Monday Update 9/18/00


Young and the Restless Monday, September 18, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, September 19, 2000--USA

by Monica 

Young and the Restless for September 18/00 by Monica

Jack’s Office…

Billy pays Jack a visit and to ask him for Phyllis’ number so he can find
out what happened last night to make Mac so upset.  Jack asks him if he may
have done anything to upset her, like an argument.  Billy says no, not
really, just the conversation about Billy pretending to be Brittany’s
boyfriend.  He later calls Brittany to find out exactly what happened last
night.  Brittany says that they talked and other things.  Billy questions
what things and Brittany says it was something that ended the night
perfectly and before Billy could probe further she tells him she has to go.

Chancellor Estate…

Jill walks into the living room while Mac hides behind the door to avoid
her.  Jill and Katherine exchange their usual quips and as Jill leaves, she
sees Mac lurking in the background.  Jill brings up last night and Mac gets
paranoid as to what she heard.  Jill says it was a success but wonders what
Mac thought she knew.  Once Jill leaves, Katherine questions her once again
if there is another explanation to what she saw and advises her to talk with
Billy to find out what exactly happened.  Later in her room, Mac brings out
the ring that Billy gave her and says, “I hope I’m wrong.”

Victor’s Office…

Ryan and Tricia are talking about her initiative to see a therapist.  Tricia
brings up that her therapist would like him to come along to their next
session.  Ryan is astonished, considering their marriage is in limbo and he
still has not come to a stand as to how he feels about her.  He asks her
when it is and she says in 20 minutes.  He decides to go with her, hoping
this can really help her.

Victoria’s Office…

Victoria and Nick are discussing Ryan and Tricia’s situation and warns her
not to get involved with Ryan while Tricia is in the picture, considering
what Tricia is capable of.  Vicky reassures him the Tricia will not be in
the picture for long and that she can take care of herself.  Later, Ryan
walks in and tells her that he was just with Tricia to see her therapist. 
Victoria is shocked and says that she is manipulating him and advises him to
get rid of her.

Nina’s Apartment…

Tomas is consoling Nina on what happened to her child and encourages her to
go back to the past and the pain so she can learn to accept her loss and
hopefully heal.  Nina is grateful for his support but wants to close the
subject on her book.

Baldwin’s Office…

Phyllis gives some advice to Michael, hoping to calm him down; to back off
of Christine or else he will lose her for sure.  Taking her advice, Michael
apologizes to Christine, telling her that he shouldn’t have questioned her
competence to function with a baby.


Paul arrives for his birthday dinner but everyone is convinced that they are
celebrating more that his birthday.  He tells everyone to keep it quiet so
he can surprise his mother.  Once Paul and Chris spills the news, everyone
is ecstatic, especially his mother, who is speechless and overjoyed.  But
Chris looks less excited than what an expectant mother should look, wanting
to go home early.