Thursday Update 9/28/00


Young and the Restless Thursday, September 28, 2000--Canada; or Friday, September 29, 2000--USA 

By Linda K 

Nick calls his mother’s house and asks Miguel if he had seen his wife.  There was no answer at home, but Miguel sees their car approach the entrance. Inside their house, Cassie says it was kinda weird having to go back to the doctor’s office for more tests. Sharon tries to dismiss her concerns. Cassie hopes she does not have to go back. She knows that her mother is worried, but Sharon says that this is a mom’s job. Cassie leaves for her room and Sharon is left torn inside.  Nick comes home earlier than usual. He asks Sharon about Cassie and about the doctor’s tubercular tests. The doctor told them about a possible anomaly in her blood work – something strange and difficult to identify. Cassie has to come back to repeat the tests. He cannot speculate about any problems as there might be possible errors in the tests. Sharon says because he won’t say, she has reason to worry. Or is she being paranoid? Nick tells her that as a mother, worrying goes with the territory. Nick asks if Cassie was scared. At this point, Sharon tells Nick, she is telling Cassie it is nothing. Nick reminds her that at this point that may just be the case. It would do no good to fill in the blanks themselves. Nick tells her the doctor is only being cautious at this moment. Sharon asks if he had somewhere else he had to be that night. Nick said he did. He needed to be with his wife – even if she was freaking out and paranoid - as Sharon describes her emotions. They both agree they are two very lucky people. They have someone like Cassie in their lives to worry about. Sharon weeps. She hopes this worry is just one big fat waste of time.

At Paul’s office, Christine asks Lynne if she heard from Paul. Lynne has.  He arrived safely at his destination. He sounded busy. Chris tells Lynne that Paul is very angry with her with very good reason. Lynne says she is very sorry and said she didn’t think he would be gone too long. Christine anxiously asks if he told her when he’d be returning. Lynne couldn’t help so Christine leaves for her work.

At Jabot, Billy enters to talk to his big brother Jack. He is down in the dumps and asks Jack if it is possible to have sex without remembering it. Jack wonders where such a question had come from. Billy tells him it was about the last night of Glow by Jabot. Jack carefully goes through all the details of the night's events. He has had no experience with having sex and not remembering it and assumes this involves Brittany. Jack asks if Billy had alcohol or drugs. Billy is incensed that he’d suggest such a thing. Jack says the mind does strange things when deprived of sleep.  Billy - What happened is what Brittany evidently says had happened. Jack - That was the night you were on the camera 24 hours with the live feed.  Billy moans. God please! The whole country didn’t see me and Brittany!  Jack - The answer is in the video tape during the web case. Let’s look at that! You’ll get your answer there. Jack and Billy view the tape of the Glow by Jabot night. Brittany is kissing him while he is slumped on the sofa. She is also eyeing the camera. We are being watched, Brittany says, as she gets up to turn it off. Billy admits it does look pretty damned incriminating. Jack - You gotta admit there was a break in the action. Billy - Glow by Jabot House might have gotten X-Rated. How did I let this happen! Jack tries to make him feel better. It didn’t appear as if he were initiating any action, but Billy says he wasn’t exactly resisting either. You were playing a role. Give yourself a break. Think Mackenzie saw that? Jack asks. Bill says she got a worse eye full of him and Brittany. She saw them doing it when she walked into the pool house to check on the camera. How the hell am I going to explain this? Seems you have no choice, Jack warns his little brother. You have to bite the bullet. Sit down with Mackenzie and tell her the truth. Billy thinks this is lame. Mac would not get any consolation from the truth. 

Billy -I hate this. If only we weren’t in this situation. The only reason I am in this position is because mom hates Mac so much. That is why I had to play this stupid masquerade with Brittany all summer. If it weren’t for my mom and her attitude! Jill walks in. What about my attitude, Billy?  She asks her son to explain. She does not like his tone of voice. Billy tells her there are a lot of things that he does not like either, but he leaves the office without explanation.  Jill turns to Jack and pleads with him to tell her what is going on. He tells her that at this point there may be nothing. Let it alone! Jill keeps asking but Jack has other things on his mind. Like the debacle with Phyllis perhaps, and the fact that she has been hired by your arch enemy, Jill remarks. Weren’t your charms enticing enough for her Jack? Jack moans that when it comes to dollars and cents, apparently loyalty means nothing anymore. Jill reminds Jack - We are dealing with Phyllis Summers! She is not exactly known for her integrity. Jack continues ranting. The woman would still have the audacity to suggest that we could still have a relationship after she’s stabbed me in the back. That we could have a barrel of fun! Can you believe that? Jill has an ideal. Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to turn your back on the lovely Phyllis if she is so interested in you. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. I like that, Jack says. I might be able to salvage this thing after all. I could turn this whole thing to my advantage.

