Tuesday Update 9/19/00


Young and the Restless Tuesday, September 19, 2000--Canada; or Wednesday, September 20, 2000--USA

By Stephanie 

Jack’s Office:

Jill arrives, and overhears Jack and Ashley discussing Phyllis’s job opportunity with Newman Enterprises. Jill decides that Phyllis is not to be trusted and as a result will not be working for JABOT. Jack, however, wants to keep Phyllis on, as do Ashley and Brad. Jill thinks it would be a good idea to call a board meeting and make a decision about Phyllis immediately! Jack feels Jill has no right to make a decision like that. Jill thinks otherwise and calls John’s secretary to find him, so a meeting can be convened. Brad arrives, looking for Ashley and Jill immediately fills him in on the Phyllis situation. Jill feels Phyllis is “walking a slippery slope with our enemy” and they have no control over her or what she might have told Newman Enterprises already. Ashley sides with Jill on the Phyllis issue and Jack is not happy. Ashley feels since Phyllis was not working at Jabot during the summer campaign, she had little access to their company business. However, if she were hired on permanently that would not be the case and Ashley wants to be assured that Phyllis would have little access to company business. She says unless that can be determined she can’t vote with Jack on this one. Jack wonders if they are ganging up on him? He wants Phyllis working at JABOT since she is their strongest asset. Ashley says they won’t be making this decision tonight, and asks Brad to leave with her? Jack is stunned when Brad follows Ashley out. Jill is left looking very pleased with herself.   Later on, Jill returns with the plan for the Christmas season Men’s line. Jack is surprised to see her. Jill wonders if seeing Ashley and Brad leave together has upset him? Jack wonders if she is just there to annoy him? Jill says they have been through a lot over the past little while, problem after problem, and now things are looking better. She believes he is feeling a little out of sorts. She tells him that things are getting better. Jill, in attempt to console Jack, kisses him. Jill wonders why Ashley and Brad are the only ones to have a little fun? She assures Jack her “references are impeccable,”  She leaves Jack looking amused.  

Brad’s House

Brad and Ashley arrive home. Ashley is mulling over the Phyllis issue. Brad feels if she is questioning Phyllis’ loyalty, then the decision will be easy. Ashley tells Brad that he is someone she can count on and is relying on him more and more. Brad thinks Ashley should not go home and put up with Jack bothering her all the time. He thinks it would be a good idea if she stayed with him, in the spare room. He says he is alone in this house. Ashley happily accepts his offer.

Gina’s Restaurant

Michael and Phyllis arrive. Phyllis looks around and haughtily says this isn’t what she had in mind by fancy restaurant. Michael says he tried to get into the colonnade room but it was fully booked. Phyllis says he owes her and warns Michael that her advice comes with a price. After they are seated, across the room Paul’s birthday party is in full swing. Phyllis and Michael observe the occasion. Phyllis sarcastically says they can be part of the party.

Paul, Christine are toasting to their first child. Christine admits she is tired and would like to go home. Paul thinks she is behaving like a little mother. He offers to drive her home? She says she wants him to stay and enjoy his party. Nina volunteers to drive her home. Gina suggests Christine get some rest. Christine asks them to look after Paul, she and Nina leave.

Phyllis observes Michael as he watches Nina and Christine leave. She tells him not to let this baby of Christine’s ruin his appetite. Michael feels there is nothing he can do about the pregnancy and he will just have to get through it. After dinner, Michael asks Phyllis what this matter was she wanted to discuss? Phyllis fills him in on the offer from JABOT and the one from Victoria Newman. She tells him that the job with Newman Enterprises means more money and responsibilities. Michael reminds her that when she left Genoa City, she was not Victor Newman’s favorite person and it may cause problems.  Phyllis feels the worst Victor can do, is fire her. She realizes that by working for Newman Enterprises, she would have destroyed any chance with JABOT. Michael warns her that Victor can play dirty when he wants to and she should be careful. He thinks Victor could ship her off somewhere and there would be nothing she could do about it, once she was working for them. Phyllis decides she needs to get everything she wants in writing and do it before Victor returns. She is sure she can do it and asks Michael to draw up the contract for her. Michael says that no matter what decision she makes, he is happy she is back, as she makes life interesting.  Phyllis says, “don’t I though” and kisses Michael across the table.

