Monday Update 10/2/00


Young and the Restless Monday, October 2nd, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, October 3, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Victor's Penthouse
Neil arrives; he was surprised to learn Victor is back and came right over as soon as he called. Victor explains he arrived home last night and has already spoken to Victoria. Neil wonders if Victoria told him about hiring Phyllis Summers? Neil admits he thought hiring her was overstepping the mark a bit. Victor feels Phyllis could cause trouble and asks him to keep a close eye on her? Neil agrees to do so. Victor tells Neil he wants to reopen negotiations with Harrison and Gallagher immediately! Neil asks if he should contact them? Victor tells him not to as he would prefer it to be a surprise. Neil quickly changes the subject and asks Victor about Ashley? He wonders if he will be seeing her again? Victor tells him that is a personal matter but not to forget that his war with Jack Abbott is not over. He tells Neil he would like to crush Jack Abbott and that seeing Ashley would not be a good idea. Neil tells Victor that he understands completely. He says he will get started on the Harrison deal as soon as he gets into the office, but has a stop to make first. He also says that he will keep an eye on Phyllis Summers. Victor thanks him for coming by. Neil leaves. 

Gina's Restaurant
Victor arrives, Gina is happy to see him and after a little chitchat, escorts him to his table. After she is gone, Victor notices Ashley sitting alone. He goes over to see her and after exchanging polite chitchat, Ashley admits she knows the circumstances of Diane's pregnancy, since Diane was unable to keep her pregnancy a secret. Victor is not happy to hear that 1/2 of Genoa City knows the details of his private life, thanks to Diane Jenkins! He tells Ashley that as much as he would like to, he won't ask Diane to leave the apartment. He says that if he did, that would simply add more scandal to the situation and Leanna Love, who is back in town, would run with that as a story. Ashley is sorry the situation has turned out as it has. Victor admits he is not happy with the way the Diane became pregnant. Ashley says the reality is, she is pregnant with his child; and the baby will need all the love it can get. Victor apologizes for being selfish and tells her that her baby is lucky to have her for a mother. He tells her he is happy for her but wonders if she has any doubts about not telling the father? Ashley doesn't want to discuss it. Victor apologizes and says that the child is hers and if she doesn't want the father involved then that is her decision. He asks when she is due? She says in six weeks and she can hardly stand the wait. Victor tells her that isn't long at all and wishes her and her child a happy future. Ashley thanks him for his concern. Victor leaves, but looks at Ashley, adoringly over his shoulder. Ashley is left alone with her coffee, looking sad, she watches Victor as he leaves. 

Malcolm's Studio
Phyllis awakens, to find Malcolm waiting for her with a cup of coffee in hand. They talk about the night before. Phyllis realizes she starts her new job today and has nothing to wear. Malcolm tells her not to worry, he has everything she needs in the back room (clothes, a shower etc.) Phyllis thanks him and hurries off to grab a shower.
Neil arrives to see how Malcolm is doing? He says that even though his (Malcolm's) relationship with Dru was painful for him (Neil), he knows that Malcolm must be hurt. Malcolm denies he feels hurt at all, and tells Neil to give Dru a message for him, the next time he is talking to Lily. Neil asks what the message is? Malcolm says he can tell Dru, that he (Malcolm) is doing just fine. Phyllis comes out, wrapped in a towel and apologizes for interrupting. Malcolm introduces Phyllis to Neil. Malcolm tells Phyllis that Neil is his brother. Phyllis says that it is nice to meet him and asks Malcolm if he has something for her to wear? She says she saw a suit in the closet and wonders if she could wear it? Malcolm tells her to wear anything she likes. 
Once Phyllis has gone to change, Neil warns Malcolm that Phyllis is trouble but Malcolm won't listen. He says he plans to have a good time with her. He tells Neil that this conversation is over! Phyllis comes back and says she has to get going to work. After Phyllis leaves, Neil backs off on the brotherly advice saying that Malcolm knows where he is if he wants him. Neil leaves. Malcolm picks up a picture of Dru, crumples it up. He finds another picture of Dru, saying, "Dru, I miss you so much." 

