Tuesday Update 10/3/00


Young and the Restless Tuesday, October 3, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, October 4, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Crimson Lights
Brittany arrives and sees Riana; she joins her, asking Riana if she has seen Billy? Riana replies that she hasn't but she is worried about Mac. Brittany is surprised that Mac is still around, since she talked to Billy earlier. She tells Riana not to waste time worrying about Mac. Riana tells Brittany that Raul would never forgive himself if anything happened to Mac. Riana asks her why she is upset with both Mac and Billy? Is there a link between them, Riana asks? Brittany retorts there is no link, none at all and walks off. Meanwhile Raul arrives and joins Riana after Brittany leaves. Riana ask about Mac? Raul says he stopped her from leaving but she wouldn't tell him why she wanted to leave. Brittany says not to worry about Mac; this is just her way of dealing with things. Raul tells her to back off and leave Mac alone! Raul walks out, Riana tells Brittany she will never understand her and walks out.

Chancellor Estate
Billy tries to get Mac to listen to what he has to say. Mac angrily tells him he is a liar, he kissed her all summer and kissed Brittany as well and what made it worse was that he made love with Brittany and lied to her about it! Billy begs her to listen; he says he hasn't lied to Mac about anything, since he and Brittany have not been making love all summer! He says that it is Brittany who is the liar. He offers to bring Brittany over to tell Mac the truth. Mac sarcastically comments that it was "just the one time, in the pool house." She tells him she saw him herself. Billy, who is becoming more and more emotional, says he doesn't remember, he is just so confused. He tells Mac if she doesn't believe him, then they will have nothing together. Mac reminds him that Brittany has been his girlfriend all summer, he spent most of his time with her; put suntan lotion on her, made out with her in public. She asks Billy what they had together? "A few stolen kisses and a secret meeting place." Billy tells her that the time they had together was very special. Mac reminds Billy of all the times he has lied; about the trip to Chicago, the party where he got drunk and almost died and lastly the sex with Brittany in the pool house! She angrily tells him he has betrayed her and worst of all she has betrayed herself! She says that things would never have worked between them and the one person who will be most hurt by all of this is Raul. She doesn't want to think about what will happen when Raul finds out his best friend and her. Mac says she is just like Billy, a liar. She flees upstairs in tears. Billy calls her name, but she doesn't answer. Billy in tears is devastated. 

Victoria's Office
Victoria is taking a distributor to task, when Phyllis waltzes in. Phyllis tells Victoria she is ready to roll and has lots of ideas. Victoria states she is too frustrated at the moment to even think about the web site. She tells Phyllis she has a meeting to go to and will meet with Phyllis later. Phyllis tells Victoria that she has heard that Victor is back. Victoria says that it is true and wonders why Phyllis would care? Phyllis says she wants to discuss things with Victor, make him aware of the new situation, regarding her new job. Victoria informs Phyllis that she is in charge of Brash and Sassy, not Victor! She says that they need to be able to show Victor some of her work before Phyllis sees him. Rather than arguing, Phyllis says she will check in later to see when Victoria can meet with her? Victoria says she should be available by early afternoon. Phyllis leaves, and once outside says, "Timing is everything..." 

Victor's Office
Nick arrives and welcomes Victor home. Victor tells Nick how pleased he is that Nick took over while he was gone. Victor says this shows how dedicated Nick is to Newman Enterprises. Victor asks Nick to fill him in on what has been going on while he has been away? Nick wants Victor to tell him about Diane and what is happening there? Victor tells him that things are complicated with Diane and wonders if he knows about her pregnancy? Nick says he does and asks if Victor is the father? Victor admits it is doubtful but won't discuss it now. Nick asks if Diane will continue to stay at the apartment? Victor says that for now she will as he doesn't want to create a scandal by asking her to leave. Victor wonders what Nick thinks of Victoria hiring Phyllis Summers? Nick says that Phyllis is terrific on the Internet; she did a great job with the Glow by JABOT site and feels that it was a great coup to steal her from JABOT. Victor is concerned that Phyllis could be dangerous and they need to keep an eye on her. He says since Nick speaks of her so highly he may have to re think his position. Nick tells him he has to get back to work but agrees to keep an eye on Phyllis. Nick leaves. A little later, Victor is reading over a report, Phyllis glides in saying "I had to wait until your secretary slipped away." Victor looks up, "Phyllis Summers".

