Wednesday Update 9/27/00


Young and the Restless Wednesday, September 27, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, September 28, 2000--USA 

Linda K.

Nina enters the Chancellor estate asking about Mackenzie.  She is getting more and more worried, she tells Esther and Katherine.  Kay tries to keep a cool head and says the stress of school beginning again might be affecting her granddaughter.  But Nina is certain, judging from her conversation with her earlier in the day, that Mac was freaking out and might be planning to run away.  Kay asks if Mac implied that she was going to run away.  What had Nina heard from Mac? Kay asks.  Nina tells her she had been terribly let down by some person close to her.  Kay says under her breath – if I get my hand on that person!   Nina continues.  Mac had lashed out and run off instead of confiding with her.  She was obviously in anguish.  Kay asks whether Mac had found out – something Mac had desperately hoped was not the truth!  Nina asked for more details and implied that Billy Abbott was involved, but Kay did not want to get into it any further.  Something very serious has happened and the last thing we want is to get Jill Abbott’s son involved, Kay tells Nina.  She assures Nina that she will be informed if she hears further from Mackenzie.

At the Newman Penthouse, Leanna barges in and is stunned to catch Victor’s angry glare.  What are you doing here? he asks Leanna who feigns surprise and delight.  She asks – What is your reaction to the big news?  Vic asks - Where did you get this rumour?  You know me, Victor.  I am wherever there is hot news.  He asks - You mean you’ve been camping outside the apartment?  She replies - I wouldn’t say ‘camping’.  I certainly haven’t strayed too far.  But now that I have caught you in, perhaps you’d like to confirm the rumour.  This little bun in the oven.  Is it yours?  This rumour - where did you hear it? Victor asks again.  Nice try, Leanna says.  Like any reporter, I cannot reveal my sources.  You don’t have to, Victor answers.  I know where you got it.  Diane is silent and cringes in the background. 

Victor won't budge with Love’s persuasion to give her all the details about the pregnancy especially when he could put his own personal spin on things.  Spare me your babble.  Get out! Victor tells her.  Love tells him the older he gets, the grumpier he is becoming to deal with.  Victor threatens her.  Either she gets out on her own power or else he will call in security to throw her out.  Love tells Victor she has not seen the last of her.  Leanna wouldn’t dream of depriving her readers of the latest intrigues in Victor Newman’s life.  Victor looms towards her.   I said get out!  Love can’t resist saying - I love it when you get physical.  It is such a turn out!  She taunts Victor before she darts out of the Penthouse.  Diane raises her hand to head in exasperation while Victor stares at her in disgust.

You did this!  Don’t you play dumb with me!  You went straight to Leanna Love didn’t you?  You spread the rumors. Victor shouts.  Diane lamely replies – I told a few close friends.  You have no friends! Victor answers while Diane tells him there is no need to be insulting.  Vikki told me you babbled this all over town.  Diane tells him she had no intention to share her happy news with Leanna.  This is my baby!  My body!  I have every right to share this with a couple of my friends, Diane exclaims.  Victor does not ease up.  You and I agreed you would not say anything until I had a chance to reassess this.  Diane said – in all fairness it is asking a lot of me not to tell anyone, especially when you had gone without a word and with no indication where you were gone and when you’d be back! 

Victor is agitated.  I never told you I wouldn’t come back.  Diane rambles on.  You never said a word.  You just took off.  You were gone without a note, a phone call.  You are the father of my baby.  What was I supposed to think?  Victor shouts – I am not the father of your baby by choice!  Diane does not give up.  But you are the father.  When you were gone I felt no obligation to hide this secret.  Victor answers – no obligation but your self-serving crap – because you could not wait to spread this news all over town!!  Diane tells Victor this baby is the most joyous thing in her life.  What is so terrible about sharing about this with a couple of friends.  If this offended him than she is sorry.  When Victor was gone, incomunicato, she felt she had every right to think about the future and to protect her unborn child.  Victor is disgusted.  He tells her she was bordering on the ridiculous - protecting her child by calling up Leanna Love?  But Diana denies she ever intended Love in on all this.  She tried to stone wall her just like he did. 

Diane is growing more sentimental.  She was so thrilled and delighted by this pregnancy and had tried so hard not to talk about this to anyone, but Newman barks – You should have tried harder!   He reminds her that she had no qualms about calling Love when they were getting their divorce, but Diane rambles continuously that this was ancient history.  This is not the same thing at all.  They are not at each other’s throats trying to draw blood, anymore, are they?  She asks Victor.  Are you threatening me? Victor asks.  Diane tells him she is not that foolish.  You think you are holding all the cards.  Is that it?  Victor asks.  No, Diane says.  I am carrying your child.  Victor says.  Don’t interfre with my life any further.  You got what you did because  I gave you the benefit of the doubt.  It will not happen again.  Victor picks up his coat and leaves  the penthouse.  Diane tells herself.  Don’t think you are going to walk out on me.  It isn’t going to happen.  We won’t let it.  Diane glides her hands over her swollen belly and breaks out a sly smile.

