Thursday Update 9/21/00


Young and the Restless Thursday, September 21, 2000--Canada; or Friday, September 22, 2000--USA 

By Linda K 

Ashley tells Brad it may not be a great idea to move in with him.  The
thought is too alarming, enticing, and disconcerting.  A woman in her
condition?  No, you are pregnant, not dead, Brad humors her.  Brad asks if
the opportunity arrives at her door, will she answer it?  They kiss as
lovers and become quite carried away until Ashley breaks it off to discuss
work.  She prepares Brad for the Jabot board meeting discussion concerning
his impending seat.  Brad says, Jack will squeal like a stuffed pig.  A lot
of good that will do him, Ashley replies.  The doorbell rings and Nikki is
taken aback when she finds Ashley with Brad. 

Brad and Ash invite Nikki to come in.  Nikki feels awkward, and says she
wants to go over marketing ideas with Brad concerning their new product.
Ash and Brad give each other affectionate kisses and sly smiles before
Ashley leaves them alone. Nikki appears to be wounded.  So, letís hear those
ideas, Brad asks.  Nikki hands him a document and stands back.  Brad tells
her it is terrific.  And he wants to discuss with her - his seat at Jabot.
So, is that why Ashley was here? Nikki asks.  Brad says from the day he made
his investment into Jabot, that deal was made implicit.  Today was the day
to make that happen.  Just letting you know, he tells Nikki.  And making
sure of my vote? Nikki asks.  Do I need to made assured of it? Brad asks.
Nikki continues.  Whatís been going on between you and Ashley.  I have the
feeling that she spent the night.  Am I right?  There is a cozy breakfast
table set for two.  Actually, she did stay here last night, Brad tells
Nikki.  I have been giving her refuge from Jack.  She has been staying in
the spare room.  Satisfied?  Nikki says, you two are getting extremely
close.  I had no idea how close.  Brad asks - do you have a problem with

At Jabot, Jack impatiently tries to call Phyllis when Ashley walks in.  Jack
asks if she thinks Phyllis has already signed in with Victoria.  Is that a
done deal?  Ashley says it may very well be the case.  It does not make
sense, Jack says.  All they can offer her is more money.  Jack, that is the
great motivator! Ashley laughs.  Jack argues that Phyllis is not stupid.
She would have more creative freedom here.  She wouldnít have Victor to deal
with.  She is not that mercenary.  She will look at both offers and she will
see that she will be a lot happier here.  Ashley reminds him to be realistic
about his chances with Phyllis.  Jack tells her - I canít take a defeatist
attitude, which is so popular around here.  This I expect from Brad and
Jill.   I guess I shouldnít be surprised by you either.  You and Brad seem
to be doing a lot of mind melding of late.  It seems that you two agree on a
lot of other things these days.  Ashley reminds him she has been known to
think for herself on occasion.  She says - For you to insinuate otherwise is
deeply hurtful to my soul.  Jack replies - Well, this growing relationship
with you and Bradley is growing deeply troublesome to me.  Ashley says,
there is nothing you can do about it.  Jack replies, yeah, that is what I am
worried about.

Tomas wants to hear about the troublesome Chapter Four.  He thinks it will
be good for Nina to talk about the whole thing - all the emotions she
experienced.  He wants her to skip the part on how she got pregnant.  Nina
tells him no mystery there Ė I was a mixed up teenager with no self respect
Ė a van.  Tomas cuts to the chase.  Stay on the topic.  That is not Chapter
Four.  Who stole your baby?  Someone you knew?  Nina says the woman was Rose
Deville, or that was what she said her name was.  I was very pregnant and
was very scared.  Here was a friend.  I thought she was a good Samaritan.
And there was this doctor.  A complete creep.  But Auntie Rose said it was
OK, so what did I know.

Rose said she was going to find a fine family for my baby and it was going
to be well cared for.  And she did a job of convincing me that I could not
take care of him.  She did a number on me.  I was 16 years old.  Why would I
think any different? I had no money, education or family to fall back on.
Where was I going?  In the delivery room that night something just changed.
It was like he was talking to me.  I could feel that I was his mommy and I
was not going to let him go.  I didnít care how fine the family was.  

Nina recalls the moment she was lying at the hospital with Rose soothing her
fears and urging her to trust her and the doctor.  And I did trust her. Nina
continues.  And that is why I lost the baby.  Nina gave birth to a fine boy.
Rose appeared so concerned that Nina would get her rest.  Rose then gave
Nina the most awful lie anyone could hear.  Nina had awakend after the
delivery to find Christine near her, wearing a disguise.  Christine urged
Nina to listen to her.  Nina desperately wanted to see her baby when Rose
entered the room.  Rose said she could not see her baby.  Nina insisted.
The baby has passed on, she tells Nina.  Both Nina and Chris are overcome.
How could a human being do that to another person.  Nina is tortured by the
sound of that one cry.  Chris had seen a couple present.  The woman did not
appear to have just given birth. later, Rose admitted that the babyís death
was a lie.  Rose had sold the baby to the couple. 