Neil's Office
Ryan arrives with the holiday projections to give to Victoria. Neil wonders why he didn't give them to Victoria? Ryan admits he and Victoria are not seeing eye to eye at the moment. Neil asks how things are going? Ryan is reluctant to discuss his personal life but does say that Victoria overstepped because she believes that Tricia has an agenda where he is concerned. He does tell Neil that Tricia needs help and he will do what he can to help her. Neil asks if Ryan believes Victoria is the one with the agenda? Ryan says that regardless of what Victoria thinks, he will do what he can to help get Tricia well. Neil asks if Ryan and Tricia are rebuilding their relationship? Ryan says that he has told Tricia she needs to get her problems worked out before they can consider renewing their relationship. Neil wonders if Ryan is keeping his options open? Ryan says that he will "cross that bridge when we come to it" and wonders (sarcastically) if that meets with Neil's approval? Before Neil can respond, Ryan walks out. 

Gina's Restaurant
Diane arrives and sees Michael; she asks if she can join him? He agrees. She tells him he looks happy and wonders if things are better with his partner? Michael tells her that things at the office are going well. He asks how things are going with her? She says she is still living at the penthouse. She tells him Victor is back and he didn't ask her to leave. She admits there was a slight hiccup. Michael asks what it was? She says that Victor received a letter from Robertson Labs that was a little upsetting for Victor "regarding irregularities". She says she handled all of his questions. Michael wonders if this means Victor won't accept the child? Diane says she will survive and she won't let this minor setback bother her. Michael wonders if she means that time heals everything? He believes she is kidding herself if this is what she thinks. Diane says that this child is Victor Newman's! She says when Victor sees her with his child in her arms, things will be different
Tricia arrives and asks Gina for help on getting Ryan's interest? Gina says the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Tricia says that may be true but admits she isn't a very good cook. Gina offers to prepare a special meal for two? Tricia thanks her but that would not be appropriate. Gina suggests she try something simple, like steak, baked potatoes and green beans. She is sure Tricia can handle that. Tricia says that would be ideal, thanks her and hurries out. 

Ryan's Apartment
Tricia arrives, carrying a bag of groceries, the phone is ringing. She answers it; it's Keith calling from London. He says he got her message and wonders how she is doing? She tells him she is fine and not to worry. Keith offers to come for a visit? She asks him not to come, as it will make things more difficult for her and Ryan. He tells her that he loves her and hangs up. Tricia looks confused but carries on with preparations for dinner. Meanwhile, Keith contacts the concierge and asks him to book him on the next flight to Genoa City Wisconsin. As Tricia prepares for dinner, she unpacks the bags, candles, and music, "Sensual" body lotion. She wonders aloud how Ryan will react? She lights the candles, puts on the soft music. The table is set and she pours wine into the carafe. The door opens, Ryan comes in saying "something smells good." She tells him it is nothing special, just thought she would make dinner for him. Ryan gazes at Tricia saying, "I had forgotten how beautiful you are." He kisses her and holds her. Tricia is very happy saying "you are the best thing for me" Ryan lights a fire while Tricia gets dinner... Suddenly, the door opens, Ryan comes in, Tricia is surprised and glances at the fireplace, it's dark. Ryan appears stunned. 

Walnut Grove Academy
Riana and Raul arrive for the first day of school. Riana says it is too bad that Brittany is angry with Mac and Billy again, since they got along so well all summer. Raul asks why Brittany is angry with Mac? Riana thinks it has to do with prom, well at least that's where it started, she says. Raul thinks Brittany should be over that by now? Riana says there is more to it than that and tells him that there is a connection between Brittany's strange behaviour and her anger with Mac and Billy. Riana says that Brittany said, "Mac would pay". Raul doesn't believe it and shakes his head "no, that just can't be."