A Jabot, Jack is angry and frustrated.  Ashley enters and asks what is wrong.  Jack says - where do I start?  I guess with two words – Phyllis Summers!  Victoria bribed Phyllis away from us.  Ashley – money talked, Phyllis walked.  Jack - it turns out that the almighty buck is more persuasive to Phyllis than smiling Jack.  Ashley smiles pleasantly.  She does not share Jack’s disappointment.  Kack feels like a damned fool!  If anybody should know from bitter experience what an operator Phyllis was!  Ashley agreed but reminded him that he had initially hired her only for the summer and they had pulled off a real coupe.  She came out from New York with very little money and gave the teen line one hell of a boost.  She did great work and gave them incredible insight into the potential of the internet as a marketing tool and they are light years ahead of Brash and Sassy.  Jack says – But for how long!  Phyllis is an opportunist.  I went out on the limb to get her on board and the first thing she does is stab me in the back and goes off with the competition.  Ashley reminds him  - this is business. 

Jack is not easily appeased.  This is ingratitude, he angrily tells his sister.  Of all the dirty, underhanded, conniving..  Ashley tells him to calm down.  They have the better end of the deal.  Victoria is paying a fortune for talent they had exploited during the summer at a fraction of the cost.  All the sales they had racked up.  Experience is going to keep them well ahead of the pack.  Last spring, they did not even have a glimmer of what they needed and now they have.  They had gone out and done it.  And since this is worth continuing, Jabot will hire a new, young, hot-shot web site producer.  And while Victoria is paying big bucks for information they have already utilized, they will keep racking up the sales.  Only they are ‘cutting edge’.  They will be risk takers – for a lot less money!

Jack is now very pleased and smiles. You have always had an amazing ability for turning a bad situation into something good, Jack tells his sister.  Just then he feels that he has pushed the wrong button judging by Ashley’s changed disposition.  Ashley merely denies that she is capable of always doing this.  Please don’t’ tell me you are not thinking about this whole mess about Victor?  Jack asks.  Had she heard from him lately?  Ashley says he is out of town, and besides, she would be the last person Victor would be in contact with. Jack says – if this was true, hallelujah and good riddance!  Jack then feels remorse for his crassness and takes Ashley into his arms, telling her that she is better off without him.  He could never understand how she let him get under her skin.  Ashley agrees.  He could never understand. 

At Baldwin’s office, Chantal announces that Michael has a visitor. Phyllis bursts through the entrance in a buoyant mood.  She is drunk and is clutching a bottle of champagne, which Michael quickly cracks open.  They both drink straight out of the bottle.  Phyllis is jubilant that she and Victoria agreed on the contract.  Don’t you love the internet? She asks Michael and the celebration begins in full swing.   As time goes by, Phyllis and Michael become quite drunk.  Phyllis reenacts her negotiations with Victoria – leering about her five other offers.  I can bluff with the best of them, but this time things are different.  Michael buoys her spirits further by calling her a true negotiator – operating from a position of strength.  Phyllis slurs - a NEWMAN - going along with MY conditions.  Phyllis promptly corrects herself as she slumps clumsily into a chair.  ‘Oops, I’m sorry honey - OUR’ conditions.  I couldn’t have done this without you.  Michael tells her that she is now in the big league and can't afford to sell herself short.  Phyllis says – imagine us rolling around naked in all that money we are making! Michael tells her money is a big aphrodisiac for a lot of people.  That is a big part of why people like Jack and Victor loved their work.  Michael catches Phyllis wincing.  Of course, how could I be so insensitive?  I forgot that when you walked away from Jabot and took this deal, you also walked away from a great big fringe benefit.  Mainly, Jack Abbott. 

Phyllis wants to change the topic back to Michael and her eagerness to show him how grateful she was for his help.  Michael tells her, between kisses, that he also had something to celebrate.  Christine is not pregnant.  What threw him up for a loop was the way she opened up to him.  Christine was almost relieved.  She was not ready to retire yet – cranking up kids.  I’ll bet hubby was exited about this, Phyllis says.  Michael tells her - hubby doesn’t know.  Wait a minute!  Phyllis says.  You mean she confided in you and not her husband?  Michael gloats that Christine turned to him for comfort.  Pretty damned flattering!  Phyllis conjectures that his wildest dreams were about him and ChristineMichael tells her to forget it.  What really turns him on is the fact that she let her guard down.  That for one brief shining moment she was not St. Christine looking down from her high moral ground on the rest of them.  She was just a sad, confused, vulnerable young woman.  Very human.  That made you feel 12 feet high didn’t it? Phyllis asks.  Would it bother you if it did? Michael replies.  Not if this makes you happy, Phyllis says as she throws back the spent wine bottle during their kiss. 

