Friday Update 9/29/00


Young and the Restless Friday, September 29, 2000--Canada, or Monday October 2,  2000--USA

By Linda K.

At the bus station, Raul confronts Mac and yells: Youíre going somewhere?

You are running away again. Why? Your life is here. You have a rough

couple of days and you split town? Mac struggles to explain, but words

fail her. Talk to me! Raul continues. What is going on? Fine. You

want get on that bus and split town! Go on! Take off. That is your

answer to everything. What are you waiting for? Mac is rattled by his

outbursts. Mac attempts to storm past him but he grabs her. She tells him

this is none of his business. Raul says he thought they were friends. We

are, Mac assures him. He asks why she wouldnít let him help. She said

there are problems and she canít talk about them. Especially not with

Raul. Raul begs: Mac. Please donít get on that bus. Why are you trying

so hard to make me stay, Raul? Because this is where you belong, Mac.

You have family here. You told me this is the first time you found people

you really care about. What is it going to do to them if you leave. I

know you donít want to hurt your grandma or dad. And what about me? Mac,

you are the best friend I ever had. Except for Billy. Leave me out of

this, Mac says. I donít fit in here Raul. I have been a misfit since I

came here. Not to me, Raul says. You are a great guy Raul. Iím really

sorry I hurt you. You are going to hurt me a lot worse if you get on that

bus, Raul tells her. The loudspeaker announces final boarding for

passengers to St. Paulís. What is it going to be? Stay here or go home?

The Chancellorís door bell rings impatiently. Kay shouts out to Esther to

open the door. The bell continues to ring, annoying Kay further. Finally

when she answers, Billy asks for Mac. Kay says no. Mrs. Chancellor, I

doní t believe you. Kay snarls: how dare you to talk to me like that.

Billy: I donít mean any disrespect. Kay tells him to step back. Then she

shuts the door. Billy keeps rapping on the door. Mac! Come on. I know

you are in there! Finally, Kay tells him she has had enough. She opens

the door and Billy rushes in calling out for Mac. Kay tells Billy Nina

was the last person to see her and Mac was very upset. Enough to cause

her to run away. And she knows who would be to blame. Do you have any

idea what you have done to that girl? Kay yells. Billy says he never

intended to hurt her. So, you do admit you had sex with Brittany Hodges?

Billy says Ė Apparently. I guess so. Kay is livid. From the very

beginning I had misgivings about you. But I gave you the benefit of the

doubt simply because of my granddaughter, but I tell you I will never make

that mistake again.

Mac walks in and Kay rushes to her arms. Mac looks over Kayís shoulders

and gives Billy a cold glare. What are you doing here? Why? Billy

feebly answers. To talk. Please. Mac assures Kay she could handle Billy

and dismisses her. I canít believe you came here. Last night I saw the

web cast, and it is possible that you are right. I swear to you I donít

remember any of it. I am so sorry. I will do anything to make it up.

Like what? Mac asks. I know the truth, she adds. Brittany told me she

and you have been sleeping together all summer. You stay away from me!

she repeats and dashes upstairs. Billy is in anguish, but then his

feelings turn to anger and bitterness. Brittany! He scowls and rushes out

the door.

At Tomasí home, both the editor and writer address Tomasí situation. Hugh

Abernathy has some news. Is there any progress on the book? he asks first

of all. I would like nothing better than to call New York and tell them

it is ready to go. Then it wouldnít be true, Tomas admits. Hugh: Then we

stick with Plan A. Tomas: Which isÖ donít tell me. The publisher has

pulled my book from the Christmas list. It comes as no great surprise. I

am afraid there is more to it than that, Abernathy reluctantly informs

him. The business is changing. All the big names in publishing are owned

by huge multi-nationals. They are bottom-line thinkers. They donít

understand the need to nurture talent. Be patient with the artistic

temperament. Editors like me are a dying breed. There is a need for

writers especially those who are prolific. Which is the last thing I am

right now, Tomas says. So, what is the bottom line. Hugh tells him, the

publishers are dropping support for the project. As soon as the book is

completed they would be happy to look at it and reconsider, but for now,

you are not rescheduled for publication. I am very sorry. Tomas struggles

not to show his bitterness.

Hugh attempts to console his friend. Donít give up Tomas. You are a

remarkably talented man. Tomas: I was. Hugh: You still are. Tomas: That

remains to be seen. Hugh: I feel terrible about this. Tomas: You did

everything you could. It was obviously out of your control and I

appreciate you coming to tell me about this. The door knocks and Nina

enters. Tomas invites her in and introduces her to Hugh Abernathy who

recognizes her from their earlier phone conversation. He asks how long

she and Tomas have been acquainted. Tomas immediately informs him that

she has not been the cause of hisdistraction. She encouraged him in every

way. Hugh decides it is time to leave for the airport. The men shake

hands and Hugh asks Tomas to call him.