Nina walks into Crimson Lights and approaches Raul. She asks to speak with him in private but Raul says Riana and he are pretty close. Nina  seems very concerned. It is about Mackenzie. Nina tells them Mac was very upset and had rushed off somewhere. Raul has an idea of where Mac could be and he immediately gets up to make a call. Riana tells Nina Raul can’t be much help. Nina knew Mac and Raul were both pretty close but was surprised to hear that they had broken up during the summer. Raul comes back to the table. No luck. She was not at the homeless shelter where she occasionally works. Raul says Mac has been awfully moody laterly.  Riana mentions that Mac has been asking a lot of questions about Billy and Brittany. This was strange because Riana didn’t think she should care.  Nina gets up to leave and hands them phone numbers to call if they had any news. Raul tells Riana when they are alone - I hate that Mac is so damned stubborn. Won’t tell her friends what she is feeling. Raul then decides to check out a few more places - just in case.  

Riana calls Brittany to Crimson Lights to discuss the strange events  concerning Mackenzie. Brittany asks what this has got to do with her.  Riana reminds her there has been this weirdness between her and Mac during the summer ever since the prom. Maybe that was it, Riana says. Maybe Brittany never got over Mackenzie becoming queen. Brittany admits it. I will never understand to my dying day what happened. That was so wrong.   So you are still bitter, Riana accuses Brittany. Brittany – I don’t want to discuss little goody two-shoes. The subject bores me to tears. Riana –maybe this won’t. Raul is out there looking for her this minute. She may have run off. Apparently something must have happened to have really messed with her mind. I was hoping that you would know. Why? Brittany asks. Because, Riana says, you have been talking to her and she has been listening to you. Britt agrees. She definitely did listen to me. Riana says Mac’s having taken off may not be a coincidence. Brittany tells her she did not try to get rid of her. Riana challenges this. Brittany shrugs. Why should you worry about Mac? With her gone, there would be clear sailing for you and Raul. Riana disagrees. If anything happens to Mac, Raul would blame himself and would never get beyond this.

At the Baldwin law firm, Michael and Phyllis are adjusting their clothing.  Phyllis finishes the champagne bottle. Another dead soldier she says as she looks at the now empty bottle. Not to mention a half-dead lawyer, Michael says. Phyllis asks how she could thank him for securing her contract with Victoria. Michael advises Phyllis not to make any guarantees about Victoria’s father. I am going to have to deal with Victor eventually she says. Michael advises her not to become too confident where Victor is concerned. Always keep one eye on your best escape route. Phyllis give him a wild hug and he asks what he did to deserve that. Because you are so sexy and take such good care of me, she tells him. Michael strokes Phyllis’ ego by reassuring her that Victor will see his daughter’s hiring her as a stroke of genius. Phyllils admits that her ego got a little twinge when Michael was caught up talking about St. Christine. She was jealous. But now Phyllis warns Michael.  Christine is dangerous. She has gotten under Michael's skin, especially through her recent openness to him. Michael admits it was nice being the port in the storm. It was better than having her lean on him instead of looking at him as if he were something to stomp on! Again, Phyllis asks him to be careful. Do you know something I don’t? asks Michael. Phyllis grows deeply emotional. It is because of her I don’t have my son. His birthday will be soon and I don’t even know where to send him a card.  Michael remembers the court case and what they went through. He was sorry.  But Phyllis says it was not his fault. Christine had the cards stacked up against them. But under that beautiful, virginal exterior is a barracuda who could rip his heart out. He should know that. It was because of her that he went to prison. Michael’s phone rings. He speaks with a client when he hears a knock on his door. Michael motions at Phyllis to open it. Phyllis wipes away her tears. 

