Wednesday Update 9/20/00


Young and the Restless Wednesday, September 20, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, September 21, 2000--USA 

Linda K.

At the Newman penthouse, Victoria surprises Diane who learns that they had spent the night under the same roof.  Diane tells her she had assumed she was gone for good.  Victoria tells her she is sorry for bursting her bubble, but she is not rid of her yet.  She will be in for more disappointment when Victor soon returns.  Diane goads Victoria that Victor has given her an update on his travel plans.  It appears that he had not discussed this with his daughter.  When this appears to be working, Diane takes full advantage of it.  Diane knows Victoria was dying to ask about Victor’s impending return, but since he has told her of news which was for ‘her ears only’, she could not share this with Victoria.  This pierces Victoria’s nerves, and she prepares to leave.  No breakfast – the most important meal of the day? Diane asks.  Which is why I don’t want to ruin it, Victoria tells her as she walks out.

Diane wonders why Victoria came back.  What she is really curious about is why her father had contacted only her and not anyone else.  The doorbell rings and Diane is surprised to see Leanna Love.  She is on edge with her presence.  Leanna asks whether she is pregnant with Victor’s child - if the rumors are true after all.  Diane has nothing to discuss with her.  Leanna asks Diane to remember the help she had given at the time of her divorce, but Diane closes the door.  Leanna tells herself that Diane has not heard the last of her.  These juicy stories are just what her viewers love.  

Diane tells Marissa that it was one thing to tell all her friends, and maybe a couple of Victor’s ex-wives about her pregnancy, but to tell Leanna Love!  Victor would surely hit the roof!  But, on the other hand, Leanna can become very helpful.  If there are difficulties, Leanna Love can prove to be very useful to her.  Diane takes in her breath and holds her tummy.

At the Williams' household early in the morning, Paul is enthusiastic about the new books he purchased about pregnancies until he sees Christine's expression.  Paul is on edge and is concerned.  He hoped she had changed her mind after having slept on it, but agrees to go along with her request for the second pregnancy test.  He asks Christine to give him her reasons, but guesses that he might know.  He would like to think he and his wife are in sync about most things in their lives.  He agrees to go back to the drug store for the pregnancy kits and added that he will arrange for a doctor’s appointment.  Paul also cautions his wife that this pregnancy is for real. 

Christine is dressed for the appointment with her doctor.  Paul asks whether she was aware of her office appointments.  She tells him that she will call her office to push them back.  Their doorbell rings, and Mrs. Williams enters to present a bassinette which was Paul's when he was a baby.  She approaches Christine and looks deeply into her eyes.  She asks whether she is all right.  Paul quickly tells her that she is still overwhelmed.  Mary sympathizes and gives her more encouragement.  She tells her daughter-in-law that she is about to  experience a fulfillment in her life that she has never experienced before.  When they are alone, Chris finds Paul quietly immersed in his thoughts.  He is fantasizing that their baby will soon be in the bassinette.  When they hold each other, Chris’ eyes fill with tears.  She tells Paul that she loves him very much.

Tomas enters Nina’s apartment.  He asks what she discussed with Christine the other night.  Nina tells him she tried to help Christine make peace with her pregnancy as she planned to have a baby someday, but she was clearly overwhelmed with the pregnancy.   Tomas understands that Christine is having reservations. Christine did not confide with her husband about her true feelings because she loved him too much to disappoint him.  But no good deed ever goes unpunished.  He is not condemning Christine, but is only making an observation.  However, Christine has to accept this reality or else it will deeply hurt herself and her husband.  

Tomas tells her he wants to discuss her book.  Nina tells her that she might start a new project.  The idea to write the other book was a huge mistake.  She apologizes to  Tomas that she had not discussed her change of heart earlier.  However, Tomas reluctantly agrees that she drop the current book.  But he asks her one more thing – something that will require a lot of courage on her part.

At Brad Carleton’s home, Ashley greets her friend with a special breakfast in gratitude for his allowing her to stay.  During their meal, Ashley complains that she is tired of her brother’s over-protective behavior.  She is anxious to escape all this.  Ashley suggests to Bradley that she move into his guest room.  Brad asks whether she is trying to give Jack a stroke, or just pulling Brad's leg.  When Brad understands that Ashley is serious, he tells her that she could move in anytime and they shake on it.  Ashley tells him there is something else she wants to discuss.  Business.  Since there is no threat of a lawsuit due to the non compete clause, he should to be given his rightful seat in the company’s board of directors.  Brad concurs - he had thought the very same.  The more he realized how in synch they were, the more intrigued he is about the possibilities.  Ashley understands he doesn't mean business.

At Robertson’s Labs, Victor Newman calls the senior lab technician, Justin Jones about the letter he had received.  He is inquiring about the ‘irregularities’ surrounding his deposit at this company.  Where was the sample between the time it was withdrawn and its return to your company, Victor asks.  Jones surprises Victor when he tells him the samples was withdrawn twice.  The first time was to Mrs. Newman’s home - at the penthouse at Newman Tower.  This was confirmed by a technician who inspected proper arrangements for the sperm’s storage.   Later, it had been returned, Jones tells Victor.  But Jones had no information who returned the sperm samples back to the lab.  After the sample had been returned, it was transferred from their labs to Mrs. Newman’s doctor’s office.  Victor threatens the nervous technician to be more readily supplied with answers the next time he calls.