Nina didnít expect to see his editor there. Neither did Tomas, although

Abernathy was a good friend. Nina is shocked to hear his book has been

dropped. Tomas says, it will be back on the slate next year. Look on the

bright side Ė we can concentrate on your work. Nina is angry by way Tomas

was being treated, but says the best sellers are the life- blood these

days. Everything else is expendable. To prove it, letís start to work on

your book. Tackle your final chapters. Nina is not up for that and it

doesnít appear to be so with Tomas. He thinks helping Ninaís book would

help. Nina understands he is putting up a brave front and urges him to

talk about it. Tomas heavily rests on the sofa. It feels like I have

lost my gift. There was a time the characters came alive and spoke to me

and all I did was write what they said. It seemed so effortless - the

pictures - the images. I donít know what happen Ė or where it went. Tomas

convinces Nina to stay. He really needs the diversion. Nina cannot bear

to see her man so unhappy and agrees to work on her book.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria and her father embrace. They missed each

other very much. Victor wants to know about business. Seems that Glow by

Jabot has been gaining on them. Victoria has not been successful in

curbing this. Victoria answers. I think you are going to be very proud of

your daughter. What would you say if I told you I hired the architect for

the Glow by Jabot web site right under Jabotís noses? Victoria tells him

how she managed to steal this mastermind away from the competition.

Victor saw the Jabot website and thought it was impressive. Vicki tells

him it was the reason why their sales were up. Iíll bet she didnít come

cheap, Victor says. Good help never does, Vicki adds. The Jabots

low-balled her after all she did for them. Victor wants to see the

contract. Donít worry. I didnít blow the bank. And even if I had she is

worth it. Victor asks, You said this new employee is a person I am

familiar with? Yes, you could say that Dad. But she completely turned her

life around since you knew her.

Who is she? Victor asks. Her name is Phyllis, Victoria cautiously

answers. Phyllis? You mean Danny Romalottiís ex-wife? Victor appears

incredulous. Yes, Dad. Victoria begins speaking rapidly. She goes by

her maiden name, Summers. She is the best in her field. I know you had

problems with her, but I assume those problems are in the past. Are you

sure? Vic asks. If you have doubts about her, let her show you what she

can do, victoira says. Victor raises his eyes to the ceiling and shakes

his head. She tells him that Phyllis will put Brash and Sassy back on

the map and just think what this will do to Jabot. It will shoot all

their plans back to hell. I know you have to approve of that! Victoria

appears hopeful that she is getting through to her father.

Victoria turns the subject away from Phyllis to her fatherís personal

life. Particularly, with Diane Jenkins. She does not relish the thought

of having a sibling by way of that woman. Victor says it may turn out

that the child may not be his after all. How relieved Victoria is! But

Victor is not that sure. You will make her do a paternity test? Victoria

asks. Victor says he cannot force Diane to do that. And, knowing you,

you are going to let her stay on with you. This is so depressing! Victor

agrees. He does not want to see the family more torn apart than it

already is. What do you suppose the tabloids would do if Diane were

kicked out of the penthouse? When Leanna love gets hold of this? Leanna

Love! What has she got to do with this? Victoria panics. Leanna showed

up at the penthouse, Victor says. I promise you one thing though.

Whatever the results of the paternity test, I will make Diane Jenkins pay.

Leanne and Diane are at the penthouse and Diane launches at Love for

showing up at such an inopportune time the other day. It has been my

experience that you donít thread lightly when you are dealing with a man

like Victor. The best attack is when he has no time to prepare his

defenses. Diane: you think you know the man so well. Love laughs. I

used to be married to the man. And when the man is angry he shoots

straight from the hip. That is the type of raw emotion I was looking for.

Diane: I think a little strategy will pay off for a short time, but now

his guard is up. Love: is that all you called me over here? To question

my investigative skills? Diane: No. I called you over here with a

proposition. Letís you and I make a deal. Diane is prepared to give

exclusive rights to her story. In return for what? Leanna asks. Your

word. You will sit on this for now? Diane says. I have to be very

strategic about this. If this leaks out too soon, it will explode in my

face. Leanne argues. Diane, you have done a pretty good job of leaking

this out on your own. Diane says only a few people know. All of whom

have their own reasons to stay quiet. If this does go public, I will know

it came from you. So will Victor. Victor has tried to intimidate me for

years, Leanna says. He has yet to succeed. If you want to deal with me

you have got to answer some questions first. How does Victor feel about

this? Is there marriage in the works? Diane shakes her head. She will

not discuss this. What does Nikki have to say? Love asks. Diane says she

will have to ask her herself. Come on Diane. Is the baby really

Victorís. You have to know he is going to demand a paternity test! Well

then let him. I know the results of the test will show, beyond a shadow

of doubt, that the child I am carrying is Victor Newmanís. So, what do

you say Leanna. Do we have a deal? Both agree and shake on it. Diane

hands Leanna her handbag. Donít you have plans for the evening? Trying to

get rid of me, Leanna asks. Victor will be home soon, Diane tells her.