Ryan's Apartment
Tricia tells Ryan she has things she wants to talk to him about and wonders if they can talk before he goes to work? Ryan says they can talk for a while. She tells him that therapy is going well and she is starting to understand how after her mother died, she took over looking after Megan and her dad. She says she was always trying to please her dad. She thinks she may have chased after Tony, because her dad disapproved of him so much and was strongly opposed to his relationship with Megan. Ryan is surprised that this has been discussed so early in her therapy. He wonders if their marriage may have added to her problems, since she was so young when they got married? Tricia says she loved Ryan from the moment she saw him. She says she wanted to be with him forever. Ryan says that was how Megan felt about Tony but she had to put a stop to it. Ryan wonders if that is why Tricia kissed Tony? Tricia says that she isn't ready for that in therapy yet and says she doesn't really know why it happened. Ryan asks her if her dad knows she is here? Tricia says she called him when she got home. Ryan thinks Tricia should call him now and tell him about the progress she is making. Tricia is reluctant to do so but does say she has to start taking responsibility for her actions even though it will be painful. Tricia calls Keith and leaves a detailed message on the answering machine. She tells Keith she is fine, staying at the apartment, therapy is going well and not to worry about her. After she is finished, Ryan tells her he is proud of her and says he has to get going. She asks if she can do anything to help them get back on track? He says that they have to take things one day at a time. Ryan says she is doing well so far and he leaves for work. Tricia asks, "How can I get closer to you, Ryan?" "Tonight, we are going to be every way." 

Victoria's Office
Victoria and Ryan are talking. Victoria says that she called him last night but there was no answer. She says that her father is back and wonders if he (Ryan) and Tricia are "together again?" Ryan wants to discuss the sales projections and says he had a business dinner last night. He doesn't feel that his private life with Tricia is any of her business. Victoria tells him not to let Tricia back into his life again, not after what she put him through. Ryan says that he offered her (Victoria) the spare room as a temporary measure so she could get away from Diane. Victoria says that there is more to them (Ryan and her), then that and he knows it. Ryan reminds Victoria that Tricia is his wife and if he can help her he will. He tells Victoria that Diane is her "cross to bear" and Tricia is his. Victoria says Tricia is a deceptive, and unstable woman! Ryan apologizes for his choice of words but says that if he can help Tricia get better, and then he will do what he can. He asks Victoria to tell her father he will be in his office if he needs him. Victoria asks him to wait and talk to her. Ryan says they have done enough talking and walks out. 

Crimson Lights
Billy finds Brittany and demands to know about the lies she has been telling Mac? Brittany doesn't see what the trouble is; after all he has been lying to her (Brittany) about he and Mac all summer. She feels he isn't the victim here, she is! Brittany remarks that he and Mac had a grand old time, "as king and queen" making "a fool of me." Billy realizes that this has to do with Brittany losing the prom queen title to Mac. Bill reminds her that it was a contest. Brittany says that Billy has made a fool of her and tells him that they did make love last night. She tells him that it really hurts her that he doesn't remember. She wonders if she really means that little to him? She sarcastically comments that if she has ruined his little fantasy about him and Mac, then she is just so sorry. She storms off. Billy is left looking devastated. 

Chancellor Estate
Kay and Mac are talking. Mac tells her that it will be very painful seeing Billy and Brittany at school. She says it will be worse now that she knows he has been lying to her all summer. Kay asks if she is positive about things? She wonders if it was just once? Mac says that Brittany told her they were together all summer. Kay isn't sure that Mac should believe Brittany. She says she would like to help Mac through this nightmare. Mac says that it isn't a nightmare it's real! She says she feels like she wants to die. Kay tells her not to talk like that, this is nothing to die over. Mac says she feels stupid. Kay tells her that none of this was her fault. Mac says that may be true but it has made her stomach hurt. She says she is going to get some rest. As Mac heads upstairs, Kay watches her with a concerned look on her face. 
A while later, Billy arrives, and starts pounding on the door. Esther calls out, ok I am coming! She opens the door. Billy tells her he needs to see Mac, now! Esther says that Mac doesn't want to se him. (Meanwhile, Mac is coming downstairs). Mac says that she doesn't want to see him and asks him to leave. Esther closes the door in his face. Esther leaves to start cleaning. Billy lets himself in and finds Mac sitting in the living room. Mac is holding her head in her hands. She looks up and tells him she wants him to leave! She says she never wants to talk to him again! Billy says he doesn't care and "I am not leaving until you hear me out."