Friday Update 9/15/00


Young and the Restless Friday, September 15, 2000--Canada, or Monday September 18,  2000--USA

By Linda K.

Ryan cannot believe how much Victoria had offered Phyllis.  She must be kidding.  This is not reasonable.  Victoria says she will handle their father concerning all major expenses.  Both men question her judgment.  Nick smiles.  He is trying to picture Jack’s reaction when his internet star is being romanced by the enemy.  Ryan asks if Phyllis will take this offer and Victoria said she would be insane not to.  Nick suggests that their father will think they are the ones insane.  Victoria says they must pay what the market dictates.  Nobody asked Ryan to sell this idea to her dad.

Nick agrees that his dad would never hire cheap.  You get what you pay for.  Nick suggests that they are raiding Jabot.  Their loss is our gain.  Ryan asks that shouldn’t Neil be brought into this – to run interference?  Nick agrees but Victoria does not.  She thinks Phyllis should just be brought in and they will jump start the campaign.  When he comes back they may have the preliminary results.  Come on guys, have a little faith!  Victoria nudges them.

When Nick leaves her office, Victoria asks Ryan about Trisha.  Ryan tells her Trisha spent the night in the spare bedroom.  She was gone early from their apartment.  No, she did not pack her bags and go back to daddy.  Maybe she went off to think by herself.  He has never been good at trying to figure women out.   Victoria encourages him and gives him a lingering hug.  Nick suddenly reappears.  After Ryan excuses himself, Nick and Victoria face off.  Nick asks her outright.  You and Ryan.  Is there anything going on with you two? 

Nick asks Victoria about the intimate moment he had just witnessed.  Victoria tells him he had an active imagination - she and Ryan only shared a hug between friends.  Nick says he has been suspecting something for a while.   Victoria protests that Ryan has been supportive with her in handling Gary and they have become closer since.  How close?  Nick asks. 

Victoria admits that she and Ryan are now closer than they had ever been during their marriage.  Nick is surprised!  His worst fears seem to have been confirmed.  Victoria says that she had planned to move in with Ryan – in separate bedrooms of course.  This was in an effort to deal with the problems with her father having left and Diane being at the penthouse.  But her plans got sidetracked when Ryan’s wife showed up.  Thank God! Nick says.   He advises her to thread carefully and stay out of their problems.  Victoria tells him that they will be sorting out their problems and move on with their lives.  Just as long as things work out the way you want, right?  Nick adds.  Look, Victoria says, this marriage is over. There is no chance they will reconcile.  What if she is wrong, Nick asks. Then, Victoria says, she will have to move on from there.

Ryan enters Victor’s office.  To his surprise, Trisha also walks in.  She gives an explanation about her disappearance from their apartment early that morning.  She acknowledges that she was naïve in trying to solve their problems merely by talking it out.  She is now sincere in making an effort to save their marriage.   The reason she left their place so early was to think.  She had soon after called the therapist whom Ryan had recommended and made an appointment.  She has just returned from the therapist’s office. 

Ryan is skeptical.  How did it go, he asks.  Trisha says she tried to explain the circumstances and their problems to the therapist.  She will have to learn to open up to therapy as well.  It is a start,  Trisha says, with a twinkle in her eye.  Ryan thinks this is a great step, but tells Trisha that he doesn’t have much faith.  She had said she was seeing a therapist in Seattle and that she was making progress.  But she was lying to him all that time.  Trisha is bewildered and protests that this is not the same.  Why should I believe this time is ever going to be different, he asks.

At Gina’s, Jack asks Phyllis to get serious and not play games.  Phyllis says this was no game.  There were no negotiations.  Victoria offered her the job.  After explaining to Jack how she entered upon this lucky coincidence, Jack asks if she will accept Victoria’s offer.  Phyllis said, beat the offer or match it!  But, even if she works for Brash & Sassy, they could still be friends.  Phyllis says she wanted to ask him first. 

Jack prepares to make things very clear to Phyllis.  Brash and Sassy is Victor Neman’s company, which is part of a huge conglomerate.  When you work with Jabot you deal with the man who calls the shots.  Me!  Vicky is a little puppet.  The mustache calls the shots.  She doesn’t order paper clips without clearing it with Victor first.  How about your relationship with Victor?  You two were on good terms the last time you left?  Not exactly, Phyllis admits.  No?  Was he upset with you?  Jack asks.  That is putting it mildly, Phyllis says.  Jack continues to rant.  How do you think Victor would feel when he returns from his trip and finds you are on his payroll  - at this absurd salary!  He would go through the roof!  Don’t let Victoria’s dollar signs cloud your judgment.  I know you are a dreamer.  I don’t think you are fool.

Phyllis says she took the job at Jabot at a much lower salary to try to help him out.   He promised her that down the road she would get a larger salary, but his company, financially, is stretched to the limit and Victoria’s company is not.  Jack warns her that she will not see a nickel once Victor finds out that Victoria hired her.  She will be out on her butt.  Phyllis says she is willing to take that risk.  Jack warns that when she comes to her senses, it will be too late.  They are not going to take the momentum that she has built to let it dissipate.  They will hire somebody else.  Phyllis protests that no one could be as good as she.  That would be a risk Jack will take. 

This gives Phyllis something to think about.  Jack tells her she will be appreciated at Jabot and would not have to look over her shoulders.  She can be as creative as she wants and eventually be well compensated.  Phyllis then asks Jack about perks?  Does Jack come along with the deal?  If that were the case, it would be more tempting.  Jack is stunned and left speechless as Phyllis walks out. 