And we donít want him asking any unnecessary questions. Farewell Diane.

I will be in touch. Correction. Diane says. I will be in touch. Outside

the penthouse, Leanna laughs.

At Ginaís, Phyllis makes an entrance and once again spots Malcolm drinking

alone. She sits at the bar and orders scotch and water. Gina approaches

her. They bicker over family. Phyllis asks for information about Danny

and her son. Gina doubts her true commitment to either. Phyllis admits

she made mistakes. Gina tells her that if she wants sympathy she has come

to the wrong place. She also reminds Phyllis that she had signed off her

son to Danny to take to Europe. Phyllis brings up Danielís upcoming

birthday. If she gives Gina his birthday card, would she make sure he

gets it? Gina sighs. I will think about it. Phyllis continues. I am

not an ogre. I don ít want to tear Dannyís life apart. But I need some

contact with my son. Surely as a woman, I think you understand that. A

waiter interrupts to get Ginaís attention. Once again, Phyllis addresses

Gina. I hope you meant what you said. That you would think about it.

Phyllis sees Malcolm and joins his table. I guess your prediction was

right on the money. The last time I saw you, you said you thought you had

blown it with your lady. And now I see you are staring at your drink.

Did I guess what that means? Malcolm says, if you are asking me if I need

any company, proceed at your own risk. Phyllis asks, want to fill me in?

Malcolm answers. I am going to do you a favor and not fill you in. Howís

that? Phyllis asks if his chaotic personal life is continuing. Malcolm

says that his chaos is a done deal. Roller coaster romance, Phyllis asks.

Malcolm asks, why do I get the impression that a roller coaster kind of

romance is exactly what Phyllis likes? Maybe because those are the only

romances I ever seem to have. Maybe I am looking at the wrong places.

So, what do you say? Want to get married? Have a couple of kids, a

house, station wagon car, a dog? That is the best offer Iíve had all

week, Malcolm laughs. Is that a yes, Phyllis asks. Why are you teasing

me Phyllis? What is your story? When a girl looking as fine and juicy as

you is drinking all by her lonesome, heck there has to be a story.

Phyllis says, I just keep thinking about the past. I wish I could do

things over again. Funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Malcolm

says. As the evening progresses, Malcolm has told Phyllis all about Dru

and his attempts to make her happy. If that is true, why are you so

unhappy? Phyllis asks. Malcolm says, how could he be unhappy sitting with

a beautiful red head. He cajoles Phyllis to have a second drink with him.

Malcolm has a suggestoin. Iím thinking we share a second drink, buy you

dinner and show you how to dance. And, not for one moment this evening, do

we talk about the past. Phyllis says it sounds like a plan. To the

future, they make a toast.

At Crimson Lights, Riana asks Brittany about Billy. Britt admits that

they both had issues. But, she smugly adds, I think Iíve taken care of

the problem. Riana asks what had she done. Forget it. Iíve said more

than I already have, Brittany answers. I was right wasnít I? You are the

reason why that girl has left town. Riana says I wonder if that is true?

Brittany asks herself. Riana continues, Why does that girl bug you so

much? Brittany says, donít ask me that. Mackenzie stuck her nose where it

did not belong. She tried to play with the big girls and she got burned.

Remind me not to ever get on your bad side, Riana tells her. Brittany

orders Riana to keep her posted about Mackenzie, and not a word to anyone

about their conversation.

Brad and Nikki are at Ginaís discussing their anti-wrinkle crŤme project.

Christmas is coming up, but they cannot launch the product then. ĎHope in

the Bottleí Nikki calls this. Catchy term, Brad adds. They decide to

wait until next year to market their product. Finally, Brad concludes

that their meeting went well considering their last conversation. Brad is

offended with Nikkiís last remark about him. I didnít call you a gigolo,

Nikki said. In so many words you did, Brad tells her. On top of that, you

copped some serious attitude about my relationship with Ash. You simply

want to secure your position at Jabot, Nikki answers. Come on, Nikki, do

you really think I am that sleazy? Nikki answers. To the outside

observer it seems a little manipulative. Ashley is pregnant. She is

unmarried. Here comes Brad Carleton, riding to the rescue. Brad tells

her he does not have to justify himself. His intentions with Ashley are

totally sincere. Whatever you say, Nikki is sarcastic. I admit that I am

attracted to her. First and foremost, I am Ashleyís friend. That is

what she needs most right now. And you can read into that anyway you

choose. But as long as we are working together, keep your opinions about

my personal life to yourself. You got it? Nikki apologizes and quickly

says, time to change the subject. Brad asks, any word from Victor? Any

idea when he is due back? Nikki quickly phones Victoria to find out. At

Brash and Sassy, Victoria appears to be evasive with her mother over the

phone. She reassures her that everything is fine. Listen I got to go. I

am talking to my dad. Nikki is stunned! Is he on the phone? No, heís

here, Vikki says. Nikkiís mouth falls open. Brad says, it looks as if

things are about to get interesting.