy. She got Jack Abbott to hire her after she stabbed him in the back before leaving town. And it appears that she lulled his suspicions enough to get him to hire her. Victor warns Phyllis that he is not Jack Abbott. At the risk of repeating myself, Phyllis says, I am not the same woman you knew. Jack was skeptical too, but he learned the truth. Phyllis was not a threat to his company - she was the best thing to have happen to Jabot all summer. It was a leap of faith. Jack took it and it paid off. Victor tells Phyllis that good business is not based on leaps of faith, but from sound analysis of facts. The facts are that Phyllis was not to be trusted - especially now when she had renewed her relationship with Jack Abbott. Phyllis attempts to convince Victor that though Jack and she were close last summer they were now now longer. Victor says that obviously, Jack must feel betrayed by her being hired away by his competition. She says this is hardly a betray. She is merely taking a more lucrative offer. Phyllis tries to reassure Victor that he will not be sorry for hiring her. She is going to do an excellent job for the company. Victor tells her that he intends for her to do so far away from Newman headquarters. By shipping her away at arms length - for instance, Kabul, Afghanistan. Phyllis says she understands - Victor has not seen her contract. He really should, especially before he ships her off for parts unknown. Victor brushes Phyllis off. Phyllis says that it was a shame they could not be friends. But she gave it a try. When he is alone, Victor picks up the phone and urgently asks to speak with Victoria. 

At Crimson Lights, Cody approaches Carter and catches him daydreaming. Carter says he cannot get Tricia McNeill out of his mind. Cody warns him to stay away from her. The woman, aside from being married, definitely has problems. Carter says that aside from all that, everyone seems really down on her. Especially Sharon Newman. Cody says that it concerned someone really close to them. And not to get into specifics, it was a very messy situation and things went from bad to worse. Sharon won’t forgive Tricia for things she did - not anytime soon, anyway. Carter is clearing a table when he notices Tricia approaching the counter. He asks her how things are going, and she tells him does not want to talk about it - he barely knows her! Matt suggests to her that it is often easier to confide with a stranger. He set off a wave of fear in Tricia saying that Sharon Newman was in. Matt eventually persuades her to confide in him. Tricia agrees that she could really use a friend. They leave Crimson Lights together and Cody shakes his head in disbelief. 

Tomas and Nina are relaxing in his home. They pulled an all-nighter and finished her chapter. And Nina feels incredible energized. Tomas says this is a momentous occasion. Her character has undergone a fundamental change, which makes her more worthwhile to read about. She has found the strength to give up the search which consumed her life. Which she is never going to succeed, Nina say. Which does not necessarily mean that she will never know the child, Tomas says. Nina sits up in surprise. Tomas continues: the child who had been stolen may someday come back into her life anytime. The conscious eye that scans every street where children walk to school. Always asking oneself, "I wonder what my child might look like today". That has to stop. It is preventing the heroine from truly living her life. If fate intends for her and her child to be reunited. But, in the meantime... Oh my God! Nina says. I see it now. It is so clear! At the end of the book, she decides to give up the search. And I didn’t realize until now. I was afraid to let go. I am going to be OK. I am going to be all right. I can love and honor my child without the empty feeling inside because he is gone. I don’t have to search every face in the schools or the streets. Tomas is very happy for her and holds her close in his arms. 

Nina walks into Crimson Lights and tells Sharon that Mac is home. Thank God! Sharon says. She has tried to run away again? Sharon returns to the subject of Nina’s elation and implies that there must be another reason why she is bursting with happiness. Nina says she is that close to finishing her book and she is exhilarated and exhausted. Sharon asks what Tomas’ role was in all this. Nina praises Tomas for his and support and tells Sharon she is hoping this will help energize him in his writing. At Tomas' apartment, Tomas wanders about in frustration. He recalls his conversation with Hugh - that he is no longer scheduled for publication - the publishers had pulled out their support. Tomas picks up a bottle of whiskey and drinks from the bottle. He slumps down onto the sofa in bitterness. 

Raul finds Mac and tells her he has this horrible feeling. She never told him why she ran and now he thinks it has to do with Billy. Mac tells him she does not want to deal with this. They must just move on. Raul is driven crazy. He has to know and asks her if she does not realize that she owes him an answer. Mac agrees. She has owned him this for a long, long time.