Tuesday Update 9/26/00


Young and the Restless Tuesday, September 26, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, September 27, 2000--USA

By Stephanie 



Billy and Mac are talking.  He wants to talk to her about why she is so upset with him? She can’t believe he doesn’t know and tells him to get lost. Billy is adamant about Mac talking to him. She finally tells him that she saw him and Brittany together at the pool house. Billy says they were together to talk. Mac tells him they did more than talk, they had sex! Billy denies it. Mac is furious with him. She says she came to the pool house since there were problems with the monitor and she saw them herself. He takes her arm but she pulls away telling him not to touch her again, ever and storms off. Meanwhile, Raul and Riana arrive, and see Billy and Mac having a heated discussion. Riana wonders what’s going on? Raul asks Billy what’s happening? Billy says that he and Mac had a misunderstanding. Riana wonders if it was about the party? Riana admits that Mac asked her about Billy and Brittany at the pool house as she was curious what was going on. Billy asks what she told Mac? Riana says that she told Mac that he (Billy) told her to leave him and Brittany alone. Billy says they talked and nothing else. Riana is surprised to hear they just talked and adds she didn’t know what was really going on. Billy says he has to go and rushes off. Riana wonders why Billy and Brittany being together would upset Mac? Riana asks Raul if he thinks Mac is jealous of Brittany? She says that would be odd since Brittany was convinced there was something going on between Mac and Billy. Riana is sure that this has nothing to do with the other night. Raul says it might.


Abbott Residence


Brittany arrives, thrilled that Billy called. She asks if he wants to repeat their performance from the other night? Billy relives the other night, thinking back on the events. Finally he asks Brittany if they had sex or not? Brittany (as the little actress) says, “You don’t remember us making love?” Billy is thoroughly dejected.


Crimson Lights


Doris and Nick are talking and asks how Nick and Sharon are doing? Nick tells her that Sharon is registering Cassie for school. He tells her they are all doing well. Doris tells Nick that he is the best thing that ever happened to Sharon. (Meanwhile, Matt sees Doris and wonders if she will recognize him). He tries to listen in on Nick and Doris as they talk. Nick asks Doris if she would do him a favor and make Halloween costumes for Cassie and Noah? He says that Sharon has been busy with Crimson Lights Too. Doris says she would love to help. Matt comes over and asks to speak to Nick? Nick introduces Matt (Carter Mills). Doris believes she knows him from somewhere. Carter says he is new in town and perhaps he reminds her of someone. Nick says he has to go and get some work done. He says goodbye to Doris. Doris tells Nick she will look after their little plan. Nick leaves. Matt tells Doris that she has a terrific son in law. Doris agrees saying he has been good for Sharon. Doris tells him he still looks familiar to her. Matt says that everyone in the world has a “double”. Doris admits that could be it. Carter says he has to get back to work. He looks concerned about Doris recognizing him.


Walnut Grove Academy

Cassie and Phillip are registering for school. Phillip says he has just come back from Montana and has pictures of his back packing trip if she would like to see them? Cassie thinks that would be great. Nina and Sharon talk about how they have been lucky to have such wonderful children. The nurse finds Sharon and says that they have not received Cassie’s medical records yet. Sharon says she will have them sent over as soon as she can. She tells Cassie they have to go. Cassie says goodbye to Philip and they leave. Phillip asks Nina if he can go to Crimson Lights? He says he can get a ride home no problem. Nina reluctantly agrees. As Nina is talking to Phillip she notices Mac by her locker. Nina goes over and seeing how troubled Mac is, offers to talk.  Mac says she can’t talk about it, but does say that someone she trusted has betrayed her. Nina asks her not to leave (town) without talking to her first. Mac (visibly upset) says she can’t talk about it, that Nina can’t help her and runs off. Nina calls her name but Mac doesn’t answer.

Newman Enterprises (Nick’s office)

Cassie and Sharon arrive. Nick asks her about registering for school? She says it was ok. He tells her she can have an ice cream cone in the cafeteria for being so good while registering. Cassie and Nick leave to find secretary. Sharon calls the doctor’s office and asks them to send Cassie’s medical records over to the school. The doctor’s secretary says she will but tells Sharon that the doctor would like to see her about Cassie’s physical. Sharon says she will come and see him. After she hangs up, Nick asks what’s wrong? Sharon says the doctor wants to see her about Cassie’s physical. Nick says it’s probably nothing serious. Sharon hopes he is right but does think it is odd the doctor wanting to see her. Cassie comes back with an ice cream cone. Nick teases her about not having her “usual”. Cassie says she wants to try something different so got Rocky Road. She thanks him for the cone. She asks Sharon if something is wrong? Sharon says no, nothing at all.

Newman Enterprises (Victoria’s office)

Victoria discusses the company pension plan with Neil. She says she has offered Phyllis a deal, and wonders when Victor will be back? Neil says that while Victor is away, he (Neil) is in charge. He tells her that the deal should have been shown to him. He reminds her that Victor will have to give his final approval. Victoria says that she is taking Phyllis away from JABOT and she says even though Phyllis and Victor didn’t part under the best of terms before, she is sure that she can get him to side with her on this. Neil asks to see the contract? Victoria asks him to promise he won’t say anything to Victor about it, before she has a chance to talk to him? Neil reluctantly agrees. As he reads it over, he notices the salary and the conditions. He is sure that Victor will not be pleased. He says he won’t be in the line of fire and that this was done without his approval. He says that Victoria doesn’t believe his opinion holds much weight anyway. Victoria is sure she can convince Victor about this deal. Neil says that Victor won’t approve it and that JABOT will have a good laugh at Brash and Sassy’s expense.

JABOT (Jack’s Office)

Phyllis arrives and kisses Jack. She admits he was the reason she came back to Genoa City. She wonders if he was offended? Jack asks if this means their deal is complete? Phyllis says that’s not really true, and admits that it was personal.  Jack realizes that Phyllis is leaving for Newman Enterprises and wonders how she would betray him like that? He says all she will get out of it is a little more money and Victor will never go for it. He angrily reminds her that she is still scheming and manipulating to get what she wants. He tells her to get out! Phyllis smiles at Jack seductively and says it’s too bad “men let their ego’s get in the way of some fun.”  Jack scowls as she hurries out.

Victor’s Apartment

Marissa and Diane are talking about Victor not telling Victoria his plans but keeping Diane informed. Marissa thinks Diane should be pleased at the efforts Victor is making. Diane has been going over her conversation with Victor in her mind and she knows that it was not all sweethearts and roses. She admits that the wait has been driving her crazy. She decides since she has a lot riding on his homecoming, she will treat him like a king by going to the store and getting steaks for dinner. Marissa asks if she plans to go now? Diane says she will be home soon, she opens the door, and Victor is standing there.

Victor comes in and chats with Marissa. Diane asks Marissa to take care of that errand they were discussing. Marissa leaves. Diane chats with Victor about his trip and his plans now he is home? Victor says he is aware of the irregularities involving his sample with Robertson Laboratories. He says that the lab informed him the sample was delivered to Mrs. Newman at Newman Towers but it was returned from out of town. Diane admits she had it moved to another centre for storage. Diane says she knows Victor is not happy about the way she became pregnant and despite all the problems with the lab, they will be parents of a beautiful child. She says that she hoped while he was away he would have had some time to think about the fact that he will be a father again and that his return would mean a future for them as a family. She says they can have a good life together as a family. (Doorbell rings). Diane answers the door, Leanna Love, breezes past Diane and says she needs to speak with her. When she sees Victor, she asks him what he thinks about having an heir to the Newman fortune? Diane is aghast, Victor is furious.