Christine is shocked to find Phyllis at the office - loudly announcing her arrival. Phyllis asks if Christine’s ears were burning. They were just talking about her.  Michael nervously adjusts his tie as Christine advances towards him. You were talking about me? Chris asks. Only in the most glowing terms, Phyllis mocks.  Michael is surprised to see Christine. He asks if she had a problem he could help with. Christine says this is obviously the wrong time.  Apparently you are busy! Yes he is, retorts Phyllis. Michael hints to Phyllis that she should leave, but she is reluctant. Michael takes Phyllis’ arm to escort her out of the office, but she angrily yanks it free and slams the door. I’m afraid you are going to pay for that, Chris warns Michael. No doubt, he said. But now I have your full attention, he says, straightening himself out. There was a lot Christine had to say to him. First, she is not thrilled to find Phyllis in his office. She picks up the empty champagne bottle. Lord only knows what the two of you have been up to, she says. Michael reminds her it was after hours and he would not do anything which would make her feel uncomfortable. He asks her again what brings her back. Christine answers. I don’t know where else to go – I am not feeling very good about myself. I’ve hurt Paul very much. Michael – you told your husband you were not ready to have a family just now. Chris - I followed your advice. Michael - You knew he was not going to take it well. You had no choice. Chris – He feel so betrayed. Michael - You would disappoint Paul or betray yourself which would ultimately betray the both of you. You had no choice. You have to be true to yourself especially when bringing another person into the world.  Christine moans that before she came into the partnership, her life seemed so much simpler. Michael brings up a few points. She was also, at that time, experiencing a sense of malaise and personal dissatisfaction with her career. Nobody forced her into this firm. Christine tells him - You pitched me pretty hard. Michael tells her I never would have sold you if you were not ready for a change. Christine tells him she let herself get talked into this. But Michael reminds her that the last time she ever let anyone talk her into anything was when her husband talked her into having a family before she was ready. Micahel said he was sorry it hit a nerve.  Look where it got her. Christine lamely argues that she did not realize how much her attitude had changed until she thought she had become pregnant. It became perfectly clear that she was not ready for it. Paul now feels she had a total change in her attitude towards their marriage.  Michael says that it is not until Paul reflects about it that he will come to know it is not about the marriage. It is about the timing. Go home and talk to your husband he advises Christine. But she tells him she can’t – her husband has left town leaving her only a note. Baldwin is shocked. But he dismisses her anxiety by telling her that Paul loves her.  She should give him a chance to deal with this. This is only his disappointment talking.

At Nina's apartment, Philip shares his photos with Tomas. When Nina walks in, her son asks to leave to buy more school supplies. Nina and Tomas exchange smiles. Nina says Phillip is too anxious to grow up too quickly and enter a mine field. Tomas senses she is worried about Christine.  They discuss Christine’s truth telling with Paul and that Paul left town.  Tomas changes the subject. Meanwhile, my’ lady he tells Nina, it is obvious that you have been functioning well as a friend and mom. It seems that you’ve had little time to function as a writer. Nina tells him she has been writing during her spare time. Remember that little tape you made for me? Nina thinks back to the conversation. When she returns to the moment she hands in Chapter Four. Tomas is surprised and impressed. You look confident he tells her. Nina asks him not to draw any conclusions until he has read through her work. Tomas offers to do so at that moment.  When he has finished, Tomas tells Nina that her work is wonderful! She thanks him for guiding her through the depths. He asks if she'd minded that he take her work home to reread it. To tighten and hone it a bit further. This dreaded Chapter Four is nearly perfect, he tells her. When they cuddle, he asks if she will still let him do this when she is a star. He ALSO tells her - I want you to have the best night’s sleep, because you deserve it. He heads out the door. Tomas pours over the chapters at his home, when the door bell rings. Couldn’t wait to see my notes, Nina Webster. Tomas is surprised when he opens the door. You! He coolly welcomes his editor. You must be here in your official capacity. As your editor - yes, the editor admits. I thought it best to do this in person.  Tomas remarks - The way you say that I should be worried. Right? 

Mac approaches a ticket counter at the bus station. She asks for a one-way ticket for the next bus departing. She does not care where it is going. St Paul, Minnesota is perfect. When she stuffs the ticket into her pocket, she turns around only to run into Raul. Going somewhere? Raul asks.