At the Abbotts, Brittany argues with Billy about the events of their last night together – about his not remembering that she had given herself to him.  Come on, Billy, do I have to spell out to you what happened that night?  Billy is stubborn about his recollection.  His mind was a total blank.  For all he knew, they were only sitting around and talking.  I can’t believe you are pulling this!  Brittany lashes out at him.  Brittany is acts bewildered.  Billy seems serious – he does not remember that he had made love to her.  That he cannot remember is so humiliating to her.  Billy asks, how could something like this ever happen without my remembering it?  In other words, it didn’t make a very good impression, Brittany asks dejected.  Billy is totally confused.  He was practically sleep walking all that night.   At the time, she proclaims, he was very much awake and loving every minute when she gave herself to him.  She begins to shout at him asking if he is playing games with her.  She is hurt and humiliated and feels like a total tramp!  Like she was somebody to have sex with and forget all about.  She thought they were in love, but if he wants to dump her he’d better find a better way to do it.  Billy is sorry, and to apologizes, but Brit says she understands.  Billy feels nothing for her.  She storms out of the house and when she is out on the sidewalk, she pauses to look back.  Her expression changes from anger to satisfaction. 

At Crimson Lights, Raul and Riana grab a table.  Riana invites him to a movie, but Raul passes.  He appears quiet.  Rianna asks if Mackenzie is still on his mind.  Is he still hung up on her?  Raul says he still cares about her, especially about the way she and the way she stormed off without speaking to them.  Riana puts words into his mouth.  He feels as if he lost his best friend.  Raul says Mac is not herself these days, and he realizes that althought things are different between them, but there is something else going on which is worrying him.  Raul apologizes for being a drag.  Riana reminds him if he remembers when Brit thought Mac might have a crush on Billy.  Come on, please, Riana, a crush?  Raul cannot believe this.  He continues say that Brittany was just insecure then.  It seemed that Mac and Billy needed the whole summer to begin talking together.  Besides, Billy and Brittany are now closer together.  When Mac has problems she usually tends to cut herself off from me.  I don’t want her to think she is alone.  Whenever you feel alone, you might do dumb things - things that you have not thought out because you had nobody to talk with.

At Nina’s apartment, Christine pops up and they hold each other.  Nina offers consolation about her condition. Christine tells her that although she has been on a roller coaster, she is greatly relieved she is not pregnant.  Paul was devastated and is more so now.  You told him, didn’t you, Nina asks?  I had to, Christine said.  He was about to call up a fertility clinic to get started on another baby right away.  It was one of the hardest things she had to do – look at her husband in the eye and tell him how ambivalent she was – and why.  Now everything is out in the open about my wanting to wait a couple of years before starting a family.  He was very upset with me, Christine says.  Christine adds that she had also confided with Michael Baldwin.  And to her surprise, he was a good listener! 

Nina reacts in mild horror!  Christine tells her that, naturally, this would be important news to share with Michael.  They were partners in a law firm.  She and Michael had discussed whether she should tell Paul, and he was very supportive – telling her to be honest with her husband.  Nina is sarcastic until Christine grows angry.  She raises her voice when Nina suggests that both she and Michael were in sync and this was not the case with her and her husband.  Eventually Christine calms down sufficiently to show gratitude to Nina for hearing about all this once again.  But she is scared to death of Paul’s reaction – how they had argued and he had walked out, feeling so betrayed.  She thanks Nina for always being there and leaves the apartment.  When Nina is alone, her thoughts soon turn back to Mackenzie.  Nina calls Crimson Lights asking whether Cody knew where Mackenzie was and he said no.  She then asks for Raul.  Cody tells her Raul was there and Nina asks him to not let him leave.  She then heads out to the coffee house.

Paul enters his office in a glum and irritable mood and Lynne tells him she is sorry about what had happened, but she is hopeful that Christine will soon get pregnant.  Frankly Lynne, I don’t know when or if that is ever going to happen!  Christine then calls the office and Paul gestures that he is out and heads into his office.  Lynne abruptly tells Christine that her husband had left the office without leaving word.  When he emerges out of the office, Paul only asks for an update on a client.  Later Paul is set to take off on a trip.  He hands an astonished Lynne a letter for Christine.  Aren’t you going to call her, she asks, but Paul tells her she is likely tied up at work and would understand! 

Christine enters Paul’s office.  Lynne is in a solemn mood.  Paul was gone.  Earlier, he was not feeling good - he was so withdrawn.  And he had to leave town.  Lynne does not know when he was going to return.  Christine is numb.  Lynne hands her Paul’s letter and Christine walks into his office to read it in private.  Paul tells Chris that he is out of town on business.  He is surprised with her attitude about starting a family.  It makes him wonder about her commitment to him and he needs time to think.  Lynne will know where she can reach him.  The door knocks, and Mary enters the room and hugs Christine tenderly.  She says she knows how both Christine and Paul must feel so deeply disappointed.  But they still have each other and they will pull through this together.  Mary has had her questions about Chris’ marriage with her son in the past.  But they have a strong relationship.  They have always been there for each other.  And things happen for a reason and this might help make their marriage stronger.  Christine begins to cry and tells her mother-in-law that she cannot talk about this any longer.  Mary is defensive.  She was only trying to put a positive spin on this, and Christine says she is grateful.  Mary asks if Paul was around.  Christine tells her he had gone.  Mary walks out the room looking confused.