Friday Update 9/22/00


Young and the Restless Friday, September 22, 2000--Canada, or Monday September 25,  2000--USA

By Monica Sue 

Ashley calls a board meeting to give Brad a board seat.  Jack as usual
refuses and John doesn't want to in order to keep Jabot in the Abbott
family, as well it would lead to ties with six people.  Then Ashley comes up
with a clever idea to nominate Billy a seat so that Brad can get a seat
since there would be seven people and the majority of seats would stay in
the family.  When Billy gets the news, he reluctantly agrees considering he
has no experience in business.  Jill assures him that she will guide him
while he gives her the cold shoulder.  Later, Billy confides in Jack saying
how he cannot stand the way his mother is being so fake.  He considers doing
the opposite of what see wants just to spite her.  Jack says he has a better
idea. Billy gives proxy to John so that he will make all the decisions for
him which annoys Jill.

Earlier, Billy and Brittany are registering for school where she is trying
to get information out of Billy as to the status of his relationship with
Mac.  Billy is quiet and brushes her off.  At the Chancellor estate, Mac is
still distraught about the other night.  She tells Katherine that what she
saw is unlikely to be misunderstood since Brittany told her that she and
Billy have been sleeping together all summer.  Once Mac gets to school, she
runs into Brittany who taunts her again.

Michael gives Christine a hug after she tells him about her mistaken
pregnancy.  Chris, however, admits to him that she is relieved that she is
not pregnant and that this was not the time to have a baby.  He asks her if
she has told Paul about her true feelings about starting a family and
advises her to do so for the good of their firm.  Paul tells his mother
about the sad news and reminds her not to pressure Chris for another
pregnancy.  He says that they will try again, if not naturally, they will
get help.  When Chris gets home, he tells her that they have an appointment
at the fertility clinic to Chris' horror.  She tells him to cancel it so
they can talk.

Neil is playing cards with Lilly and Nate.  Olivia comes to take Nate for
school registration.  Neil is taking the morning off to spend time with
Lilly, not knowing when Dru will take off with her.  Olivia confides in him
that she has a pretty good feeling that Dru will stay for the foreseeable
future.  Neil is glad that his daughter will stay in time, but annoyed at
the same time realizing that Dru and Malcolm are getting closer.  Malcolm
asks Dru whether she has taken Sid on his offer.  Dru asks why he is so
interested and encouraging.  All he wants is the best for her and that there
are no strings attached in their relationship.  Dru confesses that she has
signed the contract and will take Lilly to Paris very soon.  Malcolm is
happy for her, obviously masking his tears and sadness.  Once he leaves, Dru
takes out the contract, signing it realizing that Malcolm wants her to go.