Lynn suggests to Mary that a baby shower would be nice for Christine and Paul. Mary thinks Lynn should handle it, as she is closer to Christine in age and will know what she would like. Lynn tells Paul about Mary’s reaction to the idea of a baby shower. Paul feels Mary will be first in line at the time of delivery and not to worry about it. Tomas thinks Mary should be very proud. Mary says she is very proud, as she has fulfilled her duties as a parent. As the party begins to break up, Gina gives Paul and Tomas cake for Christine and Nina. Paul jokingly suggests pickles and ice cream for Christine. He thanks her for a terrific party. She tells him he already sounds like a proud father and she says she was happy to help him celebrate.

Paul’s Apartment

Christine and Nina are talking. Christine wishes she had told Paul the truth about having doubts about a baby now. Nina says that lots of mothers to be have doubts and not to beat herself up over it. She says 5 years from now, when they have kids running around, and then she can say something. She says that things will turn out ok for Christine. Paul arrives, and teases Nina about keeping Christine from getting her rest. Nina tells Christine to get some rest and leaves. Paul presents Christine with the cake from Gina’s. Christine says she isn’t hungry and asks him to save it. Paul teases her about “eating for two”. When he notices she doesn’t seem very happy, he asks what’s wrong? Christine says she wants to be sure she is pregnant and wants to have the test confirmed. Paul is surprised by this announcement.

Victoria’s Office

Victoria warns Ryan that Tricia is using him and begs him not to get drawn in again.  He says he is not being drawn in again and asks her not to treat him like a child. Victoria reminds Ryan he had the divorce papers drawn up and their marriage is over. Ryan believes that this whole mess got started when Tricia lost the baby. He says if he can play a role in her getting well, then he will do it. Victoria wonders if they are reconciling? Ryan says it hasn’t come to that yet. He says this is important to him, if Tricia gets better, he may find the woman he fell in love with. Victoria sarcastically remarks that Tricia was a “girl” when he fell “in lust”. She doesn’t believe they were ever suited. Ryan says they have had some difficult times but have had some good ones as well. Victoria says she just wants to be sure he understands what he is getting himself in to? Ryan says he has made a decision and walks out.

Crimson Lights

Tricia is waiting for Ryan. Carter saunters over to chat and is pleased to see she didn’t leave town. He says he can help her if she wants? Tricia, slightly amused, says she doesn’t need his help and is waiting for someone. Carter goes over to the coffee bar; Ryan comes in, looking upset. Tricia deduces it has something to do with Victoria. Ryan says he can handle Victoria. He suggests going home and having dinner? Tricia agrees and they leave. Carter and Cody watch Tricia and Ryan leave. Carter remarks that “she is the beautiful girl, I mentioned.” Cody tells him that Tricia is trouble, she left town under a cloud of suspicion and some people wish she hadn’t come back. He tells Carter that Tricia is married and not to get any ideas. Carter (to himself) says he has plenty of ideas.  

Victor’s Apartment

Diane and Marissa are sharing a Chinese dinner. Diane remarks that she is thrilled Victoria is gone. Marissa notes that Victoria has not sent for the rest of her bags and isn’t convinced that Victoria is gone for good. Diane feels that with Victor away, it will give him time to adjust to the idea of being a family. Marissa tells her to be careful and not to develop false hope. Diane feels she is being very sensible about the situation. She believes since Victor has not asked her to leave, then he is coming to terms with them being a family!

Victor’s Retreat/Victor’s Apartment:

Victor speaks to Neil on the phone, finishing up business dealings and tells him he will be home soon. He asks Neil to keep an eye on things for him, while he is away. After hanging up, Victor is sorting through papers in his briefcase. He notices an unopened letter from Robertson Laboratories. He opens the letter and reads there were irregularities involving his “deposit”. He thinks back on the day Diane told him she was pregnant with his child. Victor calls Diane. She is thrilled to hear from him. He tells her he was checking on her. He tells her he will be home soon and offers to call again. He says good night. Diane thanks him and says goodnight. After hanging up, Diane tells Marissa “I was right!” Victor, frowning “I am looking forward to seeing you, Diane Jenkins!”