At the Newman ranch house, Miguel praises Nikki for her new transformation into a career woman, but Nikki tells him regretfully, that it had cost her the relationship with her daughter.  Victoria unexpected slams into the house.  Nikki is surprised by this unexpected entrance.  Victoria asks whether she had heard from Victor.  When the answer was negative, Victoria says that her worst nightmare were coming true.  Her father is only advising Diane about his plans.  He might be thinking of her.  Nikki interrupts Victor saying that this is only Victori'as attempt to escape the reality of her own private life – that Ryan McNeill’s wife has returned. 

Victoria grows very upset and admits her frustration, but throws a dig a her mother.  She tells Nikki that she is harboring bitterness over her own relationship with Victor, which is clouding her judgment about Diane.  Nikki pleads with Victoria to stay at her home if she cannot stay with Ryan.  Victoria reluctantly agrees to think about it.  Nikki has a thought.  Maybe she can make it better!  She picks up the phone and calls Robertson’s Reproductive Labs.  She finds the technician in a highly anxious state when he learns the caller is Mrs. Newman.  He promised her husband that he would come up with more answers, according to his orders, but he had only spoken with him less than an hour earlier.  He asks whether she had any further orders.  No, Nikki tells him and hangs up the phone.  You are on the trail, Victor.  I should have known.

At the law firm, Michael is surprised to see Phyllis' arrival so early.  They congratulate each other on their sexual prowesses during the previous night.  Phyllis asks for the contract that Michael was to write for her to present to Victoria.  Michael tells her he is unable to write it up because it would backfire on him - big time - both personally and professionally.  This is a risk he is not be prepared to take  - not even on her behalf.

Phyllis asks what he is trying to pull.  Why the hell not draw up her contract!  Michael says that Victoria’s own legal team at Newman Enterprises would likely draw it up, but he will jot down points on her deal on memo without his name nor his company letterhead.  Phyllis is upset that this might be due to Cricket!  He has to keep his hands ‘squeaky clean’.  Finally Phyllis agrees to do things his way.  After a moment, Michael appears a little more settled and quiet.  Phyllis asks why.  He tells her that he is relieved.  He is happy Phyllis is back in town and they have had interesting times, but she might also be checking out other possibilities.  Case in point, Jack Abbott.  Why would that make you relieved? Phyllis asks.  Michael tells her that her interest in signing with the Newmans might show that Jack is no longer a rival.  Phyllis tells him the case is not hopeless.  But she asks whether it would leave him heartbroken if she would wander.   How little you know me, Michael tells her, but she says she only knows him too well.  They are the best of playmates.  Michael should not blame her for fantasizing about somebody when he is doing the same thing 24-7 over Christine Williams.

Christine calls Michael to ask whether she could push back he appointment for an hour.  Michael assures her everything will be fine.  When they hang up, Michael comments – so it begins!   Phyllis accuses how protective Michael is over Christine.  She tells him he has deep hang ups over her.  She is all things to you.  Your protégé, your law partner, your guardian angel. This explains why he was so jealous when she announced her pregnancy.  Michael wants a more primal relationship her.  Michael tells her she is off her rocker.  Phyllis agrees to back off simply because she can’t stand the thought of St. Christine.  She grabs Michael’s buttocks before leaving his office. 

Malcolm wonders why Dru has not sent off her portfolio to other agencies.  He then receives a visitor.  Sid enters Malcolm’s apartment and tells him that he was in New York when he saw a layout featuring Dru.  Her old spark was there - she was breathtaking!  He knew that Malcolm had done the shoot and she seemed comfortable with her environment and with her photographer’s patience.  Sid says that those pictures were intended to announce to the world that she is back, better than ever.  If the fire is back, Sid can put her up to the top once again.  But, if this is only a one-shot deal, it could create more pain and heart break. 

Malcolm advises to Sid that he has issues about Dru’s career.  Sid asks if it were personal and if he wants what is right for Dru.  Sid also asks again if she still has that spark.  If she does, he has an incredible opportunity for her.  Sid assumes that it would be worth his while to offer this opportunity to Dru in person.  Malcolm tells him that Dru is on top of her game and would knock them dead without a doubt.  He then bites his lips.

Olivia and Drucilla enjoy breakfast at Gina’s.  Dru is happy that Reese agreed to let Olivia back into civilization.  Olivia expresses her gratitude to Drucilla for all that she has done to help save her life, but Dru dismisses this sentimentality.  Olivia would easily have done the same.   But Olivia adds that it is important to her that Drucilla be happy.  Dru knows where this is headed and grows defensive.  Olivia asks her whether she is clinging to the idea of having an open relationship with Malcolm - no strings attached.  Both argue about the clarification of her relationship and Dru admits that her personal and professional life is in flux.  Dru presses her that for everyone’s sake, she should directly approach Malcolm about their relationship.  Dru’s cell phone rings.  She tells her sister that Malcolm had asked her to come over right away.  He seemed to have the same thing on his mind as she had on hers. 

When Drucilla enters Malcolm’s apartment and is very surprised when she sees Sid sitting in the corner.  She becomes angry with him.  He showed his true colors treating her impersonally.  Sid admits that he will eat crow – he made a big mistake, and he pleads his case.  He acted like an agent, not as a friend.   He tells Dru she belongs back at the top, and would she please allow them to begin again.