Nina thanks Tomas for listening to her story.  He asks if she got it all out
and if she had felt better.  Now about Chapter Four.  Could you write it?
Tomas asks.  Nina says she couldnít go through that again.   Tomas pulls out
the recorded tape.  Chapter Four is here if you want it, Tomas says quietly.

Phyllis enters Ginaís restaurant,  looks slowly around and spots Malcolm
sitting alone.  She breaks out in a broad smile and approaches him.  Malcolm
is pleased to see Phyllis and asks if she is looking for a job.  She tells
him she has been beating them off with a stick.  Phyllis says she is now hot
property.  That Glow by Jabot internet gig was hers.  She ran it, and set up
the whole thing.  Now, Newman Enterprises has offered her a job and she is
deciding whether to take it.  I am scared of you!  Malcolm tells her.  He is
surprised and impressed.  Phyllis proudly tell him - they want me to work
for Brash & Sassy.  And this is a tough decision? Malcolm asks.  Phyllis
says working for Victor Newman could be interesting, but she would be
willing to entertain other offers.  Malcolm laughs.  As much as I would like
to think that I am the man, I am a small fish in a big olí pond.  You are
doing well, arenítí you?  Seh asks.  Malcolm admits he is doing OK.  Phyllis
asks him if he is doing digital.  I can throw you a bone.  Malcolm laughs.
Thatís better, Phyllis tells him.  When I first walked over here it looked
as if you had lost your best friend.  Wanna talk about it?  He ties to
excuses himself, but Phyllis stops him before he escapes without give her
the details of his personal life.  He tells her earlier he had something he
was feeling good about until today.  Now he is sure it has fallen.  Phyllis
encourages him to look on the bright side.  It always gets darkest before
the dawn.  Things will get better.  You will see.  Malcolm gives his
appreciation and leaves.

Dru and Sid talk about her modeling prospects.  Sid realizes he never should
have let her go and has already lined up a major Paris gig which will happen
in a couple of days .  The gig was for Chantilly Fashions whose  lead model
broke her leg horseback riding.  Dru would be a perfect replacement and this
would be a golden opportunity to announce to the world that Dru is back.
Sid presents Dru a new contract.  So, are we a team again?  Dru asks him to
remember that he dumped her and it still hurt.  He tells her he is on his
knee, but begs for them to try again.  A couple of days you said?  Dru
appears somewhat interested.   As soon as you can get there, Sid answers.  I
need more time.  I canít make up her mind that quickly, Dru replies.  Sid
stops himself from sounding impatient.   Youíve had months for thinking
about returning to your career.  Your sister is well now.  And I know you
want this.  You made that last shoot to make a statement.  To prove that you
still have what it takes.  Dru asks, what makes you think that?   Malcolm
told me, Sid answers.  So you told Malcolm you offered me a job.  What did
he say?  Sid answers.  He told me he was sure you could knock anybody out
and you would be happy to go back to work.  Dru asks, did he mention any
reservations about my going?  Why would he say that.  He is thrilled for
you.  Why would he stand in your way? Sid asks.  He is a hundred percent
behind you.  So what do you say, sweetheart? 

After Sid leaves, Malcolm and Dru discuss his offer.  Dru murmurs - Quite a
turn around.   One minute you are a loser.  The other minute you are the
greatest thing since sliced bread.  That would be agents for you.  They act
without conscience.  Dru, we know this is a tough business, Malcolm adds.
Dru presses Malcolm for an opinon.  Does he agree with Sid, or does he
disagree?  Malcolm asks her a question.  Dru, you say Sid is gone.  Are you
staying here or are you gone too?

Paul and Christine arrive at the doctorís office for more blood tests.  The
doctor tells them this is not unusual especially with couples who have
waited so long for a baby and cannot accept the good news.  Home tests are
almost 100% accurate but there is a slight chance of error due to other
factors aside from the pregnancy test itself.  After what seems like a long
time, the doctor finally arrives and avoids making eye contact at first.
There is no easy way to say this.  You are not pregnant after all, Mrs.
Williams, he says.    Paul is in sheer disbelief and wants the doctor to be
sure, but is told that his delay in returning to them was due largely to his
retesting the blood samples.  Paul is impatient and irritable.  Chris is
quiet and concerned for Paul.  The doctor says that if it is any
consolation, the chances for a false positive from a home pregnancy test is
one in a million.  He advises them against pinning their hopes by taking
these tests so early Ė so many pregnancies that result from them only last a
few days.   He encouraged the couple to just keep trying.  I know this is
disappointing, Paul tells Chris.  Chris tells him she should really go for
her appointment, and Paul agrees that the distraction would do a lot of
good.  They both leave the office. 

