Monday Update 9/25/00


Young and the Restless Monday, September 25, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, September 26, 2000--USA

by Monica 

Jill is outraged that Billy has just given proxy to someone besides her. 
Billy storms out while Jill chases after him.  Jill desperately tries to
convince Billy to revoke his proxy and give it to her.  At this point, Billy
cannot believe what his mother is saying and starts to tell her off,
accusing her of being manipulative.

Phyllis hands her contract proposal to Victoria, making it very clear that
the conditions must be met if she is to work for her.  Victoria is curious
as to why all the legalities.  Phyllis enlightens her about her past with
her father and would rather put her position in the company on paper. 
Victoria is not so easily convinced and says this is the best offer she's
got since Phyllis has burnt her bridges with Jabot.  Phyllis informs her
that she is a very persuasive person and always gets what she wants.

Brittany continues to play out her plan, telling Mac the details of her
supposed night with Billy.  Brittany is rattled when Mac tells her that she
doesn't quite believe her.  Brittany tries to convince Mac otherwise, saying
she is not bragging or a tease.  At this point, Mac doesn't know what to
think.  She approaches Raul and Rianna to tell her what happened that night.
  They gave her the impression that Billy and Brittany got it on.  At
Crimson Lights, Mac relives that comments that Brittany has said to her,
haunting her.  As she leaves, Billy stops her and demands to know why she
won't talk to him.  Mac looks at him dumbfounded, not believing Billy would
take her for a fool.  She gets angry at him and at his prodding, finally
tells him about his infidelity.

Chris confesses that she is relieved, even glad that she is not pregnant to
Paul's horror.  He is devasted and very very angry, accusing Chris of not
being honest and that there will never be a perfect time to have a baby. 
Chris assures him that she wants his baby, but wants to be thrill and happy
when she is pregnant, so both partners are in it together.  Paul says that
he isn't so sure that he can be for the next couple of years.

Dru drops the bomb on Neil, announcing that she will be taking Lilly back to
Paris.  Neil is sad, but not surprised, knowing this day would come.  They
break the news to Lilly, who is sad, but does not put up a fight.  They have
an emotional farewell, with tears even showing on the children's face.