The Chancellor front door rings.  Mac does not answer.  Esther comes to the door and she lets him in.  When they are alone, Billy launches into questions.  What had happened last night?  Did it have to do with Brittany?  Is she still upset that he still did not have a great enough reason to break up with her?   He is sorry about not dropping the ball earlier, but he will do it now.  This is what they both want.  This is what they have both waited for.  Mac tells him she doesn’t care if he never breaks up with Brittany.

When Kay enters the living room, she notices that Billy is alone and at a total loss.  He tells her he is just confused.  Mac is really upset about something and has not said anything to him.  It has to do about something he has done, but he does not have a clue.  Kay suggests that Billy leave.  Billy protests that he wants to talk to Mac, but Kay insists.  Things will only get worse if he remains.  Billy tells her he is in the dark.  Not knowing what is going on is killing him.  Kay tells him he knows all that he needs to know and presses him to leave the house.

After Billy leaves, Kay shouts out for Mac to come down.  Kay asks her why Billy was in the house and Mac said it was Esther to let him in - unknowingly.   Kay tells Mac that Billy sounded very sincere.   He is not stupid.  He seemed so bewildered and genuine.  Is he that good an actor?  Mac protests that Billy had also fooled her all along.  Kay asks whether there is another explanation.  Kay then asks whether Mac had ever seen two people make love before.  Was she sure she was not mistaken?  Mac says no.  She did not exactly stand around to watch Billy and Brittany, but she had seen enough.  Kay is not satisfied.  She continues to ask Mac about last night.  Was she absolutely certain and positive that they were making love?

At Baldwin’s firm, Michael is in a highly irritable mood with a client.  Christine buzzes his office and asks him to come into her office.  He enters in a very stiff and rigid mood.  When she brings up a particular case that would be coming up to docket on February, Baldwin suggests hiring someone to assist.  She asks why.  Because in February, you will be 8 months pregnant.  That’s why!  Christine tells him she will be holding up her end around the office.  Suddenly she has become incompetent?  Weeks earlier he had begged her to join with him.  Michael begins to shout when Paul unexpectedly interrupts. 

Paul notices Baldwin’s rotten mood.  Chris tells him that she had informed Michael about her pregnancy and expected this sort of reaction.  Both do not plan to allow Michael to ruin their happiness.

The assistant brings Michael a list of attorneys.  She thought the firm was not going to expand for a year or two.  Yes, that is what Michael had also thought. 

Paul and Chris talk about announcing Chris’ pregnancy with the proper fanfare.  No hiding this from anyone.  No leaks.  Michael looks on – seemingly nauseous.  I will save a cigar for you, Paul tells Michael.  You too, Phyllis (who had just entered the firm).  Michael darts back into his office with Phyllis in tow.  What’s up, Phyllis!  Michael screams when are alone.   Phyllis asks if there are any problems.   Michael tells her Christine is pregnant.  Phyllis thinks for a second and then says that Christine must think she is a fit mommy.  She didn’t think Phyllis was.  Michael is angry.  For once Phyllis could this not be just about you!  The fact that Christine is pregnant has just threatened his entire practice.  Becoming a mother is not like joining a gym.  It is a fulltime job.  The chances of becoming the top new legal firm is now going down the tubes.

Christine is pregnant.  She does not have a terminal illness, Phyllis tries to reason with Michael.  You don’t understand, Michael shouts.  He needs Christine’s full commitment or else this practice will collapse.  Phyllis disagrees.  He can have a rewarding practice and still be Uncle Mikey to Christine’s new baby.  Mike screams.  I don’t want to play uncle Mikey!  Not now, anyway, he adds later. 

Michael is very bitter.   He wants to build his firm up so he does not have to work his butt off for the rest of his life – to be able to choose the cases he wants to handle and leave the others behind.  This was not about ego – it was about quality of life - to skim the cream off the top of his profession and not give up his dream for anyone.  Phyllis agrees.  She admits that he will have to kiss his dream of building the top law firm in Genoa City goodbye.

Nina and Tomas enter her apartment.  Tomas continues the discussion about Nina’s book.  This is a true test of their friendship.  They will be there for each other through the bad times as well as the good.  Nina tells Tomas she feels like a total failure for allowing her baby to get stolen.  If she keeps digging, this will only make it worse.  Nina is angry that Tomas wants to turn her tragedy into a damned book.

Tomas tells her a lot of people experience pain and tragedy, but few people can paint, write, compose.  Nina is adamant that the best thing is to drop the project.  Tomas tells her if her book never saw the light of day it would be a damned shame.  It could give others insight and strength in dealing with pain and loss.  It could show that pain can be borne and survived.  He urges her not to give up.

At Crimson Lights, JT finds Brittany and Rianna.  When she is left alone with him, Rianna tries to break up with him but he is distracted over Brittany, leaving Rianna so frustrated that she breaks up with him much faster than she had planned.  When she leaves, JT merely shrugs his head and walks up to Brittany to inform her that he and Rianna are history.   JT is now all hers.

JT aks whether Brittany’s plan had worked.  Did she fake it with Abbott or was it real?  Brit tells him Mac got what she deserved.  JT says this is great.  Abbott is shut down.  He and Brit can now be together.  Brit wants to assess the damage first to see that Billy and Mac are completely broken up.  JT tells her she is just spinning her wheels.  Later, JT, Brit tells him as she walks out of Crimson Lights.