At Gina's restaurant, Jill and John Abbott discuss Phyllisí other
substantial offer.  Jill has serious reservations about Phyllis.  Jabot
cannot possibly compete with her other offer.  But John is torn.  He is says
he has the utmost confidence in his sonís judgment.  Family has always been
important to John.  So, is it whatever Jackie wants, Jackie gets?  Jill
cries.  John reminds her he has been going harder on Jack than with anyone
else.  He begs Jill to try to get along with Jack.  His cell phone rings and
he notifies Jill that Ashley has called for a board meeting and they quickly
leave for the office.

At Jabot, Ashley asks Jack to drop it about her personal life.  Jack says he
would like to drop the part with Carlton alright.  About Phyllis, Ashley
says, I donít feel negative about her but can we hire her without giving
away the farm.  Can we truly trust her?  Can you can control her, providing
that she has not already defected?  We have more important issues at hand.
Bradís board seat.  Jack says there were no contracts made with him.  No
promises?   Ashley shouts!  The hell about us making no promises.  We made
them implicitly and explicitly.  However, Jack seems to freshen his memory.
Ashley reminds him - we used the board seat as an incentive to get Brad to
invest his money to rescue our company.  We need another board member like a
hole in the head, Jack argues.  Ashley warns him - You keeping treating
people this way, and it will come back and bite you in the butt.  Well I
will take my chances, Jack says nonchalantly.  Ashley is losing patience.
You are going to oppose this even if you donít have a leg to stand on.  I am
finished talking to you about this.  I am calling a board meeting.  Whether
you want to show up for the meeting, I donít care.  I am only telling you
this out of a matter of courtesy.  Brad already has all the votes he needs.
He has mine, Nikki, and dadís.  You are going to get one thing from this
vindictive and stubborn  behavior.  You are going to lose the respect of
those around you.  Think about it.  Ashley leaves Jack alone. 

This is a board meeting, Ashley.  Members only!  Jack shouts as Brad walks
into the board room along with his father, Nikki, and Jill.  Ashley
announces it is time to readdress Bradís seat on the board of directors.
She reminds everyone how Nikki and Brad had helped the company when they
were in financial trouble.  Both were promised a seat on the board.  Nikki
was given hers immediately.  The time has come to give Brad his due.  Jack
asks why the rush and take the chance of rocking the boat.  Ashley reminds
him the lawsuit has been dropped.  Jack reminds his sister he is the CEO and
this does not feel right to him.  It is his call.  Jill agrees they donít
need another board member.  They already have an odd number Ė a built-in tie
breaker.  But Ashley argues that they owe a promised to Brad and it is time
to deliver.  The vote goes around the table.  Jill votes with Jack.  Nikki
with Brad.  Ashley feels the deal is done.   Ashley takes Johnís deciding
vote for granted, but her father stops her.  He is not sure he could vote on
this motion.

At the Williams' home, Paul is seated alone, when Mary Williams arrives.
She finds Paul somewhat quiet and withdrawn.  Paul hesitates before
answering her inquiries.  Finally, he tells his mother that due to Chrisí
concerns, they had gone to see a doctor.  Mary becomes frightened.  Paul
continues.  The doctor had run the blood tests run twice.  There was no
baby!  Mary is devastated.

Michael picks up papers at this office when Chris enters.  They touch base
before meeting with a client.  The meeting had gone very well and the client
was very pleased with her representation and generously bestows  compliments
to both MIchael and Christine.  Michael is pleased, but  Chris holds back.
Michael notices that she was distracted before and after the meeting and
asks if it was a result of her earlier visit to the doctor.  Christ tells
him it is none of his concern, but later changes her mind and tells him he
deserves to know that she is not pregnancy.  She assumed that this must be
music to his ears.  Michael tells her he is never pleased by anything that
makes her unhappy.  Paul is devastated, she tells Michael.  Michael asks how
she is feeling.  She says it is not easy to separate her feelings from
Paulís.  Her heart is breaking for her husband.  Michael is sorry and asks
if there was anything he could do.  Chris says no.  Michael kindly offers to
hold down the fort so she could go home.  Christineís eyes wells up with
tears and sobs in Michaelís arms.